Paquetá given a three-match ban for a ‘light slap’ to the arm of the referee, will miss the rest of the season

Lucas Paquetá after getting sent off during Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on May 6, 2019. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Lucas Paquetá after getting sent off during Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on May 6, 2019. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Lucas Paquetá’s season ends early as his red card from the match against Bologna has cost him the next three games.

Milan won for the first time in nearly a month on Monday, when they beat Bologna 2-1 at Stadio San Siro.

However, the win was very difficult to get – also due to the fact that the Rossoneri had to play the last 20 minutes of the game with 10 men, after 21-year-old midfielder Lucas Paquetá was shown the red card. The Sporting Judge convened yesterday (Tuesday) and decided that Paquetá’s offense is worthy of a three-man ban.

The statement of the Sporting Judge explains that Lucas showed “improper behavior towards an opponent” and adds the fact that it was also his fifth yellow card of the season. In addition, Paquetá “in the 29th minute of the second half […] struck with a light slap the arm of the referee who was leaning towards him in order to drive him away.” This means Paquetá will not play again this season.

Milan have not shown any signs so far that they are going to appeal the decision of the Sporting Judge. Against Fiorentina, Frosinone and SPAL, Gattuso will have to be without his creative force.

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Some reports suggest Milan planing to get rid of Bakayoko, Kessie, Biglia along with surplus Mauri, Bertolacci and Montolivo.

This leaves them with Paqueta, Jack, Hakan for the midfield.

Any thoughts?

Chris cross

I think if the management go ahead with it then it would seem to me they are actually stepping the the rigtt direction. As a milan fan who has watched milan games all season, I completely understand if not everyone will agree with what I have to say but from what I can put into perspective for the players mentioned Kiessie is a warrior and he is strong and can bully the midfield on a good day however his distribution is lacking in almost every other area. In order to to reach a high level we need all our midfielder… Read more »


If that’s true we will need at least 2 new signings. Hakan can play at the middle, a flat 3 sounds nice as it couls adds unpredictability.


Leo was smart #10 and hes even smarter sd; theres no way hes gonna offload 6 similar cm/dm all at once leaving only attack oriented mf like paqueta and bonadinho, unless maybe hes found the proper replacement, like sms. I think maybe hes gonna offload 1-2 out of kessie, biglia and baka and 2 out of monto, berto and mauri. Rino and some news reports ARE dumb, not leo. Also, i cant believe some midtables blame leo for circus thats happening in psg. The guy built psg from nothing to become verly dominant team in ligay 1. Its not his… Read more »


Stupid is stupid does. I can understand prof foul near pen box to prevent opponents from scoring. Hell, i even understand paletta fouling salah INSIDE the box. But doing stupid agressive garbage like that in the middle of the field? How stupid can u be? I know even the most hardcore midtables know rino the rabid dog lacks tactical intelligence. Their arguments are always good old “yeah hes limited as hes just a rookie but at least hes good at man mgmt and the players love him”. But when ur players pulled that crap vs lazio, came late for training… Read more »


What would you say if Milan were in barcelona”s shoes today? Shit happens. A coach is not a god. Look at Brazil’s captain, punching a fan in the mouth. Look at real Madrid losing even with Zidane. You twist every situation to make yourself look better.


Uh, if milan were in barca shoes then i would be devastated like its ’05 all over again. But then again, maybe it wouldnt be so bad because i’d probably still have hangover from celebrating 19th scudetto, just one more down the line for the long awaited 2 stars, wouldnt i? Yes what moneymar did was stupid and he and some of his teammates clearly have attitude issues. And thats my point exactly, with garbage attitude (getting red carded unnecessarilly like paque, i mean mbappe, stupid outfield antics) comes garbage results: only 1 win out of last 7 games? Conceded… Read more »


“You twist every situation to make yourself look better.”


Uh, so saying rino’s garbage is twisting situation according to les midtables? Aint they the ones who keep bending the truth by saying bs like ‘rino so far has generated 3rd best points since his appointment’?
The only thing i twist are titties. Remember titty twister bar from from dusk till dawn movie? Im the propietor. As a matter of fact, ever wondered why rino always looks in pain on the sidelines? Thats because i twist his titties every time milan play like garbage and generate garbage results, which is ALOTTA TIMES


I forgot though, Conte and Costa, wasn’t that an issue couple seasons back? I am all for getting an accomplished coach and I am very aware that Gattuso is limited in his abilities as a coach still. However as I have mentioned before, the fact is Gattuso dragged the team through after Montella disaster and then oversaw thorough the Chinese disaster transition, and this season right up till mid-February his Milan played consistent decent football (in years!). The season will not be without a spell or two of bad performance and results – it will be the same under accomplished… Read more »


“Conte and Costa, wasn’t that an issue couple seasons back?” uh yes, when hardass champions with big egos meet, clashes can happen. But conte and costa won epl anyway right? Thats how champions operate. Be a bitch but for god sakes deliver results *ink “and this season right up till mid-February his Milan played consistent decent football” i really hope to hell ur saying this in tounge in cheek manner. Yes u didnt watch milan at their peak but u do watch modern teams like bayern, madrid hell even juve play right? U notice the difference in quality between them… Read more »


I wasn’t meaning decent compared to Bayern Barca or so of course.
Decent compared to what Milan has been playing.


Paqueta needs to learn to keep his emotions in check. Footballing traditions are different in different countries, in Brazil he was free to show these, but he needs to adapt to the new country and league – it still is only a few months that he has been playing. But he needs to learn it soon else others (like damn de Paul) will try to take advantage by antagonising him.


The indiscipline of the young man might get in the way of his personal development. He needs more mentoring than condemnation.


Paquetá obviously thought it was a Bologna player that was grabbing him that’s why he reacted that way. they should appeal this. i can’t believe not one of you guys saw that. I hate when refs make the game about them


The ref was ridiculous, how on earth can you get tackled from behind and receive a yellow card for it?

King Kaka

No offense to anyone, but if we take subjectivity out of it and look at pure numbers (granted numbers alone don’t paint the full picture), we will find that Gattusso’s tangible performance leaves a lot to be desired. 80 games in charge of Milan, Gattusso has a 37-23-20 (W-D-L) record at around 1.68 ppg. This puts us at roughly 64/65 points in a season, which we are just about on course for. Perhaps we’ve no cared/focussed on Europa in the last two years but under Gattusso, in the 11 games we’ve played we have only managed to win 5 games… Read more »


On the spot totally agree with what you said. The stats speaks for themselves, we milan supporters tend to keep our sentiments higher than sporting result, rino has been in charged of Milan for good enough to be judged and shown the exit door at the end of the season….as far as squad is concerned I won’t agree on this we have a better squad to at least qualify for champions league…though it’s different we will be massacred there…..

zahid hossain

100% agree with u dear met……we need a champion coach to recover the situation, in last 7/8 yrs failure, this is the only reason, we need somebody like Klopp,Guardiola,Conte,Saari,Anchelotti,Pochettino…..if not then atleast Gasperini who can built a squad that plays beautiful football……


Serie A is far from other competitive leagues in terms of refereeing, their incapability and clear double standards make this league look really primitive


So Leonardo is looking at 4 coaches to replace Gattuso next season. Di Francesco, Gasperini, Giampaolo and Jardim. Di Francesco was spotted in Milan according to reports after his first contact with Milan.

Honestly I would be satisfied with either one even though Gasperini is my favorite then jardim second and Giampaolo & Di Francesco third.


why di francesco.what can he he good.why did he lost his jobat roma.


The report states that Leonardo is interested in him because he is good with young players. This all depends on UCL qualification.

If we qualify Milan will either go with Gasperini or jardim. If we don’t qualify then it looks like Di Francesco is the main person Milan will target.


If this squad don’t respect Gattuso with Di Francesco there will be bunga bunga parties at Milanello, mark my words.


After years of scrapping and scavenging around Europe looking to find cheap players and washed up former greats to somehow keep the old flame of Ac Milan still burning I finally thought we’d turned a corner when the Chinese bought the club as Silvio Berlusconi promised he’d find a buyer with deep pockets and a will to make us great again but what followed was just ridiculous and yet more heartache for us fans so we trudged along until it got so bad we actually got repossessed and then it looked as though Elliot will come to the rescue so… Read more »


OK, If Milan sack Gattuso the management is telling the squad, you can act like idiots if you don’t like the coach and we will sack him. A coach is not a friend, is someone who push you harder. We need someone with experience, Di Francesco will take us 4 years behind.


with the way the players are behaving it shows they don’t care about the club and gattuso has a poor man management. i wonder what gattuso tells them for bigla and kessie to fight bakayoko saga,paqueta unsportsmanlike attitude, romagnoli red card it like they don’t even care about qualify for the champions league, they have no unity
compare to Jurgen klopp liverpool look at how the players behave and how the manager act. seriously gattuso needs to go and learn


Honestly all these sporting decisions that keep going the wrong way for Milan. It’s like there is a bias.
For heaven’s sake just fine the kid and let us move on.

Baresis Dream

Well, it looks like we’re zooming in on Di Francesco to replace Gatusso. This might come as a surprise for anyone who expected Pochettino, Klopp, Conte, or whoever to just beg to come to Milan. Soon the Gatusso out chants will be replaced with Di Francesco out, and the cycle continues.


Under Leonardo this team will go down to Sera b man who does not know how to make something gud

Baresis Dream

I agree LeoMaldini should share the blame for this season; but honestly, I don’t see that many good coaching options out there that are willing to come. I would prefer Gasparini or Giampaolo to DiFranc, and maybe we can even try for Lippi, but really the coach position is not the most urgent upgrade for us. Our player squad is what is most lacking.


Baresis dream leodini they can sell all dead woods like Hakan golhonolu Lucas biglia suso borini musachio paquata castilejo laxalt Rodriguez and bring some gud replecment like 2 midfielders barela and van de Beek 2 wingers hervin lozano and saint maximum then we are OK but i heard inter are pushing barela deal


4 3 3 donoruma Calabria caldara romagnoli and another barela van de Beek Bonaventura hervin lozano pientek Everton soares every couch wants this team and also possiple to get these players under gud management


Pretty much. A guy who just had a couple of good seasons with Sassuolo.


Di Francesco stats with Roma: 87 games coached W 46 D 18 L 23. Overall W 161 D 94 L 137. Just 8 years older than Gattuso and a few seasons in Serie A with Sassuolo under his belt.

Nice example to the squad if this guy is appointed. After the hype of the new coach is over and hard times come they will “depress” again.


I wonder how can anyone still claim that the coatch position isn’t our priority after what we saw on Champions League these past couple of days ! Liverpool with Wijnaldum , Origi , Henderson , Matip and Shaqiri beating Messi’s Barca 4 0 , and then Pochettino’s Spurs without their best player Kane getting back from 3 0 to 3 3 and qualify ! Don’t tell me it’s thanks to the players , it’s because coatchs are brave enough to play attaking football and not just sit back and hide … Barca was playing counters and lost , while Ajax… Read more »


First of all, im glad that my mate king kaka mentions rino’s garbage ppg, that means king kaka read my comment way back regarding ppg as objective measurement of quality of allenatore. I seem to remember writing conte has ppg of around 2,3. I also remember saying, “the way i see it, rino and conte aint even compete in the same sport.” I read today that leo is after di francesco, ex-roma. Now, is he the right choice according to holy allknowing milan10? Not even close. But let me educate les midtables on how to use their brains objectively; is… Read more »