Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next few weeks.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. I bet on a red card for Castillejo

    Rodriguez, Kessie, Hakan and Castillejo are just awful

    Few fine touches from Paqueta

  2. Paqueta is making me so happy.. Something we’ve missed for a long time. Tricks and flair. He’s always a danger when attacking. Only been here for a couple weeks and he has the confidence against Juventus!

    First half we decent although whenever juve have a chance my stomach is in my throat. Weve had chances too. Our midfield for once I can say has been solid and good. Good mixture of guys! Need the wings to wake up now

  3. Lmao always same old story with juve.. Play well have chances go 1 down out of nowhere get a red then the game is over. Tired of it

  4. Ref killed the game. How do u send off someone in a finals for that? Something that both matuidi and Alex Sandro did!

    • Are you blind? That was a straight red and given correctly. Ref didn’t kill the game, Milan simply isn’t goo enough.

      • Are you blind? What I’m saying is matuidi and Sandro did the EXACT same thing and nothing. Kessie does it and instant red

  5. Im just gonna say this now it is enough Gattuso got to go but so do Calhanoglu Rodriguez Castillejo and Kessie we have to cash in on them because they are not good enough

  6. Doesn’t even review VAR for a possible penalty?? Lmao getting real tired of this matchup. Always seems to be controversy. Not saying that it’s a penalty but go review it cause it certainly looked like it!

  7. Pu55ies! Toothless dogs! Why is gatusso still coaching milan? Why?? I dnt understand what he does with this team in training. Counter attack,zero! I’m done!

    • I feel the same way. Smh. Milan can’t score goals because we don’t create chances. It doesn’t matter which strikers we buy we will struggle to score goals.

      The formation and tactics that Gattuso uses is what’s killing this team. Smh

    • If it’s true that practice makes perfect, then it’s obvious that our coach has some huge deficiencies in both the tactical and technical aspects of the team’s training.
      I do have hope though, because I think that with at least one more brilliant individual talent to go along with the other two we have ( Paqueta/ Suso) we can become a real threat regardless of how inept our coach is.

      • I agree. With a better coach though Milan can rise again. Gattuso is not the man in my opinion.

        Sadly, he has no game plan and his approach is too safe as if he doesn’t believe his team is good enough or he doesn’t know how to get the best out of the team. He is so limited it’s beyond obvious.

        Milan need a coach who is bold and has the quality to get the best out of the players.

  8. I don’t usually do this. But the ref was pathetic tonight. Right from the start. How u can’t even go and review that penalty appeal at the end is abysmal. The red that Kessie got that both matuidi and Sandro did earlier. It was a joke. Both times higuain has snapped against juve because its not fun being on the other side of unfair calls.

  9. I agree, hakan not consistent enough and Rodriguez just average.we are crying out for a fast left winger there are loads about.or ditch the width and play 4312 but we would need 2 more strikers if higuain goes.or switch to 4231 buy left winger paqueta as no10 ,kessie bayo solid in front of defence would suit our players more.

  10. I am aware we don’t have the best players but I know for a fact with a decent coach will play better. Watching Gattuso’s Milan is like watching an old boys game. We have no pace. The problem is that a decent coach will not come at Milan at this point, mostly because of the ffp, so sadly we’re stuck with this wannabe .

    • Decent coach is Gasperini from Atlanta, he is expirienced, he is over performing every year even that Atlanta sells there best players every year, he makes average players look good even Bertollaci scored like 9-10goals under his lead, at the moment his Atlanta has more goals scored than Napoli and Juve in seria A.
      If the likes of Conti dont want to come, we should defenetly go for Gasperini im sure we can offer him something more than Atlanta.

  11. So pissed at the refereeing and equally so at Kessie. Play Mauri. I don’t want to see that mere energetic physical guy running around doing nothing relevant. So tired that no one else seem to be noticing how rubbish Kessie is

    • Thats why I didn’t want him to join us. Hasnt improved since. He love to attack but cant do much around the opponents half and while he’s said to be a defensive mid, I see Calhanoglu and Paquata making better sliding tackles. He’s not afraid to tackle but mostly ends up fouling

  12. What we u guys expecting; that Milan will beat Juventus. I was hoping too

    Now back to reality. Milan was not good enough. Milan has never been good enough. Both the players and coach.

    Milans attack cannot counter Juventus defence.

  13. Higuain close to Chelsea on a half year loan

    Now watch him destroy Premier League defences playing as a lone striker in Sarri’s version of 433

  14. It seems Hakan is also on his way to Leipzig RB for 22 millions and Leonardo already has replacement lined up – Arnaut “Danjuma” Groeneveld from Brugge

    Anyone knows anything about this kid? No youtube reviews please I can do that myself

    • I know him, I don’t rate him highly, but at least he is a proper winger, Calhanoglu is abd was never been a winger



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