Hello everyone, this is the General Discussion thread for the next couple of weeks. I apologize for not being able to moderate your comments and I will try to improve on that.

As always, Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. Are Milan seriously on Cahill? I thought this was a bogus report. I rather see Abate play central role whole season then Cahill coming in

    • I heard that too and couldn’t sleep for two days. And now Abate’s been offered a new contract so there goes my weekend.

  2. Must, must, must win against Torino; especially considering Inter, Lazio, and Rome all dropped points this round.

    Gatusso is rumored to open again with Abate as CB; I personally thought Simic was ok in Europa-nothing league and maybe we should use Abate in the flank where he’s better defensively. But Gatusso sees the players in training, and this match might be too important for a rookie CB. Let’s hope Abate as CB continues to work out.

  3. Alrite, lemme get this straight, in match vs parma rino relapsed and pulled a morontella with his usual 4-3-3 and nearly lost, so he repented and came back to milan10ism and used 4-4-2 and won. Tell me, what kind of masterstroke he pulled again? This guy is classic midtabler and the sooner leo replaces him with better coach the better. I mean, 2 of my favorite coaches klopp and sarri won convinvingly last night. Thats how milan are supposed to play.
    Regarding transfer rumours, too bad about ibra but at least both milan mgmt and the “fans” now realize that 100m for belotti or 120m for sms are stupid. As stupid as having only 2 st all through the season (we can thank rino the midtabler for that). Now that andriy shelva is practically gone (with 85m release clause), i hope milan mgmt can use 35m to buy higuain. No piatek or belotti bs and definitely dont pay chelsea 35m for bakayoko. Get fab at all cost so milan can finally play football and maybe denis suarez, de jong, ziyech or deulofeu to spice up the attack. For cb i prefer bailly but cahill would do. Yes cahill’s declining but anyone who thinks abate would make good cb for at least 2 months when he cant even be consistently good playing in his natural position clearly doesnt understand football. One of blind or darmian would be nice as well. Also, fabinho and sturridge. Hell, at this point i’d take any player better than borivaldo or bertinho.

    • Whahahahahahahahaha you are such a joke!!! You suggest Deulofeu, Bailly and the veteran Fabregas? And you are the same guy who is calling others ‘midtablers’?!

      Man, you are really far from reality. Let alone football knowledge.

      The others you suggest hahahahaha, as if they wanna come over and play for Milan. As if Milan has the budget for them. Whahahahahahahahaha

      Did you got bullied a lot at school? Are your wives dominating you again? Pfff, wake the fck up and take a look at football and just shut up.

      • Well yes my wives and i like to play dominatrix game; first they dress up as catwoman or ada wong and then they go medieval on me. Oh, and our safe word is ‘midtabler’

    • Actually mate Discord is pretty neat. Conversations are fluent. And as for a web-site I came at a stoping point due to a problems with stream providers and legal issues. Believe it or not, when you try to create something that is free to use, people tend to look at it as a bad bussines plan 🙂 and I would have no problem for paying it myself if ot wasn’t that damn expensive…
      nevertheless with right sponsors we can achive our goal and that is a next side-step that I am taking. Of course I already invested about 30 hours in this so I am not backing out that easy. 😉

      • Ah that does sound like fun. I asked because i really dont know anything about discord. Hell, last time i used socmed platform was path in 2014/15.
        Regarding the website, apps like joox allow us to legally stream or even download songs within their app free of charge. Hell, even rapper/comic i know in my country makes shit ton of money from his website because he made contract with sponsor(s) that allows him to generate money based on how many views he gets. If he can do it im sure u can do it as well. I really hope and pray u succeed mate, we’re all counting on u

  4. Really hope we can get all 3 points against Torino since both inter and Lazio drop points.

    As for transfers, it appears Ibra deal is stalled not sure why. Definitely no to players like Balotelli. I’ll take Pato back in a heartbeat though.

    I would love to see Frank Tsadjout get a chance. If Ibra doesn’t arrive we should get Timothy Weah on loan with an option to buy.

    It would be nice to also have Deulofeu back in January then we could be more flexible and play a 433.

    Next summer we should seriously consider Thorgan Hazard, Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal.

  5. I’m vacationing in Mexico right now but that won’t stop me from having a couple cerveza’s on the beach and watching milan! Let’s go boys get THAT W!!

  6. @Baresis Dream, look at this game, and tell me again we have enough winning mentality within our players? Give me a break. Signing Ibra is incredibly vital so we make use of chances to improve our standings in the table like tonight.

    • Ibra is not coming, Leonardo just confirmed that Ibra gave his word to LA Galaxy that he will renew his contract with them.

      • Man when higuain cutrone calhanoglu and suso aren’t in their game its the most frustrating thing to see.. Especially suso, the past couple games the way he’s played has made me so angry. The passes he tries to make keep getting intercepted. At least donnarumma was incredible today.

    • What I saw was Milan with all their forward players (barring Cutrone) out of form. These matches will happen, and hopefully we will have enough depth to deal on our bench with them in the future. Don’t think the issue is mentality.

  7. Calhanoglu is trash, calhanoglu is trash and calhanoglu is trash!!!! Don’t even wanna y’all about gattuso’s tactics In this game which was also trash. Happy for Paqueta purchase maybe that would keep calhanoglu on the bench. I don’t like us starting with 2 strikers. I prefer the 433 and switching in the second half if we need to. This was definitely a winnable game but obviously Suso, Higuain and Cutrone didn’t come to play today. Smh

  8. I dont know what Chalahoglu problem is but he is not even half the player from last season. Also Higuan seems much better when he is a lone striker he is simply not used to play with a partner and be part of the build up game, he is a typical finisher who looks to shoot and score all the time. He will probably become better with a bit more playing time with a partner but i will still prefer for him to stay closer to goal and use his finishing instead of trying to be some sort of second striker who is most of the time in the mid ruther then in the box.
    In general i think we were a bit unlucky not to score.

  9. I recently bought a pair of “Gattuso Goggles” on Amazon and watched the game with them on last night. We played amazing!

  10. It’s the third game in a row and Gattuso doesn’t make substitutions at the right time, or is making just one or in the best case two substitutions, but extremely late, he’s frustrating me a lot, he’s very limited, we lost the victory against lazio because of him, YOU MUST USE YOUR PLAYERS ON THE BENCH to change something, to bring fresh people on the pitch, it’s incredible. All the coaches use young players to change the air in the game. Limited coach !

    • i wish i could like your comment 10 times. Gattuso waits for the opposing coach before making changes except when the team is down and he hits the panic button. He is costing us valuable points. He could have sub Cutrone & Suso. Shame we couldn’t beat Torino.

  11. In my oppinion Suso should be benched because he’s playing everything he wants but no football, Calhanoglu should be benched because he’s worst than Borini, Castillejo and Laxalt should play the next game. And he should give minutes to Mauri, Halilovic and Simic, maybe Tsadjout, Gattuso doesn’t have balls to play young players !

  12. I have a feeling Gattuso will mess up and end up sacked before Jan , even when we win , we play like a midtable team , or worse , just watch Sambdoria or Atalanta play , they seem much better than we are with a weaker squad ! Don’t tell me it’s player’s fault cause Quagralella is absoluetely NOT better than Higuin !!
    Allegri plays like sh*t but still wins , Wenger played beautiful football but lost many points now and then , both are fine , but playing horrible and losing points at the same time , well , that’s something midtable teams do !
    Changes are always late , Castillejo is benched for no reason at all , it’s true players were out of form , but it’s strange to play 4 attaquers and they are all out of form !! Like what are the odds ? I believe there’s something else behind this , maybe fatigue ?
    And let’s face the truth , the only reason we’re 4th is that Roma and Lazio aren’t the same teams from last year , so , we should give credits to Gattuso , yes , but without HYPING !
    For the mercato , it’s sad that we won’t bring Ibra , I bet the replacement will be some mediocre ” italian ” striker , for the midfield , Fabregas will be great , you might not like him but when u know that the 2nd choice is SENSI , I think Fabregas will look like Kroos in comparison …
    Seems we’re getting no defenders , but it’s fine since Abate is doing a great job as a CB , if we ain’t getting Godin then I’d rather not buy any defender .
    At last , i want to say that this is just my opinion i’m not an experts i may be wrong … Forza Milan !

  13. Firstly I think all formations can work if use rightly but I don’t really like us playing 442. It doesn’t support creativity especially with 2 in the middle who are not known for creating, leading to a striker dropping deep acting as a playmaker. Why not play Calha/ Halilovic/Castillejo who have better ball control speed and energy than Higuain if we must have someone dropping in the middle.

    I’d use 4312 if we must play with 2 strikers. Baka-Mauri-Kessie and Suso behind the strikers.

    442 is just to direct and boring! but we our not even playing it effectively imo. We must be quick to play the ball wide and wiping in crosses for the 2 st waiting in the box with a few other bodies joining in. We can’t create through the middle with Kessie and Baka, even Higuain dropping in. Use the width more and keep Higuain in the box. I think Castillejo with his urgency will be ideal on either sides .442 should be his formation

    • The problem with the current 4-4-2 is that there is no centre midfielder who can distribute the ball. The first time the formation was used, it was Biglia who played that role. I know he is not a playmaker or whatever, but he did distribute the ball. I don’t know which one it is, but dropping one of Kessie or Bakayoko and put Hakan in the centre (just hope he plays well there) might be a good idea. Considering the tactical need, Baka could be more useful than Kessie if the other centre midfielder is more attack-minded. From January, I hope Paqueta can play that creative midfield role. As for the left winger position, I like Samu more than anyone else. He is so dynamic, even more than Suso, despite not playing in his favoured position.

  14. We went from Ibra to some nobodies ..
    Leonardo is intressted in Real Sociedad’s attaquer Willain José , according to Di Marzio !! Loke comme on !! He has 3 goals in 12 matches this season !
    I’m pretty afraid we’ll go from Fabregas to Sensi or Baseli or any other mediocre italian midfielder …

  15. Il terzino in forza alla Primavera è in scadenza di contratto e non rinnoverà col Milan. Ecco quindi che a gennaio potrebbe andare in scena una sorta di scambio di calciatori in scadenza, con Quagliarella prenderebbe la strada per Milano.

    This is a part of an article from milannews.it and I was very disapointed. Bellanova is a future star, the next starter in national team of Italy, if we lose him for free we are such a bunch of losers

    • We are a bunch of losers sadly. Who else but Milan would persist in hiring inexperienced rookie coaches season after season and wonder why things never get better?

    • reading all ur comments almost every day since the last 2-3 years
      have been in times writing some things
      can connect with our host -who honestly shared why he can not update these wounderfull web page
      who connects these colours we love
      and makes us feel not allone
      as so many years we have felt left allone and not respectet as fans by the humans who runn this club-business and made decisions based on fear and greed
      thank u all for keeping this side allive
      as during my upside downs in ‘personal’ life
      it gave me always a refuge to read and dream
      that day like the van basten -gullit-rijkaard who glued me to this club or sheva-kaka-pirlo
      will come back

      it makes me sad;
      that milan became a club who is more driven by fear rather then beeing proud of our truth
      players are humans.every human needs first to feel trust and loved.
      if milan keeps on throwing away players ,who are the future, even by giving proper trust they are verry capable to play in first team today
      just becouse we are so focused on short term succes and are afraid to fail
      therefore project in old-washep up injury prone player to be the solution to become ‘again’ a succesfull club or brand ,whom we pay millions of salary.
      then end up like this year.got biglica and let go of locatelli.
      locatelli has shown enough he was able to carry the team ,even in so young age.the goal against juventus and his tears made me so emotional.he has a carisma like maldini
      now we lost biglica for a injury and miss deadly locatelli.
      but will get another injury prone player,who is old and will get a huge salary
      i can understand that a football club is not anymore just pure passion and football
      its a brand,a business-always in fear of red nr’s and always aiming to grow.
      how milan was used and abused by berlusconi in his last years.
      it became a club with almost no income anymore
      who where forced to sell their best players to make the big business wheel turn.silva and ibra also kaka
      since then we never became able to give trust to all this wounderfull young players we had and gave away for nothing.
      and we can see them today.
      pategna-cristante ….. the list goes on.dont wanna even think how much will silva and players like locatelli grow.silva will be shurely sold for his new minimum release clouse of 80 million.and locatelli will be shure make more then 20-30 millions one day
      i belive even mastour if given proper love and trust would have become a nice gift
      some players are destinyed maybe to shine just for one club
      and if not given trust and thrown away,they might loose all power for selfbelieve.
      in the end we talk about young human beeings.specialy man,and not some computer game players
      whe know how fast mans can loose their selfconfidence by entering in the mind down spiral
      also i belive it is so unhuman -to buy young players like silva
      lure them away from their countrys and clubs where they are playing succesfull football
      and bring them to ur club-promise them stuff
      but never actualy where ready to give them the trust and specialy time
      to sattle in a new country new culture new team new style
      and break their confidence after some games where they just get some minutes play time
      and let them rott one year on the bench to re sell them -silva will show what we have lost
      and again and again same game-silva rottet for kalinic -locatelli was sold becouse of biglica
      now -milan is need first some years of stable income managed true championsleague
      that we can become again a selfrolling economic sport club
      strange but reality
      even if we -in my belive lost in locatelli a realy future star-
      dona-calabria-cutrone are there and showing what is milan
      realy say -if we take a 35 years old striker as a back up for 1-2 years max.
      and give away belladona a future star,who already shows in the italian young national team what is his destiny
      i realy hope with maldini and leonardo these will not happen
      but also some must remember
      even countrys are today run by companies and not anymore by some good heartet politicians
      so it might realy well end up loosing belladona in ex change to a 35 years old striker-just to save this year and go next year in champions league
      by having having maldini and leonardo on board do not mean business will get back to be a football club based on values and passion
      as no business no income
      no icome no salary for maldini and leonardo
      they call it compromise
      gazidis seems having youth on his first list
      what gives hope
      dont know -some say-he uses youth to sell
      but use youth to sell -at least u need to give them game time for their economic value to rise
      and not sell like they would do so many times.
      sell them as raw diamonds for peanuts
      would be sad get out of san siro
      specialy if leave it for inter
      but in other hand
      life is about constant change
      change the seat can give a lot of new vision
      a new stadium might be realy the thing to do – if it meaNS we can keep our locatellis-belladonas and get the money
      from real business and not our own pillars
      the pillars whe admire today and get hope and inspiration
      maldinis and baresis

      have a good day
      to all souls out there
      specialy the ones who meet under these colours

  16. Seems like our second half of the season will be much better with the new players coming in. I hope our injured players recover soon.

  17. Calhanoglu doesn’t add anything to this team. I’m so tired of seeing him on this team. Also, you guys are so gullible to believe that Reina is a better goalie than Donnarumma. And that abate is a good CB. That’s the craziest things I’ve ever heard. Gattuso’s tactics is ugly to watch. Smh. It’s ECL for God’s freaking sake. Smh

    • Calahoglu looks like he dosent even want to play football any more, i heard he has some personal problems in his life only Gatuzzo knows why he is not benched yet. As for the rest its naither Abate or Reina fault that we lost, we see this same thing over and over we just close in our field and let the opponents play there game so its normall that some one will make a mistaqe or the ball will take some wierd turn and end up in goal after so many attempts from our opposition, you cant compleatly close down for 90mins and Gatuzzo still cant fugire this out smh, if this tactic was effective teams like Frosinone would be on top of the table and not at the bottom.

  18. This crazy coach started with a 433 and played Cutrone on the left side ?? Does that even make any sense ?? What did Halilovic do to Gattuso for him not to even try to play him from the beginning in this game ? Is Kessie a midfielder or defender because his ball control and passing is nothing close to a midfielders level. Smh. I’m done with Gattuso and his BS.

  19. What’s the issue?! We got rid of a League that doesn’t bring any good. No money, only injuries. Let’s spare our muscles for the League


    • The issue is the embarrassing way we got kicked out. I hope you are not trying to insinuate there’s nothing wrong in how the team played.

    • Apparently his midtableness chose. Too bad.
      Win vs garbage teams and rino is better than conte. Lose vs garbage teams and rino is smart for prioritizing ucl spot, like his team would do shit in ucl when they cant even beat betis and olympiacos. U just cant win with these midtablers, literally

        • Hey listen up, I always claimed Milan has a mediocre team. The only A-player is Higuain. Who is underperforming big time.

          But, with all the injuries and mediocre players, Gattuso is still doing a good job.

          He is 4th, out of the Europa League and in January there will be some reinforcements.

          Every game ahead until January is a must and probable win.

  20. As embarassing as that was, I for one am glad we got kicked out, Europa was offering us nothing, no revenue, not much rotation was happening, and it was only injuring our players, good riddance

  21. Whats the point in qualifaing for Champions League if we cant even pass the group in Europa League Lol, will just get embaresed in CL if we play like this. Btw that constant throwing off ball on the pitch in the end to stop our attacks was such a dirty uncivilaized tactic from Olympiacos, i hope UEFA gives them a fine.

  22. His managerial career started in 2006, leading Bari to the 2008–09 Serie B title, and Siena to promotion from the same division two years later. He then took over at Juventus in 2011, where he implemented a 3–5–2 formation and won three consecutive Serie A titles, before taking charge of the Italian national team in 2014 until the UEFA Euro 2016 campaign. He became the manager of Chelsea in April 2016 and led them to the Premier League title in his first season in charge, later winning the FA Cup in his second season with the team. He was dismissed as Chelsea manager in July 2018. Both Inter and Roma are sniffing after his signature while Milan sit on their hands and blunder along with Gattuso because he’s a Milan legend. Guess who.

    • Conte conte conte. Say it again and again bro. That’s the best coach we can hire right now if we’re serious about getting back to the champions league. He doesn’t take shit from his player’s and that’s the kind of coach we need rn. You’re very right that Milan doesn’t wanna fire Gattuso because they’re so blind to the fact that he is a Milan legend. Smh. If the management keep this shit up, we’re not going ANYWHERE!! I have said it before and I’m saying it again.

  23. Being out has the positive of not playing twice a week during Europa weeks, but the reason we are knocked out is because we aren’t any good (or as good as we should be) and that fact is being glossed over by those kidding themselves that this was a good thing.

  24. OMG….looks like we have to completelly re-build team if we want to really play again in CL…..this team (OK, injuries are there) can not secure at least draw against Greek side…….disaster and shame

  25. We are out of Europa thanks to the future. Guys I’m out will see you next year, I’m South African so December is usually our holiday. All the best Rossonero.

  26. I really dont get it. Sure rino identifies himself as gender fluid feminist rabid dog but by god hes still human being capable of abstract thinking right? He mustve realized by now that 4-3-3 doesnt work and milan is 2 st club so why was he pushing his luck again last night? Why deliberately disobeyed milan10ism a.k.a. Truth when milan pride and the chance to win el were on the line?
    Also, why do midtablers keep defending rino? Winners like michael jordan or messi hate losing even in goddamn training sessions so why should we defend him after losing vs goddamn olympiacos of all teams?

    • I remember someone on this blog saying after a slow start Gattuso was going to turn into Jürgen Klopp… Surely their optimism that he knows what he’s doing has to be fading.

  27. For people saying they wanted us out of the EL; are you content?
    This is embarassing and another low in the string of many…many lows we’ve had the last couple of years. This is on par with Benevento’s keeper scoring at the death vs us and us losing 0-1 at home vs them. Or losing to clear for relegation Hellas two-three seasons ago, there are probably so many more, but fortunately for me I’ve blacked them out, or gotten so used to them so they mixed up with all other disappointments.
    Hope we put it behind us and cement the fourth spot.

  28. I hope this blog will allow us to comment directly in the next ” general discussion ” cause i’m so tired of ALL my comments not making it to the blog , just like Milan didn’t make it it to 32 …
    We messed up against Olympiacos ! 3 1 ! When all we needed was a one goal defeat for F’s sake !!! But i have a good plan , how about complaining about the refree and act happy about getting rid of ” euro nothing league ” ! Cause , you know , a lot of teams got kicked out of EuroLeague group stages but still won Champions League the next season ! Like … Eeh … I don’t know but it’s kinda harder to get to round of 32 than winning a champions league , right ?
    Reminder : we are 4th BECAUSE Roma and Lazio are underperforming for f’s sake , don’t come at me with that we’re doing great shit , comme oooon , you know we’re better than that !!!!!!

  29. The lost is disappointing but isn’t so bad considering all the injuries we have currently. Now we can focus on 3rd/4th place in Serie A. Let’s face it, the team is not good enough and honestly, neither is the coach.

    There will be new signings arriving in January and next summer. Hopefully we will change coach as well since nothing Gattuso does makes sense to me. I’ve had it with all these rookie coaches at Milan. Bring Jardim, Wenger, Conte, or Gasperini.

    Either one will do as these coaches are tactically proficient and superior to Gattuso in all aspects of the job.

  30. Milan aren’t good enough to come 4th
    Or be in champions league period ,
    Hakan is fukin rubbish like 80% of our squad and I can’t believe we didn’t want Deulofeu who was the best player we had in years , like boban said after we spent all that money on mediocre shit players ,
    One fuck up after another season after season, Elliot should have got a real coach when they took over and stop buying juve rejects

  31. So a 12m fine and if we don’t balance the books by a certain time we will be excluded from European competitions.. Seems a little harsh still. Find it funny how uefa want to ban us for not having money and then slap a 12m fine on us. I guess higuain is as good as gone next year and the way he’s been playing lately I’m happy if we don’t sign him. Only cause he’ll be ever older and on the decline. For this year I still think he was necessary although he’s been underwhelming lately but so has suso calhanoglu and cutrone.

    Losing to olympiacos with a full milan starting 11 was disgraceful. I’d like to be the type to say I don’t care now we can focus on fourth but we didn’t lose on purpose. We just lost because we couldn’t compete with olympiacos which is embarrassing. Hoping for better days because it now seems we’re missing our injured players

    • You have put the last paragraph well. Any Milan fan with a bit of passion and pride for the team would feel embarrassed by failing in this manner against these teams, regardless how not very important the competition is. We were desperately playing to go through so we could’ve experienced this even if it was the champions league instead.

  32. Milan sucks arse
    Gattuso not a coach
    B grade shot players
    Keep dreaming 4 th place can’t beat Torino&
    Only beat Parma with var joke penalty ,
    Can’t beat mediocre Olympiacos or real betis haha why fukin bother for champions league it’s a fukin joke



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