Team news: Milan were without Pepe Reina, Ivan Strinić, Mattia Caldara, Cristian Zapata, Lucas Biglia and Giacomo Bonaventura, while Napoli had to do without the suspended Simone Verdi as well as without Vlad Chiricheș, Elseid Hysaj, Raúl Albiol and Amin Younes. Kick off time for the quarter final of the 2018/19 Coppa Italia was 20:45 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Piątek (11′, 27′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Diego Laxalt; Franck Kessié, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Lucas Paquetá (85′ Ricardo Rodríguez); Samu Castillejo, Krzysztof Piątek (78′ Patrick Cutrone), Fabio Borini (60′ Hakan Çalhanoğlu).
Unused: A. Donnarumma, Plizzari, Calabria, Conti, Bertolacci, Mauri, Montolivo, Suso, Tsadjout.

S.S.C. Napoli (4-4-2) – Carlo Ancelotti
Alex Meret; Kévin Malcuit (85′ José Callejón), Kalidou Koulibaly, Nikola Maksimović, Faouzi Ghoulam; Fabián Ruiz Allan (46′ Adam Ounas), Amadou Diawara (58′ Dries Mertens), Piotr Zieliński; Lorenzo Insigne, Arkadiusz Milik.
Unused: Ospina, Karnezis, Luperto, Mario Rui, Hamsik, Gaetano.

Referee: Piero Giacomelli.


  1. Gatuso wants to loose this game why Borini??? And where is Conti or suso my even tho we doing well at series at 4th place but we deff need a better coach than Gatuso no disrespect he is a Milan legend but as a coach he gotta go ASAP

  2. Why do we have only 2 strikers. Please no one should mention Borini as a striker. We all remember when Higuain and Cutrone were injured.
    I am more concerned about the game against Roma than this. Nonetheless, I hope Milan wins.

  3. We obviously might lose today as we are playing against a team that on paper is a stronger team but looking at our main goal this season of reaching the 4rth spot in the league and the upcomming difficult and important game against roma i really dont get why people complains about us fielding borini. He is a workhorse and with laxailt on the leftback it actually might do some good as he can be fairly shaky defffensively. In regard of conti and as much as i want to see him play an entire match he has been having some muscular problems lately so fielding him from the start would be fairly risky if he has to be subbed after a short ammount of time. Fielding him after the opposition has tired a bit makes more sense to me from a tactical perspective than risking both an early sub and maybe even an injury than fielding abate that atleast is a proven and experienced rb regardless of if people like him or not. Tsadsjout even if he hasnt played much except a few minutes in el could offer a fine 3rd choice for our attack and compared to our other two natural attackers he is actually the only left footed one so hopefully he will get a few minutes here and there in second half of the season. Hopefully we can get a victory today even if it wont be a beuatifull one.

    • People complains about us fielding Borini because while he is a workhorse, he runs around like chicken without head and contributes very little. He is actually taking away time from other players.

      • Well im not saying he is one of our best players, far from it, but i think people should give both him credit when credit is due and same can be said about our tactical choices of actually trying to tire the opposition if we only emphasize the skills of the team we are not matching Napolis team. When that is said we are now up 2-0 so both our players and coach must be doing something correctly

      • Not sure what you are hinting at Adeb Jogzie unless you mean my first sentence of my post which certainly didnt say that we would lose. If so i wrote this comment before we scored and as such it wouldnt have been a surprise if we would lose regardless of which starting setup would be fielded as we was the underdog to begin with. What i did try to say with my post was pretty much that it was a tacticfal choice to start with these players as they could compliment eachother for that speciffic game. I stand by my words and frankly hasnt changed my mind at all or feel what i said was proven wrong, actually on the contrary. Had we not started with these players people would just have complained that gattuso hadnt rested some of his squad before an even more important match so i think a lot of opinions in regard of certain players are clouded by how people percieve and detest players like for example abate and borini. As allready said i stand by my words and gattusos tactical decisions proved right as we was the desserved winners of the match.

      • I can’t believe what is currently seeing.Higuain though a fantastic player but plays as if he is much more bigger than the team.
        Piatek is my kinda striker…talks less, never smiles.. but in end get the job done.


        • Absolutely agree besides of not scoring enough higuain pretty much paraded an attitude problem for a large duration of the time he played for us and from when i heard there was a possibility of us getting piatek i was super exited as i didnt really expect us of getting that chance as barca had been mentioned as a possible destination through season. Glad higuain left us and feel confident that we pulled the longest straw in that equation.

        • sorry didnt see your post as i was occupied by the match but another time just type in team vs team and look up daily uploads and if that doesnt Work try for example rojadirecta.

  4. Great goals what a striker!giving the supposed best center back in world nightmares!lol.bayo brilliant,defence good borini having a nightmare as usual.

  5. Honestly am impressed with what Milan is playing. Napoli are running around like Borini. I want to see more of Laxalt than Rodriguez in our matches. Piatek is what we have been missing. In the second half remove Borini and bring in Mauri and push paqueta to the wing.

    • Hahaha. Mate, I’ve been a hater of Laxalt, but he was fantastic tonight, hope he’ll keep it up and he’ll prove to be a valuable squad player!

      • I’ve wanted him at Milan from a couple of years, he is a fighter, tireless agile left footed young with a WC under his belt, with him and RR we are covered in LB

    • He is a good player. The problem is we have been playing him out of position. Playing as a makeshift midfielder for Genoa is not the same as for Milan.

    • He is a good player. The problem is we have been playing him out of position. Playing as a makeshift midfielder for Genoa is not the same as for Milan.

  6. Haters be like: We were lucky that we won, we only won because Napoli didn’t score:) Or: “we only won because Napoli didn’t prioritize the game”, even though that’s not true.

    Superb display tonight, magical night at San Siro! PIATEK, just WOW! have no words, especially for his second goal, what A TRUE STRIKER, that’s what was expected from Higuain, but we have a new rising star here:) Donnarumma is back to his best, our defence was phenomenal, Musa with a second fantastic game in a row, and even Laxalt was superb tonight.
    And can’t forget about Bakayoko who is IMMENSE and crucial for our midfield, what a fantastic player. Everyone was good tonight, tactics were on point, bravo Rino. Just a poor first half from Kessié but he stepped up in the second.
    I hope we can carry on this display vs Roma, we can do it! Bravi ragazzi, thanks for a special night, and once again, what a debut Piatek!
    Forza Milan!

      • @Raven, yeah I mentioned him above, if he keeps playing like this, he is indeed a solid back up, perhaps as starter too! So hard to pick one stand out, all of those guys were great, but the way Baka eats up the oppositions and protects the back four is nothing other than world class!

        @nick, yeah but the fans here focus too much on the negatives even when there are positives. Yes that is football, but when United goes and wins vs Tottenham and De Gea saves everything you don’t see United’s fans saying “yeah we won because we were lucky and De Gea saved everything”. Especially when it has happened to us that a keeper stops everything, but when that happens it’s “because we’re poor”, it has nothing to do with luck, only when it comes to the opponnts…

        Other than that, I agree with you. So hard to pick a MVP.
        I wonder if Romagnoli has the same presence and effect that Van Dijk has, how he lifts up his partners and makes them play better? Because Zapa looked like a beast until his injury, but now Musa has slotted in perfectly alongside him too. Donna’s confidence probably helps a lot too.

        Hope we’ll carry on this display and smash Roma and the coming teams as well:)

    • Bro, take it easy, ok. We are all fans here. No need for the haters talk. There were games we won because of luck. This is football.

      Today the team played good football and Gattuso managed the game well especially with his subs. He got it right today and he deserves credit for it.

      Special shout out to Piatek. Who needs Higuaín when we have a polish striker.

      Honorable mention to Paqueta, Bakayoko, Laxalt, Kessie Romagnoli, Musacchio and Donnarumma as played an excellent match.

      This is how Milan should play. Solid and the back and midfield as we gave nothing to Napoli today.

      • @Nick – yep, we’re “haters” for pointing out the obvious that Milan have been garbage all season. One decent game in which Gattuso finally got it right and all of a sudden we’re freaking Juventus.

        • @Dejan10….Totally! There’s been moments when we lost important games and points because the team wasn’t organized in the right formation and tactics. So we were right to point these things out.

          This game against Napoli was perfectly executed though by the team and coach and I really hope we can build on it.

          What impressed me the most was how quickly Piatek is settling in the team.

          I also read online that he told Laxalt and Paquetá to play long balls over the top to him because he likes getting service that way.

          There’s also an anthem that the curva sud made for Piatek to salute him and it’s really dope! I wish I could upload it to this site.

          • Yes but dropping points left right and center against useless opposition most of the time doesn’t matter in their eyes… We’ve hit the reset button after one game and the previous six months have just been erased from memory! Simples!

            Piatek looks good though if he can keep it up and I hope Gattuso can turn things around, but unfortunately I just don’t think he’s ever going to turn into Ancelotti.

    • Thanks for the analysis bro, couldn’t watch the match on account of work. Super result by us, especially considering we kept a clean sheet two matches in a row against one of the best offensive teams in Europe.

      • @Baresis Dream…Yeah, Milan played well. Piatek was very impressive. He had two chances and he scored 2 goals.

        I feel like Milan now has the right type of striker we needed even though it’s still his first start, but Piatek made Koulibaly look like a schoolboy.

        Glad Chelsea took Higuain off our hands. Probably the best signing for us. His work rate and attitude is pure class. There’s optimism now but we still need a LW in my opinion.

        • Completely agree about LW Nick; As Milanista says – onward to Rome (a much much more important game for us imo)

      • @Baresis Dream, too bad you missed it mate, must have been happy just seeing the result though:) Hope the performance and result will be there vs Roma too that you can enjoy!
        Like you said, not every team that can keep a clean sheet twice in a row vs Napoli!

        @nick, agreed, a pacey and trickery LW would help this team so much. Slowly and steadily LeoDini are helping Rino building a proper team. With Bona, Caldara, and Biglia back we’ll have plenty more options from the bench too, just that proper LW that is missing!

        • @Milanista121….Totally agree. It feels like poetic justice for me because if Chelsea didn’t sign Higuaín we probably would have never made a move to get Piatek.

          No disrespect to Higuaín because he’s a world class striker but his attitude on the pitch wasn’t the best at Milan.

          I also read that Higuaín treated some of his teammates poorly at Milan and Gattuso gave him a dressing down over it.

          I would love to see Caldara and Biglia back because they would give us more depth on the bench. They are training with the squad so they will be returning soon. Thankfully!

          Really wish Bonaventura wasn’t out for the entire season. Can you imagine Bonaventura linking up with Paquetá and Piatek? Devastating!

          • Exactly! And it all goes back to the Bonucci signing… have to feelthankful to him lol:)
            I just hope Caldara will prove to be succesful knowing how bonu and higgy have been for us… although Bonu was good in his last six months, but you know what I mean!

            Yess, and just look at the effect Paqueta alone has had for our midfield in the last couple of games, and that we’ve been without Bona for so long. It shows why our playing style has been so lacklustre and stale before that. Cant wait to have Bona back, like you say, with both of them back we’ll have plenty of options!

    • This.
      We could say that If Donna was to conceive any one of insignes shots, it could’ve been a totally different game. We were dominated and outskilled in the endgame, to a point where Napoli’s defensive line were doing skill moves on us. Forced to play way deep in our field, or maybe our only tactic was to park it.
      But let’s enjoy the moment, the goals were beautiful and defense was solid. We don’t want to jinx anything FORZA MILAN.

  7. After this game, I have a few doubts. Should Castillejo play more, he was playing really well? Should Kessie play less, he hasn’t been good last matches. But, there are some people who were absolutely outstanding: Piatek, Romagnoli, Musacchio, Bakayoko, Laxalt and Donnaruma. Good job

  8. Positive things at San Siro, but there was something that got me worried.

    Patrick Cutrone, I saw the word disappointed in his face. Every time he received a bad pass he showed frustration, the same expression could be seen when he lost possession. Cutrone would give a thumb up to motivate or run harder to recover the ball..

    The boy was always smiling and that was missing today….

    • Agreed. I hope he’ll get over it soon. He wants the number 9 position and is disappointed that Milan didn’t trust him with it, and signed a player around his age. I really hope in the future there are some games that both Piatek and Cutrone start. Cutrone would be a starter in any midtable team, and he’s craving that first team experience. I honestly believe Cutrone wanting the #9 position is why Piatek wasnt given the number right away. Leo wants them to compete against one another to earn the number.

    • Probably he’s frustrated that he hasn’t scored in a while, no? Cutrone started the season knowing he would be second fiddle, and he knows that he will get sufficient minutes even if Piatek turns out to a huge success.

  9. I’ll open a go fund me to buy Bakayoko, what a beast, not missing Biglia or Montolivo, even Kessie looks average next to him. Forget about SMS get Chelsea whatever they want, he is working fine with us, and I’m sure that he’s loving all the minutes he’s getting.

  10. Bakayoko was awesome tonight and I’m a man of my word, I give Gattuso all the credit for transforming him into what I believe to be an irreplaceable player in our team
    He started off with us very poorly but Gattuso did an amazing job in turning him back into what he was at Monaco
    I’m still not even nearly convinced by Gattuso but credit where it’s due

  11. So was gattuso to blame or was it higuain? Lol all kidding aside, can we finally praise gattuso for his work especially today? From his approach to his line up to his subs were all spot on today. Bravo gattuso! Keep it up.

    I don’t know if it’s cause I like him a lot but ever since paqueta joined and we reverted back to a 4 3 3 our performances and especially our creativity has excelled! Switching back to a 4 3 3 our midfield has been beastly and a large portion of that goes to bakayoko. He has been incredible. No other words. Hes amazed me.

    The defence has been so solid and even zapata too. When he got injured we were worried about musacchio. He’s put in two excellent performances against napoli. The whole defence has. Even laxalt was brilliant today. Donnarumma has finally regained his form and being the donnarumma we all want to see. 6 clean sheets in 9 games!

    Now onto the attack and specifically piatek. I was questioning his signing as I thought it was a gamble but if he continues to play like this than oh man we’re in for a treat. One of my Polish friends kept speaking highly of him and it just made me way more excited to see him play. He put in the PERFECT performance. Koulibaly is arguably the best defender in the world and piatek had him in his pocket the whole game. Those goals were classic likr a flash back to the glory days! Keep it up piatek!

    I hope we regain confidence and keep playing the way we do. The new signings tland the players have gelled together and we seriously look like we turned an edge. Today put a smile on my face and I hope it did others. FORZA MILAN ALWAYS!

    • He was great. Provided the assist for Piatek, and hustled tremendously, took more of a defensive duty tonight, and did excellent.
      PaSqueta as the commentator tonight kept saying lol. I feel sorry that you missed the game. Hope the game vs Roma will prove to be as good and that you can take part of it!

    • He played really well Ted and set up one of the goals his overall play was very good, they all did good tonight with Baka as motm in my opinion even though
      Piatek scored twice!! Baka was outstanding. Kessie was poor in the first half and only slightly better in the second he’s passing was really suspect, I think Gattuso needs to rest him but with Roma up next I seriously doubt he will but I wouldn’t either given the importance of beating them or at least not getting beat ourselves

    • Considering he played against probably the fastest team in Italy he did very well, in the second half he lost to many balls, he needs more time. He assisted Piatek in the second goal

  12. And Rino completed his list of coaches he defeated with Ancelotti… hmmm… I think Rino made the quality jump even for himself in the last weeks ! He is a Milan material and the way the team was playing is just his worth ! Today I’ve seen a brilliant game in defence, a lot of grinta and devotion but also a lot of quality ( Kessie was the worst today ) with this amazing Piatek and his refined executions, the boy is a scoremachine, Bakayoko, OMG what a fantastic player Chelsea gave us : ))))) ( 35 mil is a small price for him ), Donnarumma who will become soon Messi of Gk ( yeah, milan 10, this is not a joke anymore ), Paqueta extremely mature for his age, the man with creation, a huge talent and a world class player soon, Romagnoli already Messi of left footed central defenders in the world. Wonderful game, hope we won’t lose against Roma, it’s vital !

  13. Again had to miss this game since I’m abroad for work; damn shame too by the responses here, but honestly I only care that we won. Really glad to hear that most of our lineup stepped up for the occasion.

    Also super glad that Piatek stepped up. Huge congrats for his debut start in a rossoneri shirt. Great job!

    But let me be the annoying guy that calms everyone down – it’s only one match, and the real question is how Piatek performs on a consistent basis. He still has a long way to go, and let’s all give him the time. I also hope this result doesn’t make us think our squad is good enough to guarantee CL qualification, and doesn’t detract us from buying a decent LW.

    Great job lads ! Carry on.

    • Piatek’s two goals were very like watching Sheva in his prime, both goals were very hard to finish but he made them look easy and that’s the sign of the real deal
      Good times are coming with this guy

      • Agreed. But there’s a feeling in the air that Milan finally have the right striker we needed to pair with Cutrone.

        I mean, Piatek 2nd goal was out of nothing. He created that on his own and his finishing is so devastating.

    • Romagnoli – Baresi???? Not in the same universe mate let alone football pitch
      Not trying to be smart with you Keong Keong but I’m guessing your pretty young and don’t remember Baresi? There’s not a defender in the world thats ever been as good as him, Maldini is close but not as good either

  14. Dear Leonardo, Maldini n Gattuso should do the following things in upcoming days:
    1. Bring a fast, energetic, skillful winger instead of Suso coz suso destroys our chance of goal with his lazy time killing useless skills. we should sell suspicion in good price n choose someone young prospect like Dembele, Rahim sterling,Embeppe n that young player shouldn’t cost more than 35 million ( we have already got Paqueta n Pietak in 35 million range n they r just awesome)

    2.Try to sell Zapata,Montolivo,Bertolecci,Borini,Suso, Bonaventura, Biglia in good price. n bring a 3rd striker, a wianger,a playmaker who will be among from rising young stars of world football.
    3. R/R n Laxalt, Conte n Calabria should use in regular alternate basis for having more playing time.
    4. After having Pietek n Paquyeta will should play in 4231 or 4312 formation coz we have 2 oxygen tank in DM (Baka n Kessei)… if we can bring Rabiot in next summer then Milan midfield will be in top 5 in Europe
    5. Give full concentration on serie A for top 4 finish. don’t be serious for other useless tournament
    Atlast a lot thanks to Leonardo, Maldini,Gazidis,Gattuso for bringing Pietek n Paqueta……… Fans r happy now n keep carry this success in future……..Forza Milan

  15. We need to thanks Higuain
    We need to thanks Muriel
    If it wasn’t for them maybe Piatek would never have come to Milan

  16. Scrolling through ig I found a fan view video of Piateks second goal, and I teared up.
    Idk why haha, I mean we’ve had good games in the past, maybe since it’s Napoli ?

    Last time we beat Napoli was 2014. Hats off to Gattuso for having a good record vs top teams, exception of Juve. Must say most credit goes to our defense, Dona has saved us many times.

    One game at a time, FORZA MILAN!!!

  17. Honestly milan is now a delight to watch, we just got a good striker in platek, where was this guy when we needed a striker? Wow so happy we have finally gotten a striker and big thanks to Higuian for leaving us
    The second goal was a good striker oriented and surely we are getting closer to the Milan we used to be, great game for us against Napoli whose side has played together for a long time
    I couldn’t describe the smiles on my children faces last night when we scored the second goal. It was a long time ago when I saw such genuine and regained confidence smiles on their faces
    Our team did great yo man job to deny Napoli scoring and am ready to face anyone in the semis being u inter or lazio provided we play like this and have striker like platek
    Let us continue to enjoy this victory tonight
    Milan is baaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccck
    Forza milan
    Forza to our fans all over the world
    We Are Milan

  18. Bakayoko played another galaxy level of football compared to the others. Don’t get me wrong, whole team played well, but Baka was great in every part of the pitch. I was amazed and sure I wasn’t the only one.
    Our goal nr.1 should be: don’t let Baka go

  19. As a football fan and more specifically, a staunch Milan fan; I have hated Chelsea for over a decade after they priced away Shevchenko from Milan. Kaka helped us power through 2006/2007 but we never really recovered from that loss until now. I sincerely believe that Piatek is the perfect replacement for Sheva and will have a similar career.

    As if this goodwill is not enough; Chelsea gave us BAKAYOKO!!!. While all these were unintentional, I am truly grateful and finally forgive the blues. FORZA MILAN!!!

  20. I wonder where our “GattusoOut” fans are?

    Now people finally see how inefficient Suso is.

    Hopefully Milan10 sees now that his eye on the game is really poor. But no wonder

    • Ironic how two of the biggest haters of his are remaining silent after this win. Can’t even congratulate the team for the performance and the win!

      • That’s a real valid question my South African friend. I think Conti should play every game when he is fit. For the left back position, I truly desire the aggression, passes and speed of Laxalt. But sometimes the rest of Rodriguez is better and then his slow and passes are poorer. Hard to say.

    • I’m still “Gattuso out”
      Now before someone jumps head first down my throat I’ve already praised Gattuso for what he’s done right especially with improving Bakayoko whom I think is the best player we have at the moment, he was world class last night I said that in an earlier post but it didn’t seem to be published
      But what about everything Gattuso has done wrong????? Are we meant to forget how he allowed Inter roast us???? Dropping points from winning positions because of stupid tactical changes and substitutions??? Allowing Inter roast us??? Playing players out of position??? Allowing Inter roast us???
      No no no no no
      But there’s a glimmer of hope and that’s something I noticed last night, Gattuso learned from the first Napoli game and came up with a game plan to beat them which worked and he outsmarted one of the very best in Carlo, I’ll absolutely give him credit for that, I’m not against Gattuso just for the sake of it I’m against him because I use my opinion by what I see, but like I said he is looking like he’s learning and for that I applaud him and truly hope he’s our Alex Ferguson

      • You’re absolutely right, and you’ve been one who haven’t sticked to your opinion like glue just for the sake of it, you’ve been given criticism and praise when it’s been due, and that’s what’s fair.
        I really hope that those weird substitutions are a thing of the past.
        Also think that @nick gives credit when it’s due, my post about haters are meant for some specific people who just seem to want Rino to fail just to say “i told you so” – based on the nature of their posts, and how they’ve remained silent now after this game too.

      • @Naz…Totally understand. Gattuso made some costly mistakes in managing past games but last night against Napoli was a masterclass especially against Ancelotti who is one of best coaches in football.

        Gattuso subs were spot on too. He allowed Piatek to stay on the pitch long enough to try for a hattrick but subbed him at the right time to give him some rest for the game against Roma.

        Paquetá was subbed as he was running out of gas. That was a smart substitution by bringing on RicRod since Paquetá defensive play was great we didn’t lose shape or effectiveness on the left so RicRod was the right sub.

        Calhanoglu was also the right move since Napoli was pressing high we could easily hit them on the counter attack so we were still dangerous in attack against them without losing our balance in midfield.

        I truly hope Gattuso and the team can build on this game because we definitely got everything right in this match against one of the strongest teams in Serie A.

        • Ya I was really impressed by how Gattuso made the right subs and taking off Paquetá was important, he’s had no break coming straight from Brazil
          Hey Milanista 121, great to see this site back up and going, I genuinely think Gattuso is pretty much responsible for us winning that game last night and for that he deserves credit, it’s no easy task to beat Napoli while holding them scoreless not to mention out smarting Carlo, he had no answer to what Rino did
          I’m still not convinced by him but like I said, he is showing real signs of learning and that takes guts and a really good work ethic and for that I admire him but let’s not get too carried away just yet, it’ll take a lot more of those showings to banish the Benaveneto episodes or the lack of courage against Inter Milan to name but a few of his mistakes!! But I’m open minded and I really hope he’s our Alex Ferguson

      • @Naz – I might post my list again of all Gattuso’s failings that’s about as long as my arm and see if I get a logical response to any of them, because last time all I got was tumbleweeds.

        • And here you are again, just focusing on the negatives. Calling the performance “decent”, and focusing on defending yourself and your opinion about Rino. People’s opinions can change. It’s okay. Rino has his flaws, but why not allow yourself to be happy now? It’s okay, you’re worth it:)

          • Er, I only wrote that about reposting my list because you called me and Milan10 “haters” who’d gone silent, implying Gattuso’s mighty performance had cowed us into submission. I can’t speak for Milan10 but I’m not always near a laptop to leap onto RossoneriBlog as soon as the match finishes. And no my opinion’s not going to change after one win against Napoli in the Coppa Italia.

          • You’re always quick to comment when we’ve been poor or had a negative result though, because whenever I’ve checked rossoneriblog, I’ve seen your comments… but not this time:) You’re making it sound like a win vs Napoli isn’t that great just because it was in the Coppa… so you’re proving my point with the “haters” statement.
            But allright man, you do you.

          • Stick with the ad hominems if you want but try to remember we’re all Milan fans here… It’s just a difference of opinion. Some of us see a coach who’s presided over six months of wall-to-wall garbage, and others see a Guardiola in the making with only a few “minor flaws.”

          • Yes, but it’s one game. As I said he’s been useless all season and one game isn’t going to make me think he’s a great coach all of a sudden. Let’s see what happens against Roma for a start before we start having multiple orgasms.

  21. In my opinion the only areas that need to be strengthened now are the wings.

    And especially the left wing since we have no real natural LW player.

    The RW is ok for now with suso and casti but..

    Suso is too slow to be a winger maybe better behind the strikers as an AM or on midfield wing. Not saying we should sell him tho, i believe he can still grow alot more.

    Just imagine how dangerous milan would be if we had proper quality wingers with pace and a good shot (bale, depay, mahrez, sanchez, ribery etc.)

    We’d be a top 3 team for sure!

  22. Piatek immense,quick strong intelligent runs and what a finisher!makes higuian look like a distant memory so much better.bayo world class,thats one of the most complete midfield performances I’ve seen in a long time.if savic worth 100 million bayo worth 120.the whole defence was outstanding and even though kessie was a bit off last night it didn’t matter.donnarumma looks more confident again but borini was poor even though his workrate was good.just not technical enough need a left winger asap then we are just bout complete with biglia and Bono to come

  23. Suso should be played as a 2nd reserve striker, super sub or stay in bench. As a winger too slow. As a midfielder lack strength. 1/2 of the big games he is marked out.

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    Arriverderci!!! Forza Milan!!

  25. They say milan have made one last assault for carrasco. His club is open to a dry loan while arsenal ended their pursuit. And candreva won’t leave inter. Milan are the only team who can sign him before deadline. For summer they’re highly interested in Allan saint-maximin.

    Man I hope we can get a deal done for carrasco. Would be a huge signing and complete our team for sure

  26. Gianluca Di Marzio is reporting that Leonardo has made another final attempt to sign Yannick Carrasco by Thursday.

    I’m in dreamland right now as it seems like we might get him ahead of Inter or Arsenal.

    • What do you think of him? I was a fan of his when he was at Monaco, but I lost a lot of respect for him when he went to China.
      He seems to have an attitude problem and I dont want another “Higuain” personality wise, if you know what I mean? What I’ve seen the last couple of games are players who give their all for each other, don’t want someone who might disrupt it, don’t think it will happen but you probably get my point.
      My view of Carrasco is that he’s a very talented player, but inconsistent. We really need a LW, do you think he’s what we need and will provide the goods for us in the long term?

      • @Milanista121…That’s a very good question. TBH, he has the experience and quality that we need and he’s young.

        So there’s room for improvement even though at times he’s been inconsistent. However, when he’s on his game, he’s really good.

        There’s no doubt it that he went to China for the money but he’s not a bad gamble compared to some of the other players we have been linked with.

        In my opinion, I think he will be motivate to prove a point given that he wants to return to European football because his family hasn’t settled well in China.

        The city of Milan is great and our club still holds more prestige than Arsenal or Inter.

        So Carrasco and his wife may fancy the appeal of Milan and the club which is good motivation for him.

        if we get him on loan with an option to buy it might just turn out to be good business.

        He’s worth risk especially for his winning mentality under Simeone with Atl. Madrid and that’s the coach Gattuso reminds me of.

        • Thanks man, good assessment! Also thin that Simeone and Rino are kind of similar so if Carrasco enjoys that type of coach it could’ve been a good buy, but it seems like it’s not going to happen… I even got somewhat exciting for his signing… Also looking unlikely for us to get a LW. It’s a huge necessity that we get a LW, but I’m glad we’re not buying a LW just because, kind of the way we bought Samu, and are thinking it through.

  27. Fiorentina are smashing Roma – 5-1 right now. I think that having Nzonzi and Cristante suspended wont be a big blow for Roma, Nzonzi has been horrible and Cristante is like Pasalic, invisible but then he scores a goal. Hope it won’t prove to be a blessing for them. Hope their confidence will be low while facing us confident. As long as the confidence wont turn into arrogance.
    How are you guys feeling for the coming game vs Roma? No matter the form of the respective teams, it’s a must win and will be huge if we pull it off!

    • Dzeko will also be suspended and that’s a big loss for Roma. Can’t tell for sure but it looked like he spit at the ref.

        • I think Roma has problems to be honest which have been lurking beneath the surface for some time now, it’s become even more evident this past two games
          I don’t want to jinx us but I think we’ll do them

          • @Naz, I really hope you’re right! Conceding nine goals in just two games is a huge problem for them. Hope we’ll add more damage haha, then they can recover after our game:)

            @Joe, both Nzonzi and Cristante will both miss our game, but they were playing tonight so I dont think it counts in cup games. It feels like sometimes suspensions counts, sometimes they don’t, very confusing…

          • That’s what I thought too. I’ve heard a few commentators say that as well but it’s kinda strange how it’s applied. So we will have to wait and see.

            Nevertheless, Roma defense has been very poor recently and today was no different

            Right now they look like a team in crisis while Milan seems to be hitting form at the right time.

            Hopefully we can take advantage and beat them this weekend.

    • Didn’t league games count in relation to the Italian super cup earlier this month? So presumably same applies between Coppa Italia and Serie A.. I’m not really sure either though..

      • I don’t think Dzeko will be suspended in the league ..otherwise Suso could’ve served his suspension in the Coppa against Samp and be available for the Super cup vs Juve.



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