Scaroni: “We have full confidence in the coach and in our directors, despite everything we are 3 points from the CL”

Paolo Scaroni and Ivan Gazdisi before Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on March 17, 2019. (
Paolo Scaroni and Ivan Gazdisi before Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on March 17, 2019. (

Paolo Scaroni sounded optimistic ahead of the last three rounds, and stated the club has faith in Gattuso and Leonardo.

The season is approaching its ending and the Rossoneri are still in the race for a ticket to next year’s Champions League.

It is widely expected, however, that even if Milan finish in fourth place, then Gennaro Gattuso will be replaced next season. La Gazzetta dello Sport and other newspapers also claim that the position of Leonardo is at risk, and club owners Elliott may be considering to replace him.

President Paolo Scaroni, in any case, leads the line that the club at the moment is a cohesive unit, as he gives support to Gattuso and Leonardo, with the goal in mind being to finish in 4th place.

“On Monday evening at San Siro I saw positive signals from the team, as they suffered, fought hard and remained in the game despite the difficulties,” Scaroni told ANSA on Thursday. “Despite everything we are three points from the Champions League. I am feeling confident ahead of these final rounds of the season. There will be challenges that are not easy, but I know that the whole club is working hard to ensure we get the maximum possible results.

“We have full confidence in the coach and our sporting directors, including in the light of the way they dealt with recent critical issues.”

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The dreaded vote of “full confidence”….. If it was a movie you’d be shouting “Look out he’s behind you”
Full confidence usually means your getting sacked


LOL. My thoughts exactly:-)


Ah, the vote of confidence. Its classic serie a’s way of telling u that the last nail in the coffin is about to be hammered down. Kinda like the mexican cartel way of saying, “we’re going to shoot u in the head very soon but right now we’ll just allow u to dig ur own grave in peace. Hell, we’ll even let u pray for a while before we do it”


All of these guys are clowns u guys wants this club to be successful again bring in a top coach and stop having confidence in gattuso


too late…it is management fault…they can not see the fact that Gatusso is low class coach….Milan will going down with Gatusso