Bertolacci: “Things didn’t go exactly how I wanted them to at Milan, one day I’ll tell you my version of events”

Andrea Bertolacci during training at Milanello. (

Andrea Bertolacci has said his goodbye to Milan, but claims the responsibilities for his failures should be shared.

Bertolacci was signed by Adriano Galliani in 2015 for €20 million and completely failed to live up to expectations.

Bertolacci’s contract expires in 30 days and today the player announced officially that he will leave the club, after being involved in just four games this season.

“Sunday on the field with the disappointment of not having finished in a Champions League place. Formally, in a few days, a chapter in my life will close,” the 28-year-old midfielder wrote on his Instagram. “That I’ll never deny. Rather. I grew up, became a man and a father, in Milan and at Milan.

“Things didn’t go exactly how I wanted them to, but I accept my responsibilities. Despite my faults, they should probably be distributed equally. I should have, and above all WANTED, to give more, especially in this past season. One day, I’ll tell you my version of events. Right now, it would be entirely useless. Today is the day I say goodbye.

“I thank Milan, their directors, my coaches and all my teammates who accompanied me over the years. I look forward to starting a new chapter in my career. And I’m sure: it’ll be beautiful.”

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Your version of events???? Why didn’t you take any of the offers that came in for you???? Because you were happy to sit on the bench while collecting €2.5m a year
Good riddance


Keep it to yourself, pack up your belongings and leave! Thank you!