Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next couple of weeks.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. Leonardo and Maldini should consider these 3 players that we can get for free:


    Hope we win tonight, and Gattuso can’t be touched.

    MILAN no mater what.

    • Because everyone who’s intelligent, they’ll conclude that even Guardiola cant help this shitty team.

      Milan must invest in the players that are out of contract like Rabiot, Ramsey, Fabregas and Martial.

      Sell some garbage like Calhanoglu, Suso (yes Suso is garbage), Castillejo, Laxalt, Halilovic, Strinic and Borini.

      Get Lozano, Ziyech and Piatek

      • I don’t know why Guardiolla keep being so overrated, he always take teams at the top of their performance and respective championship, (Barcelona – BBVA – With Messi, Xavi and Iniesta), (Bayern – Bundesliga – With the most overpowered lineup they have had in a long time), (Man City – Premier League – with the most expensive formation Arabs can buy) … The day he takes a team like Klopp did with Dortmund then he will be rated as a good DT…

        • True, but I am just saying, that whoever you put in front of this mediocre team, it won’t Make any difference

          The team has no potential. The board must invest in better players than this.

    • @Hard boya – I don’t think they have decided to keep him. Donadoni, Wenger, Guidolin etc. are all possibilities. Heck, they were even discussing 4-3-Crazy Leo taking over until the end of the season, that’s how desperate they are.

  2. Milan definitely is in a slump but d boys shld just rise up n beat spal or elliot shld disband dis team.. We forgive dem for d nonsense against frosinone but today dey.must rise or be sold

  3. I’m not sure why Gattuso is sticking with a 442 when Bonaventura is out for the rest of the season. Calhanoglu is not a winger and he has been horrible playing out wide on the LW.

    It would make more sense to play Laxalt on the LW or switch to a 4321 or 4312.

    • Thanks mate. We have a very clueless man on our bench who doesnt know what tactics is all about .flexibility, team rotation… he let players like mauri,silva(last season) halilovic, even simic who did well vs dudenlag (spelling)rot on the bench, he uses his reserve only on emergency situations. As a player he was a fighter , as a coach he lacks what it takes.

      • EXACTLY! Totally agree. We don’t have natural wingers except for Abate and Laxalt.

        Suso and Calhanoglu should be closer to Higuain in a 4321 formation instead of this useless 442.

    • Good luck finding one. Do you think they are waiting in one long line to come to us. Do you think a top coach wants to go to a club midway through season and fight for CHL football for a club that is being raped economically by uefa, and cant make big investments on players. Lets hope Gattuso can guide the team to a 4th spot with a couple descent signings in january. Then come june we can dream about a better coach and 1 or 2 star players.

  4. Higuain has lost his mojo
    Totally lost his touch his confidence
    Looks like a shadow of the player he was

    • I’m frustrated and tired of Higuain’s bad attitude. He acts like his teammates are the reason why he’s not scoring and when he gets the ball he does nothing with it.

      Maybe he should take a leak out of Cutrone’s book who should be starting ahead of him. SMH!

  5. What I completely don’t understand is, why fans are whistling to Higuain?

    Does it help? Ever helped whistling to a player which has psychological problem? I have never heard an encouraging banners for any player not only Higuain. Criticizing is very easy you know…

    So bright it is that every single player isn’t solid on the ground even captain… No one! They are shaking and have troubles but it’s unable to throw them and bring new one. People don’t understand this.

    Look at Jurgen Klopp and his teams. Does anyone remember where is Kagawa, Sahin, Błaszczykowski and others? They are forgotten now, but when Klopp was their coach, they looked like beasts and have played top class football…

    Look at Liverpool, is Henderson better than Bakayoko? Or is Weinaldum better than Calhanoglu? No gentlemen!

    The key of Klopps football is psychology, approach about football which Gattuso has talked about too. He has so much temperature, why not more than Klopp, but players are in trouble. Not because they can’t cope with this but, everyone, media, fans, dogs, cats talk about exit and are criticizing… This ain’t help. No one is capable to change this if situation and conversations aint gonna change!

    • Whahahahahahahahaha man your football knowledge sucks.

      Henderson and Wijnaldum are wayyyyyy better than Bakayoko and Calhanoglu. They are number 1 in the PL. Hardest competition in the world. Milan is 5th, the 4th hardest competition in the world.

      Again, and don’t take it personal. But commenting on this blog which is flooded by Asians and Africans (no racism intended) gives you a complete different idea about what is actually going on in Milan. I witnessed this too when I visited a match.

      The Milan supporters from Milan, have much different opinions than the comments here in general, believe me. They have their own opinions and culture. They like you, or they dislike you. And they like Gattuso. And they don’t like wining strikers who are lazy and can’t score. You have to earn your Milan stripes!!! And that is what Gattuso did. Higuain is just here, he needs to prove them a lot.

      • How is Henderson better than Bakayoko? The only reason he plays for Liverpool is that he’s English. And stop being condescending; the fact that you are Dutch does not mean you know football than everyone else. Its not even like you are German or Brazilian. U guys can’t even qualify for the World Cup consistently. I do agree that Wijnaldum is better central midfielder than Calha though. But seriously, stop thinking your opinions in football are prstine and any other opinion is garbage, otherwise leave this forum and chat with ur pals, the ‘real’ milan fans from milan

      • @Mathijs Savicevic
        Your comment is very offending my man and that’s not the way people should communicate with each other. (Not even mentioning racism). Be respectful with everyone, especially it seems we support the same club and are unified with one love – Milan, but I’m not sure about last one.

        I’ve been a fan of this club since `92s and almost never missed a match. I mean, I know things 🙂

        Next time you wanna get into discussion, have the strong arguments for everyone to see why you are right than another and respect other’s opinion anyway…

        I’m Italian btw…

      • 4th best competition? Serie A is second only to the English Premier league. Bundesliga, la Liga, Ligue 1 and the Eredivisie don’t come close.

  6. Milan formation and tactics is the real reason why we are struggling to create goal scoring chances. Just look at the distance between Suso and Higuain as well as the distance between Calhanoglu and Higuain?

    Our 2 most creative players playing very deep. So deep that Higuain have to constantly drop deep to close the gap between them to get the ball.

    How in the world after so many games Gattuso can’t see that issue and fix it by switching to a 4321 or 4312.

    • You lot keep looking for excuses for Higuain so you can blame Gattuso. I agree Gattuso has made some annoying decisions but what we’re not going to do is act like Higuain is a mixture of Ronaldo and Messi, a player who can never have a dip in form. I’ve seen Higuain miss some very good chances. He’s not in good form, that’s not Gattuso’s fault. Calhanoglu isn’t performing well at the moment too, it’s not the formation. The fault rests on both the players and the coach.

      HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU SAY WE SHOULD PLAY A 4-3-1-2? For Suso to play CM with Kessie?

  7. Gattuso is garbage as a coach. Some people here complain that the players are not good. Are they trying to say they would swap our team for that of Spal, Farossoine, etc.
    Some fans need to wake up

  8. It is 433 not 442 and Rino will probably stay since no sane coach would take over this team in the middle of their inconsistent season. Also the club cannot spend on new players something a new coach like Conte or Wenger would probably demand

    Oh and Bakayoko is a beast in his regista role

  9. And the Gattuso Circus will go on for another 2 months or more…

    P.S. Great physical game and fighting spirit against a tough SPAL.

    Good bye for a while my milanistas!

  10. I’m amazed, that we just got an important win (yes, it was important) yet no one talked about anything else than bashing Gattuso.
    Forza Milan!

  11. This is the worst referee in Italy, his mistakes caused us two yellow card(in the end suso’s red) and he was clearly the 12th man of SPAL divers team. Much better performance but still roma and donna saved us in last 5 minutes. Hakan better but he misses a sitter for 3:1 that got us into trouble in the end, hate when he does that. Bakayoko is really really impressive, Zapata too(hope he gets some credit around here) and overall good performance for the better part of the game. I hope this is a start of a goalscoring series for Pipita.
    P.S. Gattusso is sometimes a real joker without even knowing, moves Hakan around from mezzala to left winger to ML and the second borini enters the pitch, borini goes to No10 trequartista position LOL. Glad for the win, but gattusso still has a lot to prove. Forza ACM

    • The referee know what he was doing, this is typical italian refereeing, the only reason for Suso red card was to stop him from playing in the super cup. No matter if Suso is in good or bad form he is still our number one threat against other teams. The reff dosent care about SPAL he cares for Juventus nothing new in Seria A. Juvetnus have not won the super cup in the last two years, and as you know they have to win every title in Italy no matter what (they practicly destroyed Seria A with constant Juventus favorizing thru the seasons), so Suso red is just to make sure they will win this time and Milan wont suprise them like last time.

    • I wish Zapata has more starting rolethan mussachio, mussachio, hallilovic strinic bertolacci, montolivo sold be sold out at the end of the season

  12. Want to write some other stuff than the usual like, “fire or sell gattuso” or “sell calhanoglu” and so on.

    Bonaventura’s injury has been a big blow for us. Calhanoglu’s quality has really dropped in Jacks absence. There is no fantasy in our game, no suprise element. We have suso on the right and Hakan on the left and a isolated higuain upront. Hope Paqueta can become a starter like as soon as possible. Jack was unpredictible for our opponents, great technique and could drible past 2-3 players which created space for both suso and calhanoglu. And all his runs inside the box are missed aswell.

  13. I want an answer to This?
    Why was castellejo removed and an unfit/ useless suso was left on doing nothing.
    He is too predictable, don’t our coaches try to improve our players? He was having a bad day and everyone left him to continue
    Pls someone answer This?

  14. Rino said Milan will try and get an attacker and a midfielder in January

    Reports say Muriel from Sevilla is on the verge of joining Milan on a dry 6 month loan

    Now hoping for a proper playmaker so Hakan can sit down a bit to rest and get back in shape

    Oh and another thing for consideration about Rino’s statistics from football-italia:

    “His Rossoneri put together 70 Serie A points over the last 12 months, more than in any year since 2012.

    They also managed as many as their bigger-spending city rivals Inter, who also got 70 points under Luciano Spalletti.

    The only clubs to have done better in 2018 were Napoli on 87 points and runaway leaders Juventus on 101.”

    • Then why were 5th? Oh! They don’t count last years points!!

      Rino also waved his hand more than any other coaches! We should be first!

    • Oh man, again with this bs. Milan could be campione d’inverno for 20th time but still it wouldnt matter because what matter is WHERE U ARE IN THE TABLE AFTER GIORNATA 38. Inter finished top 4 last season and very likely finish top 4 again this season while milan finished 6th last season and may finish outside top 6th this season, so dont give me that bs about rino’s milan being equal to spalletti’s inter. Oh, and rino the midtabler had the nerve to say milan was playing to win vs inter in last derby when they were comprehensively outplayed. Look at inter’s targets: ozil, martial (my pick for milan), darmian (like i said, wouldve been much better fullback than conti and ric rod), milan, they cant even get out-of-contract washed up fabregas. It pains me to say it but implying milan is as good as inter currently is total bs.
      Also, saying this milan is best since 2012 is total bs as well because during 2012-18 period milan best position was 3rd, with avg position at roughly 6th – 7th, therefore saying this milan has generated more yearly points since 2012 is like saying this dogshit is less smelly than other 6 dogshit. Its still dogshit for gods sake. Try highest points since 2002 then we can talk like proper milanista.
      Remember mates, its not ur fault if ur born a midtabler, but its definitely ur fault if u live and die a midtabler

  15. Some times I wonder if the milanistas here know anything about football?
    We talk about sell this player, buy that player. Who will pay too dollar for any of our players?…… do we not know our club is in financial mess? We are out of Europe so early no more EUL money, wit FFP are up our asses, and if we don’t make top 4 this season we may run into another sale.
    What we should be focus now is not buying the best players, we should be turning our players into world stars. Suso has not improved in the last 3 seasons, most of our players are declining in performance.
    We need to work on that first.

  16. Fantastic result and a very important win. Spal are a very tough team to beat but Gattuso’s tactics were spot on. Who needs Conte? We should all just shut up and let him get on with his job for the rest of the season and guide us to a very respectable tenth place.

  17. Out of 29 players in our squat I think 10 of them aren’t ready to play for Milan or they are over the best of their time. I don’t want to trash our Milan but the truth must be said. Gattuso is trying his best with what he has, and for the most of the time we got almost 6 or 7 players injured. There is a lot of things that we don’t see but for that what we see every weekend I must agree with you all about the formation. I think the best formation with the players we have available now world be 4-3-1-2.
    So if 29-10=19 player that we can rotate. From 19+(4 good new signing)=23
    I mentioned above Rabiot, Martial, Ramsey!
    This 3 players are out of contracts and they are just what we need in every position.

    -I think the biggest void in our squad especially now that Bonaventura is out and Calhanoglu has been struggling with injuries and form is a good LW who has speed and stamina, can run to the defenders and shoot on goal. Martial is the best we can get especially now that Manu can’t even play for UEFA League next year.

    -Another thing our squad lacks off are players who can score with header. I can’t remember we have made more than 2 headers this season, correct me if I am wrong. Rabiot is a tall player who has more to his repertory than headers and he too will run out of contract. Now on his case we all know Leonardo would do wonders to get him because he knows him to well and we have a plus due to his good relations with the player and we need a player of his caliber on our midfield.

    -Ramsey would add to the squad experience and quality and same here we can do something more regarding his past with Gazidis.

    I think this are real possibilities with this kind of connections that won’t come often along, but of course I am talking with my hart and head as an Milan supporter. I think talking with the pen would be a different story thinking that we have the fair play ban on our head.

    I only hope we make it to the Champions with the actual squad and I trust Leo, Maldini and Gattuso. I know they really want to take the club back to glory.

    For me as a supporter there is one and only one thing to do, support my team. We have to stop bashing our players, we are humans and as so we all feel the pain. If you want to help, don’t just be negative and talk about the problem. Give an solution, a real solution that makes you feel part of the team.

    Wish all the best to our AC MILAN and to all of you for the new Year 2019.

    Peace out.

  18. Comment:our gatuso done better most of our problem is higuine and abte i think this two player must remain in bench for the reason to understandind our formation tectics for better work.

  19. Honestly Gattuso may not be a great coach or a good one but i will support him to the end people are blaming him for all kinds of issues that is not his fault and it will not help Milan with fans whining and bashing the players and the coach

    • THANK. YOU.
      Thats a reason why i’m not so active here, along with the comment moderation – this has become a hate-Rino-fanbase, with the occasional supporter who supporta him – shoutout to my boy @Baresis Dream – rather than talking and discussing Milan. Only Gattuso, the players can never be at fault.
      Like Baresis Dream said before, we dont need tactics to beat sides like Frosinone or Bologna, our players should be that much better. But it’s always Gattuso’s fault, along with global warming etc.

      • I totally disagree. Actually, we do need tactics to beat teams like Bologna and Frosinone.

        Italian football is very tactical especially smaller teams and they are very good at it compared to smaller teams in Spain, England, France and Germany.

        So it’s even more difficult to beat smaller teams in Serie A than in other leagues.

        To say that our players should be able to beat these teams is a massive overstatement because we are not on the same level as Juventus in terms of quality players.

        Gattuso has a lot of deficiencies and I don’t think people are being haters or bias for pointing that out or expressing their displeasure.

        Even the Italian Vice President criticized Gattuso game management and tactics.

        His subs, formation and tactics are not his strengths and it has cost us valuable points.

        Why play 442 when we only have 2 quality strikers in the squad? That seems pretty foolish to say the least.

        Wouldn’t a 4321 be better or 4312 with Suso as a support striker? That way we don’t have to risk Cutrone or Higuaín getting fatigued or injured?

        Gattuso is not a good risk taker and too often he takes the safe option or make foolish decisions like playing both Higuaín and Cutrone and the team suffers because of it.

      • I totally disagree even though I respect you guys opinion. We do need tactics to beat teams like Bologna and Frosinone.

        This is the reason why we struggle against these smaller teams because Gattuso tactics is really poor including his game management skills.

        Even the Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini criticize him for that and rightfully so because it has cost us valuable points.

        Serie A is the most tactical league in Europe compared to the top leagues like the EPL, La Liga and the Bundesliga. Therefore, it is more difficult to beat the smaller teams.

        To say that we don’t need tactics to beat these teams is a gross overstatement because we are not on the same level as Juventus in regards to quality players.

        Atlanta and Fiorentina plays better football than Milan because they have a more balance team and a coach that is better tactically.

        Milan simply look labored and out of ideas since everything goes through Suso. That is a coaching issue.

        A better formation such as a 4321 with Calhanoglu and Suso behind Higuain would give the team more balance and creativity in the final third.

        Gattuso could also deploy a 4312 with Calhanoglu as a trequartista and Suso as a support striker.

        We don’t have a LW to deploy a 433 since Bonaventura is out injured and we didn’t buy Deulofeu which was foolish to say the least.

        Same goes for a 442 formation. You need good wingers on the left and right to send in crosses to the penalty box for this formation to work.

        So why is Gattuso insisting on using these useless formation that doesn’t fit the players at his disposal? Yet the poor results is not his fault? I find that hard believe or accept.

      • Totally disagree. Serie A is the most tactical league in Europe compared to the EPL, La Liga and the Bundesliga.

        So to claim that we don’t need tactics to beat teams like Bologna and Frosinone is a gross overstatement because we are not on the same level as Juventus in terms of quality players.

        Gattuso is failing miserably to find the right tactics and formation for the players we have currently.

        We are using formations that simply doesn’t work and we are struggling against smaller teams because we have no solid game plan aka tactics to break these teams down.

        Atalanta, Parma and Fiorentina are playing better football than Milan because these teams are more balanced and their coaches are more tactically proficient than Gattuso.

        A good coach knows how to get the best out of his team and that starts with finding the right formation to build chemistry between the players.

        • your point is valid @nick, but we all know Pippo is no master tactician, all he did was defend with his team nothing else. And compared to them and frosinone our players are Of Juventus-reality – hence, we should still beat them. Or maybe our players just arent good enough and Rino is grinding out as much as he can with them?
          Ofc tactics are important esoecislly in a league like serie A, we’re not stupid.

          • With the right game plan and formation our players can beat these teams but if Gattuso has the players lined up in a way that’s counterproductive then we will struggle to win against these teams because the majority of small teams will park the bus and counterattack.

            All they have to do against Milan is neutralize Suso and isolate Higuain. Since Calhanoglu and Suso play too far away from the final third it is easy to isolate Higuain. So easy, It’s like taking candy from a baby.

            Calhanoglu and Suso will have more freedom in a 4321 formation and it will close the gap between them and Higuain which will allow Higuain to get a a better supply of the ball in the final third.

            Our current formation is killing this team. Kessie and Bakayoko offers zero creativity so it would make sense to play one or the other and bring in Mauri if you drop Bakayoko or Castillejo if you drop Kessie. This means Laxalt on the left mid.

  20. Wahahahaahahaha, finally our team won and Gattuso won the faith of The Owner!
    Blablablablabla, a lot of unfair comments to Gattuso should be end, it make me remember the situation of Allegri in the past – and everybody know who is he now!
    With the lack of our squad’s qualities, I think we should back our coach Gattuso, give him more patient and maybe it’s better for all. Tks

    • Gattuso is only getting the support of the club because they can’t get the coach they want to take over until next summer.

      If that wasn’t the case Gattuso would have been sacked.

      Let’s face the reality here. Higuain is not getting any service from the midfield and that is due to a over reliance on Suso to create something special.

      Every one of our opponents knows this so they typically put 2 players to cover Suso. Another problem is the 442 and 433 formation.

      None of these formation is working and Gattuso, due to lack of experience doesn’t see that switching to a 4321 or 4312 is much better for the players we have currently.

      In a 4321 Calhanoglu and Suso would be the 2 creative players behind Higuain. In the 4312 Calhanoglu would be the trequartista and Suso playing alongside Higuaín or Cutrone as a support striker.

      We cannot play Higuain and Cutrone at the same time because we can’t risk both of them getting fatigued or injured. That’s plain stupid so I don’t know why 442 was even used.

      He is failing miserably to get the best out of players like Calhanoglu, Castillejo, Mauri, Kessie, Laxalt and Higuaín.

      This is more down to a formation and tactical issue with the team and it’s unbearable to watch.

  21. What caught my eye most on last game vs SPAL is the number of Milanista at San Siro. To me, that is the biggest (only?) achievement of the new management.

    Now they are hinting that FFP won’t allow us significant signings; if this is the case than the Paquetta signing is very questionable. Indeed, he seems like a talented prospect, but if we have no budget better to invest on players who can give immidiate payoff. E.g., a TOP QUALITY LW.

    Everyone knows that is our weakest (by far) position in attack, but Leo-Maldini thought having a backup for Suso (aka Samu) is more important that a proper LW (whose right-footed). A similar claim can be made against Fassobelli who spent 200 millon without adressing the LW position.

    And yes, as many others here also pointed out, Delofou is a vaible not-too-expensive option. But there are several others as well.

  22. Whether Gattuso is sacked or not is not really my concern at this point. My concern are those players earning salary by being bench warmers. If they are not adding value they should be sold. We can’t keep having them overbloating our balance sheet and reducing our profits.

    1. Montolivo is earning USD2.5 million an annum for warming the training ground and bench. He has not kicked a ball since May 2018. A club was found for him and he refused to leave.
    2. Strinic had a heart condition. This understandable.
    3. Bertolacci; same as Montolivo USD2 million for doing nothing
    4. Hallilovic is rotting away same as Strinic
    5. Mauri has had just a few games. Results were not obtained
    6. Borini who is an attacker has been used in different odds positions.
    7. Zapata it beats me that this guy has been in Milan for years now.
    8. Simic is rotting away same as Strinic and Hallilovic

    I’m tired of seeing substitutes that cannot add anything to the pitch..

    I see how Juventus subs – d.costa, dybala, bernadesschi come into games and you know they will be impactful – they change the game. For example, Young boys vs Juventus: Dybala came in and we all saw his impact. Apart from Cutrone which sub does Milan want to bring in? Borini???

    Someone here once mentioned the valuation of the players of Milan and Lazio that the latter are valued less and they are above Milan on the league table. My question is do they have as much players on the bench doing nothing as much as Milan?? It evens points out the problem that Milan is less effective and efficient in the use of it’s assets (players) than Lazio. It also points out the problem with Gattuso: his inadeqaucies in squad utilisation.

    I’m looking forward to Pacqueta and possible signing of Fabregas, Benatia, and other value adding players than underperforming bunch Milan employs.

    Gattuso staying or leaving is debatable. LeoDini have faith in him and he is likely to stay till the end of the season. At least he should be provided with better player options than what he had at the moment.

  23. Plz guys we fans here complain about our squad that we have no replace for jack,biglia.Agreed don’t have e av young lady in our junior team, Co ld you guys remember that the failure of fillipo came from not having confidence in the young lady same too gattuso again he should promote the young lad and give them playing time.mihajlovic wow wat a senior man he his.if not for him who is donna,calabra,locatelli today

  24. Names linked to Milan in January:

    Sensi, Veloso, Wilmar Barrios (Boca Juniors), Gabbiadini, Batshuyai, Carrasco, Zaza, De Paul

    As said Muriel has joined Fiorentina and Fabregas is close to Monaco, Sassuolo would consider a deal for Sensi but would need to involve our Plizzari. Southampton wants 12 millions for Gabbiadini. Veloso would be probably last resort and the deal would involve Bertolacci going the other way. De Paul of Udinese is Leo’s favourite but would come more expensive

    All in all, I don’t see any improvements in above rumoured names, except maybe for Fabregas and De Paul/Carrasco, others would just represent a number as we already have now in Bertolacci, Simić, Mauri, Montolivo, Halilović etc

  25. I’m happy Muriel officially signed for fiorentina. Never wanted him. If we want that type of player why not go for Pato? Also, bring jn Yannick carrasco. He’s very good and will be useful. If we add both him and pato that’s much added pace.

    Losing fabregas to Monaco would be a blow. Paqueta and him could make a solid partnership and he can also learn off of fabregas. Hope we sign him. If we get those 4 in January we would definitely improve the squad

    • Same here mate. Carrasco would be welcome, just hope he wont turn out to be an Ocampos as i liked him too When he was at Monaco, and we all remember how that worked out. Carrasco also had a poor world cup, which i remember vividly because he was in my world cup fantasy eleven lol, although he was being played out of position. Still have hopes för Fabregas, although Paredes would be preferred, but more unlikely due to FFP. Fingers crossed mate!

  26. I totally cannot believe there are people here who want us to sign Wenger of all coaches. Your desperation is so awkward. I’m so embarrassed at this fanbase.

  27. Juve confirm their negociations with Ramsey , also he’s linked to PSG , Inter , Dortmund … So i’m really not sure he’d come.
    There are rumors about Carrasco from china but who knows , recently we can be linked to Messi than get another Borini , let’s just wait and see.
    I also like the idea of Pato , he plays as a striker and winger , and ge actually WANTS to be in Milan !!
    Some Lazio journal claimed that we’re getting Savic for 9M loan + Laxalt , than 70M on three parts , I actually don’t mind , we got Higuin for 54M and we are not there yet , we need a playmaker desperately , Savic can be a world class player for Milan , a one we needed since we lost Pirlo to Juve … 70M is kinda too much but we’ve already spent like 300M on 20M or 30M players and we know very well how that has been so far …
    Ozil isn’t happy at Arsenal and they don’t seem to like him , Gazidis is here , why don’t we give it a try ? And plz don’t come at me with that ” he’s lazy ” talk cause we’ve got some reaaallly energetic Borini and that’s not what we need , is it ?
    Oh , and after writing all this I just remembered FFP … What a pain in the a**
    What do you guys think.

  28. Wow, bunch of midtablers here praising rino for a hard fought win vs modern day galacticos spal while tickling each others’ indecent parts. I mean, i can perfectly understand lack of football knowledge and experience because not everyone has the time or inclination to understand football but lack of common sense? C’mon, thats just sad.
    First of all, its not rino’s fault that milan is such garbage team? Well, rino is literally the on field general of milan thus its entirely his responsibility to make the team reach its full potential. If pipita has goal drought, if hakan is so out of form because hes been playing out of position, if biglia is out injured now because he was playing while having minor injury, if milan cant string 4 passes together on regular basis, if donna the sinner by chance starts to wear superman suit on the field then its on rino; its his responsibility AND fault for not conditioning and preparing his team well enough. Anyone who says otherwise clearly doesnt understand the concepts of organization and hierarchy/chain of command, let alone participate in or even be a leader of a real organization.
    And “milan dont need tactics to win vs frosinone”? Thats literally the worst thing u could say if ur really serious about pro sports, let alone if ur really competing in one, because not only is the statement wrong on so many levels, its also very disrespectful towards ur oppponents. wrong because if all it takes to win is building the best squad without any regard to tactics etc then why didnt holland ’74 and brazil ’66 win wc? Why did galacticos fail miserably? Why did conte’s juve beat allegri’s milan? Why didnt sacchi’s milan and pep’s barca just gain 38 w, 0 d, 0 l every season? Oh, and remind me again how did sacchi get milan job? Thats right, by outsmarting milan coach with his (then) revolutionary high pressing game and zone marking. Also, underestimating ur opponents is the worst thing u can do if u really want to win. Cruyff learned the hard way twice; ’74 wc and ’94 ucl finals. Holland (then very favorite team to win wc) star players also messed up big time during preparation for ’90; trying to get the previous coach fired and then trying to handpick the coach themselves. Anyone who says bs like milan should win vs frosinone even without tactics clearly never compete in anything in their lives. All 15 yrs of it.
    Regarding “rino is best milan coach since 2012 (like 2012 – 2018 is great period for milan)” or “rino generates 3rd or 4th best points since his appointment, thats called getting “facts” outta ur asses. I can do it too: that dec goal drought was the worst since ’84. Where were milan in 83/84 and 84/85 seasons? Thats right, midtable. Exactly like theyre now. Here are real FACHTS: milan got raped in coppa final, milan finisihed outside top 4 last season and judging by the way they play and how slowly they generate points very likely will finish outside top 4 again this season. Lets make it very simple: is milan playing well? No. Is milan not playing well but still generating points anyway like capello’s or old mou’s teams? Hell no. Will replacing garbage coach with fresh new coach generate better results? I dont know, ask madrid and man utd, great teams who has visions and balls to replace garbage coaches with better ones. I could give another shit ton of examples but probably many of u wouldnt know teams outside 2012 – 2018 period.
    Lastly, i dont know if leodini are just incompetent or if their hands are tied by slick elliott fund but their activities during mercati and the way they handle rino really dissappoint me.
    Remember folks, its not ur fault if ur born midtable but its definitely ur fault if u live and die a midtable.

  29. So….. Milan wants Higuain to join and is after Sensi and Carrasco

    Juve signs Trincao, Ramsey and is checking for Mbappe

    Inter and Napoli are hunting Barella, Lozano and DePaul

    Well…. Milan will stay mediocre with this transfer policy

  30. Chelsea, Tottenham and PSG are looking after Franck Kessie which Milan values at 40 million euros

    Considering market values these days I would slap an 80 million price tag on him and let them overpay

    • Kessie is not that good anyway. I will be willing to let him go for 40m and get Diawara or Paredes for 30m

        • Kessie could be valued higher but I think Milan need a Diawara type more. Or even If it should be a typical box to box than still someone who’s good with the ball like Mirko Rog. These players might not be as highly rated but they would suit us better I feel.

          To be honest I don’t really like our current midfield including the ones out injured – they are not a good mix for the best/common formations. We need more ball playing midfielders. How can they build a team with just one (Biglia).

          Shouldn’t lose Fabregas because we don’t we to pay 6m. We should try to imagine how much he could cost if he’s on a longer contract. What he would offer is what should mainly determined his value for us. They are not likely to taminate his contract for us when other teams are willing to pay.

  31. @ Mathijs Savicevic you’re just so confused. One minute you love Carrasco the next he is trash. Pick a side and stop being so indecisive. BTW every coach has his own playing style (This is not to say that we shouldn’t buy players with potential), so when you become the coach you pick your players

    • Listen boy, who would you pick? Ramsey or Carrasco?

      Carrasco in my opinion, is an asset for the Milan team. It has nothing to do about being indecisive. But when you look at the transfer campaign of Juve….. Then it is a big difference between Carrasco (who failed at Atletico and had to go to China) and Ramsey (regular player at Arsenal).

      In my opinion, Milan should’ve done everything to sign Ramsey and Rabiot. But ok, they didn’t.

  32. Milan let go of Locatelli in the summer and are now looking to sign Sensi in January

    What kind of business is this?

  33. Fabregas will join Monaco since they are willing to pay his 10M price tag that Milan wouldn’t pay for a player that’ll be free in 6 months …
    Also , I read that they couldn’t reach an agreement with Carrasco , why ? Well , they offered him a 4M/year , while he wanted 10M ! Kinda F’ed up , that’s why i’d prefer Pato playing with all his heart than a Neymar playing for money ONLY with no respect for the club …

  34. Fàbregas looks like he is on his way to Monaco and I’m not mad at all. As a matter of fact I’m glad he is not coming to milan.

    Milan don’t need old players like Fàbregas. He is not on the same level as his playing days at Barcelona and Arsenal and he would have just come to Milan to collect a fat paycheck.

    Players like Fàbregas have no motivation to win anything and we can clearly see that with his choice to go Monaco. Smh

    Milan should be pursuing Julian Weigl from Borussia Dortmund. He’s 23yrs old and his extremely talented.

    I’m sick of Milan pursuing players like Fàbregas instead investing in quality young players like Weigl who in my opinion is the heir to Pirlo.

    We should also purse Hirving Lozano who is an amazing winger and only 23yrs old.

  35. I will be pissed if we sign Sensi or Duncan in january i want atleist Paredes + De Paul and if we cant even afford them then i dont want sign anybody except Tonali the rest is just a waste of money



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