Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next couple of weeks.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. The issue is not with the incompetent dolt – #GRINTsleigh, but with our management, which is becoming increasingly incompetent and as useless as the F&M era.

    As a huge supporter of their appointment, LeoDini have totally disappointed. Especially Maldini, as he is the clog that is holding Leo back in firing this stronzo!

    They think Lazio will slip up and we will reclaim 4th? Even if they do, do they think this trash of a team can take advantage? Milan has no identity, no mentality and no ambition whatsoever and we ARE already a forgotten force, just a feeble reference on ‘how not to ruin a club.’ presently, we are NOTHING in the football community, just a topic of sly jokes.

    They sacked the Primavera coach and kept this failure. They make public announcements about keeping faith with this loser that has potentially a ‘good team’ that can take on anyone on their day, but their current level is Seria Z!

    For all you Kumbaya and postulators, here is the effect: Milan has lost its allure and only players who want a fat paycheck or need a retiring home will come to us. Look at Higuain, a worldclass player that has not scored in eight games. Sure he has missed a couple of sitters, but that does not negate the fact that EVERY good player that comes to us turns WACK! Why is this?

    Do you think quality players will want to come to a team that has no iota of what it’s ambition is, a team with Gattuso as coach???

    Look at Manu – same situation as us, players playing below their optimum ability, with a coach who has lost the dressing room (but still miles better than our dolt), and at the brink of total collapse. What did they do? Now, ManU can rally and push for 4th next year. That’s a management that has courage and foresight not what we have in Milan.

    Can you ever conceive a Madrid, Barca or Bayern making such mistake with their club, are they running it in sentiments?

    Unlike other fallen giants – Ajax, Benfica, etc, these clubs still qualify for CL and they can go all they and win it once in a while. But look at us, to even qualify is a distant memory, to qualify for us is a dream, a distant memory. A team that is arguably the second best club in history?

    Even with Paqueta and whatever mediocre player they want to bring in Jan. Milan WILL NEVER qualify for CL with #GRINTA at the helm, and you know what, Roma, as shitty as they are will still finish ahead of us, mark my words!

    They only good thing going for the club is Elliot ownership and that will only last for a season or two.

    For how long, is too long for the wait of change? How long must we dream…

    … S. H. A. M. E


  2. Paquetta or even Messi will not perform without a proper game plan on the pitch. There is no game plan. There is no soul. Even if we do manage to win the next 2 games and Rino saves his job, trust me we’re still gonna get back to this exact same situation by February.

    • Fact is Messi and Barca perform at top level regardless of the coach … look at how many inexperienced coaches became “coach of the year” there.

      Take Zidane as another example. How do you think he’ll fair with our current squad?

  3. Am sorry to offend anyone here…but I still hold on to Gattuso for now…cos ur conte can’t do anything with this team plagued by injuries to 6 starters…some even believed his training is too hard I remembered you guys said same thing about Allegri.
    How many teams currently have this horrible injury list. Let our criticism be constructive. Critically we played far better than Fiorentina…tell me if kessie, biglia, Bonaventura, mussach, bakayoko, caldara all are fit…
    Am expecting all the thumbs down without insult…cos everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

    • Yes let’s be constructive.

      Early in the season, when all were fully fit, can you give me one match, just one match where we bossed a good team? Ok, the whole year in charge, which one game were you completely satisfied with?

      Fine, injuries did hit us bad. But we still had decent team compared to a damn Bologna. Why were we still poor?

      Oh and I don’t even wanna go to his subtitutions again. Its embarrassing to watch milan play every week.

      Keep holding on to him.

      P.s. nobody said conte is coming. But if he is, he definitely knows a few things more than Rino on how to run a team.

      • MilanEstonia, there were a few games we played decent football (against low level to mid level teams), but your point on our game quality is cleary valid; however in terms of points in the table Rino did a decent job.

        But your comment on Conte is the crucial one – there is a difference with replacing a top world class coach (e.g. Conti) and replacing him at all costs.

      • Don’t worry you’re unlikely to get an answer — Gattuso apologists like banging on about “injuries” and “lack of squad depth” but don’t have an answer if you ask them logical questions like this.

  4. According to sources RB Leipzig want Calhanoglu, Shenzhen FC want Borini, and Gattuso not only has to win his next two games to save his job, but win them with style. Things are looking up…

    • I hope Milan offload Calhanoglu and Borini. That mean we have 35mil and two useless players out of the squad.

      As for Gattuso well, I guess the writing is on the wall with Arsene Wenger looking more likely to be the option for our new CEO Gazidis.

      • Not sure about 15mil for Borini. But yeah they can take Calha for free. Disgraceful performance in our prestigious colors.

        • Yep – I was never that excited about him joining and he’s never really gotten past that “free kick kid” tag. I think he’s probably more at home in the lesser bundesliga.

        • Wenger seems the best choice right now with the experience of winning trophies and knowing how to create a tactical formula.

          Donadoni is the other name, but honestly, he hasn’t achieved anything spectacular. He’s only good for midtable teams. Ofcoz he would be an upgrade to Rino undoubtfully but I don’t see him taking us to UCL.

          Conte is Juventino and Mou is an Interista. I don’t think they would come to Milan. Jardim is not a bad choice either.

          • There’s only one man who’s guaranteed to get us out of this hell hole Gattuso’s dug for us and that’s Conte. I don’t care if he’s ex Juve – he knows how to build teams and win trophies. And I don’t think he cares about his past either – they’re all buddies these guys. Wenger hasn’t won the league since 2004 and seems a bit out of touch with modern football, but he’s odds-on favorite to take over.

    • Not sure about Borini for 15mil but yeah they can take Calhanoglu for free. I’m all in for Fabregas if that ever happens. We need someone like him who can provide decisive passes and assists. A good temporary solution.

  5. Just my thoughts but I think Hakan is simply being destroyed by Gattuso
    He’s a far better player than what he’s been used, put it this way, let’s just say you never seen a football game before
    You’d think Higuain was useless wouldn’t you? Because you wouldn’t know how good he was before? Players don’t just turn shit overnight and Hakan is the same I hope they don’t sell him because we’ll regret it I guarantee it

    • Calhanoglu can look good sometimes but for me he’s not consistent enough – even last season. I’d rather we’d got Kovacic who was up for grabs, or someone similar.

    • But Higuain did look like a monster a few matches ago, at the beginning of the season … while under Gatusso. In fact, he did loose form “overnight”, as happens quite often in football. In fact #2, I remember him having a draught spell at Madrid – the difference there was that he could be benched and Benzema was used exclusively for a short while.

  6. Leonardo is keeping tabs on Hirving Lozano of PSV

    Now imagine Wenger coming in with his fluid and attacking 4231 and Suso Hakan Lozano and Cutrone/Higuain up front

    Oh sweet dreams…

  7. Çalhanoglu had a good outing last season but has been inconsistent this time….all players have their ups and downs…castillejo’s performance is declining too. We need two or three of our starters to come back for the next couple of games

    • It’s all about the coach. Look at Man Utd. Mourinho is out and the team is winning with free scoring. Pogba is performing like player of the season.

      Gattuso, Inzaghi, Montella. Milan needs a seasoned coach like Anchelotti, Conte. Someone who knows how to get best out of players. This same team will start scoring and will qualify for UCL with few tweaks during winter transfer window.

      UCL qualification is key to getting better players next yr, boast earning for FFF.

  8. Many players are declining rapidly from Castillejo, Rodriguez, Hakan and both of our attackers that don’t get proper service up front or is is the style of play but anyway it is coaches job to bring the best out of each

    Sadly Rino is not up to the task anymore and Milan are in dire need of fresh air and an experienced mentor. No to Conte/Donadoni

    • I think it’s due to the formation, which in turn doesn’t get the better of our players, the only player it benefits is Bakayoko. And Cutro for playing from the start, but it’s not good for the team. Kessié isn’t performing well in this new role, he is much better in the three man midfield. Suso is too far from goal in the 4-4-2, which doesn’t provide our strikers with enough service, or any for that matter. They’re all linked. Suso is too far from goal, plus isolated, when Kessié played in the three man midfield, he would be a nuisance for oppositions with his constant box-to-box running, helping alleviate the pressure from Suso, along with Calabria’s overlap running. And of course Kessié would act as the destroyer he has always been. This helps bring out the best in Kessié, along with the best in Suso, which in turn – closer to goal, and not as easy to mark as he has players helping him with Kessié and Calabria – will help feed the strikers. It’s bad to be as reliant on one player as we are, and no matter how inconsistent Suso might be, he is still the one that often comes up with the moment of genius, so we need him at his best.
      4-3-3 is the way to go for us. Hope we’ll go back to it even now with Kessié and Baka back from suspension.

      • Good point mate. I would have thought the 4-4-2 would work better, but for me the issue is that Hakan and Higuain are in terrible form. Hakan missed an absolute sitter in front of goal against Bologna, and Higuain while trying, still looks rusty.

        Another big issue is the cooperation between Cutrone and Higuain which is currently non-existent. We are playing with two strikers but rarely do I see any of them making runs towards inside the box.

  9. Higgy-Morata deal agreed. I don’t understand the management here. How will offloading a proven champion help the current team? Morata is mentally fragile, he’s gonna suffer even more with how things are. Ofcoz I hope for a miracle coming out of it.

  10. Those who dont learn history are doomed to repeat it. By history i mean comical mistakes, in milan case at least. I dislike leo for keeping rino way too long but i must say im glad hes taking out other garbage. Back then, milan were very prone of making mistakes in mercato; pirlo to juve for free, selling ibra for mere 20m when he was bought CHEAPLY at 24m, not selling that useless pato so ibra couldve stayed, replacing bacca, a so-called one dimensional st when in fact he was a proven lone st at 4-2-3-1 sevilla, with comical kalinimovic, not buying auba but buying kalinimovic and monica bonucci, berto instead of witsel etc etc. None of those blunders seems to be happening nowadays. Fab for 10m (if it actually happens), one of cahill or bailly, sms (way too expensive but ok), paqueta, bakayoko and lastly, morata – pipita swap. Lets face it, those are potentially fantastic transfers. Morata was fantastic at madrid and serie a with juve. Hes also much younger and faster than pipita whos already on the wrong side of 30, like i said. Anyone who understands football knows that chelsea is a club for a big brute st like drogba or diego costa, not lean, fast, technical st like morata, sheva, eto’o, torres, casiraghi or crespo, thus just because morata is garbage there doesnt mean hes garbage anywhere else. Crespo almost won ucl with milan remember? I’d bet everything i own man utd and chelsea would be in much better shape if they would just swap morata and lukaku (a drogba 2.0). Too bad they both dont have milan10 in their mgmt *wink. Milan do have me so for the love of god please just follow me, reasons can wait *double wink: buy fab, sms/fabinho, a winger like pulisic/ziyech/deulofeu, morata, good cb and rb, in that order of importance.
    Also, pipita thinks hes better than anyone else that he barks at his own teammates and even referees. Hes great player but he needs to show better attitude.
    Regarding new allenatore, wenger is much better coach than rino and the water is wet, the sky is blue. But how much better really? I have an aversion of wenger becoming old washed up has been like mou or capello. Dont get me wrong, a self proclaimed dutch football fan is always ok in my book but him over conte? Conte almost won euro 16, too bad he had to facegermany, the ultimate kings of pk shootout. He also kickstarted legit juve dynasty. Oh, and he won epl in his 1st season, a feat not even klopp, sarri, wenger or even mthrfckn sir alex could pull off. As far as im concerned, “milanisti” who say no to conte need to wear helmets and pads whenever outside so they wont hurt themselves and others around them.

    P.s. My good mate M&m (midtable & mathijs) actually blames suso, not rino’s stupid gameplans, for pipita’s goal drought. Imagine that, blaming one of top assist men of europe for st goal drought. thats some next level black satirical comedy right there

    • Merry Christmas All (the Kumbas included), may the ‘4th’ be with us come next year… I think.


      • I certainly hope milan will finish 4th THIS season mate. with proper coach i think milan can do it, its not too late for that

    • I think everyone knows we’ve been calling for Conte from day 1, but I also agree on Wenger. I wouldn’t mind him as a shortstop until the end of the season just to get rid of the tactical genius we currently have on the bench, but having him long term doesn’t exactly fill me with optimism.

      • Correctamundo mate. I admire wenger’s willingness to experiment with formations and line ups last seasons but he didnt seem to have definite gameplans, just half assed changes here and there morontella style. The fact that even at that stage his arsenal still raped milan really shows the gulf in class between le professeur and le midtabler. Still i have to say, judging by how they teams play and how they fare in the table, i dont trust has been like wenger, van gaal, mou, lippi and the likes like i used to. Oh well, wenger’s still miles better than rookies midtablers though. I mean, hell, in pre season rino had andre silva, bacca, loca, caldara, conti, abate, laxalt, monto, mauri, castillejo, halilovic, bakayoko, cutrone as reserve players yet still
        Some midtablers here bitch about quality of the squad instead of quality of rino’s head.
        Regarding ur previous comment about some poor bloke saying rino’s next klopp, i was having a glass of nice hot green tea when i read that. Well, lets just say im glad i wasnt having a cup of black coffee then because the stain wouldve been a bitch to get off

        • Well, let’s wait and see who arrives as I’m pretty sure the grinta genius will be gone by February. If it’s anyone who’s actually won a major trophy (crazy condition to have when hiring a coach, I know) I’ll throw a street parade.

    • And that comes from a Indonesian football ‘expert’. Where all the other experts and world class players come from. You’re just like a driving instructor who never drove but still is knowing everything better.

      Listen,plane and simple. The 4-3-3 system with wingers that go inside sacrifices the strikers. Higuain gets no supply. Everyone who thinks Suso is as good as Robben is just a smug. Like you.

      Suso should play on the left. So he can give a cross with his good foot without even going to the inside. So Higuain gets supply.

      For the rest, when you’re born as a dime, you’ll never be able to be a quarter. That counts for you and the rest of the Milan squad. Just plane mediocrity.

      You can put Guardiola in front of this group, he won’t do any better than Gattuso. And yes, Gattuso might not be the best tactician, but he is still 5th with a very mediocre team with a lot of injuries and suspensions. So what do you expect?

      The only thing that can save Milan, is a big investment in world class talents and or players. A structured strategy like Juve has.

    • Sry but milan dont hawe moni to buy players like pulisic or fabinho . End uefa fp rules . No income no moni to buy top players

  11. A lot of people here believe in magic and witchcraft … when all 3 of Higuain, Suso, and Hakan (who has yet to start the season) are off, I don’t know what coach or “winning mentality” or whatever other buzzword can help us score a goal.

    Do you know how how coaches in other big teams handle this situation? They substitute off players with equally competent players they have on the bench. We can waste money on coaches as much as we want, but our squad is what needs an upgrade.

    • Oh man. You’re as one dimensional as Gattuso. Your comments continue to baffle me.

      You’re like this girl who continues to be in this abusive relationship just bcoz he gives you good orgasms once a month.

      Now coming to your subtitutes point, Castillejo was a starter in Villareal. Laxalt has been great for Uruguay[world cup?] and Genoa. Hallilovic and Monty[guy does have exp and passing skills] are hardly given any chance. And many other things I can give u a list. Now how about before subs. What is the team doing as a unit to play the game? Suso is just currently not doing great. But lemme remind you he had best assists in SeriaA just before a few rounds. What is Rino doing to improve the team play as a whole and bring out the best of these players?

    • Dont know why this got so many dislikes. It’s the truth, I guess you have to put in “Gattuso out” for people to agree with you these days. This is hundred percent accurate. Who is Rino supposed to sub out underperforming Suso with? Hallilovic? Lol. Borini instead of Higuain/Cutro? We have a very good starting eleven, when everyones fit, the rest isn’t that good. Rino is at fault for his share of things, but not everything. Our bench is poor, as it has always been, just some slight improvement, and that improvement is the quality within the bench players, not added quality for our starting eleven, with the exception of Bakayoko. I like Casti and think he should be given more chances, but to say that he’s an added quality is only because Hakan has immensely underperformed.

      • Thank Milanista.

        I think it’s due to “internet culture” which basically means everything is always black or white – people who don’t think Gattuso is at fault for everything must think he’s the greatest coach in the world. No middle ground.

      • Milan has had 7 coaches in the last 8 years and the quality of players over that time period has fallen…

        I said this before – Juventus bench is better than our first eleven that’s a fact…. Milan needs to upgrade its first eleven players. We keep signing support players who don’t add value to the first team. That’s really sad.

        Gattuso has made some ill decisions. Some people calling for his dismissal may be justified. However, you have to consider the underperforming players and non playing players as well – Bertolacci, Montolivo, Borini, Simic, Hallilovic, Zapata, Abate, Mauri, and a host of should be sold off. These are 8 players on the bench that are not performing at the desired level.

        We need quality players as well as a quality coach

        • Whats the point of using this same excuses over and over agian, when people on this page has answered/debunked them dozens of time already ? I know it is kinda pointless to explain the same things again but just to end this once and for all, here you go some official numbers. Ac Milan squad worth 480mil, Lazio squad 308mil thats 172mil difference yet we are competing with them for 4th spot.
          Juve top subs, Costa, Bernardeschi, Cuadrdo all of them wingers all of them together 3goals 5assist in seria A. Suso alone 4goals 8assists so no its not a fact that there subs are better than our starters, only numbers can show facts. I wont even start on subs as De Siglio, the truth is no team can keap subs on the bench who are as good as there starters includng Milan. As for most of our subs as Samu C, Laxat, Cutrone, Reina, Conte..they would be starters in like 90% of the Seria A teams, even the ones like Montolivo, Mauri, Abate, Zapata.. would be starters in the majority of the seria A teams so we dont have bad bench at all.

          Further lets not forget that we got players not who were subs but starters at Juve like Bonuci last year and now Higuan, but once they came heare suddenly they are not good enough also…so maybe just maybe you people would want to consider that the problem is not in the players as much as in the coaches, who with the exception of Mihailovic(also nothing special but at leas average) were not even real coaches just rookies who were starting out with zero or close to zero coaching experience.

      • I really don’t understand why you guys do not see things beyond these 3 points: Weak Bench, Formation, and bad forms of certain players atm.

        Guys, there’s a whole timeline of errors from Rino since day one. Wake up! I love Gattuso, but we need an experienced coach right now. No more time for trial and errors anymore!

        • Nicely put MilanEstonia.
          Whats the point of using this same excuses over and over agian, when people on this page has answered/debunked them dozens of time already ? I know it is kinda pointless to explain the same things again but just to end this once and for all, here you go some official numbers. Ac Milan squad worth 480mil, Lazio squad 308mil thats 172mil difference yet we are competing with them for 4th spot.

          • Further Juve top subs, Costa, Bernardeschi, Cuadrdo all of them wingers all of them together 3goals 5assist in seria A. Suso alone 4goals 8assists so no its not a fact that Juve subs are better than our starters, only numbers can show facts.

        • MilanEstonia, there’s nothing to see past – weak form players + no bench = no 3 points.

          Yes, Gatusso has made some mistakes, not a small number either, but maybe you can’t see past these and see all the good things he did as well. And certainly the fact that players seem happy with him and the locker room is united counts for something. Gatusso is certainly not the best coach in seria a, but he’s much much better than a lot of our fans make him out to be.

          It’s quite simple – Milan can improve both in coach and in squad players. But the latter is much more crucial as it has much more significance to our overall playing quality and position in the table. Also, it is easier to upgrade the squad, as there are less than a handful of free coaches out there who can really upgrade the team.

          • Baressi…

            Give me a list of good things he has significantly done?

            How do you know the locker room is untied? Yeah, the players might be happy with him, but what has that transpired on to the pitch? I can run a company, and keep excellent relationship with my employees. But end of the day if I don’t have a vision, a proper strategy to run my company, then even my top qualified employee would turn into a headless chicken. Leadership matters.

  12. Gents, I totally agree with everyone saying that our squad needs improvement. We don’t have any quality players on the bench and I’m totally confused why Milan sign players like Halilovic if he’s not given a chance to play with so many injured players out. Why offload Lucatelli to Sassuolo?

    Leonardo and Maldini must address this if we expect to compete with the likes of Lazio, Inter, Roma and Napoli who have a stronger bench.

    But we must also be honest and realize that regardless of how poor our bench is we are still capable of beating bottom dwelling teams like Bologna, Cagliari, Empoli, Frosinone and even Torino.

    We lost points to Bologna, Cagliari, Empoli, Torino, Fiorentina and even Lazio due to coaching errors. That’s a total of between 11-13 points.

    Now if we add the 2 goal lead we blew against Napoli that would make it between 13-16 points because we should have aleast got a point from the Napoli and Fiorentina games.

    That would have given us 40-43 points. Gattuso made quite a few mistakes that shows he’s not capable of leading this team and it has cost us valuable points.

    From his formation to his game plan to his substitutions to his slow reaction to changing the system during a game when we are losing or under pressure. His decisions have been very poor to say the least.

    Arsene Wenger is still one of best coaches who has a knock for bringing young players through the ranks. Weather we like it or not he is the most likely candidate due to his relationship with our CEO Gazidis.

    Personally, I appreciate Conte, Jardim and Gasperini and would welcome any of them but I truly believe that the candidates Milan are considering are Arsene Wenger, Guidolin and Donadoni.

  13. The last 3 games have been pitiful.. Milan lost 7 points from a maximum of 9 against Bologna, Torino and Fiorentina.. Milan can’t keep losing points like this.

    The change of coach to Conte, Wenger or Jardim (I have no clue who he is) may be an upgrade to Gattuso but it doesn’t change the underlying problems of the squad – there are so many players that need to leave for Milan inorder to sign better first team players…

    Just imagine our first team players become bench players and we have a better first eleven… That’s what Juventus has done over time…
    From Matri, del piero and Vucinic in attack to Ronaldo, Mandzukic and dybala
    From Pogba, Vidal, Pirlo and marchisio to pjanic, costa, bentacur, matuidi and bernadschi
    From Lichtsteiner and caceres to cancelo and de sciligio (our de sciligio)
    From Grosso to Alex sandro

    Juventus has been signing better players than their first eleven through the years that’s why they become better and stronger. Milan should emulate that. Juventus are unbeaten in 17 games (16W 1D)…. And they are doing this with a coach that Milan sacked for being incompetent. Allegri struggled with the mediocre players he was given but look at him now, consistently winning doubles and played in 2 CL finals.

    Some of you would say it’s unfair to compare Milan with Juventus, but to be the best you challenge the best AND Milan is currently no match for Juventus.. that’s why fans always hope for a win when Milan plays. Milan is very inconsistent.

    So sad..

    I wish Milan wins the super coppa italia next month like Milan did in 2016

    Forza Milan

  14. Is the admin coming back on this blog, or will it just continue like this ? So many people left already and so many comments are still wating approval, this blog went down fast. Visit SempreMilan people blog like this one where everything is working properly for a change.

  15. Man that Lord Hakan he is a disaster i would rather put on Montolivo than him i dont care sell him for whatever the price even if it is 1M and Higuain he doesnt even want to be in this club you can see it on the field

  16. Lol milan need var to survive vs dortm..i mean frosinone. Oh and why is calahmbria always out of position? Viva la 4-3-3, viva la rino midtableo

  17. Guys hold your nerves together.. its Frosinino, the Serie B champions. Only Juve can beat them easily. A point would be great at the moment.

    Oh, and yeah Suso is injured. That’s why we’re not playing well too.

  18. No more chances, no more waiting
    Tell him thank you for all and release him
    Milan need new breeze, new ideas ( well any ideas)

  19. Wow wow wow. Smh smdh. This coach is pathetic, this team is pathetic. And if you still support Gattuso, I’m sorry you’re also pathetic. I’ll take Mourinho, Conte, or Wenger in a heartbeat. For those that claim that they don’t want conte cos he coached Juventus or Mourinho cos he coached inter. You guys are pathetic too because some of your best players actually played for Juventus or inter before coming to us example, Inzaghi(Juventus), Ronaldo (inter) etc. I can’t watch this Gattuso’s team with Gattuso’s stupid tactics anymore until we get a real coach. Why did he start Cutrone as a LW in a 433 formation?? Whatever did Halilovic do to this fool?? Higuain and calhanoglu has been trash so why not bench them and play mauri in CM role and Cutrone as a lone striker ?? Only a blind coach cannot see that Higuain and Cutrone partnership does not work. Only a tactically inept coach can forget that Cutrone does better when subbed in as a super sub. As if drawing with 18th place bologna wasn’t enough now we draw against 19th placed Frosinone ????????? I’m sorry guys I’ve been a Milan fan for far too long and I can’t settle for this mediocrity. Be you a Milan legend or not. I just can’t!!!

  20. It’s a difficult draw , Frosinone are champions and they’re on a great form , we are lucky to take 1 point home.
    We played a great game , I almost thought i was watching a rematch of some 2007 game.
    I really hope we can qualify to europe league this season , so we can leave it early
    next season to focus on the champions league spot , and end up in euro league again , and go on this way every year …
    Well , back to being serious , wtf ?

  21. Wow wow wow. Smh smdh. This coach is pathetic, this team is pathetic. And if you still support Gattuso, I’m sorry you’re also pathetic. I’ll take Mourinho, Conte, or Wenger in a heartbeat. For those that claim that they don’t want conte cos he coached Juventus or Mourinho cos he coached inter. You guys are pathetic too because some of your best players actually played for Juventus or inter before coming to us example, Inzaghi(Juventus), Ronaldo (inter) etc. I can’t watch this Gattuso’s team with Gattuso’s stupid tactics anymore until we get a real coach. Why did he start Cutrone as a LW in a 433 formation?? Whatever did Halilovic do to this fool?? Higuain and calhanoglu has been trash so why not bench them and play mauri in CM role and Cutrone as a lone striker ?? Only a blind coach cannot see that Higuain and Cutrone partnership does not work. Only a tactically inept coach can forget that Cutrone does better when subbed in as a super sub. As if drawing with 18th place bologna wasn’t enough now we draw against 19th placed Frosinone ????????? I’m sorry guys I’ve been a Milan fan for far too long and I can’t settle for this mediocrity. Be you a Milan legend or not. I just can’t!!! Milan deserves a better proven coach now!

  22. Well, the nightmare continues … our worst game yet. Unlike Bologna who really parked the bus against us, Frosinone played more open for several minutes, but still Milan couldn’t even dream of scoring.

    At this point firing Gatusso might indeed be the best thing to shake things up, the best thing to wake up our sorry excuse for players (other than give them a proper slapping, which is what they really deserve). Even without Suso, this starting 11 should beat Frosinone without any coach on the lines, let alone with Gatusso there.

    Higuain missing two absolute sitters and looking sluggish, Cutrone pretty much non-existant, and Hakan looks like a seria b player at best. Kessie seemed to give up in defense at the late minutes almost costing us a goal, and really no one able to push us forward on the field. Too often we are looking for back passes when we control the game, like nervous schoolgirls who are afraid to take on a seria b level team. Zero urgency, Zero intensity.

    And yes, Gatusso’s subs again were off (Cutrone should have been subbed, not Samu), as well as too late. But personally, I don’t think this would have mattered much today.

    • “Too often we are looking for back passes when we control the game, like nervous schoolgirls who are afraid to take on a seria b level team. Zero urgency, Zero intensity.” Er, isn’t this what I and a few others have been saying all season? “Nervous Schoolgirls” should be Gattuso’s middle names.

      • Dejan10, so you think Gatusso’s orders are to play slow as hell and to pass back whenever possible? Is that what you think his “tactics” are?

        You guys are saying it’s the coach but really we’ve had mentality issues for years now; a valid complaint would be that Gatusso failed to fix this.

      • MilanEstonia learn to read …

        I can’t believe I read up there “your comments are so one dimensional like Gatusso …” or ” it’s because Gatusso doesn’t know tactics”. And I’m one dimensional.

        So let me try to explain itt to you again –
        1. Milan with no tactics and no coach should beat Frosinone, and by a margin.
        2. Because you just read it and didn’t understand it, I’ll say it again – our players play with the heart and skill of little girls.
        3. Stop watching football and read a book every once in a while; I doubt it would you any good, and not sure the literature empire of estonia has books, but still …

  23. I missed this game too, watched the highlights and we should’ve lost. All I can say is, bye gattuso. They ain’t going to keep him much longer. Also calhanoglu if we get 20m for him get rid of him. He has been so bad this season I can’t believe it. Such a shame as I was beginning to like him last season.

    I’d gattuso does get sacked which I don’t see him lasting Im done with rookie coaches. Wenger, Conte, Jardim for me. No to interims like donadoni. Wenger will build something here and seriously get this team back on track. Conte no matter how ugly he plays is a champion and brings results. Jardim is the biggest risk but can do great too. I’m fed up with this. How do we tie frosinone and once again not score. We approach every game with same tactics were predictable.

    • That’s because gattuso doesn’t know tactics! But according to some ppl here, its not gattuso’s fault entirely and needs chances till next season. Boy, I can’t watch him ruin Paqueta’s talent. Cutrone already looks lost now..

      • Yes, you need a tactical genius to beat freakin Frosinone … the players themselves get off scotch free because we didn’t have some genius like yourself behind the wheel …

        Please enlighten us what tactics you would have suggested to our players so they beat Frosinone? What Gatusso should’ve done to make Hakan finally play? Again move his position? How about Higuain? What tactics would make him score two absolute sitters?

        Gatusso won’t last very long, but when he’s replaced we will still be left with most of the same problems …

  24. Also to add, when the team goes goal less for 4 games and haven’t done that since 1984 and higuain for the first time in his career goes without a goal you start to question is it the team is it the tactics or both? In my opinion, no doubt both. Look who we’ve played in the last 4 torino Bologna fiorentina frosinone, add olympiacos. Not one of those teams should be even close to as good as us. On the pitch and on paper. Yes I completely agree that our team isn’t that good, we have a decent starting 11 but a very weak bench. But does that mean it’s not good enough for serie a or europa? Absolutely not.

    All those teams mentioned above don’t have a starting 11 even better than our subs. I’ve stood by gattuso and I’ll always love him. But lately his tactics and his choices haven’t simply made sense or been up tk par. Fiorentina when were playing better we change to a 4 4 2 and bring on Conti who hasn’t played in over a year. We lose. No matter what formation we have been playing our tactics have become so predictable. Play the wings and send in a horrible cross. I thought after switching to a 4 4 2 which I wasn’t fond of that we would play a more direct game but it’s just been the same play the wings and send in a horrible cross to now two strikers. Higuain has been bad but he’s a guy that flourishes when he gets a defence splitting pass to his feet in the box in a central role where he can round the keeper or shoot on net. Instead he’s now just running into a box waiting for a cross. Every game, every move doesn’t change. That is on gattuso. I cannot remember a time we had nice passes down the middle split the d and capped it off with a simple finish. That’s what someone like Wenger will bring here.

    The subs have been gattuso’s biggest problem for me this year. Both at what minute and which player he brings on and who he takes off. It’s cost us many times. That was something I thought needed improvement in the beginning and it has only gotten worse. Wenger which looks most likely to come in I think will succeed to build a strong team and get us back on track. The way he approaches games will be key. Every team you play is different. We’re not Barcelona who can play the same every game, we’re not dominant. We need to approach every game differently with tactics and Wenger knows how to do that. I’m done with rookie coaches.

  25. My recap of today’s match:

    – Hakan contributes nothing, if he was considered our creative spark last season he became a burden this season. The goal of Frosinone came from his mistake, thank god for VAR

    – Rodriguez doesn’t know how to push up and involve into final third of our play or he is limited by Rino’s tactics. Nothing to praise about him

    – Castillejo is nothing more than Suso’s substitution. He crumbles easily

    – Higuain and Cutrone did more in midfield than in attack. Frustration of not getting proper ball in the box from midfield or Rino’s tactics? Anyway they are there to score not create in midfield

    – Bakayoko, keep it coming boy, he played well and calm in his regista role and what a rock he is with the ball in his feet, doesn’t go down easily

    Overall bad and predictable display, this should be a walk in the park for our lads instead they looked afraid. Too much predictable wing play and not enough vertical through middle. There were couple of glimpses in second half when they tried to push through middle and did a lot more than on the wings. Just a thought

  26. I’m glad I haven’t watched last 2 matches
    I catch watch this train wreck anymore
    It’s breaking my heart
    Fuking didsaster
    Worst Milan ever

    • Agreed. I’ve long suspected Gattuso is the worst coach in Milan’s history (and that’s including Inzaghi, Broccoli, Mihajlovic, Oscar Tabarez and Fatty Turnip).

  27. This is heading towards our worst table placing in a long time , Roma Florentine Atalanta will overtake us in a week or 2
    4 games without a goal … against ordinary teams , pitiful Milan .
    Poooe management , writing was on the wall months ago .
    And 2 past legend coaches showed it yrs ago

  28. 10th place here we come
    Cmon Gazidis shake things up
    And bring in Wenger & players
    1st January
    New yr & a fresh start needed at Milan

  29. Why do I get the feeling that Leonardo will be the interim coach of Milan pending the signing of a be coach at the end of the season.

    No one can argue in favour of Gattuso now. There have been too many mistakes and lucky wins.

    He needs to be replaced as well as many of the squad players.

    • “No one can argue in favour of Gattuso now. ” Well, there’s still a couple left but to be honest I think they’re either trolling or registered blind.

      • With the way things are Milan drop to like 10th or 11th position in the next 1-2 games if Milan keeps performing like this

  30. All our signings last summer was shyt! How on earth is castillejo a professional? Laxalt?… why is gatusso not trying halilovic? Mauri? Gatusso’s post match conference, he said Milan played well and that he was satisfied with the draw and yhanked Donnaruma for the saves! How on earth did we get to this? What is the management still waiting for? Until we drop to 8th position? Many questions to be answered!

  31. Donadoni and Guidolin are concrete names at the moment. This is just awful if reports are true

    I know we shouldn’t look at inexperienced coaches but there’s one former Milan player that is doing really well even if this is his first season at helm – Mark Van Bommel at PSV that currently sits in 1st place of Eredivisie

    • Jesus…. I’d take Donadoni over Francesco, but they should’ve given him a go right after Allegri, if at all. Not now when Gattuso’s reduced us to a bunch of rabid dogs chasing our own tails.

    • Arsene Wenger is the most likely candidate and will be the man to shake things up. It’s unfortunate that Donadoni or Tassotti didn’t get a chance after Allegri was dismissed but I highly doubt they would have been able to do anything special with the players we had.

      Milan is a team that’s poorly built so we also need a coach that can get the right players for the right formation and more out of players like Kessie.

      Or team is too over reliant on Suso to create chances and he’s no Lionel Messi.

      Kessie and Bakayoko have zero creativity and Calhanoglu and Castillejo offers no creative spark to supply Higuain and Cutrone. These two players cannot be starters or even play at the same time.

      Rumors are that Leonardo has put a 20m price tag on Calhanoglu and Leipzig and Schalke are interested.

      So hopefully we can offload him quickly even though we could have sold him last year for 30m but those 2 idiots Fassone and Mirabelli chose not to since they believed Calhanoglu was a better option to Deulofeu. How bizarre!

  32. Wenger , Conte , Jardim !
    If we’re getting anyone else , i think it’s gonna be another bet , and they will give him like 3 years contract but will mess up after 2 months and we’ll keep him just for money reasons , so , just get one of the three coaches above , or just leave Gattuso and let us just forget this season exists , cause with Gattuso we’ll waste this season , but with another risky choice we’ll ruin both this and next one , so just go big or let us go home …

  33. Btw , for those who didn’t watch yesterday’s game , there is a video of ” Bakayoko vs Frosinone ” uploaded by MM Production , it just shows how great he was , it’s like he dominated the midfield on his own !
    I think we should signe him this summer if he keeps this form , what do you guys think ?

    • I think we should. Baka has been amazing in the past months, and its funny to see how the roles have been reversed since th beginning of the season. Everyone was riding Higgy’s **** and wanted to send Baka back, but it looks like people like Baka more than higgy now:) pretty funny and shows how fast things can change in football.

  34. There are also rumors about an offer from China for Borini , and that the player has agreed , guess that’s some great news.
    Also an offer fron Germany ( Leipzig/Schalk04 ) for Calhanoglu , 15 mil , but milan rates him at 20 , not bad I think , may be we can add a buy-back option , in case he broke throught at germany , who knows … ?

  35. Irrespective of the result against Spawn…or Spal, or whatever. The GRINT must be fired, if not, then…

    … #leodiniOUT!!!!

    They are beginning to cause more harm than good!


  36. Since luckily beating udinese in the 97th min on the 5th of November
    Our only win was courtesy of a lucky var handball penalty v Parma
    And we got dumped out of Europa by Greeks also
    Sad 2 months for Milanisti

  37. Another name that popped up to replace Rino is Laurent Blanc former PSG coach. Better than Guidolin or Donadoni imo

    In other news, it seems Higuain and Hakan will truly leave Milan in January, while Fabregas is negotiating contract termination with Chelsea and could be available on bosman already in January. Borini to China for around 10 millions



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