Milan deny meetings, phone calls or any contact with Di Francesco as rumours suggest he could replace Gattuso

Eusebio Di Francesco during Porto-Roma at Estadio do Dragao on March 06, 2019. (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)
Eusebio Di Francesco during Porto-Roma at Estadio do Dragao on March 06, 2019. (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Leonardo, through the media, has denied that he’s met or spoken with Eusebio Di Francesco, who according to some reports is the leading candidate to replace Rino Gattuso next season.

Even though it’s never been made official, it seems clear that Gattuso – regardless of where he finishes this season – will not be sitting on the Milan bench in 2019/20.

Many coaches have been linked with the Rossoneri, from Antonio Conte and Leonardo Jardim, to Gian Piero Gasperini and Mauricio Pochettino. However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sportmediaset, the top choice of the Diavolo at the moment is Eusebio Di Francesco, the ex-Sassuolo boss who was fired by Roma earlier this season.

GdS and Mediaset claim that Di Francesco was in Milano for three days and even though there are no negotiations between the sides in place, there have been some indirect contacts between the parties. Mediaset even goes on to say that Milan are prepared to offer him almost €3 million per season.

Milan, however, chose to deny these claims on Thursday. Director Leonardo directly contacted Sky Italia to inform them that there have been no meetings, calls or any form of contact between Milan and Di Francesco, as the only focus of the entire club at the moment is the fight for UCL.

Time will tell whether Milan are thinking about Di Francesco or not. There are many names in the mix – some more realistic, some a lot less. At the end of the season, the world will find out.

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Even though on paper he’s a slightly better coach than Gattuso according to his points per game ratio he’d still be a complete waste of time and yet another useless coach brought
I’d have no problem if they bought no player in exchange for using the money for someone like Conte so at least we could make a start at rebuilding because no matter what players you have there all going to struggle with clueless coach’s over them


We need wingers, Suso and Chalha are a joke. The whole team can run smoothly except for the wings. But tbh with their sale we could get any 2 of the following players: Zieych, Neres, Saint-Maxim, Bernandesci, Fekir…. and still have enought money to get Conte

zahid hossain

Agree met


Agree 100%


I think, ill just copy paste myself here: I read today that leo is after di francesco, ex-roma. Now, is he the right choice according to holy allknowing milan10? Not even close. But let me educate les midtables on how to use their brains objectively; is di francesco’s ppg higher than rino’s? Absolutely, 1,79. Not that much better but its better nonetheless. But the most important question is: has di francesco been proven to be able to take his team through ucl qf? Hell yes. His roma finished 3rd in his 1st season (if i remember correctly) thus they qf… Read more »


Well analysed mate, cant agree more.


Stop wasting time with these coaches please just give us Conte


ziyach25m & j.brandt25m release clause