Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next couple of weeks.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. Well, it’s a new year and I see Gattuso is still in charge… But as it looks like tactics are so 2018, I say we just stick a cardboard cutout of him in the dugout and let the players run around for 90 minutes and see what happens. Maybe the cutout could be animated somehow with waving arms so the players get more of a sense of the real thing. We’d probably start winning some games for once.

    • U know what mate, some midtablers actually claimed that, with the quality of current squad, even without proper tactics, milan shouldve beat frosinone. by that logic they basically admitted that milan would be better off without rino because if milan, even without tactics, should automatically beat garbage teams then rino’s “tactics” are in fact quite harmful because his “tactics” actually prevented milan from winning vs frosinone. In other words, i agree with the midtablers on this one; as dumb as playing without coach is, its actually better than having rino on the sideline, thus ur idea of having cardboard rino is actually a pretty good idea, though i’d much prefer having 3d hologram kate upton in bikini as milan coach

      • Man, all this “we don’t need tactics” talk has definitely taken this debate to a new level of incomprehensibility. But then we can’t really talk – we’re just bashing on Gattuso for no reason because it’s all the players’ fault. (Good point on the hologram – I’d vote for Jennifer Lawrence in that Red Sparrow outfit. )

  2. They want to sign Sensi with Locatelli included in the deal.

    Why are they so desperate to offload this kid, exchanging him for a younger Bertolacci???

  3. They couldn’t reach an agreement with Carrasco because of his salary , they gave him 4M , he wanted 10M ! absolutely speechless … I’d rather get Pato who actually WANTS to play for us than some money dog , and he isn’t even that good !!
    Good news are , according to Di Marzio , Milan ARE intrested in Barella , hope we can get him , besides being great, young, talented, he has the most interceptions in the league until now .
    Bad news ? we are also intrested in Sensi , and even worse news , Sassuolo have put a 25M price tag on him ! Why ? god knows why …
    Ramsey is close to Juve , Fabregas to Monaco , Rabiot to Barça ( these are just rumors so … )
    All our transfer targets , hopes , and dreams are all about to vanish , since every single player ” we’ve been intrested in ” seems to get REAL OFFERS from other clubs and not just intrest .
    Ozil isn’t happy at Arsenal and his new coach , and they don’t even list him for many games , we have Gazidis who must know him , why don’t we give it a try ? ( people who’ll say he’s lazy , we got some very non-lazy energetic players , but with no actual talent , and you know how that has been so far )
    Any way , there are still a lot of good options out there and I still believe Leonardo and Maldini will bring some surprises.
    Forza Milan

    • This last few days have reminded me that Milan have no bargain over top clubs. Chelsea Inter Juve want Barella, plus the club wants 50+mill for the kid.
      Patos always special but he plays to central, we already got higgi and Cutrone.
      Remember Ozil was linked with us a few seasons back, rn no rumors tho so I doubt it.

      • Pato can play anywhere where upfront. LWF RWF in 3 man attack or as a second strike in 2 man attack…

  4. Ok, Carrasco seems to be too expensive. No issue

    Sign Piatek, Tonali and Ramsey with Rabiot FFS!!!!!!

    • Ramsey wages is heading to juve, Rabiots waves heading to Barca.

      You think tonali and Piatek cheap but they’re so inflated in this market would cost in 30+mill just like Carrasco.

      • Genoa paid 4m for Piatek and tag 25m on him, still better than Carasco cuz his wages will be cheaper. And i feel Tielemans is better than both Sensi and Duncan if we can bring Lcatelli back will be very good and return Bakayoko cuz he is not far better and cant make clean passes… With the sales of Hallanovi and Batolacci we can lure Pato in with wages reduction campare to Carasco.. Getting Piatek and Pato and terminating haiguin buyout will be nice comparing age wise physicality and wages.. Mata will be a plus as he only have 6months on his contract and Ozil not happy at Arsenal out of favoar from the coach.. Cardiz can do some magic for us

  5. Regista – Paredes, Weigl, Sensi, Neves, Tonali
    Mezzala – Lo Celso, Van de Beek, Ceballos, Tielemans, Barella
    Left Winger – Lozano, Brandt, Carrasco, de Paul, Bailey
    These would be my targets as they are young and very talented.

  6. Di Marzio saud that it”s really hard to know what are Milan’s real targets , so no need to think about any rumors out there.
    Besides , we’ve got a whole month of mercato , so no need to rush.

  7. Paqueta aside i can just see a typical Galliani transfermarket for Milan with Sensi and a winger arriving on a loan with option to buy lol mark my Words

  8. Grim times for Milan. Just came from RnB where it takes years to get comment approval. The situation is not looking great. Mostly sad about Milan’s lack of negotiation power, we keep getting played by small fry clubs that can only wetdream about champions league accomplishment. Clubs not paying up the money they own us. UEFA taking us for a ride in break even policy. No players want to join us, our prospects are sold for nothing. Our only serious link this Mercato is Sensi, a bench player for Sassuolo. Locatelli has done better than him this season for Sass where we sold him for 12 mill, while sass wants 25 million for the midget benchwarmer. Godin agreed to Inter over us, Cesc has more interest in Relegation zone Mañoco over Milan.
    Real doubt in LeoMal, flashbacks from last season. No matter how I look at it, Baka for 40 mill after a flop season, Bonuci gone for free in trade with unproven Caldara, Laxalt and Casti in combined 40 million.
    Can’t comprehend our lack of status, why does every club we approach ask for outrageous prices and players for outrageous wages, while other clubs get away with cheap purchases. Even our primavera talent Bellanova doesn’t want to sign contract if less than .5 million hence we loose him to an other team.
    We spent 38 million on a player who’s barely even proven, if you keep thinking about it’s senseless, such a big risk. The only other club I know to make this senseless transfers is Real Madrid. It’s like this small fry clubs have this pact to screw over the two king’s of Europe.

  9. Only saving grace I see was in a press conference awhile back which stated that Milan process under this ownership is long one and we should reach top clubs in about FIVE years. Another conference said that top 4 wasn’t really our goal this year. And my own assumption, the management won’t fire Gattuso unless a top class manager is open for the job.

    Not saying this is necessarily good news but it affirms some believ that things are going according to management plans.

    Ps. Not that anyone cares but if Milan does sign Sensi for anywhere near 25 million im not watching another Milan game for rest of 2019.

  10. Milan target Diego Godin signed for Inter ( not sure how true this is ) …
    Bellanova wouldn’t renew his contract with Milan because they couldn’t reach an agreement with his demands , which are ” 500K salary ” , don’t know what’s wrong with these kids nowadays …

  11. Other grace is that we were playing with a few injuries and with return of biglia and addition of paqueta we might not even need extra players. And Borini seems to be on his way out. It would be nice to have a true left wing but with our linked names it doesn’t sound possible, Carrasco has this crazy wage and China wants 30+million for him.

    Don’t want to be the fan that brings his wishes on the team but if I had to name a player for Left wing I would say Everton. We were on the low linked with the young Brazilian left winger who had an impressive year for Gramerio¿ scoring some (12¿)goals while having a nice pace to him. He got his first IN cap with Paqueta, and they seem to be friends. I did read his name linked to us a bit back with price of 25mill¿ i believe, his looks may be goofy and “not fit Milan image” but he seems like a good left winger. Rumor did die off tho so ig it’s a long shot from happening.

    • It seems that Everton is the best solution for us right now. We just cant afford any one else, the market in Europe is to expensive for us. Thats why Leonardo is going after much cheaper options who are also much weaker players, which dosent really suit our ambitions but thats what it is. We cant even offer good sallary for good free agents, we lost Fabregas to Monaco, Godin is close to Inter, Ramsey to Juve, will probably lose Carasco also since we only offered a loan deal for him…On top of that rumors are we are considering selling Kessie and Donaruma to “balance the books”, for me all this things just show that Eliot has no intention to invest in the club and are looking to grab as much money as posible from it before they re sell the club.

      • Ive read that the Elliot team will appeal the three year deadline for an extension to five years (which is how long they intended to keep Milan in the first place). Appeal goes to CAS.
        I wld like to believe they’re here to stay, and it is a long project so I doubt they would cash out our players now. Still you never know I suppose.

        • Well i gues will have to wait and see, but so far things are not looking too good. I think the club will be run similar to the likes of Arsenal…main goal qualification for CL, selling the best players for profit, investing part of that money in younger talents, which will later be sold for profit again, no higher goals of wining trophys just profit oriented…Thats pretty much how Arsenal worked under Gazidis. Its still early to say that it will be the same in Milan but just judging by some early signs.

          • Haha get Wenger in here and we’re arsenal #2. Or we’ll end up like Lazio.
            We’ll see like you said, Summer19 will be interesting.

      • its not bout Elliot , they havw the money to invest but cant just spend cash due to FFP, milan will be sanction and penanized heaviy again, as we are still dealing with one at hand

  12. Chiesa and Barella together would cost Milan around 100 millions that’s how crazy the values are these days. Italian talents became overpriced like English

    Although my prefered pick for LW would definitely be Chiesa. Maybe in summer…

  13. What about Alexis Sanchez from Man Utd? He does not get any playing time. And he can play as a winger and striker

  14. We can’t sign Everton because he is a non-Eu player, there are 3 available non-Eu slots. We already have Zapata, Kessie and Paqueta (not so sure though). Maybe that’s why they’re backing away from Lozano too

  15. Today Geoffrey Moncada, ex Monaco scout, officially becomes AC Milan’s head scout. On what I’ve read, in Monaco he ran a team of 9 people and he was praised for his video analysis skills. At 31 years he has worked his last 6 years as a scout for one of Europe’s most established talent factory. Mbappe Fabinho etc. were Monaco products.
    He did officially start today, but if I’m correct the signing of Leroy Abanda (18yo from Monaco in free transfer) could be influenced by him. And in the past week rumors say he will try to push for Carrasco and Tielemans. Former being an ex Monaco player and later being a central midfield of 21 years of age scoring 4 goals this season in an underperforming Monaco. Both players are from Belgium and relatively young. I’m guessing with Monaco’s shape at the moment we could possibly get Tielemans on a reasonable price(putting the money spent on Sensi on him instead).

  16. It seems that Borini transfer is off. Shenzen released a statement they are not interested in acquisition of Borini

    In Galliani’s words “we won’t be buying any new winger, Borini is like a new acquisition for us”

    • It is absolutely crazy that Milan will problaby pay 20M for Stefano Sensi who is barely a starter at Sassuolo add 10M and you can get Paredes FFS or they could have taken Amadou Diawara but he has gone to Wolverhampton now

      • Some sources saying that the China statements were made up, doubt it but i would like to dream a little longer.

  17. Barella: 15M last summer – 50M now. Sensi: transfer rejected. Pellegrini: 30M last summer – over 50M now. Chiesa/Savic: we can’t afford their price now.
    Everyone who blamed me in the past are all stupid bitches!

    • Barella was 40 mill price last summer wdym ¿
      Pellegrini has 40 million sale clause i think
      Savic was more expensive at 120 now he’s 80 million worth. while Chiesa had interest from Juve so would’ve gone for 40+

    • Pellegrini has 30m release clause next summer. What are u talking about? Barellas worth has increased. I would take sensi every day to milan. Brilliant player

  18. Milan is reportedly into signing Piatek in the summer. This comes after Gazidis announced they will only buy prospects and players up to 25 years of age. They will reportedly use the money that would go for signing Higuain and according to latest announcement, Higuain does not fit the bill because of his age.

    Also, Milan are reportedly strong on Sensi and/or Duncan. They are prepared to use Locatelli and money from Borini for either of them. In my opinion a total waste of money that Milan does not have.

    Another thing, Marko Pjaca could be available already in January since there are reports Fiorentina would cut his loan spell now they have Muriel. Considering there are not many good wingers available at the moment and is used to Serie A, would come in handy

    • I have strong doubts about Piatek to me he seems like a one season wonder kind of like Belotti i have heard from some polish guys that i know that follow the polish league mentioned that they were not impressed by him even in that league

  19. Mata, Alexis Sanchez, Isco and Loftus-Cheek are all unhappy players that can lift Milan. Just hire them for 6 months

    Buy Pjatek and Tonali

    • Totally agree. I would sign them permanently not just 6 mos. Tonali, Nah bro, unless Milan is planning to loan him out to Atalanta. Weigl is the heir to Pirlo and he should be our main target to replace Biglia.

      His passes and ball distribution is at the highest level and he is also great at winning back the ball. His positioning is amazing and he does a great job at covering the back 4.

      He played CB against Borussia Monchengladbach and he was incredible especially against the 3rd place team in the Bundesliga.

  20. Duncan to ACM?!?!?!? Another physical MF with no technique?!?!?!? And play along side with Baka and Kessie?!?!?!?
    I cannot understand what did LeoDini think about our transfer strategy when we deadly need 1 or 2 playmakers? Disapointed a lot

  21. Cash in on Motolivo Borini Hallanovic Strinic Bonnaventura even Hakan and invest in Tielemans for the midfield better than both Sensi and Duncan, Bring back Locatelli, return Bakayoko for Fellani, Le celso, Pato as he can play anywhere upfront LWF RWF as a second striker.can let go of Haiguin and bring in Piatek and if possible Depay but same characteristic with Pato upfront

  22. There are reports both Paredes and Barella could be on their way to Chelsea, Fabregas to Monaco, Carrasco to Arsenal and Milan are here deciding on wether to cash in on Calhanoglu, squeeze Chinese for Borini and waste that money on Sensi, Duncan and Gabbiadini

    *Still hoping for a positive surprise while making sarcastic comments*

    • Typical Milan that we miss opportunities like this and then go after players like Sensi and Duncan who are very overpriced for their ability

    • It happened long ago. When i was expecting both Zidane and Thuram join us but in the end Milan got Duggary. Rotfl. Superb bwwahahhahhahhhaa

  23. If Milan lose out on Carrasco there are several options like Thorgan Hazard, Leon Bailey, Jovane Cabral, Viktor Tsyhankov, Nicolas Pepe, David Neres, and De Paul. All young fantastic wingers/midfield players.

    Sell Calhanoglu, Kessie and Borini. Calhanoglu is a waste of space. He will not get game time over Paqueta who is way better.

    Sell Kessie because we need a midlifeld player that is creative and can score goals. Kessie offers nothing creative going forward and we could use the money from his sale to get Loftus-Cheek who is a midfielder that can create, score goals and play as a support striker.

    For the CF, Piatek, Depay or even Pato are all good options.

    • Buy this player sell that player… Have you considered the net effect of these transactions on Milans financial position? Milan is not a financial powerhouse anymore. Milan can’t afford to sign players anyhow… Leonardo just confirmed that Milans strategy is a loan+option to buy. I don’t understand this so many names coming up. I won’t be surprised if Milan doesn’t sign any player this winter mercato. Where will the money come from? A lot of us have not considered the financial position of the team including uefa sanctions

      • Adeb.
        Lot’s of them forget we don’t have sheiks like Man City and PSG to buy players whenever we want.
        We have to go old Borussia Dortmund way. Build team that will be great within next 2-3 years, as Klopp did before reaching UCL final with them.
        Days of us buying best players in the world are gone.
        Still, we need to get quality young players ( Depay,Paredes, return back Andre Silva ) and not think like midtablers.
        Seems Chelsea wants to get both Higuain and Andre Silva from us, while Morata would go to Sevilla then. Leaving us to Cutrone only.

        • The names I mentioned above all costs less than Higuain, Kalinic and Andre Silva with the exception of Depay and Harzard.

          These players are young and now would be the best time to recruit them before their value skyrockets.

          • Agree.
            Depay and Paredes cost together 60m euros, that is same price for Piatek.
            So, quality winger plus Biglia’s replacement.

  24. Seems strange we’d entertain the idea of losing Higuain to Chelski considering we’re so sparse in that area.

  25. There are reports about Higuain wanting to leave Milan for Chelsea. Dunno about truth in those reports but anyone who does not want to be a part of this team should leave or be sold. Milan players should take Cutrone as an example not Higuain anyway

  26. All this news that higuain is pushing to leave for chelsea. If true let him. I was happy we signed him but he hasnt justified his 66m buyout. Especially his age and laziness let him go. But in the same token, I don’t want to be left empty handed. Moise Kean if true is a good prospect, but not somebody hwo is going to make us stronger. Morata may be good but hwo knows how he’ll play, might as well keep Silva. Plus Morata is linked to sevilla. For what higuain has showed in 6 months he isn’t worth that price so if he’s pushing let him go

  27. Higuain’s poor attitude on the pitch says it all for me. So I’m not surprised if it’s true that he is pushing for a transfer out of Milan.

    Milan should consider these strikers:

    1. Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt

    2. Maxi Gomez from Celta Vigo

    3. Duvan Zapata from Atalanta

    4. Timo Werner from Leipzig

    5. Krzysztof Piatek from Genoa

    6. Andrea Belotti from Torino – this would be the right time to get Belotti as I’m sure Torino’s crazy president knows by now that no one will pay him that 100m buyout clause.

  28. It’s not the strikers fault, it’s the fckng lack of supply and support they get from the wingers and midfield. Period!!!!!!

    Suso should play on the left. Suso on the right is too predictable and easy to defend!!!!

    If you don’t see this, then you’re lacking football insights!!!!!!

  29. Since Milan cannot spend and Higuain is reportedly making a fuss and wants to leave I say bring back Pato. He will probably be free agent since these Chinese are frauds and the club will be seized. He already expressed his desire to come back and that is kind of players we need. He still has something to prove in Milan

  30. Gattuso just came out and said I hope higuain stays so there’s definitely interest. 50-50 whether he goes. He hasn’t played at the levels I expected. But neither has milan. If he does go I hope we get a suitable replacement. Which isn’t much. The only reason I’m willing to let him go is his age and the price tag.



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