Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next few weeks.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. It seems like we have an agreement for St Maximin to come in the summer.. i still prefer Bergjwin but i guess he will do. We are also linked with yacine brahimi for free in the summer too

    • I really like Saint Maximin’s qualities he is really fast and agile and a fantastic dribbler he lacks end product right now but he has the potential to be a star reminds abit of Hazard but much faster

      • the thing that worries me is that we are destroying Cutrone, the lad has always been loyal to us but we place him as sub and give him minimal time. what we really need to do is to swap to 4-4-2. Cutrone and Piatek should play together and I hear Silva wants a return so we have 3 strikers. we need 1 more like Piatek but won;t mind being 4th choice. Giroud, Welbeck and Strurridge are all free agents in summer so we can get one of them for free. and we should go for Hector Herrera, he;ll be a solid sub. we are losing 3 midfielders, well “midfielders” but midfielders non the least: Mauri, Berto and Montolivo. Go for Sandro Tonalli. and sell Chalha for good money and Mussachio too, we need the money and we can easily get 45M for both.

        • imagine:

          Donnarumma(Reina, Pliazzi)
          Calabria(Conti, Abate)–Caldara(Zapata, Abate)–Romagnoli(new CB)–RR(Laxalt, Calabria)
          Suso(Castillejo or Deulofeu)–Kessie(Sandro Tonalli, Herrera)–Bakayoko(Biglia)–Paqueta(Bonaventura, Laxalt)
          Piatek(Giroud or Welbeck)–Cutrone(Silva)

        • @Deku, what will I share here is nothing less very controversial.

          Cutrone has surpassed my expectations, the boy is so raw, but his determination made him score like crazy, I hate to use the word lucky, but sometimes I feel like that word describe him very well.

          I love him and I wish him to do better than Piatek, I kept my mouth shut about this, but I don’t think he has what it takes to be included in the hottest prospect in Italy, yes his goal tally was impressive, but…

          I would give him a start here an there to get him minutes, and once we’re leading he is the perfect forward to get the opposing defenders push further back in the field, but I’ll let the kid grow, I’m happy if he scores every 3 matches, not everyone is a phenomenon, he loves Milan came from primavera and he has the desire to improve and to score that’s good enough to be a Milan player for me.

          Mussa lead us two clean sheets against Napoli pal, and if we’re going to offload Monty, Mauri Berto, Calhanoglu may be needed in the midfield, Biglia might get more injuries. But if someone is required to be sold to fund Baka, Calha would be my first choice.

  2. I understand everyone’s frustration with Suso but let us not forget that he’s the leading player in assist in Serie A with 8 so far. So he’s a quality player.

    Milan have been successful throughout the clubs history playing a 4312, 4321, and 4231 formation. Why not stick to what works? Smh!

    We don’t have the right players for a 433 or 442 formation. I’m totally lost as to why all of Milan’s previous coaches including Gattuso favors these 2 formation.

    Bizarre to say the least seeing that we don’t have the players similar to the front 3 at Barcelona, Man City and Liverpool.

    These teams front 3 players have a high goal scoring average between them and they are very good at dribbling, especially in tight spaces.

    Our players don’t have these characteristics which is why we struggle to create chances to score. Sigh!

    A change in our formation would do Suso and Calhanoglu justice as neither of them are natural wingers.

    These two can do so much better only if they are playing in a system that is best suited to their strengths and the team.

    • Nick i sort of agree but then at the same time i dont.

      No doubt Suso has some qualities and has proven that over the past few years whether he scored goals or this year making a fair ammount of assists, he certainly is and has been a valuable player for us. I for one believe one of his issues currently is partially just a slump in his form and that combined with that we previously orchestrated our game mainly through him but now we have strengtened the team not as much as previously. I do believe though its just a matter of time before he turns the tide.

      Had we begun from scratch with a new coach i would agree on your assesments on formations as those 3 formations are amongst my favourites so i do hold them dear but you also say why not stick to whats work and thats kind of a paradox to me hearing you say that as our current formation has brought us to 4rth place and the semis of the coppa italia so obviously the current formation does actually work. If Gattuso starts to change formation now whos to say how long we will stay in contention for a CL spot as the players need to readjust so better play it safe than starting to experiment mid season. When that is said who knows how we will play next season with some new additions and more time to potentially adjust to a new formation.

      Gattuso allready said he didnt like to play with the 4-4-2 as he previously tried that out and wasnt exactly satisfied with the results so atleast for now that shouldnt be part of an equation. I’ll argue if he infact ends up using that formation it will be for the short term and not with his good will.

      No doubt our front 3 cant be compared Barcelona, Man City and Liverpool but we gonna have to make ends meet with what we actually got and yet again we are actually placed 4rth nevertheless

      The idea of us not creating enough chances is simply not correct if we look at the stats over the entire season as we are one of the teams who has created the most but we have squandered a lot of them.

      I agree Suso and Calhanoglu would propably play the best in other positions and propably the 4321 formation would suit them good but as allready mentioned i really dont think its the right time to reverse our formation. When that is said i dont mind us doing it if we are in trouble or maybe against a team of low quality while playing at San Siro.

      Consistency is all that matters for now as CL is the goal, it might not be pretty all the time but with time we can build on what we have and then our style will follow.

      • Nice post @martin bernhard, completely agree, and you took the words out of my mouth with how you both agree yet disagree with nicks comment. Agree with some of it, but not all!

    • Hey Nick,

      I never understood the “this formation worked in the past so it should work today” argument tbh. I completely agree about Suso, he’s quality, and his numbers prove it. But his numbers all come from the RW position. We need 4-3-3 to fully utilize him.

      I agree the 4-3-3 isn’t perfect because of the LW position. But a half 4-3-3 half 4-2-2 where Hakan is either a LW or LM seems the best we can get out of our current squad. At the cery least this gives us a few options for change (4-4-2 with Cutrone for Kessie/Paquetta or Samu/Borini in for an underperforming Haken (or even Paquetta/Kessie and Hakan switches to the middle). It’s not perfect, but maybe it’s as good as it’s gets with this squad.

      What we need is a copy of Suso on LW, and have both of them swap positions every once and a while to counter our current predictability.

      • When Deulofeu was on the LW and Biglia played in front of the defense the team had more balance using the 433 formation.

        I made a post about this a while back. However, the problem with 433 is that you need certain type of front 3 players.

        The type that are very good at dribbling the ball in tight spaces so that they easily unlock the opponents defence.

        None of our strikers Piatek and Cutrone have this type of characteristic. You need someone like Abameyang, Lewandoski or the strikers at Barcelona, Man City or Liverpool.

        They are very good at beating defenders in a 1-on-1.

        The 433 system requires a balance front 3 which is why these players score so many goals between them.

        Most strikers traditionally fit into a 4312, 4231 or 4321 system such as Piatek-Cutrone. We used this system successfully with Gullit-van Basten, Weah-Marco Simone, Shevchenko-Inzaghi to name a few.

        We have to use a system that works best for the players we have. Ancelotti played on the same team and same system with Gullit and van Basten that’s why he used it with Shevchenko and Inzaghi.

        Gattuso played in that system with Shevchenko-Inzaghi who are similar to Piatek and Cutrone.

        Gattuso should know this because this formation is part of Milan’s DNA. We conquered Serie A and European cups with it.

        Just like the 433 is part of Barcelona’s dna. Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique used Deco-Eto’o-Ronaldinho or Pedro-Eto’o-Messi or Neymar-Messi-Suarez.

        why? because Guardiola played in the same system under Johan Cruyff with Stoichkov-Romario-Hagi.

        433 is Barcelona’s dna. That formation has always worked for them. That’s why they stick to it.

    • Nope, completely wrong.

      Susos figures only shows his figures. Where are the figures of the striker? Oh…. He already left… You know why? He doesn’t grt any supply from this mediocrity called Suso.

      Where are the figures of the LW? Oh that’s right, there are none.

      Liverpool, Man City, Barca and Napoli all play with a right footed RW and a left footed LW. That’s also why that there figures are kind of spread.

      In this way, strikers get supplied more and the field gets broader. So they create space for the midfielders.

      • Hi Savecevic, I know you are one of Suso’s biggest critics, and his form has been poor of recently, that much is true.

        But even you can’t ignore how much he has given us from RW; figures are not only figures, the give almost the complete picture. Those assists had to go somewhere, no? And you really can’t blame Higuain’s poor form on Suso (Sarri mentioned the same issues Gatusso did), and certainly not Hakan being almost useless in attack from the LW position.

        Many teams play 4-3-3 with inverted wingers, this is not Milan’s invention. Real did it with CR7 and Bale as an example. And while Suso should definitely switch to the other flank more often (currently he pretty much sticks to his side), he still the most effective from RW.

        • Bale and Ronaldo are from a different kind caliber than Suso hahahahaha.

          The man is a mediocre player. Hopefully he gets sold this summer.

          LeoDini are busy to renew his contract to cit out the clause releasing fee of 40 million. So hopefully they can sell him for a bit more next year or so.

          He would fit at Chelsea though. Exchange with Bakayoko.

          I sincerely hope that LeoDini get a better player in the summer like Chiesa or Bergwijn.

      • Correction, Liverpool plays opposite foot wingers or better said inside forwards while City play mixed, depending on situation

        Salah RW – left footed
        Mane LW – right footed
        Shaqiri RW – left footed

        Sane LW – left footed
        B. Silva RW – left footed
        Sterling RW – right footed

        Imo the mixture is the best because you can change the game plan or system depending on necessity. Here Milan can rotate Castillejo on both wings and he’s the only winger/inside forward in Milan roaster at the moment, capable playing both wings but different role. Problem is his pace and strength..

        • Gentlemen, In my opinion it doesn’t matter which foot these players use. Right or Left, what matters is that they are very good at dribbling the ball in tight spaces and they are producing goals.

          Therefore, scoring is not left up to just Piatek or Cutrone alone. That’s not how a 433 system works. We are relying too heavily on our 1 striker to score yet we are playing a 433 system?

          I’m dumbfounded by that because it doesn’t make sense to use that formation if we expect just Piatek or Cutrone to be our goal scorers.

          A 4321, 4231 or 4312 makes more sense. Sigh!

          For the love of god, a 433 formation requires the front 3 to produce goals equally. Smh

          Higuain suffered because he’s the type of striker that depends on service unlike Piatek who can create chances for himself out of literally nothing.

          Gattuso didn’t create a system or tactically game plan to get more service to Higuain.

          Higuaín will succeed everywhere else he plays except for Milan because our formation is not the best for the players we currently have.

          Milan had more balance when Deulofeu was playing on the LW. We need a proper winger who can also score goals if we should continue with the 433 formation.

          Chiesa buyout clause is 52m. Not sure why Leonardo and Maldini are not making Chiesa our 1st choice winger instead of Allan Saint-Maximin.

          No disrespect to him but Chiesa should be our priority especially if we want to continue using 433.

          I would love to see Chiesa and Simeone at Milan next season.

        • Since when is Shakiri a starter at Liverpool?

          I thought Aguero was a starter at Man City.

          Sorry but take your manipulated arguments elsewhere. You know I’m right.

    • Suso it’s very frustrating to watch last season I was a hater, but then he started using his right foot, and he shut me up, he is an intelligent player and our best dribbler, he can drag 3 or 4 defenders but no one takes advantage over that. Kessie don’t help him either, he might do better with Bonaventura or Paqueta near him.

      The problem with Suso is, he push his luck way too much, he throw bricks at teammates or his signature move a pass to the defender shin. As inconsistent as he is we can’t deny he is one of the best players at Milan at the moment.

      I’ve seen him frustrated and angry the last 5 matches, can’t guess what’s wrong with him. I think he needs to come from the bench on easier games to get him hungry.

  3. Yep, Suso’s garbage all of a sudden despite saving us countless times over the past couple of seasons. And, like you say, having the most assists. Higuain’s transformed into trash overnight because he didn’t score enough, even though now he’s knocking them in for fun at Chelsea. I suppose Messi would be garbage too if he came to Milan and didn’t perform under the genius’s “system.”

    • Haha, knocking them in for fun at Chelsea… two goals vs lowly Huddersfield. Have been useless in two different thrashings vs Bournemouth and City.

      • His fellow teammate from N.T. showing him the door to China.

        I said he would flop a sesson or two and he would do it wanna join me on that bet?

        • LOOL!

          Bro, you know I was with you from the beginning and also wasn’t hype for his arrival. Only thought that he would be good vs the smaller teams that we’ve struggled against recently, he barely did that!

          Come back to discord btw mate, we miss you.

    • Yo dejan Copa America is very soon, shout at me if Argentina will call Higuain ahead of Kun Dybala and Icardi.

  4. Am mad a Suso I have been seeing he don’t want to pass to piatek I don’t believe me you will see more assists coming from Paketa o kessie

  5. I don’t like the idea of St Maximin , he is like another Kessie , he’s fast , good at dribling , but that’s all , he’s decision making is so off , doesn’r know how to pass or cross , and not a good shooter either. You can just watch some of his videos on Youtube ( which can make Borini look like Hazard ) but you can slearly see that the videos are all about running , not a single good pass.

    Tutto Sport reported that Milan offered 50M for Depay , but unfortunately , Tutto is not a reliable source , just rumors…

    Isco and James Rodriguez are both unhappy at their clubs , Bayern won’t sign James for sure , and Isco isn’t even playing , i think we can give it a try ( if we get to UCL of course ) since they are both world class and not so expensive ( don’t know about Isco though ).
    Otherwise , I hope Barella dominates our midfield like he did the other game , don’t get me wrong I want us to win this game , just want Barella to shine so Leonardo and Maldini or even Scaroni can see he’s totally worth his 50M price tag.

    Biglia is finally back , soon Caldara too , still missing Bonaventura though …

    From now on , we have almost only easy games ( except Atalnta ) till the Derby , if we manage these games pretty well , we can be third by then , specially when Inter are shumbles.

    Forza Milan !

  6. 1. Now it seems many here knows more than Gattuso. I think we should make a rule that anybody commenting/criticizing should accordingly state a recommendation/solution to what they think will solve the problem they perceive in accordance with our FFP restrictions and financial constrains.
    2. They believed Milan ain’t playing well and should be on top of the table! – Really! then give a clear reason they should be ahead of Roma and Lazio in the first place.
    3. some suggesting Gasperini(who didn’t perform at inter) to take over-give reasons why he is better than Gattuso but behind in three places on the log.
    Now we complaining here that Suso and Calha are not good(I admit that with couple of games their performances are down)-please suggest what to do in accordance with our FFP crisis. Same people clamored milan to sell Bakayoko when he wasn’t performing but will never praise Gattuso for holding on till he rediscovered his capability. Remember both suso and Calha were great last season and how they are now is not a strange thing in human life. Can u affirm here that Hazard, Messi and Ronaldo haven’t gone off whole season before?
    4. more than 18 players in Juve have been playing together for almost three seasons and same to Inter and Napoli(their coach wasn’t sacked but left)-Milan just added another two to about four that just came last year and we want to be better…on what bases?
    Conclusion: All the team including the coaches to stay now till end of season (unless we go well below the CL spot) before we judge, cos consistencies is all what Milan needs now to get back to where we belong

  7. Say what you want about Suso, at times that man carried Milan with pure individual brilliance. Kessie too. Milan will obviouly rise again and guys like Suso are the beginning of the rise of Milan.

  8. I haven’t written here in a long time but when piatek got his goals against Napoli it was a reminder of you know who 15 years ago in his prime! I haven’t jumped out of my seat since ibra was consistently scoring goals! We need to win Sunday and get a draw at Atalanta. If we get top 4 it will be some season. Bonaventura an awful loss

  9. Dude what are you saying? The criticisms against Gattuso are sometimes justified as there have been many errors on his part.

    1. There can’t be a rule cos everyone is free to speak his or her own opinion about matters that concern Milan.

    2. Milan should be higher on the league table than 4th position. Roma and Lazio have been dropping points same with inter which Milan could have capitalised on.

    3. On Gasperini I would not say he is better than Gattuso. I have said it many times that I don’t care who is the manager/coach of Milan as long as we win trophies. Your point on Gasperini is baseless. He left inter about 10 years ago. He has developed and he is a better coach than then. Gattuso is improving too but people are worried it won’t be enough for top 4 finish.

    Regarding Suso and Hakan I agree with you. However, LeoDini are looking to solve the problem by signing more players.

    On Bakayoko, Gattuso has been fantastic

    4. I partially agree with you. They have great coaches and have signed very quality players plus they are not in a financial mess.

    On Gattuso, some people really get sensitive. I care less who is managing or coaching the team. All I want is trophies. Gattuso has not gotten it right all the time but he can do much better.
    I am more concerned about the players not adding value to the team. Those players must leave for value adding players to come in.

    Forza Milan

  10. @Shackur: Dude what are you saying? The criticisms against Gattuso are sometimes justified as there have been many errors on his part.

    1. There can’t be a rule cos everyone is free to speak his or her own opinion about matters that concern Milan.

    2. Milan should be higher on the league table than 4th position. Roma and Lazio have been dropping points same with inter which Milan could have capitalised on.

    3. On Gasperini I would not say he is better than Gattuso. I have said it many times that I don’t care who is the manager/coach of Milan as long as we win trophies. Your point on Gasperini is baseless. He left inter about 10 years ago. He has developed and he is a better coach than then. Gattuso is improving too but people are worried it won’t be enough for top 4 finish.

    Regarding Suso and Hakan I agree with you. However, LeoDini are looking to solve the problem by signing more players.

    On Bakayoko, Gattuso has been fantastic

    4. I partially agree with you. They have great coaches and have signed very quality players plus they are not in a financial mess.

    On Gattuso, some people really get sensitive. I care less who is managing or coaching the team. All I want is trophies. Gattuso has not gotten it right all the time but he can do much better.
    I am more concerned about the players not adding value to the team. Those players must leave for value adding players to come in.

    Forza Milan

  11. I haven’t written a comment on here for a while. I don’t understand all this negativity and stupid criticism floating around. This is real Milan not a silly FIFA Manager game. We are 4th, we have new owners who are prepared to invest, we have a very solid infrastructure at the club, we had an amazing January mercato, we have a very young and promising team. Lastly, Rino is constantly learning and improving which is shown lately!! What’s all this bullshit I’m reading Rino should do this, the club should get rid of Rino, Suso this Suso that and get your job is??

    Calm down and support the Rossoneri!!

    We have a lot of reasons to be happy and positive!! We are closing the gap slowly but surely!!

  12. @adeb I just gave you a thumbs up especially for the last part of your comment and thanks for replying with maturity. @dejan10 thanks for your comment too for the “name” it also shows your level of maturity. comments should be directed on subject matter cos everybody holds his balls between his legs according to perception. I don’t know you and you don’t know me but respect is reciprocal. @Adeb replied with a constructive criticism which I acknowledged part as plausible. So it will be appreciated if you give recommendations to show how you would handle things different from anybody’s comments whose view is different from yours.
    Forza Millano…..hope we win tomorrow

    • Well, your comment was hardly respectful of people with different opinions to your own. Some of us on here are pretty sick to death of constantly being called “haters” and being told to shut up and just support the genius no matter what. He clearly has no idea what he’s doing and yet everyone goes on about being in 4th place like Martin Luther King talking about the promised land. You guys do know it’s February not May? And that if Roma, Lazio, Atalanta, Fiorentina were playing as well as last season we’d probably be 8th?

  13. Cagliari should be a walk in the park but I am concerned. We must win. Milan are currently 6th. This is due to the failure to close out certain games; having too many draws. Competition for 4th place is intense. Milan, Lazio, Roma and Atalanta. 4 clubs chasing 1 position. Damn.

    I hope Pacqueta and Piatek and other team members show their brilliance and close out this game.

    We have other tough games ahead that would be difficult against Juventus, Atalanta, Inter (no difference away and home), Lazio and even Sampdoria.
    Missing top 4 would have a lot of consequences.

    How I wish we could win the rest of our 16 games. How I wish

  14. Good! Now ur reply sounds cool to evaluate…hey! Look nobody cares if Gattuso is whacked only if and if only the replacement will surely get us to top of table half way of the season but it will take time with the best coach in the world! Remember nobody hates anybody here u know…the very first time Gattuso was appointed I hated and stopped watching especially after the draw against benevento…but here I am supporting comparing to all we have since Allegri’s departure…
    Conclusion: Mr. Singer…if Gattuso should go then I’ll want Zizu, simeone, Gurdiola, klopp…these are Milan qualities not a Gasperini…but…at this juncture we only have to be patient

    • Why are you focused so much on Gattuso?? Even his critics here have reduced commenting their frustration.

      One of Gattusos challenge is his inconsistency. He wins 2 games in a row and the losses and draws the next 2 games and the cycle continues. Frankly, this is a typical feature of a midtable coach not top 4.

      Milan was on 4th position because other teams have been playing badly. To be Frank with you again, Milan is the best performing of these teams that are playing badly (Milan, Roma, Lazio).

      Gattuso is not a brilliant coach like Zizu, Conte, Guardiola, Klopp. LeoDini know this. He is being kept because we made/make top 4. I suspect Leonardo would take the helm of affairs if Gattuso fails to make top 4. In your opinion, who is better as a coach Leonardo or Gattuso?

      Regarding the replacement you would want to see if Gattuso is replaced; I doubt if it would happen. Milan isn’t attractive at the moment (management and finance)) forese coaches so we make do with Gattuso.

      Regarding Gasperini I feel he is a very good coach that transformed mediocre players to fantastic players. Pasalic that was average and starting from the bench is a regular in Atalanta and see the way they are beating teams. They drew against us at home and beat Juventus and Intermilan. He has transformed the team.

      Most coaches do not make it big immediately they start their career. They start with small clubs and then they progress to the big teams. That’s how it happens.

      Guardiola started from Barcelona B, Zizu stated with Celta Vigo (first being an assistant to Ancelotti), Conte with Sienna (I think; same with Sarri).

      Gattuso critics are calling for the signing of Conte due to this brilliance in transforming unknown and mediocre players to title winners. Matri that wasn’t worthy of Milan was a regular starter in Juventus during Contes time winning trophies. He took players big clubs rejected and made them world class. It’s important to note that he is a title winning coach which is what we want in Milan.

      Gattuso is coach of Milan and I hope he improves and makes top 4 and possibly wins Coppa italia. I am yearning for champions league action as it’s been a while.

      I thought of something last night …. I would love to see a merger between AC Milan and Intermilan (hahaha). Please note that Inter Milan came out of AC Milan. I would love this to happen.
      36 serie a, 10 champions league titles .. it would be great..

      • Your last lines ruined all your analysis, merger with inter not a dime……those noisy neighbours are worth not even all milanistas $hit! Ciao

          • @Milanista121 and to whom it may concern
            Please forgive me as I have offended a lot of you guys (hahahahaha). I am into corporate finance (mergers and acquisition) as my day job and I couldn’t help but notice the synergy of the combination.
            Well it was just a thought

  15. We don’t need Calha on LW to give creative reinforcement anymore since Paqueta has done it from midfield. Paqueta is even better than Bona. Paqueta is creative and also strong in defense. We need pacey LW to open space for Piatek and gives alternative for attack since Suso is a very usefull as RW but a slow one. I believe Laxalt can fulfill as pacey LW and gives perfect balance to the team

  16. Glad to have Biglia back. But since Paqueta arrived and increasing performance of Baka, we don’t really need him anymore. Trio Paqueta, Baka and Kessie is perfect against strong team. When against weaker team, we need a more attacking mezzala to replace Kessie, which is not Biglia. Bona is the answer or even Calha

  17. Rino has spoken about our problems in the final third. He expect the whole team to track back, sacrifice, meaning Suso and Hakan are expected to drop way down for the ball and don’t have enough fuel on the way up to perform a proper attack

    Rino said it’s a matter of characteristics…

    • I just saw Juve sassuolo, Cristiano tracks back and help the building of the play, Suso does that but he slows things way too much. Hakan needs to be benched.

      I’m interested to see Biglia getting some minutes with Bakayoko and Paqueta.

      Surely if Gattuso wants to deliver Piatek long passes, then Suso and Hakan should play the same in order to relieve some pressure of Paqueta and Kessie

  18. Hakan to Suso = goal, let’s sell them both while the worth something get neymar pronto with this bung we will end at midtable

  19. That was a great first half by the boys! They kept it entertaining throughout. Great passing plays and piatek is way more than a poacher. Great touches and passes. Paqueta continues to impress and it’s only right to get that goal to pay a tribute to his team, class. That is probably calhanoglu best performance this year. Great defensively and attacking. Hopefully he can get a goal or get piatek a goal! Keep going in the second boys!!

  20. Come on you sub Piatek just after his goal. Just get out Calhanoglu and put Cutrone with 4-2-2-2. Nice Paqueta and Pjona

  21. Sure it’s only Cagliari but Milan’s approach today was a joy to watch. They combined so well, making those 1-2 passes, combining well in final third and prepared number of chances.

    I was quite a critic of Rodriguez but today he was a beast, played really aggresively and got involved in number of attacking actions. Same goes for Calabria, a mature display today.

    I really felt bad for Hakan, he wanted the goal but the ball just wouldn’t go in. Even the team were playing for his goal.

    If they don’t buy out Bakayoko…

  22. 3-0 win, Piatek on the scoresheet again, first goal for Paq, another clean sheet and solid defence, and when the defence couldn’t keep them out, Donnarumma did (and the crossbar). All-in-all, a solid and convincing win imo, as it should be at home. It was a long time we just brushed off a mid table team the way we did tonight. Waiting for Kessié and Suso to get out of their slumps, Kessié is showing signs though. Worried about Hakan who’s confidence just gets worse even during a game, and Cutro.
    @Raven mentioned it vs Napoli, Cutro’s body language just isn’t the same. Playing second fiddle to Higuain is easier to accept than Piatek, but Piatek is incredible, four goals in four games… Cutrone didn’t come in with that usual hunger tonight and looked a bit out of sorts, hope Rino will talk with him about this.
    Onwards to Atalanta, it will be a massive game and a big test for us to show how far we’ve come, already nervous… but will try to enjoy tonight’s win lol.
    Forza Milan!

  23. Clean sheet, 3 points, Hakan and Suso played a bit better, still worried about Cutrone though, I don’t want the boy getting sad

  24. Great game by the boys today. Soaked up pressure really well, and got Cagliari to be running around chasing the ball. Special shout-out to Calabria who was man of the match in my opinion. Kept annoying Pellegrini on the right hand side, and combined with Suso pretty well.

    Bakayoko great silent game as usual, distributing the ball well. Kessie has improved a lot in the defensive phase, and had some crucial interceptions. Great at initiating the Milan counter attack, but as usual, still doesn’t know what to do with the ball in the final third of the pitch. Paqueta, Piatek, all excellent performances. The Roma-Mustaccio partnership was pretty decent as well. Also can’t believe Donnaruma is still 19 years old, he’s definitely growing again after being stagnant for so long.

    One thing I noticed was that even though Milan are getting better at playing the possession game and starting the attack from the back, they can’t play it for the whole 90 minutes. Cagliari was getting back into the game around the 60th min mark. At this point, having a speedy winger to give the team a break is essential.

    Wish Biglia had come on to get some match fitness, and Castillejo/Laxalt on to punish them a bit more, but oh well, a wins a win!

  25. A lot of positive things tonight. A win plus a clean sheet is very important. Paquetá broke his duck and scored a nice goal.

    Piatek, well, what else is there to say, 4 games 4 goals is enough to show he is a world class striker who is deserving of the number 9 shirt. He has earned it already for next season.

    Calhanoglu was trying hard to score especially since Paquetá scored. I hope he’s lucky next time out.

    Big test next Saturday against Atalanta. This is a crucial game for us to rid ourselves of our competition for 4th spot.

    We need a win even though a draw is not the end of world. We can’t afford any slip ups with Roma and Lazio finding form.

  26. we won but still we have so many homework for team…. just like i said from last season, our players to many selfish… so many times and good opportunity to make goal, they choose kick the ball rather than give good passing to our strikers…. and last night we saw that… kessie, calabria, hakan… they kick wasting ball rather they gave good passing to piatek or the other players that have good position to score… look at third goal, when hakan face to face with goalkeeper but he choose to kick the ball rather gave ball to kessie or piatek…

    and one more about kessie… kessie is good player but sometimes he makes wrong position… look at third goal, piatek and kessie almost hit each other… what is he doing in piatek area…

  27. I’ve been quite a critic of Rodriguez displays but both of our fullbacks performed really well

    Feel sorry for Hakan, he is under some bad spell. The ball just didn’t want to go in!

    Great performance overall

    Forza Milan!

  28. Great win by the boys, with a solid performance against a much weaker team. Suso finally had an inspirational match again. I read somewhere he’s playing through pain (and simply resting won’t help), so that should explain his recent dip in form.

    Also huge shoutout to the new boys Piatek and Paquetta who haven’t had a bad match since they arrived.

    One last comment- I honestly miss Zapata in our defense; less ball control but more strength and steel for those high balls into the box

    • Would really need Zapata vs Zapata next weekend… Never thought I’d say those words haha, but Zap has proven to be great this season,, hope he’ll come back at least as strong, or not even stronger.

  29. Suso reminds me so much of B. Silva, his lack of pace is not a problem – Suso’s biggest problem is his inconsistency, but there’s no denying that when he’s on top he’s a class player. All i’m missing is a pacey winger on the left, and this team is set imo. We have Samu and I would be thrilled to see Samu play more, and not just being a “vice-Suso”. Hell I wouldn’t even mind seeing Samu instead of Suso either tbh, but preferably, with our current set of players, we’d look much more dangerous with Samu on the right flank.

  30. I’ve made a comment about both the game, and another about Suso and our right flank issue. Hope they’ll be posted soon…

      • I don’t know mate 🙁 A witch hunt is what it is!
        Hope they’ll be uploaded soon. I have to learn to copy my post first, so I ahve it ready in case it won’t be posted…

  31. The team played well and seems they’re gelling 2gether. I perceive some little frustration on cutrone, maybe he wants more playing time. Also although paqueta display great skill and stylish football he’s been easily dispossessed of the ball often as he holds onto the ball for longer and fear he might easily get injured in série A.

  32. Where are the Gattuso bashers?! Milan10, where are you?

    I think Gattuso did a really horrible job yesterday. He didn’t won the match with 1-0 or 2-0…..pffff…. How could he do that to us? Winning with 3-0?! Disrespectful!!!

    Also his subs were very poor again. Just subbing Conti who doesn’t need match fitness. And also Cutrone, who doesn’t need respect, because Piatek is constantly scoring. Gattuso Out!!!!

    • Haha spot on. It’s been a long time since we just dismantled a mid table squad the way we did. A solid and comfortable 3-0 win in the end. Piatek keeps scoring, Paqs first goal, Kessié is improving, Donna is living up to his St Donna reputation. All I was missing was seeing Samu yesterday. Nothing wrong with subbing Calabria who was amazing yesterday, a perfect game to give Conti some more minutes, and we all know of Calabria’s physique, he needs the rest to be at his best. I also read a comment as for why Piatek got subbed after he scored. Why not? Why keep him on? He’s played a lot, and fair to give Cutro some solid game time too. I see no reason to play two strikers when we’re 3-0 up, it’s just ludicrous to ask for that, NO COACH would be like “oh, we’re leading 3-0, allright, let’s throw in another striker because yolo lol”.

    • We are currently performing well but I’m not sure how much of it is Gattuso or it’s players individual performances. Watching Milan play I still can’t say this is our approach or game plan.

      • Yes of course… but if the players perform bad it has nothing to do with them just performing badly, it has to do with the coach, right?

        • I don’t always blame coach, if players are missing chances and seeing they not putting in the hard work.

          Are you now convinced by Gattuso?

          • Yeah, I wasn’t meaning to sound rude btw, sorry if I did, but I’ve seen several comments like that where it seems like when we win it’s thanks to the players, and when we lose it’s down to the coach and it frustrates me.

            I’m one of those who have been vocal of his Rino support for a long time. You can ask most of the people here on the blog about that and they’ll say the same 😉

  33. My comments don’t seem to work either much but anyways… That was probably are most entertaining game all year, in terms of build up play nice touches, flair, etc. I think calhanoglu finally played much better but should have had at least a goal. Although he was involved in each one. Hopefully builds on it. Same with suso, had a better game but still not his best.

    I’m amazed with how paqueta and piatek have slotted in. Paqueta has added so much flair and creativity in so impressed. Bakayoko another great performance. Kessie seriously needs better decision making. Incredible how he can burst from the back and create a counter attack but then he always makes the wrong choice. It would make him so much better.

    The defence was stellar. Calabria was arguably man of the match while musacchio and romagnoli were rocks. Musacchio may not be the strongest in the air and out of position at times but he is a great tackler and sticks to his man like glue. Zapata was in great form but musacchio came back from injury and has help keep clean sheets against napoli (twice) and cagliari. Roma is a leader and a rock. I love him. Rodriguez was quiet, but solid. Does his job to perfection.

    As for donnarumma, he’s been amazing. What we all expected of him. If only he’d come out and say he wants to stay for the long term would he get all the fans back. But he’s on the right track. We’re finally looking like a good team that fight hard and play for each other. Recover a couple more players from injury and make that push! Even 3rd is looking like an option with shinter not playing well!

  34. I have to ask, isn’t it unreasonable to ask for why Piatek was subbed and why we didn’t play with two strikers?
    I mean, Piatek just scored, we’re 3-0 up, why oh why is it wrong to sub him for a striker who needs and deserves minutes, and a goal? I can honestly not think of a scenario where a team is up 3-0 and the coach goes “we’re 3-0 up, hmmm…something’s missing. Oh I know, I should bring on ANOTHER STRIKER.” No, just no, it doesn’t make sense.

    • Hahahahaha you know Ted and I are sarcastic…..

      But….. To answer your question.

      It is really simple. Cutrone has a lot of respect thanks to his determination and love for the emblem.

      Cutrone was getting bavk in the first eleven and then Piatek came. That’s also why Cutrone started against the first match against Napoli. It is all about respect for the guy.

      Luckily, Piatek scored twice so Gattuso had a reason to start a newcomer above the respected youngster.

      • Lol absolutely, I also replied to your comments but it hasn’t been posted yet… typical:’) hope it will be posted soon!
        This comment was directed to some other commenter, didn’t memorize his/her name though! Just had to get it posted here so I made a new comment that wasn’t as a reply to you guys 😉
        Totally agree, if Piatek didn’t score his doppietta I think him and Cutro would’ve kept rotating until one of them scored and hit form, but like you said, luckily Piatek scored and will keep scoring.
        How are you feeling ahead of the Atalanta game?

        • Pffffff I really think this game is vital. Milan must win, if they do, they get some really weak teams where we can gather the points and see the competitors drop off every week.

          But winning in Bergamo is really hard. Would be a big success if they will win.

          • Agreed mate, it would be a huge statement.
            Atalanta 4-1 Inter
            Atalanta 3-0 Juve
            Atalanta 3-3 Roma – in a game Atalanta dominated most of the game and it was weird that Roma were in the lead.
            It’s going to be a massive test and a statement if we manage to win against them – a competitor for the UCL-spot, away from home. Hope we’ll pull of a performance and result like we did vs Napoli, the same concentration and dedication!

          • I would really love to see a fit Biglia for this one… This will be a tough match for Paquetá, but considering he already faced Napoli I’ve faith in him

  35. The team played well and seems they’re gelling 2gether.
    1. Paqueta play well with great skill and stylish football he’s been easily dispossessed of the ball often. This is serie A nd this type of play only gets serious injury.
    2. It looks like cutrone is becoming frustrated…seems he wants more playing time. Maybe he should start the coppa Italia
    3. Milan must find all means to stop the kesie – to – Chelsea….seems they’re( kesie+baka) cooling off together…

    • Ya I read a lot about Kessie in exchange for Bakayoko too, it’s just rumours though there’s no way we’ll agree to that

      • @Naz, I hope so, because Kessié is worth more than the 35 million price tag that we agreed on with Chelsea for Baka. If it was our previous management/s, I think that could’ve happen, but not now, I hope we learn to value our players better!

    • Hahaha, was thinking the same. His value is probably more than what Nainggolan’s is at this stage. Who knew Roma would turn out as the winners in that deal? Inter ended up with an ageing player who doesn’t even want to be there while Zaniolo is taking Italy and the world by storm. Downside is that he’s a Juventino and might end up there… :/
      None of the players we’ve let go the last decade out of all our talents have ever been as dominant as Zaniolo right now, so it feels good to see Inter messing up lol. Only player I feel we’ll really we’ll be sour about is Locatelli. Also feel he’ll end up at Juve soon…

        • True but he’s definitely talented and have what it takes to be a top player even though he will never start ahead of Sensi.

          Just wish we had more more faith and patience in him.

          He’s better off in a team like Atalanta though where a good coach like Gasperini can groom him.

        • Like @nick says, he definitely has what it takes to be a top player.
          Some experts here in Sweden went to see Sassuolo’s training two months back or so – it’s become somewhat of a trend for a reason – and one of the experts never rated Locatelli highly until he saw him in training and said that he looked a level above the rest with his sublime technique. He once again raved about him and his performance this weekend vs Juve and said that his performance was worthy of a “striped” shirt – Juve, Milan, Inter.
          His technique and skill is better further up the pitch, he would be an absolutely extraordinary trequartista, Rui Costa-esque.
          I’m bummed to have seen him leave… With our current players, imagine this line-up:
          Donnarumma-Calabria/Conti-Zap/Caldara-Romag-RR-Kessié-Baka-Paq-LOCA-Piatek-Cutro. Extremely talented lineup, young and hungry.

          • For me, Locatelli is a deep lying playmaker he is very slow to get in a comfortable position to do something. compare him to Paqueta, his first touch is perfect and that’s needed as an attacker.

            I can only dream:

  36. I think we have the best team on last 2 or 3 years. cutrone will have his time, is just matter of more football but for now we are out UEFA Champions league or Europa league. ; ( like the game we loose on super Coppa against Juventus , Milán was coming from a match on extra time and for me that was a factor on that defeat) we need good bench

  37. Inter is starting to look out of sorts. Inter just made a statement that they have taken the captaincy away from Icardi and also dropped for the europa league game.. All I can say is GOOD! In the whole of football I like him the least. Him and his parasite wife Wanda have done so many things I don’t care how good he is I would NEVER want him on my team. Either way, it’s not a good situation at inter and we need to take full advantage!

    • It’s always chaos at Inter. Every time a player chooses Inter over Milan their careers typically go downhill.

      They’re a club that’s poorly managed from the top down even during Moratti days as President.

      I’m glad that there is anarchy at Inter because it will start to affect them on the pitch and I believe we can over take them on the table and finish ahead of them this season now that Milan seem to finally have a quality striker and midfielder in Piatek and Paqueta.

  38. Pirlo, Ambrosin and Oddo visited Milanello yesterday. It is a beautiful thing to see our legends visiting the team, I hope it adds more confidence to the players. And Obviously our Icon Maldini was there.

  39. Finally we’re starting to look like true contenders for one of the top spots in the league and it’s quite exciting and invigorating to watch as it all unfolds.

    I’m very happy for the players and management and also for our new owners. Gattuso has shown his grinta and has found a way to transmit it to the players while sticking to the task of taking us to the champions league. Also, Elliot has shown his desire to bring Milan back to the top of European football by investing in great young talents and assembling a wonderful and elite management team with the likes of Maldini, Leonardo, Scaroni and Gazidis.

    Finally, but not the least, I am happy for the fans, who like myself have endured the hard times while bearing the brunt of jokes directed at our beloved club. We have turned the corner of what has been a gruelling journey and have gone about regaining some respectability in the football community. While we haven’t arrived as yet and we’re some distance off from being the protagonist we’ve been revered for in the past, there’s no denying that we are well on our way to being who we once were.

    Forza Milan

    • Bro, because we beat Cagliari convincingly does not mean we have qualified for top 4. Our wins must be consistent to ensure we make top 4 position at the end of the season. Piatek, Pacqueta, Bakayoko and Donnarumma have been exciting to watch and I hope the team continually up it’s game in ensuring we get three points.

      There are 5 teams chasing 3rd and 4th positions – Inter, Milan, Atalanta, Roma and Lazio with 15 games to go. Anything can happen.

      I hope Milan continues winning. I have missed champions league.

      • My comment wasn’t based upon the fact that “we beat Cagliari convincingly”, neither was I trying to infer that “we have qualified for top 4”.

        It’s true that we do have a long way to go before the season ends (15 games) but I’m convinced that we are on the up and that this current group of players and the coach has what it takes to get us over the line.

        We have a lot to be optimistic about and we as fans should be happy.



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