Gattuso: “We can’t control our destiny but we can control our pride, finishing in 5th wouldn’t be a failure, Abate? He has always been an added value”

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

Gennaro Gattuso has insisted that his future doesn’t interest him at the moment, hinted tomorrow will likely be Ignazio Abate’s last San Siro game, and said he’s always believed in Suso.

The defining moment of the season could take place tomorrow night as Milan face Frosinone at San Siro (18:00 CEST kickoff), while Atalanta visit Juventus in Turin.

Should the Rossoneri win and La Dea lose on Sunday, it will be Milan who head into the last Matchday of Serie A in 4th place. The summer plans of the Diavolo depend on whether they finish 4th or not and the future of Gennaro Gattuso is also said to be tied to the standings.

“Tomorrow we’ll move over the one-million mark for fans in attendance at San Siro this season, I must say a million times thanks. To every single fan, for all their love. It’s an incredible number,” Gattuso told journalists in today’s pre-game press conference. “We’ve made them angry at times but we’ve also made them happy. There are still two Matchdays left and we are playing for an objective. We hope to finish well, we are determined to make them proud in our last two games.

The squad during training at Milanello. (
The squad during training at Milanello. (

“If the group is looking at Juventus-Atalanta? No, we can’t control our destiny but we can control our pride. Let’s not lose energy by looking elsewhere. We will face an already relegated Frosinone that will come to San Siro with nothing to lose. We’re thinking of our pride and getting as many points as possible. This team is doing good things, the campaign we had to have… there is talk about us as if we were 8th, 9th or 10th but we’re still in there, we have values and we’ve demonstrated them.

“Atalanta? We picked up just 7 points in 5 games, we dropped our guard. In this moment we can’t look back. We know how much we were struggling until a few weeks ago and how many mistakes we made. Atalanta have never let up. If they’re fourth, it’s because they deserve to be. We must do our best in these last two games, but they deserve to be ahead at the moment.

“If a Milan victory tomorrow can put pressure on Atalanta who play later [their game against the Bianconeri is at 20:30 CEST]? These are calculations that I don’t do, I only think of winning against Frosinone by deploying the best team. I believe in good faith. All the teams are putting in a lot of effort, even in the last few Matchdays. We must only think about playing our own game.

Leonardo and Paolo Maldini during training at Milanello. (
Leonardo and Paolo Maldini during training at Milanello. (

“If I met with the club to discuss my future? No, at the moment both the club and I have put aside the small talk and we are only thinking about the objective. There will be a time to talk, now the head is on the pitch. Staying on the bench in case of failing to qualify for the Champions League? I don’t know what I have to answer, I don’t have to prove what I’ve done. There are numbers that speak for it and right now there’s bar talk that’s been going on from July and is still happening, always about my future. I only think about coaching and make points, afterwards whoever needs to judge me will do it.

“The relationship with Leonardo, whose future has also been questioned? Don’t make me angry… I believe that many of you [journalists] don’t listen to me. I’ve already explained and I’ll repeat it: these are things that you write and say to fill the newspapers. There is no problem with Leonardo, I had problems with him as a player but not now. Since he’s arrived in management there’s never been anything, on a human level there’s great fairness and respect, and that’s that!

Ignazio Abate during training at Milanello. (
Ignazio Abate during training at Milanello. (

“The last San Siro game for Abate? I can’t say everything that I think of Ignazio, otherwise we’d be here for another hour. He hasn’t been a surprise, he’s been here since he was a young kid, every day I baptized him with slaps. But he’s given so much and I’m sorry for him should he not sign a new contract because he’s always been added value for me, for my staff and for the whole locker room.

“In the last matches Suso seems to be recovering his form? He is an important player. It was you journalists who asked to leave him out. I’ve always had faith in Suso. We can look back, who was the last to post double digits in assists? If I look at the numbers then he’s scored and has reached 10 assists. It’s been a decade since someone reached a similar number at Milan. A player can have ups and downs, it’s normal but for how he plays he’s very important for us.

“How was Piątek during the week? I saw him well, like in all the other weeks. He has to think about the good of the team, he has to put in everything he has and he not think about his small garden… in that sense I saw him very concentrated. The condition of Biglia? He is available, he’s trained in the last two days. He is not 100% but he’s available. Tomorrow he’ll be on the bench and be available.

Suso during training at Milanello. (
Suso during training at Milanello. (

“The De Rossi affair at Roma? The thing I’ve liked most about Daniele over the years, beyond the technical and tactical improvements that he’s made, is that he’s grown every year on a human level. He has always shown that he has an incredible human depth. This is what has always struck me. Every time he made a mistake he apologized with his face. There’s always been a good relationship with him. He already reasons as a coach, he says things as they are, even if he wants to still play. Kolarov is right in his words he said yesterday, Roma will notice how much De Rossi is missed in the locker room. He was an important figure in the dressing room of Roma and also in the national team.

“Allegri is leaving Juventus? The numbers and the trophies speak for him and for his journey. The relationship that binds us is unique, I’ve known him since I was a kid who didn’t even a beard on his face… we won [promotion] in Serie B together, so many stories, so many fights, lots of hugs and ups and downs with him, but he’s a genuine person. He’s a person who deserves the best and I think that tomorrow the players and fans will greet him with affection. But we must think about doing our own thing, not look at Turin. Juve have shown what team they are and what mentality they have.

Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (
Gennaro Gattuso during training at Milanello. (

“If finishing in fifth place would be a failure? Even now it’s not a failure for me, but you’re free to write whatever you want as you’ve already made the film in your head. For me it would not be a failure, not because I want credit for myself, but because it’d be incorrect. Plus, what would Roma and Lazio say?

“There’s regret because for two months we’ve had our fate in our hands and we dropped so many points, but it’s not a failure. We must do our best, pick up as many points as possible, then we’ll see.”

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El pharaoh

Small minded manager working for a big minded club. 5th place is not a failure says it all. Thank you gattuso just pack up and go to bologna have fun you will be great with there mentality


I was just about to comment about that until I read your post. Totally agree. What a joke of a coach. Already conceding defeat before the season end. Smh


juve, napoli,inter,roma,atalanta,lazio all have a better squad than us. if we finish 5th it would be bad yes to miss out on C league but it would not be a failure


Gattuso you’re the most useless manager I’ve ever known for you saying 5th place is not a failure…Gattuso you are a failure and I prays and hope the messages gets to you


Is this s coach or a farmer


And next year rino will say, “getting relegated wouldnt be a failure for young club like milan.” And the faithful les midtables will response, “oh yeah my emperor. Where do we sign to join ur concubine signore? Cant wait to share our ‘milan dna’ with u.”


forza Juventus we support you do this for us(Milan)
#allegri remember us


Like if u want to a to lose


Like if u want roma to lose




Those of you that wants to crucify Gattuso, we know all of you…… We are waiting for your Morinho ..


1. Thank you @Pato I pray we finish 4th…then let’s see…IMO Gattuso didn’t perform bad at all…first season with eight new players playing under a new coach plus financial limitations and in this current position- even though we want more, we didn’t do bad at all 2. Example Ajax finished 2nd last season but now…Tottenham trophiless last season but now….Liverpool same…. Consistency put them where they are today 3. Chelsea; man u; real changed coaches and bought players what’s the result 4. Conclusion: if Milan misses out on CL spot then Gattuso should step down but if he makes the… Read more »


I really dont know why ppl actually like Gattuso beeing our coach. He did performed bad, no tactics, no ideea, no plan how to get the ball in only by playing from the back, we dont have wingers, play without wingers, we have 2 hungry strikers and we cant get the ball to them, that is just tactic failure. Maybe Rino has the dressing room, or had it in my opinion, rotate the team, i am no fan of Berto or mauri but they should have played more and not get isolated the whole season, that way be could have… Read more »


If we manage to get that 4th spot, i am afraid we will stick with Gattuso next year… i hope everybody realises that Rino is not the coach we need, at least not now, we need proven managers, if we manage to get CL is because of the players and luck, not because of the tactics Rino implemented to the players.


Going by your theory, if we fail to qualify for CL, then it’s the players fault and not the tactics of Gattuso right?….
I don’t understand how a person can’t give credits when its due….


I agree with Rino, this team is nothing special, nowhere near CL material.

Do you realize, not a single player in our first 11 has CL experience? They never played the tournament before. There’s Reina and there’s Abate who played CL before but that’s it.

What do you expext from our possible CL campaign? It means nothing more than qualify and collect the money for this management and for the sake of FFP


Yo Meytar, nice click bait, from a fellow journalist and Milanista, use the quotation marks as they should.

“but you’re free to write whatever you want as you’ve already made the film in your head”.


Guys to be realistic, you want a top 4 finish from a top 7 club. Yes top 7. Atalanta and Lazio have a better squad than us. 5th place would not be a failure given the players he has at his disposal.