Abate: “Life gave me 10 unforgettable years in the Milan shirt, it would’ve been my dream to end my career here”

Ignazio Abate at the end of Milan-Frosinone at Stadio San Siro on May 19, 2019. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Ignazio Abate has posted his farewell message, thanking everyone including the fans, Adriano Galliani and Gattuso.

The contract of Abate expires in one month and he already played his final game for Milan, helping them win 3-2 against SPAL away on Matchday 38.

Abate proved himself a useful member of the squad of Gennaro Gattuso this past season as the right back, at times of need, also performed as a center back.

However, the decision of the club was not to renew the deal of the 32-year-old, and today he posted a farewell message:

“If I think back to when I wore these ‘colors’ for the first time I still get emotional… I was a kid then and it’s thanks to this club that I’ve become a ‘Man’. Milan is not just a team, Milan is a ‘style of life’ and you perceive that only when you experience it om your skin… class, history, tradition, elegance.

“At Milan there were champions I fantasized about when I was a child, there were trophies that shone in the history of football, there was a world that I could see from the outside and dreamed to be a part of!

Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Ignazio Abate and Krzysztof Piątek at the end of Milan-Frosinone at Stadio San Siro on May 19, 2019. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“Life gave me 10 unforgettable years in the Rossoneri shirt. Today I look back and can’t help but consider myself fortunate to have grown up with some real champions from whom I learned discipline, tenacity, the responsibility of wearing such a prestigious jersey.

“Everyone knows it would’ve been my dream to end my career with Milan, but at times dreams come true and at others they remain just locked inside your heart.

“Thank you to AC Milan, to all the employees I’ve known over the years, fantastic people always at the service of the squad and club. Thank you to all the coaches I worked with, because I learned from all of them and learned from their advice.

“Thanks above all to my teammates, current and former, many of whom I call ‘friends’, and I’m proud to do so.

“Two special thoughts go to Adriano Galliani, who always believed in me and was by my side even during difficult moments, and to him – Rino Gattuso – who represents, as I’ve said since I was a kid, the example that anyone in our profession should aspire to.

“But the biggest thanks, obviously, goes to YOU… my fans! You who supported me, sometimes criticized, but above all cared, loved and appreciated me as a man even before the athlete. Seeing you there, almost 70,000, standing and applauding as they shouted me name, gave me emotions that will remain indelible in my heart!

“Seeing that banner in the Curva Sud and being considered one of YOU is a privilege that fills me with pride!

“With Milan in my heart… since forever, now and forever more!!! Grazie, Ignazio.”

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Sui generis1

U will forever be remembered as a great legend with ur mad pace on d pitch. Not so many players are like u Ignazio. U are disciplined, committed and always ready to do ur best when called upon. More powers to ur elbow. Kudos to u!


Thank you Abate.


He should have received a contract extension of another year albeit with a salary reduction which I’m sure he’d of been fine with
I honestly can’t understand why he didn’t? It’s not like he’s first choice but he’s sure as hell a worthy back up option with plenty of experience of not only a player but a “Milan” player


I want Milan back to glory thats for sure, but now im kinda torn at the direction we went into, Abate deserved an extension, the guy want to ended his career at MIlan why wouldnt we give him a chance for that? its not like he playing bad when we needed him. and now Leo also left with the chance Maldini our legend followed after, im starting to hate all this american businessman who take over Italian club, DeRossi a Roma legend also getting a disrespect by the new owner as well lately.


I’m not crying seriously I’m not.