Sacchi: “Maldini is the right man for Milan, Giampaolo is a master who acts as both a scriptwriter and director”

Arrigo Sacchi during SPAL-Napoli at Stadio Paolo Mazza on September 23, 2017. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)

Arrigo Sacchi thinks Maldini is the correct choice for Milan, calls Giampaolo a ‘master’ and thanks Gattuso.

Milan are planning the next season and there will be some changes as Leonardo and Gennaro Gattuso have left.

Paolo Maldini and most likely Marco Giampaolo are expected to replace Leo and Rino. Former Milan boss Arrigo Sacchi was on Domenica Sportiva this week and he covered different topics.

“What is left of the lessons of my Milan? I hope little because 30 years have passed,” Sacchi said. “Today we play at high rhythms, so I hope there is a change, even if our country is struggling to change.

“We gave a shove of pride to Italian football, the UEFA awards are very important. We were convinced that the best antidote to stop the opponent was the game and that playing well helps to win, something that perhaps in Italy is not clear.

“Maldini? Paolo is the right man, absolutely. He connects with the fans. The important thing will also be to give him some autonomy. Giampaolo? He is a master, he’s one of those coaches who act as both a scriptwriter and director. Gattuso? I am happy to be a friend of his, he gave his life and when someone gives his life we just have to say thank you.”

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Rikimaru Tenchu

Great words. Thank you Mister Gattuso.

Milan Boy

I am optimistic about Giampaolo because Sacchi has said so many good things about him.He seems to me what we need now and his 4 3 1 2 seems also to fit the characteristics of our players like Paqueta,Cutrone, Pientek Bonaventura etc


Totally agree


i still prefer S. inzaghi tho