Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next couple of weeks. I apologize for not being able to moderate your comments and I will try to improve on that.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. Almost certain Ibrahimovic will come. Fabregas seems not to know what he wants . We can’t beg him to come. Had it not been for the nonsense FFP holding us back, we shouldn’t be settling for a player like Fabregas now. There are other players better than him.

  2. Tonite on LIKE MILAN10 SAID:
    Holy midtablers batman!
    I left this blog 2 weeks ago and when i came back the midtablers have mostly overtaken it. What if some juventini or interisti losers were to come here reading all these garbage excuses? We’d be laughing stocks and deservedly so.
    First of all, why do midtablers keep blaming anything other than rino and the squad for the loss 2 weeks ago, or any other losses for that matter? Oh juve players cheated and played roughly, oh the referees were anti-milan, oh the goddamn wind and weather hated milan. Really? Milan lost fair and square. Only losers blame outside factors for their losses/misfortunes. Winners always have self-accountability hence they always try to find and fix their own mistakes. How can u improve if u cant even admit ur mistakes? How do u propose milan fix the problems if the problems are the referees, opponents’ behaviors etc and not their own strategies, players etc? U just cant. U can only fix what u can control. The referees etc arent milan problems, its their excuses. Lpool, napoli and even juve were garbage when milan won their last scudetto but they have greatly improved because they knew their problems were and fixed it accordingly (One of which was incompetent allenatore, there i said it). And it didnt take them nearly a decade either to get their act together so pretty please, no more “milan is still rebuilding” bs.
    Second of all, whats with this ‘milan dont need pipita’ bs? Get it straight ladies, without pipita’s goals milan would have 8 less points than they do, meaning they would fight to avoid relegation instead of modest top 4 finish. Anyone who says milan dont need pipita (and suso) clearly doesnt watch football. He scored 36 goals that one season for god sakes, he clearly is one of, if not the best #9 in serie a and surely milan’s best player alongside suso and maybe romag. If anything, like i said, milan have been so lucky that barca and juve are teams of ambitions and constant improvements hence theyre able to buy baggio, dinho, ibra and pipita relatively inexpensively, especially considering how much juve paid napoli for him and how much milan paid for kalinimovic. Yes what he did vs juve was stupid but it was in the heat of battle thing; It was frustration and ambition that got him. Its not like hes pulling a pepe or cantona. Anyone can get red card one time out of frustration. Cr7 got red carded several times in his early years at madrid. Hell, even san marco himself got his fair share of red cards for doing stupid things like protesting too harshly or even purposely hitting opponents. Only short sighted midtablers would praise pipita for his goals one week and say milan dont need him a week after that just because he got red carded. I mean goddammit, midtablers who said no to pipita are the very same midtablers who praised abate, rino, calabria and donna the sinner. See the pattern here?
    Regarding transfer rumours, i’ll admit any coach who can pull off 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 nicely is surely better coach than morontella and rino but how much better? He didnt perform so well with inter and of course theres conte (still) available, so why him? Regarding sean paul or logan paul or wtf his name is, i get it, its only once over transfer to replace the injured players temporarily and no money blah blah but if thats how leodini take care of things then might as well get kucka and poli back. Ibra i like because, like i said, hes the exact player who can bring winning mentality back to milan. Also, 3 st is better than 2 st no matter what formation u play, any proper coach would know this. I really like ibra but to be honest i laughed when i read midtablers stuff like “pipita is big game choker, milan need ibra”. Well yes, but if any great player is big game choker, its ibra. He, like cantona, almost always performs well vs minnows but almost always chokes vs great teams hence no ucl trophies.
    Instead of that logan paul or jong ajax garbage, milan should try to get pulisic, fab, ramsey/witsel, darmian/blind, bailly, pastore. Pipita also needs to be permanently bought. Ditto andre silva. Obelix and galli unwittingly disobeyed me and we all know the results, so i hope leodini are much wiser than them. I mean, like i said, 60m for garbage like donna wouldve been absolute steal considering madrid bought courtois for only 35m, auba and deulofeu > kalinimovic, borini and bonucci but obelix tried to outsmart himself and me and god punished him for it. Dont even get me started on witsel > bertolacci and what sevilla pres said about andre silva.
    Lastly, so called best team in the world madrid and especially that garbage ramos talked smack about conte and they unwittingly appointed solari, a nobody with madrid dna, as caretaker. Well, so far madrid never beat top 6 teams of la liga, and just now they got bitchslapped by goddamn eibar (do i even pronounce it correctly?). Moral of the story, if u care so much about dna then go work at jurassic park. Football, like all pro sports, is ultimate place for meritocracy; to be the best u have to get the best, like conte.
    Lastly, finally the real deal andre silva takes his club to 1st place as only he can do. Milan top scorer this season AND the one whose goals took his club to become capolista. Great job andriy.

    P.s. NO, pippo wasnt great passer nor was he great at build up play. He’s a poacher who was always farthest from milan goal. Everytime he touched the ball outside penalty box he either passed it back immediately or just went down kissing the grass because he had such weak body balance. Dont get me wrong, ive always liked pippo since his atalanta day but hes not complete st who could generate assists on regular basis like this guy:
    And yes sheva the troll, the guy on the clip was much better than ibra

    • I’ve come to the conclusion all this “Gattuso can never do wrong, we have to stick with him no matter what, etc.” talk is just sentimentality. I really doubt he’d be given a pass like this if he was ex Juve or ex Roma.

      • Correctamundo mate, spoken like true milanista. I mean, hell, rino took milan to 4th place for a week and then he literally assisted lazio player in dying minutes yet these midtablers praise him saying draw vs lazio was good result considering the injury list when that exact injury list was mostly caused by rino’s training regime. I bet the midtablers watch milan games on muted tv while listening to radiohead’s “true love waits”. Last month rino said “i want rabid dogs” and just now mou said man utd lacked mad dogs. U gotta be shitting me, by gallons.

      • Where tf are you and Milan10 on Discord? I miss some of the people from this blog overthere. It is a good alternative until this blog is back on its feet.

      • Really? Is that why owen or even bale are/were never permanent starting line ups? Is that why la liga clubs are so superior in european competitions? Because la liga is shitty?

  3. I like Fabregad a lot , he’s calm , he has experience and he is an assist man , and that’s what we need right now.
    But when u hear our other options are Paredes and Denis Suarez , i just can’t decide anymore , they are both young and talented , and i think it’ll be great having them both or at least one of them plus Fabregas for free in the summer.
    Sadly tho , rumors linking us to Barella have disappeared , but it’s not that big deal since he’s rated as a 45/50 mil which can get us 2 players.
    Rumors about Godin are becoming stronger , if he joined in Jan it’d be amazing.
    Romagnoli , Godin , Caldara , Musachio , and Simić who seems to be a good player , we shouldn’t be thinking aboit defence for some time …
    For the attaque , Zlatan should be enough for Jan. There are rumors about De Paul , wouldn’t mind him , he’s a good player , having a good season. Fron another part , there is Pato , who isn’t finished yet like some people claim , can be a great 3rd or 4th striker , he’s fast , good at dribling and knows how to score , and he is getting better this season in the Chinese League.
    For Gk , just want to say that we should give Donnaruma some credit for his awesome last few matches , fans always went for his head when he did some errors , but they rarely talk about his super saves.
    Anyway , really need some blog or something to discuss something there’s a lot of news recently but nowhere to be discussed , so if you know any good place please tell me.
    Foraa Milan !

    • Super Donna during Lazio game.
      If I’m right, Fabregas is linked for January and he did say he wants to stay but Gazidis is getting personal w it, while Paredes is most likely coming in summer since the player wants Milan but Zenit is not budging from their price 30 million.

  4. Can i just say What the f..K!! Was rhino doin not making any subs again lazio!!??? Ive never ever saw any coach do that!

  5. As much as i love Zlatan and Fabregas is a great passer they are both declining as players becoming injury prone aswell and Milan dont need another striker they need a LW so i think the perfect market for Milan would be Paqueta Paredes De Paul and loan a defender with buyout option trust me this is the best way to go with

    • Fabregas may be declining athletically, but not on a technical level, and he will still be miles above any midfielder in our squad. I think the slower pace of serie a will suit him well if he does come. Just look at pirlo and what he did after leaving milan for juve. after that bum gallani thought he was done

      • They’re welcomed if they come for free. In reality I think we will end up playing with two up top since Gattuso favours it, so we won’t really need a left wing. Paqueta plays left mid, we still got Hakan Casti Laxalt that can fill that position. So if we do get a left wing/mid we first need to offload one of those players.

  6. Come on guys, the team is growing. We already have better results against the opponents compared to last season. This is how you should look at it.
    Since Gattuso has been appointed, he is the 3rd coach with only less points than Napoli and Juve. So what are you talking about?

    Ok, he made some mistakes and could have done better, but also he is learning.

    • My mom used to say, “its not ur fault if u were born a midtabler but its definitely ur fault and no one else’s l if u live and die a midtabler”

        • Says the midtabler a.k.a. Rinopatriot.
          Just because rino just beat the dude(lange) from the big lebowski doesnt mean hes cease to be midtabler

          • Milan has lost only to top 3 teams this season. We’re 4th place and 4 points away from second place. Inter still has to play Napoli and Juve, while our hardest match up is Torino. 3rd most points since his appointment, 4th most points this season.
            Not saying I’m Gattuso fan but if points are coming in and he gets us to champions league then we can reavaluate. We’re in no position to be making crazy demands. Champions league gives us bargain for better players and and better coaches.

          • Milan2012, exactly, that is why I am constantly supporting Gattuso. He is doing a great job actually. Ofcourse he needs to learn, but still…… like you mentioned he is 3rd since and 4th now.


          • Wow, classic midtablers behavior here. “Oh milan is so good that theyre in 4th place after having spent nearly 350m in just 3 yrs.” “Milan is so good that they cant beat another top 4 teams.” “Oh rino has 3rd most points since his appointment” when the fact is his point per game is just 1,7x, just like miha and morontella. U gotta be kidding me.

  7. F”ck all who dream on Ibra, he was too old and demand a high salary! We deadly need 1 world-class CB and 1-2 elite AP(advanced playmaker- for all f*cking unknowledge about football but want to comment, hehe)

    • Parades, Fabregas+ biglia as playmaker.
      Baka, Kessié as tanks.
      Paqueta, Hakan, Laxalt, Castillejo, Suso +Bonaventura, Borini on the sides.
      442 433 451 4231 formations.
      We wld have too many midfielders, we need to offload weight. Starting with Borini.

  8. Hi Mathijs and Milan10-12, nice to meet you! Pls forgive me about my angry with some bullshit men. I really regret that we didnot take the service of Barella and Pellegrini last summer, now we cannot afford to them!

    • Welcome to the brotherhood of milanisti mate. Hope u enjoy the jungle, i mean the blog. Be advised however, whatever u do, dont be a midtabler. Capiche?

  9. what is fabregas feeling like,he always pose with comments like he is too good to play for ac Milan,plsssss forget that bench warmer and let him retire on the bench for Chelsea

  10. Hey everyone, just created an account. been reading this blog for a long time. love the comments. can’t wait to join in.
    forza milan!!

  11. We shouldn’t go in for Fabregas… Milan isn’t the abode of players who are going on retirement. If we really want Milan to come back to the one we all grew to watch the we should go in for upcoming better players..We can go in for Paredes or Sensi instead of Fabregas who is old and also seeking for a high salary.
    Also, with Ibrahimovic do you guys think he will be willing to sit on the bench whiles Cutrone plays.With him the growth of Cutrone will halt and it would be better if we go in for Rodrigo De Paul who is equally good

  12. 1. Kessie was the worst player in the team today.
    2. Our decision making in the final third is the worst is I’ve seen in any team (if Parma got those opportunities we got in the second half, they would have scored on both occasions).
    3. Kessie can not pass the ball. Hence, we need a PLAYMAKER.
    4. We need a real Left winger that is not Calhanoglu.
    5. When I saw Abate in the starting lineup in the CB position I was wondering if Gattuso forgot something called Scoring from set pieces. And that was exactly how they scored us their goal. (Y’all really need to appreciate Zapata today cos he covered a lot of grounds).
    6. What is Borini still doing in this team ??
    7. Most of you don’t see it and won’t admit that R.Rodriguez is actually one of our best players this season.
    8. We won, but we got lucky. AGAIN!!!!

  13. 1. Kessie was the worst player in the team today.
    2. Our decision making in the final third is the worst is I’ve seen in any team (if Parma got those opportunities we got in the second half, they would have scored on both occasions).
    3. Kessie can not pass the ball. Hence, we need a PLAYMAKER.
    4. We need a real Left winger that is not Calhanoglu.
    5. When I saw Abate in the starting lineup in the CB position I was wondering if Gattuso forgot something called Scoring from set pieces. And that was exactly how they scored us their goal. (Y’all really need to appreciate Zapata today cos he covered a lot of grounds).
    6. What is Borini still doing in this team ??
    7. Most of you don’t see it and won’t admit that R.Rodriguez is actually one of our best players this season.
    8. We won, but we got lucky. AGAIN!!!!!

  14. Guys, how good was Abate today, as a CB as well?:) For all those people who keep listing him in players that should be off-loaded. MVP along Bakayoko today imo. Abate is the best when he sits back and should man-mark his opponents, so I’m not surprised to see this.
    So happy with the three points, keep it up!! Forza Milan!

    • Agree with your points dude. Game should have finished 5-1 if Kessie could control and pass the ball to an open teammate. But anyways happy for the three points. Forza milan!!

      • @CanMilan, agree! I dont want to hate on Kessié because he does everything else extremely well and is so important for our team, he really needs to look up and find his team mates and improve his decision making in the final third. I bet it has to do with him being young and wanting to be in the headlines, so he’ll definitely improve, once he does this we’ll have a truly complete class player!

        @Milanellofm, you and me both man, so I might be a little biased, but I had to write this because we all know people would have been so quick to slate him if he had made a mistake, but now when he did well, there are only 2-3 comments mentioning it! The thing I liked the most was how composed he was with the ball at his feet!
        Baka is really proving his worth, but still a bit far from 35 million euros dont you think? If we can lower the asking price he’s a definite buy in my books if he keeps it up!
        For sure, this will prove our worth! The Torino game will also be a good test to see if Abate’s games have been a fluke or if he can actually be played their when needed.

    • Bro I love Abate and I’ll be first to admit I had my doubts over him. So happy to see him play like this and I’m quite shocked. To see him play as a cb and in a three man back line was awesome. Bakayoko had improved too its nice to see. Next 5 games are ones we should collect points in so keep going boys!

    • In all fairness, Parma missed 2-3 sure chances in front of an open goal; and we were again bad on the set pieces. Can’t really say it was a good defensive game by us, but all things considered, Abate was ok. Not sure he’ll be enough until January tbh.

      • I can only count two chances, the free header and Grassi’s chance at the end, and that wasn’t even sure, Donna might’ve saved that, so only that header that came from a dead ball.
        Nah, Abate had a great game imo:)

          • Bakayoko has become better and better with each passing game, very glad to see this. The physical presence he and Kessié brings to our midfield makes it so hard for teams to win the midfield battle against us. All we’re missing is that creative player in the central of the park if we play with three midfielders, or another creative winger if we play 4-4-2. I still think 35 million is a bit too much for Baka, if he keeps this up I’ll definitely see us keeping him! Loved him at Monaco, was harsh at him in the beginning, but he’s proving his worth, just needs to play to his strengths, passing isn’t. Winning the ball back is.

  15. Thank you boys. Really appreciate your hard work today. Thank you, Rino. Nice comeback. After conceded a goal, we switched from 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1 with Borini as a 2nd striker. Really proud with the response. C’mon Caldara, we need you. Hope the recovery goes very well.

  16. Milan has the right mentality again ! Fabregas and Ibra are world class, bring them here ! Ibra is a monster at 37, Fabregas is a genius, we need both of them, we need experience and winning mentality, because our starters are too young !

  17. Mastermove from Gattuso to put Abate in the CB position. He, Cutrone and Bakayoko were the men of the match.

    In your face Milan10!!!!!

    • Agree, also a big shoutout to RR who completely nullified Biabiany. Thought it would be tough due to the difference in pace but he did extremely well.

    • Its not mastermove when the very reason rino the midtabler played abate as cb was because he had no other choice. Pirlo as playmaking dm, beckenbauer as sw, messi and cruyff as false 9, milan 4-0 barca, bayern 4-0 barca; now those are mastermoves.
      Oh and anyone who says no to suso yet says yes to rino is chronic midtabler.

  18. When Rino changed formation from 433 to 442 it was whole different story and they managed to turn over the result.

    Stick to it with Kessie and Bakayoko in center. We got Paqueta coming in and he’ll be just perfect for LM position rotating with Hakan. Not so sure about the opposite site on RM with Suso as he’s a natural RW, Castillejo on the other hand is more comfortable deeper on the wing. No regista necessary

    Forza Milan!

    • So where does Castillejo fit into our team, he hasn’t played in a minute. And Laxalt is also lack luster, hope he finds his feet. Other than that totally agree.

  19. Random thoughts on our transfer strategy-
    1. Bring Godin (or equivalent) if possible before anything else. Before Fab and before Zlatan.
    2. Avoid Italian players like the plague, unless their cheap and meant for backup. Barring a few exceptions, the big names are usually overpriced for their actual level.
    3. A good LW is crucial, as Hakan is not cutting it. I always liked Delefou as a cheap option, but there are plenty of others out there. Eventually though, we’ll have to spend big on that position.
    4. A good striker, preferably a secondary striker that can play behind Higuain/Cutrone is a must if we plan to play with two strikers.

      • I’m more excited by Godin as we desperately need a CB, and he’s a world class solution that should be at his prime for at least 2-3 years.

        Zlatan will be great for this year, but he’s far off his prime and injury prone. I can’t imagine he will be useful for future seasons. But for half a season – sure.

        • I doubt Godin will join in January. He’s their captain and they’re in UCL as well as title contenders this year. And I have my worreis about Godin, I rate him as the best CB in the world, perhaps top three, but he plays in Uruguay and Atleti, two teams that play defensive football with their defence closer to goal, which is perfect for him. We don’t play that type of football, so I’m scared that Godin will be exposed with his lack of pace.

          Even if Ibra isn’t the same player as when he left, he’ll still add that winning mentality that we really need, he’ll be great for his young team mates, especially Patrick who will have great mentors in both Ibra and Higgy. Injury prone? Not so much. If you compare his physique now to when he was at Milan he has slimmed down a lot, which I’m sure is due to him not wanting to put too much pressure on his knees. Ibra knows what he’s doing and is still a class act.

          @C, if Ibra joins, look how he’ll take Hakan back from his slump = LW problem solved.

          • Milanista, there is a reason why Ibra doesn’t play in Europe anymore, and that we are the only one considering him; think with your head, and not your heart. And enough with this “bringing winning mentality” whatever that means. We need a backup for Higuain that can score goals and contribute on the pitch. Everything else is redundant.

          • I dont agree because Hakan IS NOT A LW he is too slow and doesnt fit the teams playing style he never has since he arrived for both his sake and Milan’s sake they should part ways. Zlatan is Zlatan but still he is 38 and Milan doesnt need another striker at the moment he would just get in the way of Cutrone’s development and playing time and he wants too high wages it is not a smart move and let me put it this way Zlatan’s winning mentality didnt win LA Galaxy the MLS Championship you build a winning mentality as a team by winning and working hard together not by bringing in a 38 year old former star far past his prime no disrespect intended towards Zlatan but it is the truth

          • @Baresis Dream, his name was even linked to Madrid earlier this season, just saying:) A player with winning mentality that lift’s his players and wants nothing other than their absolute best is absolutely not redundant. Ibra was a fast player, but he’s never been a player that relies on his speed, as he has every single thing a complete player has. He can pass, he can shoot, he can hold on to the ball, he can dribble, he has vision, even at 38. What else do you want?

            @C, he’s too slow yes, but how good wasn’t he last season? He was a huge reason for our upturn in form. We really do need another striker. Look now when Higuain has been suspended, did you see how Cutrone was sitting down gasping for air in the 80th minute? We’ll ruin him. We need another striker, especially if we’ll play with two strikers up top, Ibra will be perfect.
            LA Galaxy is a shit team, he took them further than they would’ve been if he wasn’t there lol. A winner with experience of winning will help our inexperienced team mate, that’s how it is:)

          • Milanista – Why isn’t Zlatan in Madrid then? Age doesn’t only affect your speed, it also affects your stamina and physical level, which in turn affects your overall ability (Zlatan is no exception here).

            Think about it this way, ManU desperately need a striker with Sanchez flopping so bad. Why didn’t they turn to Zlatan?

            If everything goes well, Zlatan’s stint will look like Kaka’s last stint in Milan. That’s the best scenario I can see right now.

            And we have plenty of winning mentality in our squad. That’s not our problem. Our problem is lack of ability.

        • People have complaints about Godin, ibra and fabregas. I for one would love to have all three. People think because fabregas doesn’t play at chelsea he’s finished. He’s a world class player and if a guy like khedira could start on juve why can’t fabregas be great at milan? I hope he comes cause I know what he’ll bring to a team. What he did at arsenal barca and Spain shows how good he is

        • Do we really need a makeshift January CB ? I doubt Godin comes in January. In 2-3 weeks Roman and Musachio are back. Caldara in 2 months. Plus Zapata and Abate have really stepped up. Simic is also a prospect you could say, and RR can also play that position.
          If we buy a CB we should find a replacement for Musachio, a solid classy one, preferably old, basically Godin.

  20. Not a good performance by Milan against a team that only god knows how they’re as high as they are in the table. But, and this a big but, with our current injuries any win is appreciated. Really happy with the 3 points, but even more worried about our future fixtures. Gatusso is squeezing every possible point from the current mid table squad at his disposal, and for that he deserves all the praise and credit.

  21. Really glad for the win. I wasn’t able to see the game. In Jamaica running the reggae marathon this morning;-) Off topic, I read just now that Mirabelli and Fassone rejected the chance to sign Deulofeu because they signed Borini and Calhanoglu who they thought were better options for the LW. Seriously? I couldn’t believe it until I also read that the reason we didn’t sign Abaymenyang was because Montella wanted Kalinic instead. Unbelievable!

    Anyway, really happy for the win and I cant wait to see Paqueta, Ibra and maybe Fabregas. I’m really believing we can get into the UCL next season which means more quality signing next summer.

  22. Kessie really needs to do better in the final third. His passing and decision making is absolutely disgraceful.
    Hakan and Cutrone was in the open but he chose to shoot – miles over. His passes more often than not did not go anywhere near Milan players.
    It is great that he runs all the time and hassles and carries the midfield. But he needs to mature his basic footballing skills as he is growing up in age and experience.
    He will be lethal if he can develop his passing.

    • Don’t hold your breath mate. What you see is what we’ll get from Kessie. Still, in a lineup with enough creators he can contribute; so long as he’s not passing the final ball.

  23. What was Bakayoko’s position in yesterday match? Side midfielder or was he positioned in front of defense?

    • In front of defense. Was very good as well! Just missing that passing, but when it came to winning the ball back and positioning he looked very good. Looks like he has gotten his confidence back from his recent displays. Good on Rino for keeping his faith in him. Did wonders for both Biglia and RR… and well Hakan to some extent. Although RR, Hakan and Baka might have been more that they needed to adjust.

  24. Bakayoko is really starting to show his worth Imo. He’s found consistency in his game and has shown how much ground he covers. He’s still adapting and will continue to grow. If he keeps this up we should seriously consider signing him permanently.

    Abate has seriously shocked me this year. Last year he barely featured and now he’s even playing well as a cb. Congrats and so happy for him.

    The next five games are crucial for a push for a top 4 spot. Need as many points as we can. This team has shown heart I think. With so many first team players out for such a long time, other players that we thought wouldn’t do well have stepped up big time. Come January, get the right players and we’ll start being a force. Well done boys!!

    • Completely agree with everything you said:) Great summary mate! I replied to your comment earlier – amongst several other comments – but they’re not being posted, not sure if this will be posted either… I’m so excited for the Torino game, that and Fiorentina will be our biggest tests now. Hope we’ll do well against these teams that we should beat.

  25. If Bakayoko continues to improve then I think Milan should sign him. It seems that Rino gave him a purpose that he lost when he left for Chelsea. They should also receive enough to reinvest from selling Silva to Sevilla.

    No regista in form of Fabregas or Paredes please, stick to 442 with Kessie and Bakayoko in the center. It works

    • Definitely. Do you think our rumoured dealing with Chelsea, signing Fabregas and taking Christensen on a dry six month loan – i dont want this to happen, we have Simic and Ignia has looked good in the last two games in positions that aren’t his, which makes his signing useless – has anything to do with lowering their asking price for Baka? Would make sense in that case. Still think 35 million is too much, but perhaps not in todays market. Players like Kessié and Baka are seriously what we’ve missed the past couple of seasons, and a reason why we’ve been bullied in midfield even against relegation teams where players like Sandro, Acquah, Duncan etc have dominated us, so it’s good that we FINALLY have some physical presence in midfield.

      Regarding Fab/Paredes, it depends on how we’re playing. Kessié is better on the right side in a three man midfield imo, as he showed yesterday, it was his best perfomance in a while if you exclude his poor decision making in the final third, and Baka seems to have kept his confidence from earlier and actually performed as a regista. So if we play three in midfield we definitely need a creative player in that midfield. Perhaps Pacqueta will be the answer to that. Otherwise a LW will be needed if we stick with 4-4-2.

      • For the CB position I really hope Godin rumour is true, Romagnoli and Caldara would both benefit from his experience and still has 2-3 seasons in his legs for top flight.

        If Rino decides to play three man midfield then Paqueta should be our left mezzala. Of course if he settles properly. Imo he is a similar type of play as Bonaventura but technically better and also knows how to win back possession. Can also play LM or LW easily

        • Paqueta is more of a prospect rather than a starter in my opinion. I would love him off the bench with Cutrone for at least one more season. And obviously they can start against weak sides, and on the side competitions.

          • Agreed about Paqueta Milan2012; if people expect him to immediately start performing for us in January then they have a big disappointment coming their way. A lot of his tricks and shticks won’t fly in seria a.

          • Sure Paqueta indeed is a prospect but a talented player like him and if he settles right then he could surely become a starter. Taking into consideration Jack’s surgery with projected absence of 9 months and Hakan being inconsistent, who else is left for the mezzala role?

    • Yeah but he just finished his season in Brazil, which runs summer to winter. He has his honeymoon, player break, and he needs to intergrate into Italian life and language. Just an opinion but i think he’ll find his first game right before season end or next year. By that time Hakan could find his feet, or Milan goes in for Denis Suarez which plays the left.

      • Italian life and language is not the issue imo. He needs to adapt to seria a level of defending. If you watch his YouTube clips you’ll see impressive tricks that just won’t work when under intense defensive pressure.

        • Yes that too, i meant in getting his first playtime.
          And if he refines the skills he could pull them off like Ronaldinho. But then again he is a god.

          • Yes. I think we agree that the point is to give him time. If he becomes useful already this season then great, but we shouldn’t be counting on him to carry us to CL.

    • “No regista in form of Fabregas or Paredes please, stick to 442 with Kessie and Bakayoko in the center. It works” not sure if serious or just classic midtabler. Works? Against what kind of garbage? It might work in epl and that is only if the team has fast attacking side mf/wingers. real teams like juve can (and did) easily win the battle vs uncreative, sluggish, clueless brute combo of bakayoko – kessie.

  26. Hope we loan out Halilovic, he’s got top flight experience in Spain, where he scored few per season, he always scores for U21, and he’s ONLY 21 YEARS OLD. He’s dismissed way too easily.
    I feel like we have a deep roaster, and with coming players from transfers and returns from injury, idk if Gattuso can make a most effective lineup considering how he tends to keep same starters.

  27. Ibra& Fabregas to old
    Past their prime
    Injury prone
    to much money in wages …
    But not many other options I suppose

  28. I read at some twitter guy from Rome that he has been told from some people close to the player that SMS will leave Lazio in january to join Milan and that he is 100 % sure of it he is not a journalist or anything so dont take this seriously but i hope we dont considering how bad he has been this season

    • I hope milan doesn’t pay too mutch for him ; if he comes to milan . He hasn’t been like last year this season and he didn’t play very good at the world cup too so the SMS hype i don’t realy like it . If he comes cheap oke but not for anything more that 50M .

  29. We don’t need Zlatan and Fabregas just because they’re great players ( so don’t come with that -past their prime- excuses ) , but also for their huge experience winning personalities whitch we need a lot more than we need talent ! Take an example of Ronaldo’s effect on the whole Juve team or Buffon’s effect on PSG players , in their game vs Liverpool we saw Silva and Marquinhos celebrating the same Bonnu/Chelieni way , great pkayers bring great personalities and the confidence we’ve been needing since 2013 ! Godin too , so we’ll have a leader in defence , mid , attaque , even if they’ll just sit on the bench , like in the 2016/7 euro finals when Zlatan was injured Mourinho said ” he is an important player in our squad even when he is not playing ”.

    Also , Paqueta won the best mid in Brazil , and also has been rated the best player in Brazil by WhoScored , happy for him , hope this give him more confidence.

    For the SMS rumor , i’d rather not think about it at all , if it happened , it’d be awesome af , if it didn’t , nothing will change …

    There are also rumors aboit selling Hakan if an 25mil offer came in , and I really don’t know how to feel about this , what fo you guys think ?!

  30. We’ve dodged two bullets really. First spending 100m on belotti, second spending 120m on SMS. now I’d still take SMS with open arms but not for that kind of money. He’s a good player. Belotti sadly hasn’t looked good in awhile.

    Ibra I’ll take no matter how old he is, he’s a winner. Fabregas too. If khedira can do it at juve why can’t fabregas at milan? Those two add experience depth and class if they come January. Sure beats have bertolacci as our replacement

    • 100 percent mate. Ibra is still a class act as a player, and he’ll add that winning mentality + experience in our locker room that will bring out the best in the team. People now have claimed “forget about the winning mentality”-thing, well, look at what Chiellini said recently about losing Buffon. He said that Juve are a world class team and that they can replace players with other class players – while referring to himself that he could be replaced easily – but then stated what’s hard to fix is the locker room presence that Buffon contributed with, and that leadership. And said that now, CR7 has come in and took over that role and makes the players around him better. This is EXACTLY what Ibra will do, and he’s already accustomed to Italy and AC Milan. It’s mad to not be excited about him eventually joining.

      • Ya man his presence alone will add much to the locker room and make players around him play better.

  31. Really hope we don’t spend over 45 million on a one season wonder SMS. He’s just another Belotti, and Morata where we dogged a bullet. Best possible deal is loan with option where we can observe his talent.
    Milan is not very market smart. And I like LeoMaldini but I don’t want to overhype like last season. Few questions already risen in Caldara, Casti, and even 35m on Paqueta is also a risk. Good thing is this players are young so value will most likely increase.

    On other news Milan rumored interest in 24yo Brazilian Dudu who had great record in goals and assists for Palmerias that won the league, funfact exmilan cb Gomez played most games for them and was well rated.

  32. Just read some of us here dowsnt want Ibra because he is old now but for me, its all about his mentality thats what we needed all this time!
    SMS and BELOTTI are great player but not worth 100m.. we can find young cheap talent as long as we have LEO in our management.. he is the best

  33. You know what draws my attention here? That since the mastermove of Gattuso last Sunday, our beloved Milan10 a.K.a. – Mr. Unpopular – is nowhere to find here. The King of Dislikes has disappeared, or has fled? Who knows……. but it is funny hahaha

    • Whoa whoa, calm ur saggy tits mate. Rino relapsed and tried to outsmart himself and milan10 by reusing 4-3-3 and he nearly lost vs mighty parma the italian dortmund. Its only when he came back to milan10ism and used 4-4-2 he won. Rookie coach committing rookie mistakes. Nothing new here.
      Oh and if the midtablers say it was because of mastermove from rino that milan won then god help u all

  34. Ibra is always a good choice regardless of his age but I hope that his potential arrival won’t have a negative effect on Cutrone as it had on Pato at the time.

    Honestly, even if you shoot me in the place, I rather see Ibra and Cutrone starting then Higuain. Cutrone has a heart of a lion just like Ibra and they will play for each other.

    • Why all this hate for Higuain? He doesn’t have heart? Not a winner? If Zlatan arrives the pecking order should be Higuain, Zlatan, and then Cutrone (although there is an argument for swaping Cutrone and Zlatan here).

      • Who’s talking about hatred? Higuain is no doubt one of the best executors in circulation but his whining character can be a burden sometime like it happened against Juventus. Nothing new from him

        • Yeah, I see your point. But I do understand Higuain’s frustration as well – this is the worst team he’s played in his entire career.

  35. Reports here in Sweden says that Zlatan will reject Milan because his family is comfortable in USA i hope this is true lets sign a LW instead but im a little dissapointed that we seem to have abandoned the persuit of Paredes

    • The player that we need is Chiesa from Fiorentina, he can play as a Winger, Side mid and a Second striker. So he is perfect for our formation switching 4-3-3 or 4-4-2, he fits perfectly in both formations, he is creative player and very good passer plus a fast runner(something we are missing with years in attack). With Paqueta coming i dont think we need another central mid, since we have Bakayoko for now who is performing great, and Biglia will be back in a february. As for attack Ibra is not bad but he is 38 so i dont know if he can keap up with the tempo in a top league any more and i will ruther push Cutrone to get as much playing time as possible, plus as i said Chiesa can play as a second striker as well so i will ruther spend the money on him and have more options with this one quality player ruther than splithing the money and buying more average or old players in more positions like Sensi, Ibra, De paul etc. Last year Mirabeli did this exact thing, instead of Audebemeyang we got Kalinic + Silva for the same money and it didnt end up well. Chiesa costs around 40mil and he is 21, i think there is no doubt he will be a world class player, he is already on the radar of Chelsea and Juventus, and if we want to compete in CL this is the type of players we should be after.

  36. As Milan seeks financial stability fighting FFP, PEOPLE/LEO REALLY WANT TO TAKE A RISK IN AN OVERLY INFLATED PLAYER LIKE SMS. it’s maddening.
    Lotito most likely won’t let Sergej leave for less than 65 million. I’m not saying he’s not prolific player and doesn’t have a bright future, he could become a great mid but that doesn’t matter. His current market value is nowhere near that price range. Why in God’s name would we risk so much where we already have solid midfielders. We already have Baka, Kessié, biglia, Cesc maybe. It isn’t worth the risk, we don’t need to risk. Think of Belottis price, and his current performance, think of Chelsea Morata and his underperformance. now think of SMS current performance, why would go for January, where his price would be even lower in the summer? It’s really maddening. I care about Milan and their financial status, already in deficit we shouldn’t aim for crazy risk transfers.

    • What has SMS won? Will he bring new energy of a Champion to Milan?
      If sergej is not option loan then it COULD possibly be the worst Milan flop. I’ll take him for 50million MAX. This players stay forever crippled in their shadows of high inflated values.

      • Even Zlatan would sell more shirts than SMS. We would not profit from this transfer.
        Bakayoko >> SMS.

    • “we already have solid midfielders. We already have Baka, Kessié, biglia“ if by solid u mean midtable-esque solid then yes. Definitely not milan-esque solid hence solid players like sms would be a welcome addition. 40m, not one cent more

      • Name me a more physical duo then Bakkayoko and Kessié in today’s football, I’ll wait. We need additions in creativity and Cesc, Paredes could be just that, SMS is welcomed but not for 70million.

        • “Physicality” could be why we have the likes of Kessie, Biglia and Bakayoko in the same team but hardly any creativity: because a certain someone elevates it over everything else.

        • Easy, fellaini – pogba – matic. Mou, like rino the midtabler and urself, wants strong rabid dogs in mf and there lies the problem; just because ur players are physically strong doesnt mean theyre solid. Both milan and man utd have worst defensive records among top 6 in their respective leagues and they rarely, if ever, dominate the game so no, being physically strong doesnt mean ur solid. Players like kante, makelele or davids are significantly smaller than kessie or bakayoko but theyre much more solid than milan mf. Besides, only teams like stoke city would play 2 uncreative dm/cm at once. Real clubs always field at least 1 creative mf who can control and direct the gameplay

  37. To all the people doubting ibra’s return._cast your mind back a few seasons ago. A certain 38 or maybe even 39! Year old luca toni finished top scorer in seria a! If he can do it im pretty sure ibra can to ,also taking in mind that was for a low level side in verona!! Just a thought .

    • Very good point!:) Although they are quite different players and Toni was always a better poacher than Ibra, I see what you’re saying!:)

  38. Mario Balotelli has accused Milan fans of lacking ‘recognition and respect’ for his time spent at the club


    • Did you just read the title?

      “It is nice to see so many Milan supporters who would not like my unlikely come back to Milan,” he wrote.

      “It’s fine, one day you are needed and another day you are not. It is important to not have regrets.

      “I have not planned any transfer so far.

      “I wrote that because I want to highlight how there is no gratitude and no respect from people I will always love.”

          • He’s attacking Milan fans for “non-recognition and non-respect,” because we don’t want him back, even though he’s so useless even Nice don’t want him. Surely that’s the point?

          • im not seeing any attack!!!!! fans attacked him because of a rumor! he simply said he love Milan fans even though we are not good to him!

          • I mean considering the things he did on the pitch, it didn’t look like he cared for representing our kit.
            Either way I love Balo but him at this age wouldn’t be a move in the right direction.

          • @Mika – sorry to upset you. I didn’t realize the millionaire Balotelli was an innocent victim in all this.

          • Jesus… it’s called a difference of opinion. I think Balo’s garbage and you think he’s the man we need to sharpen up the attack. The end.

  39. You know what draws my attention here? That since the mastermove of Gattuso last Sunday, our beloved Milan10 a.K.a. – Mr. Unpopular – is nowhere to find here. The King of Dislikes has disappeared, or has fled? Who knows……. but it is funny hahaha



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