Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next couple of weeks.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


    • Rabiot is linked to Barça , Ramsey to Juve ans they’re discussing his salary since he wants a 6mil+ or smthg , Fabregas is likely to come and he’ll be very welcome , he’s the playmaker we might be needing for a long time. Also there are always rumors about Savić , it’d really be a dream coming true if it happend , and for his price , i remember Lotito wanting 80mil for Fillipe Anderson but he sold him for like 35mil or about that , so i’m not giving up hope.
      Dani Olmo’s agent claimed Milan are intrested in the youngster , watched some of his videos , 20 yo , he’s fast , good at passing and finishing , plays with both feet , and plays both LW and RW.
      Higuin for Morata ( Fabregas and Bakayoko will be envolved in the deal ) is possible too , since Juve doesn’t care about Higuin at all , and he isn’t that happy at Milan – can’t blame him – but Morata … I don’t know how to feel about him , the old Morata is welcomed , the actual one … What do you think ?

  1. Send Higuain back to Juve. His peak performance is when he was at 28. Now he is 31 and is declining. Higuain is a past now.

  2. We won’t get shit
    No decent player would want to join this debacle of a club anyway & uefa
    Won’t let us spend shit anyways

  3. At least Gattuso himself admits where the responsibility lies… “I’m the captain of this ship, so it’s only right that I take all the responsibility. It’s important for me to understand how to make my players play their best, because right now they’re performing below their means. There’s no tranquility and they look nervous, that’s what I need to think about.” [Post-Frosinone debacle press conference.]

  4. https://www.goal.com/en-us/news/leonardo-ac-milan-will-not-change-from-gattuso/1jfzeun69ru481aw565naedwlg

    “We never thought about changing Gattuso,” Leonardo told reporters as Milan sit sixth in the Serie A standings. “We can deny this general situation.

    “Milan started in a hurry this year, and we’re trying to fix a situation which started that way.

    “We’re in the running for our objective, which is to finish in the top four. Right now we’re there, and the pessimism Rino talks about is in relation to a moving car that needs fixed.

    “The owners know the situation, and we need everyone to cooperate and unite.

    “We need a bit of understanding to fix this situation, we’re not going to buy 10 players and suddenly fix everything.

    “There is no plan to change Gattuso, and Milan have not contacted anyone else.”

  5. Due to UEFA restrictions Milan won’t be so active on the market in January. It seems UEFA did not approve Milan signing Paqueta and could place more strict limits on their spending.

    Therefore, according to Leo, Milan will seek opportunities such as bosmans and will be selling this January.

    First off is Borini who struck an agreement with chinese club and will move in January already. Then the deadwood must follow – Montolivo, Bertolacci, Strinic, Halilovic, Mauri…

    • So basically Milan is screwed for this season and Uefa is doing everything they can to stop us from investing those corrupt bastards are they too good to take a bribe from us now



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