Official: Plizzari extends his Milan contract to 2023

Alessandro Plizzari after signing a new contract at Casa Milan. (
Alessandro Plizzari after signing a new contract at Casa Milan. (

Alessandro Plizzari has committed his future to Milan as he’s signed a new contract today.

Plizzari has spent the past season on the bench of the Rossoneri or between the posts of the Primavera team, trying to help them avoid relegation (they are currently in 15th place out of 16 sides).

Gianluigi Donnarumma is the first choice goalkeeper of Milan and there are no indications that he will leave. However, Plizzari has decided to sign a new contract with the Diavolo.

“Milan has reached an agreement with goalkeeper Alessandro Plizzari, born 12 March 2000, to extend his contract with the club until 30 June 2023,” a statement on the official website reads.

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Emmy Apache

I want all our players to watch the little boys from Ajax and see what they are doing in Europe These small boys defeated champions league defending champion and even Italia league giant Juventus at home but here we are struggling to qualify to champions league What a big shame to our players. It’s very annoying to see us winning just a match out of 8 matches. What is the big deal about our players if not they are shading themselves to milan past glory. How much did Ajax spend compared to the money value of our players. It’s a… Read more »


its not our players problem. its since years that milan does not give their own youth jewels the trust what ajax gives their players. thats the biggest shame. buy biglia and let go locatelli is the best and most simple example. and now biglia is one of the guys who will be sold.where loca will play big time in a couple of years becouse milan became a greedy short term succes addicted club under berlusconi-that why we failed .becouse this is not milan im 100 percent shure.even a player like mastour if given the right trust would have been become… Read more »

El pharaoh

Sell Donna for 100 mil balance the books start from year zero again with a new coach he will be our new buffon


See comment from Alexandro Costa : Cuta. I am not trying to exonerate Gattuso completely. Our major problem is psychological. These players are wearing jerseys that look heavy in their bodies. Gattuso has been motivating these guys. screaming and pushing the players telling them they can do it. I think a loss to Inter Milan – a city rival totally deflated their morale. After the match, it looked like Gattuso was at his wits end. Motivations words seemed not to work anymore. Had it been that we won Juventus, we would have gathered morale again but because of conspiracy among… Read more »


Biggest problem no pace or skill too, watched barca v Liverpool and they got plenty!

zahid hossain

Bring a proven champion coach first then rebuild the team……