Official: Gattuso leaves Milan by mutual agreement with immediate effect

Gennaro Gattuso at the end of Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on March 17. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Gennaro Gattuso has left the Diavolo after finishing in 5th place, ‘the club will now conduct a recruitment process for a new full-time manager for the first team’.

Gattuso was appointed as Milan’s head coach on November 27, replacing Vincenzo Montella. Rino led the Rossoneri to 6th and 5th-place finishes, and today it became official that he will not be sitting on the Milan bench next season.

“Milan announces Gennaro Gattuso will leave his role as the club’s first team manager by mutual agreement with immediate effect,” a statement on the website reads this evening. “The club will now conduct a recruitment process for a new full-time manager for the first team, ahead of the ICC summer tour and the first seasonal matches of the 2019/20 domestic championship, the domestic cup and the UEFA Europa League.

“Milan wishes to thank Gennaro Gattuso for his leadership during the last eighteen months. A true legend of the Rossoneri, Gennaro stepped into the role during what was a difficult period for the Club and has performed admirably, securing the Club’s highest League points total since 2012/13. Milan must now look to the future, whilst ensuring continuity, financial stability and sustainable growth.

“Ivan Gazidis, CEO of Milan, said: ‘I have had the privilege to get to know Rino Gattuso over the past six months since my arrival at the Club. Rino has given everything to our efforts this season, and has worked tirelessly, always taking full responsibility, putting the club above every other consideration. I want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Rino.'”

Gattuso during Milan-Frosinone at Stadio San Siro on May 19, 2019. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Gattuso had a contract for two more years with Milan, until 2021. Today he was at Casa Milan with his staff to terminate his deal. The boss was quoted on Tuesday’s edition of La Repubblica, stating that he is not going to demand any of the money that he’s owed by the club – €11m.

“Deciding to leave the Milan bench is not easy, but it’s a decision I had to make,” Gattuso apparently said. “There was not a precise moment in which I decided it: it was the accumulation of these 18 months as coach of a team that for me will never be like the others. Those were months that I lived with great passion, unforgettable months. Mine is a painful but thoughtful choice. Will I give up my two-year contract? Yes, because my story with Milan will never be a question of money.”

Gennaro Gattuso and Mateo Musacchio at the end of Milan-Frosinone at Stadio San Siro on May 19, 2019. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

The replacement of Gattuso will be decided soon. What’s clear is that the club will choose someone who is in line with the project of Elliott and that is someone who knows how to work with young players. Milan are going to focus on cheap and inexperienced players and they need someone who can guide such ship. The names of Jardim, Giampaolo and Simone Inzaghi have been mentioned.

As reported by Opta, Milan averaged a 1.81 points/game in Serie A under Gattuso. Only Juventus (2.44) and Napoli (2.13) did better over the same period.

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Shadrack Appiah

Cheap and inexperienced players? To hell with Elliot. if they don’t have money to run the club they should just sell it.We are Milan not any other mid table club.They don’t have the interest of the club at heart all they want is to keep the club to enhance their selfish greed


They have money. Thats is not the problem. Ffp is.. we need to make money to spend money

Shadrack Appiah

And the only way we can make money to is to start winning again
That youthful untested player approach is not the way foward


In the last 2 seasons we spent 250M on players that couldn;t even get to 4th place. We need a COACH, 2 ACTUAL WINGERS AND 2 MIDFIELDERS including the purchase of Bakayoko. Sell: Kessie, Silva, Suso, Laxalt and Castillejo and we’ll get 150-155M. Get Rabiot, Bakayoko, Saint-Maxim, Tonali, Cucurella. we’ll make 60-65M profit. Get into UCL next year and with this year’s money from europe league we’ll get 70M total.


Only wished you resigned earlier…maybe you would have saved everyone for the embarrassment and champions league failure


Do you know you are talking practically bs, mate?
Earlier = when? Nobody was complaining about Gattuso when we were getting the results, and when the 6 match stretch of bad results started, he should have left and who would have taken the helm? We probably would have finished worse than 5th.

soheil balini

I was complaining about how bad we play since the 4th game! (& lot’s of other fans.) you are simply lying!


I think I beat you to it – the Napoli game did it for me.


I really don’t think you’re okay…wats ur problem nigga?


it’s really sad to see u leave general Gatuso. On a personal note, i truly admire everything u’ve done for us. Through the thick and thin, u never gave up on Milan. God bless you abundantly and grant you success in all you do. forza Rino!! forza Milan!!!


…not going to demand any of the money that he’s owed by the club – €11m.
‘Yes, because my story with Milan will never be a question of money.’

Thank you Rino for steering Milan through the disastrous period of MontellaChineseMess and good luck for your future.

soheil balini

yeah steering through to disastrous times of Rino! Rino fan boys never shut up! we had a deal. to shut up after not getting the 4th place.


Disastrous. Do you know the meaning of the word?
Man. I’m so fed up. Maybe you would have been happier if we finished 7th or 8th or just barely made Europa? Have you watched Milan last 4 years?
I am not going to be dragged into this idiotic conversation again in this article.

Baresis Dream

The fact that he gave up two years worth of salary is an amazing generous gesture, which proves his love for the club without any doubt.I also wish him all the best in his future career.

soheil balini

it’s like the story about a bear who tries to kill a fly with a rock and kill his friend instead. it’s love. of course it is. the greater love would have been not accepting a job when you simply are not up to it. he loves Milan. but he loves his EGO much much more. a true legend after offering Milan coach job would say what Xavi said one week ago about being barca coach: I don’t have enough experience. not now

soheil balini

I don’t know why Milan fans act like 2 (or 3) heroes are leaving us. as a player, they are part of our history. great part actually. as managers & coaches, they did a really Sh**y job. the trio of Leo, Rino & Maldini are responsible for this failure. I wonder if Mira, Miha & Montela were the names behind this disaster, what was our behavior (sorry for bad grammar again.)


Do a victory dance maybe. Gaining the highest points in years = disaster Finally being able to win from losing situations this season and the last part of last season = disaster soheil balini Even a scarecrow is better tha Montella in this situation! 0 Reply1 year ago soheil balini you are talking like he coached Barca and Manchester All the team he coached beside Sion are big jokes. and they are struggling even after Rino Give one of our legends a chance and if he failed then talk like this!!! soheil balini By your way of thinking Inzaghi is… Read more »

soheil balini

first of all: trying to prove a wrong statement just because you believed it once, is something a dumb person (like you) would do. in the comments you didn’t published, I actually confessed about being wrong about firing Montella & hiring Rino. something you can’t do. confessing to being wrong. 4th game in season. I said this team with rino would not get to UCL. in mid season I said it again. you and some other ppl said we will see you at the end of the season. it’s end of the season. where is our 4th place? just answer.… Read more »

soheil balini

dude! these comments are not even mine! I don’t know what is a scarecrow. + my grammar is so bad I don’t even know what uplifted means 🙂 at least try to be better in fabricating evidences.


You bloody hypocrite.
You said those in Baresis Dream reply
And Numerouno reply


I remembered now. You can follow the comments flow to get the whole story. Back then someone used people usernames and emails to comment (If I remember, Sheva, Bresie &… I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong). I was absent from this website for a while. Then I came back & I saw them. That”s why all my new comments from back then were signed with “SOHEIL” with big caps. Calling me hypocrite for something you probably not aware of simply another reason to believe you are kid. If you wanna prove that I wasn’t against Rino the first day, I… Read more »




Proving that it’s not my comment is pretty easy. I use Gravatar for my profile pic. If I change it to a new photo. Every comment made by me would change photo.




This Gazidis guy will ruin us, Maldini is next, he will become Milan a feeder club. A very sad day, Leonardo, Rino thanks for all Forza Milan.


The Sempre Milan article regarding this is actually quite insightful.
Some people on here should read it.


You are right ink… That article was spot on… People here don’t seem to understand what Rino did… Our highest points total in 6 years and a 5th place finish… The most points earned behind Juve and Napoli since his appointment. Yet they still critique him.. No coach we get will be an improvement to him unless it is Conte, José or Sarri and I don’t forsee any of them joining with the uncertainty that currently surrounds the club. Yes Rino had some short comings he was not tactical as we would like but we as fans need to accept… Read more »


Yes, I read it. The things are spot on.
While I agree that Gattuso was limited, we can’t be so optimistic that the situation would be better with him departing.


Forza Rino!


Love him or hate him , Gattuso is our legend and he must be respected , in a time when coaches F clubs up to get money , he simply let go of his remaining salary which is 11mil (or 5.5 in some sources) and that alone is a sign of great love for the club , and it should be enough for haters to respect him. He was not a great coach , but he’s always been a great man , and that’s why everyone here should respect him , reading this bs thrown at him after he resigned… Read more »


Legendary player! Thanks for everything, but its time to move on.

We need a tier 1 coach.. Ancelotti would be great


Towards the end of the season it became clear that Milan was more than Gattuso could handle.
However what is this talk of cheap and inexperienced? What TF is with this Galliani 2.0 rubbish?
Cheap and inexperienced is what got us into this level of BS in the first place. They better not send us back to being a mid-table club.


Maybe he’s not a good coach and good tatictian, but I think we have not luck enough this year.
I have always respected his charactor, his sacrify and his love with the club.
Thank you for everything and best wishes for you in the future, Mr Gattuso!


Thanks Gattuso for everything you did. Much respect for you for putting your heart out. Yes it didn’t work and the tactics weren’t right, but you will always be a champion of Milan.


good news. can’t wait to finally see milan play real football


My abiding memory of the Meow of Milan era will be him acting as a ball boy for Lazio – chucking them the ball in the dying minutes of the game from which they went on to score. Pirlo mentions in his autobiography how Gattuso is a few sandwiches short of a picnic and I think that moment against Lazio perfectly captures the stupidity of him as a coach. What’s your favorite Gattuso clown moment?

soheil balini

We would have gotten to UCL if hi simply refused to help!!!!!


Is gotten the right verb? Anyway. In one game he forgot to make any subs because he was waving his hands heavily…

Amos K. Dennis

Thanks Gattuso,,….Liberia is following


Thank you Gattuso for everything you’ve done! I really don’t understand all the ungrateful people bashing on Gattuso. Yes, even if he didn’t resign/fired, I would be asking for another coach, but only after the season had ended (now). During the whole season, there WASN’T any good coach available that would have be able to do a better job than Gattuso. Conte? Mourinho? Guess what, no money. It would have been near fact that the team wouldn’t make it into champions league. It would have been like Zidane’s Real Madrid season this year – just waiting for the season to… Read more »