Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next few weeks.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. Donnarumma has been stellar this half. After a poor performance from the team. Good thing is magic from paqueta and piatek only needs half a chance to score. We need a much better second half let’s go!!

  2. The match is too intence ,Roma is really heaping pressure on us and I don’t see us taking this for too long

  3. Kessie is gradually declining since the surge of Bakayoko. Gatusso should know better than me,but i think we should stop staying deep and start learning how to dominate too(just my opinion as a fan tho).

  4. Looking forward to a big second half seeing we didn’t have a good first half .. Milan usually put in a good knock in either halves

  5. I’m so sorry about Suso. He doesn’t seem convincing anymore. Same about Hakan, they lack of spark.
    What I love at the moment is that I’m slowly getting back on mood when I’m not feeling nervous about Milan any more, like years ago…

    We need to re-learn winning big matches again

  6. Satisfied with the scores but I don’t see us finishing with another clean sheet if we keep staying this deep in the second half

  7. There we go. Please let no one blame Musa for the goal. With constant pressure ,you will concede a goal at some point

  8. Can’t watch match but reading the messages so far makes me wonder why we sit deep all time.its not like we have loads of pace apart from piatek up front to play on counter attack.suso and hakan are slow just can’t figure it out.and as pa ibra said eventually we will concede because of pressure

  9. Gattuso to his team.

    Once u have the ball, just shoot to Piatek.
    Poor game plan / coaching.

    Thanks so far to Piatek and Donnarumma.

  10. This ref was awful… despite how bad we played we should have gotten a pk, and Pellegrini should have been sent off

  11. Poor game management by Gattuso. What can Cutrone and Laxalt do with 4mins of game to play? It would have made more sense to sub them in around the 70th or 75th min at least.

    Zapata has shown that he is more reliable than Mussachio this season. Poor position and poor touch to put Donnarumma in horrible position to save an own goal. Mussachio position is so poor on free kicks and corners which a strong suit for Zapata.

    The referee today was a complete joke. Smh

    I’ll take the draw since Inter lost to Genoa today.

    • Laxalt for one could havce scored as i believe it was he WHO missed a howler in the last couple of minutes of the match.

    • I agree mate, they should’ve come on sooner. This still remains Gattuso’s biggest flaw imo, hope he’ll get it sorted asap. Like @martin bernhard said, Laxalt at least came close to scoring, but if they came on sooner, perhaps we’d created more.
      I’m honestly done with Suso and want to see more of Casti, he’s capable, but he still lacks that “edge” in the final third that Suso can occasionaly conjure up, but at least he’s a team player and runs his socks off for us.

      Zapata’s injury couldn’t be more untimely… I thought we would struggle with Milik’s presence, but Musa was excellent in both games vs Napoli, but he really got exposed vs the physicality of players like Dzeko, Zaniolo and Schick. Could’ve really used Zap. But to be fair to Musa, I can’t blame the goal all too much on him because there was a deflection that put him in a position that no matter what he’d do, it would’ve ended up a Roma goal. Extremely lucky goal on their behalf.

      Did you see Calabria’s comments after the game? He was vocal about the referees after Juve, and now as well. I love it. See him as our future vice-captain!

      • @Milanista121… Totally understand the frustration with Suso but I don’t think we should give up on him just yet.

        He’s still the leading player in assist with 8 in Serie A. So he has quality in him:-)

        To be honest, the reason I believe we are not getting the best out of Suso is because of the position he plays on the pitch.

        I truly believe that he would do better playing closer to the goal as a 2nd striker.

        This is not a Gattuso rant by any means because every coach so far at Milan has always played him on the RW in 433 system majority of the time.

        However, I still believe that we don’t have the players that is best suited for this formation or system.

        I made a post a while back breaking down the type of players needed for this system and the clubs that deploy it successfully.

        Take Piatek and Cutrone for example, they both have similar styles to Shevchenko and Inzaghi.

        They are very good in and around the 18yard box and 6yard box. They are mostly ineffective outside these zones.

        The front 3 players that do well in a 433 system is similar to what Man City, Liverpool, and Barcelona currently have.

        These strikers can easily operate outside the 18yard box and 6yard box because they are very tricky with ball at their feet.

        We don’t have these type of strikers but it’s not entirely a bad thing.

        If we switch to a more orthodox style like 4312, 4321 or a classic 4231 our strikers would flourish even more and our team style of play will improve.

        Bakayoko and Kessie are proving to be good holding midfielders that can break up play but our transition into our opponents final third is too slow and predictable on the wings when using a 433 system.

        Since we don’t have a Messi, Suarez, Salah, Mane, Sterling, Mane, Insigne, Firmino and Aguero type of players as our front 3 that can successfully take on defenders and open up space, our attack often becomes stagnant which allows the opponent to close us down quickly, literally nullifying our attack on goal.

        Suso is our only top 3 player that most often make a successful dribble even though most teams are now doubling up on him which makes it harder for him to break free and score our setup goals.

        A change in our formation will improve certain players like Suso and even Calhanoglu who is experiencing a poor run of form.

      • @Milanista121… what’s up bro. I responded to your comment twice and it didn’t post. I will see if does or not before I respond again.

  12. Denied of a penalty and a Roma red card for Pellegrini. This referee was a disgrace.
    AT least we are still at 4th.

  13. Such a disappointing game. I am convinced gattuso has to leave, either now or during next season start. Calhanoglu is such a lethargic player!! Kessie is very poor. Calabria gets nervous always at the slightest amount of pressure. We must not waste talents of paqueta, Piatek, Cutrone etc. by playing such a defensive game

  14. We need to bench Calhanoglu. Am getting pissed off with his style of play. He is a complete minus one in this team. He contributes absolutely nothing. Gattuso, why are u so glued with this Calhanoglu? I like u and I like you as our coach but with this your choice of Calhanoglu every time, then my liking for you is fading. Pleaseeeee remove this calhanonsense and field better players.

    • Which better player do u have… calhanoglu is not at his best but he sure is better than suso at d moment… calhanoglu still tracks back to defend, suso is minus 2…

  15. Same as any other game no game plan just defending and shoot the ball forward maybe some induvidual will score somehow, this is the most frustrating football that Milan has ever played, i dont know who are we going to buy next but it wont matter with this style of play. Roma created 14 chances and we created 6, getting outplayed by Roma who is in terrible form and was missing a few starters also what more can be said.. and please dont mention the game with Napoli, it was the same thing but since we won no one cared and was just going with the hype.
    The truth is we have good induviduals who are bringing us the results, if these induviduals have good manager they would be up there on the table with Napoli and 4spot wont even be a chalenge.

  16. Amd here we go again with the Gattuso haters. What a buch of nitwits you are!!!

    Gattuso did everything right, but just fckng face it, it was Hakan and Suso who were so poor that they couldn’t put any pressure on the weak Roma defense. Name 1 fckng thing they did right today? 1!!!! I fckng dare ya!!!

    Next summer, sell Suso and Hakan and get 2 proper wingers or put Bonaventura on the left and get 1 right winger.

      • Exactly my point. For the moment, if I was Gattuso, I would start Laxalt on the left and Castillejo on the right.

  17. Obviously a win would have been preferable but i would have taken a draw as a welcomed result before the match began as roma really isnt a bad team regardless of how they have been playing lately. We should also remember that this was the chance for the roma players to potentially save di francescos job and save a bit of honour so this match was never gonna be a picnic in the park even if some people was expecting a victory after romas midweek bashing. The result could have gone either way as both teams had chances to burry the game and in the end we can atleast be fairly satisfied with the end result as roma had the most. Point wise i dont think it matters that much that we didnt win today as the season is still far from over but it would have been nice to built on our previous succes and gained some further confidence and momentum. On the positive side good to see piatek keep scoring think he will turn out to be a bargain. Donnarumma played really well even though he was also making some errors that could have been really costly. Anyways still 4rth and getting closer to the promised land.

  18. I didnt see the game but Calhanoglu is not a bad player its just that hes not a winger and hes having a bit of a dip. We dont have much other options atm except for borini and casti. But casti is a RW.

    Gattuso should play calha in CAM or bench him. Once bona recovers well have a decent option for LW. Or maybe try laxalt on LW?

    Still a draw away against roma is definitely not a bad result as we keep 4th place.

    Loving our new signings tho ! Piatek that real ruthless striker and paqueta adds so much creativity!

  19. Suso holds the ball for too long and just realized he is not so good with passes. Calhanoglu has been out of form. Donaruma has been God sent and Piatek seems to be God sent also. Rogmanoli did well today and why does Gatuso have to wait so long to make changes?

  20. Well , first of all , and with all respect to you guys , f*ck that f*cking refree , a blind horse can be a better refree than that cunt. what a piece of sh*t ! Sorry i had to say that.
    Secondly , here we are again , having an ‘ isolated ‘ striker ! If it wasn’t for his good movement in that goal , we would’ve ended the game with no proper chances , Suso was really bad today and so was Hakan and you can’t expect GREAT chances created by two underperforming wingers , actually , Hakan was so bad that I was waiting soo much to see Borini coming in , sad , isn’t ir ?
    On the other hand , Kessie was a little better than his last few games , he defended well , and run a lot , made a lot of mistakes though.
    Finally , let’s talk about some good points. Donnaruma , world class , just wow , totally worth the 6M. Romagnoli , the great wall of Milan , made Dzeko look like an average unknown player. Bakayoko was good too , lost A LOT of balls though , but still won a lot too. Piatek , what a great steiker , he’s got an instinct of an animal , but he’s no Batman ! He needs some F’ing help !!!! Roma’s defense had only one job today : watch Piatek , no one else was doing anything.
    Apart from these players , everyone else was either Average as hell or BAD , we need Bigla asap , and i miss Bonaventura SOOO MUCH , he was the one who makes the difference in games like these.
    Rumors say that Milan players are still on the pitch passing at the back from left to right , than back to left ….

  21. Okay, I haven’t read the comments as I’m sure there will be hate towards Gattuso. Some warranted though.
    I’m sure that we all wanted a win, a convincing one as well knowing that we just beat Napoli and Roma got thrashed 7-1. But all things considered, if that result didn’t happen, would we still be so disappointed with how the game looked and the draw?
    Four points out of six total vs Roma, a direct competitor for the UCL spots isn’t bad at all, it’s more than that. I too didn’t accept a draw beforehand, but when I let my emotions calm down, a draw is allright, even though I’m bummed we didn’t close the gap with Inter even more. Donnarumma was the MOTM tonight, the team just didn’t look up to par, and Suso is just a waste. He did nothing this game, he didn’t even help Calabria, didn’t track at all. Casti provided the beautiful ball to Laxalt which could’ve gotten us the winner, and did so with only 15 minutes or so. I’m so over Suso tbh.
    The ref denied us a clear pen, and a red. That are two things that COMPLETELY influenced the game though, and he just sucked overall as well.
    All-in-all, a draw away vs Roma isn’t bad.
    Moving on to Cagliari. Hoping we grab a convincing win there.

    Btw, Higuain vs top teams – zero goals. Piatek in two starts vs top teams – three goals. Class.
    Forza Milan!

      • Agree mate… we need upgrades for both him and Suso. But until then, I hope both of them can help the team get to UCL. I’d even play Borini over Hakan, he’s looked inspired recently. He’s good at stretching opposition defences, unfortunately he’s not as good to do something when he gets the ball at his feet haha

  22. I agree suso can be so frustrating. One day he’s providing assists and the next he’s the most selfish player and makes the wrong choice. But then he scores or provides an assist. Calhanoglu on the other end has to be benched. He has been so poor it’s unbelievable. Piatek needs service. Thank God paqueta is playing well

  23. this is the excact same milan under gattuso.
    we will have 1-2 good games and then people will forget that we have other bad games.
    gattuso will be on the verge of being fired, then milan will win 1-2 games, and the talks just evaporate.
    and tbh, most of milan wins come from individual skills or efforts.
    nothing come from the game plan.
    for a couple weeks milan will have suso carrying the team, the next weeks it will be cutrone, now it will be piatek.
    so on and so forth.

  24. Perhaps if suso was juventino the penalty would have been awarded. But in all honesty a draw against Napoli and Roma works for me, the real problem is wether milan can take maximum points from the supposedly weaker teams

  25. Gatuso thinks he can recover all out of form players like he did for Baka but he’s wrong and this is badly affecting Milan.

    What has Hakan does to deserve a shirt than Borini? Gatuso thinks his personal love for a player can revive them? Nope! Hakan was meant to be sold but Gatuso vetoed the sale and that is an absolutely dumb decision. Hakan has bigger off the pitch issue than he isn’t shaking off his head and the more Gatuso forces him to play in such mental condition the more he gets booed by the crowd and the worse his situation gets.

    I admire Gatuso’s hardwork in keeping Milan in 4th even during the injury crisis but his stubbornness about selection and substituttion is making his job more difficult for himself.

    Happy new year everyone.

  26. When you play 433 with both of your wingers out of form, this is tje outcome. Hakan is so painful to watch on that wing, he’s been poor since the start of this season. Rino is giving him all the playing time in hope he will regain his confidence… It’s been more than half a season! Bench him!

    Donnarumma MOTM saved us at least a point

  27. When you go into such match where your opponent had lost shamefully on a high margin, you have to rush them aggressively cos they have lost their confidence. The whistles from their own fans is a big advantage for us,but Gatusso chose to play defensive. Paquetta is gradually becoming a defender and bet me that would affect his attacking instict. I love Gatusso but to be honest, we need a Gasperini.

  28. Sell Suso n play 4 1 4 1… with Conti n Samu in the wings….Hakan n Paqueta in the middle n Baka as CDM……it will provide more chance for Piatek n solid in defence too……Forza Milan

  29. Sorry house, what is wrong in Gatuso using Cutrone too, Gatuso is now sub for him in 87mins all can’t he be using them together or sub for him earlier or he want the boy to go to another club because once he is sitting on bench he will go oo

  30. Like someone already mentioned above – it was the same ultra defensive approach against Napoli but because we have won everyone ignored the negatives which is natural I know. The thing is this club always talking about getting back to putting fear into the opponents and dominating but they don’t even try to do that on the pitch. Not saying we should dominate Roma but at least don’t play like cowards. Hell with only result matters. It’s actually harder to keep consistency of results with defensive approach than attacking. Rino we don’t buy Paquata and all these players for you to make them stick around our box. We are Milan. Just attack man. Especially if you are going to take so much pressure sitting deep and eventually concede anyway. I hate getting dominated

  31. Ok guys, seriously – Çalhanoğlu needs to go!
    The 4-3-3- needs to be dropped

    We should play with a 5-3-2 with attacking wing backs


  32. If you go ahead and look at the table, at teams between 4-11 places, this is where the money is at. This is our main competition, and whoever gets most points from this “inner table” will most likely get the 4th.

    It’s super tight, with now 3 teams with a only a point behind us. But anyone whose been following seria a in recent years know Sasussolo and Fiorentina are also quite dangerous, and will be in the fight till the end. And Samp and Torino, and even Parma, are now slouches either.

    It’s going to be super tough for us, especially without a proper LW, but I imagine many of our competitors will also loose quite a bit of points in this mid-table battle. Let’s hope we can manage to be on top come end of the season.

  33. 3 things i learnt from the Roma match;
    1. Gattuso reacts late with substitution. He is always afraid to take a decision as regards changing the game except when losing.
    2. Suso and Pacqueta do not have strength for 90mins and were visibly tired 60 mins .Castiello and Borini should start some of the big matches.
    3. Conti should be ahead of Calabria.

  34. 1. Juve has been defeated 3-0 by Atalanta, Napoli whitewashed by Sampdoria 3-0, Inter nagged 4-1 by Atalanta….Milan hasn’t been humiliated by any team like that this season still yet Gattuso is not good.
    2. Juve out, Napoli out, inter out, Roma out in coppa italia……Milan is in semi final and still yet Gattuso is not good
    3. Juve held at home to a 3-3 draw by Parma, Inter beaten at home by Bologna 1-0 this weekend…..Milan draw Roma in Rome 1-1(with penalty denied for Milan) and still yet Gattuso is not good
    4. Compare experienced players of Lazio, Roma, Napoli…..Milan has beaten and got points against them with our young team (comprising of 5-6 different players playing together for first time this season) and still yet Gattuso is not good.
    5. @Rimp said Calha needs to go but you all saw his suggestion here now….. imagine gattuso has to listen to him?
    [email protected] wants Gasperini as he defeated Inter, Juve but not Milan and wants him to replace Gattuso….can you please tell us here that Gasperini will have won the league if he was to be signed instead of Gattuso or what will he have done better?
    7. Conclusion: with the financial crisis and our current status on the table and Coppa italia progress, we haven’t done bad at all…Even Messi and Ronaldo flop at times… so for the players its not unusual to see them ups and downs

    • Valid points and I will agree that the team is doing better under Gattuso than any of our previous coaches since Allegri left.

      I am not a fan of his football though and I don’t think he can do better than a top 4 finish. I will be surprised if does better than that.

      Gattuso lacks tactical skills and game management awareness and that is critical in today’s game. His use of certain formation 433 & 442 is not getting the best out of some key players like Suso and Caphanoglu. If he improves in these areas then he can definitely become a top coach.

      At the moment he is leading Milan in the right direction even though teams like Roma and Inter are underperforming.

      If Milan finishes in the top 4 then I’m sure it would seem a bit harsh for Milan management to replace him. Let’s see how it goes at the end of season. But credit to you for pointing these things out.

    • I could kiss you Sakiru. Thank you for this post:) You forgot the red card Roma should’ve gotten as well.

    • I care less whether Gattuso leaves out not but what I care about is a fair assessment which your post lacks. You make it seem like Milan are better than those teams you just mentioned

      1. Juventus are unbeaten in the league and are currently in champions league (favourites to win). Napoli are 2nd in the league standing and are in the Europa league. Inter are 3rd in the league table and are competing in Europa league.

      Milan are 4th and in the semi finals of the the Coppa italia. Milan are not better than the above named clubs. You don’t look at individual games and then determine the performance of a team. It’s a WAR not a BATTLE.

      2. I hope Milan wins the Coppa italia. For now we are in semi finals which is a good thing. You make it sound like Gattusos tactics beat Juve, Inter and Roma in Coppa italia. We never played them. If we had played them do you think we would be in the semi finals??I don’t think so.

      3. The same individual assessment. Those teams have more points than Milan in serie a. To counter you Milan lost to Juve and Fiorentina at home, lost to inter in our shared stadium, Drew with relegation teams at home. Your assessment is biased. How about that?

      4. This point lacks substance.

      5&6. I can’t comment on these guys.

      Conclusion: give a fair and unbiased assessment next time.

      Whether it’s Gattuso or Conte I don’t care. What I want is trophies.

      The important thing not is we are fourth and 4 points from inter. There’s a possibility of reaching 3rd which I believe we can do. We have played Roma and Napoli (gaining 2 points out of 6 in the second half of the season). Main contenders are Lazio, Juve, Inter and Atalanta. I believe we can get points from these teams.

      Forza Milan

      • @nick, when things didn’t go our way he changed to a 4 4 2. After poor defensive displays and injuries he was right to go back to a 4 3 3. Now our defence and our midfield has been tremendous. It’s not gattuso’s fault that both suso and calhanoglu have been under performing. If anything suso should be playing his best football in a 4 3 3. As for calhanoglu. He’s been poor no matter where we put him which I’m upset about.

        • @Milanellofm… I hear you but there are other formations outside a 433 or 442 that Gattuso can use 🙂

          All jokes aside, to be honest, I don’t believe we have the players that are best suited for any of those formations mentioned.

          Milan current squad is best suited for a 4231, 4312 or 4321.

          As for the coach, it’s his job to get best out of his players and that can be achieved by playing them in the position that suits them the best.

          Look at Man United for example, Solskjaer is no genius coach, he’s just playing the players at Man United in their best position.

          Now Pogba and all the other players who were underperforming are playing at their best now that Mourinho is gone. They haven’t lost a game and they look like a team with a good game plan.

          Mourinho was constantly guilty of playing Pogba and in a more defensive role which is not the position where Pogba is at his best.

          A coach can either make his team play badly or better base on the formation and tactical game plan he deploys.

          • Nick, our beloved Milanellofm is right, actually spot on.

            Suso and Calhanoglu are just not good enough. It has nothing to do with the formation. Suso is a winger, but too slow and mediocre in everything for Milan.

            Calhanoglu is not even a winger, but also not good enough for Milan. He was even very inconsistent at Leverkusen.

            LeoDini should sell them along with Montolivo and Bertolacci. Then buy Chiesa and Bakayoko.

  35. Yeah @Nick…I mean look at way we changing coaches every season and overhauling the whole squad every season….this ain’t helping at all….he did great at end of last season and now he’s 4th with a youthful team and new players still geling to play together. Look at Bakayoko now…why won’t we give Gattuso the credit for believing in him till he gains back his prowess. And if he’s sacked I don’t give a shit but must be replaced by a coach that has won leagues and CL….but is Milan financially capable for that?
    Just two players in Juve injured and see the way they’re struggling….now compare to what Milan has gone through with almost 5-6 of first team inhired…..so we not bad at all!!!!

  36. Guys, I know how bad 442 was for us, but I think Suso would do a lot better supporting Piatek wide on the right, I think sending him long passes suit him better, he is fast with a good first touch, he needs to be near the offside line. His passing and crossing is awful, and he always gets lots of pressure from 2 o 3 defenders.



  37. @Mathijs Savicevic…Well, I don’t agree or disagree entirely 🙂 because Suso is currently leading the league in assists with 8 to his credit in Serie A. So I have to give him some props because when he’s on form he’s good. No doubt about that.

    I do question Calhanoglu somewhat though but keep in mind that his first season wasn’t bad and I heard that he was going through some bad moments with family issues. So sometimes that can have a negative effect on a player.

    He’s definitely not a winger for sure but I’m on the fence about him. We missed an opportunity to cash in on him when RB Leipzig wanted him last season and they made an offer in the region of 50mil.

    But given his recent poor form it’s probably wise to hold onto him for at least another season or else we will take a loss if we sell him now.

  38. On Calhanoglu,
    Ricardo Rodriguez’s lack of pace restricts him from adding to our attack (as a modern full back should), and that affects Hakan’s performance in someway, as he struggles to find options down the left wing, even in midfied, when we’ve had to launch an attack.

    RR defends quite well sometimes, but I will love to see Calabria in his position and Conti at RB to add more to our attacking options.

    It appears to me that we’re being restricted to the 4-3-3 formation because of a single player, Suso. It seems he can’t perform well in any other formation, and that’s really catastrophic for the team’s collective goal.

    • Too bad we can’t post GIFs where I now would post some person who is crying because of the low level of football knowledge he just read.

      Calabria on the left? Really?! Seriously?! I hope it is a joke, otherwise go and watch football and try to study it or so

  39. If there’s anyone in Ireland, I see Eir Sports 2 are televising some Serie A fixtures again this week. I realise that obviously doesn’t suit non-subscribers.
    It doesn’t seem to be back on BT. Apparently it’s being televised by Premier Sports in the UK though..?



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