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  1. Higuain got banned from our next two games. Justified I guess. Ppl downvoted me for saying he does not worth that much. I hope we sign a young striker instead of him. Piatek, Silva, Cutrone would be nice. Maybe Simone. I don’t know. We should stop buying Juve leftovers. In the last 10 interviews, he said that he didn’t want to leave Juve! Don’t worry! You will be back there soon

    By the way. Bacca scored the same amount of goals. We never treated him like a game changer!

    • I said the same and called him a big match flop,, which isn’t what we need in the longterm, but he is good vs smaller teams which is good for our short-term objective to reach UCL asap I guess… also got a lot of hate. Not the biggest fan of Simeone though…

      • So up until the Juventus match higuain has been putting in the goals and showed his class and everyone said that’s what we’ve been missing this whole time. Now one bad game vs Juventus and all of a sudden he’s not right for milan? He’s not a juve left over, he was replaced by the best player in the world lol. Nobody is happy with anything when things go wrong

        • as I said in my comment and I also remember his comment, both of us was against signing him in the long term. Higuain is a good striker. probably the best we had in years. but paying Millions for an striker that has no long term future is wrong. as wrong as bringing Ibra or Pato in the long term. short term is ok. but I rather see our team be build for future, Silva Cutro partnership would be a killer one.

          • I would definitely bring back Ibra in a heartbeat though, without a single doubt in my mind! He’s a proven winner wherever he’s been.

        • Well, I said that in the summer mate and haven’t really said much about it since because I’ve wanted him to prove me wrong:) I hope he will throughout the season, but his track record isn’t on his side.

          • No doubt higuain had a game to forget against juve, but in higuains defence he doesn’t have the service.. Isolate suso like juve did and all of a sudden we don’t create chances. Higuain in games has to collect the ball from half when instead he should be getting it in or near the box. When he has got it in that position he has scored or created a chance. Higuains the best striker we’ve had since ibra so let’s be thankful he even joined us lol

          • @Milanellofm, absolutely, but we also saw what he could do when he dropped deep and spread the ball around like vs Roma, he didn’t score, but was outstanding in that game. I lost count on how many times he got the ball, vs Juventus, and turned right into the opposition player behind him. he was out of balance from the get go.
            He’s definitely a great player, and will be great for us vs smaller clubs which we have struggled beating and need to beat to reach UCL, he is just a big game flop, and I said nothing else mate!:) Really hope he’ll prove me – and his doubters – wrong and have hattricks against all top teams after his suspension!

    • Couldn’t disagree more. I think the difference between Bacca and Higuain should be clear. I’ve never seen Bacca, for instace, drop to the middle and really help the build up. I guess our long hiatus from quality has made our fans not able to recognize true world class players; from others.

      Milanista’s comment about Higuain sometimes choking on big games ? Well, did we have CR7 and Messi banging on our door? Anyone else whose better than Higuain? No. Yes, he’s not the best player in the world, but he’s definitely world class, and definitely the best we could have used to fill that option.

      He had a bad match, and is in a slight slump. But remember he came back from injury. Also, while I disapprove of his behavior, at least the guy is a true winner who gets disgusted by the mere notion of defeat. Can’t say that about everyone else on our squad.

      • While I do agree with what you’re saying per say, calling Higuain a proven winner… can’t really agree with that though. He has bottled it in every final he’s played in as far as I can remember, just look at him vs Germany with the chances he had to win it for Argentina. Then you might argue that at least he’s played in finals, but so has Lovren – although he isn’t as bad as people make him out to be, and not as good as he himself make him out to be “worlds best cb” – and Karius.

        • I’m saying he has the right mentality; you can tell how agitated he gets when we are playing like shit.

        • @milanista121..sure for Argentina he missed chances, but so did messi, who many claim he is the best player to ever play. So why does higuain get slated for this while messi played just as bad and at the end of it all chose to retire cause things didn’t go his way. Higuain gets cut up for ‘big games’ but his stats show otherwise. For juve he proved what class he is and unfortunately against juve this time around it wasn’t his day, shouldn’t mean we should bring up questions as to whether he is the right guy. He can be frustrating at times but which milan player can’t?

          • @Baresis dream, his mentality is another thing, not really a winner though since he bottles it. Andrea Poli also has that mentality where he complains with the ref and gets agitated but that doesn’t mean he is a winner.

            @Milanellofm, Well, how many UCL finals has Messi scored in and how many has Higuain? Dont recollect Messi bottling it and missing big chances in the final. Messi at least carried his team to the final, despite being so known for being poor in the national team. Messi sucks at penalty too and gets his fair share of criticism for that along with not being able to be as good for his country as he is for Barcelona.

            Can you show me Higuain’s stats in big games? I cant really say they’re overly impressive based on the games I’ve seen, both for club and country.
            I’m not arguing the fact that he’s a great player which I’ve reiterated, just that he’s a big match flop – which isn’t based on the recent Juve game alone – and that he isn’t what we need if we want to get back to the absolute top, but he is what we need now in the short term to get back into the UCL etc.

    • You are sooo right in everything you say. My only thing left to say is that we need a real coach. Gatusso is a really good motivator of young players and that’s all so I believe he should go back to his original job of working with the youth players. In my opinion he lacks tactical ability and strategy when it comes to our game plan right now and he definitely doesn’t know how to speak about players to the media because he always talks stupid shit about good players and that just plays on their football ability. Andre Silva would be a perfect example.

  2. Young and talented Tonali from Brescia, touted to be the “new Pirlo”, just announced in his interview he grew up supporting Milan. He said he was always inspired by Gattuso and his fighting spirit and to Pirlo he resembles only by haircut

    Inter are strong on him… Guess not anymore

    • Would love to see this guy in a Milan shirt but knowing Gattuso he’d just spend his entire career with us on the bench. Too much talent not enough grinta.

    • Tonelli has only proven one thing so far, he has the talent to become the next Pirlo. Hachim Mastour has talent to become the next Ronaldinho and we all know how his career turned out.

      What Milan need is proven champions like Veratti. We don’t need the next Pirlo.

      I’ll pass on this kid. If Milan get him, they should send him to Atalanta before thinking about bringing him straight to Milan that’s why Juventus is a step ahead of everyone.

      We should have sent Donnarumma to Atalanta then we would really know if he is really worth 6m. At that salary he should be way ahead of Buffon and he’s not even close.

      • Not agree. That’s how we missed Veratti. Ppl said he will be next pirlo. Juve and milan hesitated. PSG signed him. Young players are gamble. The questions is proven players are not a gamble? How many proven player we signed that didn’t perform? Bonu & Biglia are the latest. I can Higuain add to the mix. He can still be a succes. Right now he isn’t.

        And about Mastour. We actually ruined him. We did the same thing with our other talents. Verdi for example. saponara.

        We need a coach who is brave enough to sign and play young players. We dont have 200M to pay for Veratti

        • Milan is currently going through a rebuilding process and our team is still lacking an identity. Imagine bringing in a young player like Tonali in such chaos especially with a coach who doesn’t seem to gamble on youth?

          What Milan need is to settle on a certain style of play which includes a formation that works best for the players we currently have at the club.

          Once the team has stability then it will be easier to integrate a player like Tonali. Bringing him to Milan now is not a good idea.

          As for Mastour, Milan cannot be blamed for his career. He has never performed well even on loan.

      • So Inter were right to keep Pirlo on the bench because he wasn’t a “proven champion” and sell him to us in 2001?

    • I agree with Nick sentiments in general; at the some point we need to look at the present and not the future.

  3. Yeah stop buying juve left overs
    Gold diggers with no ticker or heart
    For the red& black
    Still wishing they were at juve … fuck off

  4. Suso just said that he likes to play for Real Madrid!!!!

    What would happen If Suso leaved. He is our only attaking tactic. We pass the ball to him and wait till something happens! I guess we can uae Borini instead!

    • Maybe it would do us favour without that “pass the ball to Suso and wait till something happens”

      Milan play wing formation because their most important player is a winger. And he is the only true winger in the squad.

      Two striker formation with Ibra coming in and at the expense of Suso. Fine by me, I was never really fond of Suso, they are too much dependant on him while he’s only slightly above average.

    • He will be on the bench in Madrid.
      And if he goes, we’ll replace him, we have a new management after all.

    • The only true winger in the team and because of which Milan insists on playing wing formation like 433 although rest of the squad is not up to it. All the players are adjusted to rotate between positions and tasks only Suso not. He’s so one dimensional it hurts

  5. Higuain was and still is a world class striker. The reason why Milans game isn’t yet champagne isn’t because him, the problem is the MD,LB,RB and LW. We have got injuries more than subs and the players who warm the bench (without disrespect on their behalf) they are not on the same level with our top players. It doesn’t have to be that all our squad is filled with world class but players who connect with each-others game.
    Our weakest link is the defense, we get easily goal from even the bottom seria A teams. The defense can’t take the pressure more than 10 min and then goal. This has pushed our manager to ask the strikers to work even harder and that means we aren’t paling offensive football and pressure high to be able to give more scoring chances to our strikers.
    We haven’t been in a good form as we know:
    1.Bonaventura not 100% now will be out 5 or 6 months
    2.Calhanoglu not 100%
    3.Biglia out for 4-5 months
    4.Caldara out for 2 months
    5.Conti have been out from I don’t know when
    6.Calabria hasn’t been 100 because injuries
    7.Cutrone has been suffering with injuries too
    8.Strinic will come in 2 month’s time but who knows on what level
    9.Kessie hasn’t been 100 too ( playing with injuries)
    This is quite a lot to think about the results we are requiring to be able to get the champions, without forgetting that in our squad we got 8 new player for this season and just now we are seeing the growth of some like Bakajoko.
    Then we have the old players witch few cant play any longer in high levels.

    -Now coming back to the (the problem is the MD,LB,RB and LW) the biggest problem I see on Milans game is the RB and the LB players. If Calabria and Conti are feet I think they are top notch right backs who can do both fazes defense and offense and they are the kind of players who can find the opponent goal easily also. Unfortunately for us they haven’t been in good health and Abatte and Borini can’t be our RB any longer.
    -If our right back is suffering and letting the pressure to the center defenders our left side is even worse!! I have to say it that Rodrigues is quite slow on his decisions, passing and he isn’t fast enough to help the offensive maneuver. He isn’t in tune with the players who play above him on the left side. And the 2 new comers ( one is in sick leave and the other one isn’t a LB).
    -The center midfield is an covert. We have no one in the bench who can play as a MD and can shout from distance and score once in a while, can be strong in the air defensive and offensive and most of all we need a playmaker who has the vision and has the speed to catch up to the opponent and stop the action and kipping the ball and dictating the tempo to create enough time for the strikers to position and do the damage. We need a player who can stand the grown of his own without the support of SUPER KESSIE.
    -The LW isn’t working like it should too. Now that Bonaventura is out, Calhanoglu isn’t at his 100% and Castillejo hasn’t yet connected with the team. I think there is needed another player to the wing just in case the 2 Spaniards don’t pick up some injuries too.

    It is complicated to get good players in January knowing that FIFA is breathing on our neck and we must get players that would feet the team and the bill.
    I was happy to hear about Paqueta but he would need time to feet with Italian football.

    As many of you do after reading news about new players Milan is looking to add to our squad I have also scouted around in the net for new players and new ideas to add to those roomers we love to hear.
    Here is what I came out with:

    1.ST-Zlatan oh yeah 😀

    2. LB/CM/LM-Barella hell yeah :-D, If not doable than Diawara on loan from Napoli.

    3.LM/CM-Denis Suarez Loan with the right to buy) the play maker.

    4. LW-Rebic I thought he was one of the best player for Croatia on the world cup) He hasn’t played that much and if offered time to play a loan with the possibility to buy him could be possible if not we get Sansone ( on loan). They both know Seria A well.

    5.CB/RB-Mammana underrated young defender who reminds me a lot of Nesta. Also him hasn’t played that much so a loan can be possible.

    It is unrealistic for a team to sign so many players in a January transfer window but it is unrealistic the situation we are at with almost 8 players in the box for long period.

    Hope for the best, always AC MILAN.

    PS:GATTUSO you are our rock, love your work and energy you put on the team. Hope one day I can see you up close.

  6. Did Inzaghi drop deep to get the ball when he was scoring constantly for us? nope. the only thing I expect from an striker is scoring. if an striker score in every game, we dont care about how much he run or contribute.

    Bacca has 0.55 goal ratio in last 5 seasons. we sold him for around 8 millions.
    Higuain has 0.59 goal ratio. we should pay 54 millions to buy him.

    if you compare minutes to goals. Bacca even have higher goal ratio than Higuain.
    I can do that with how many assist they made but the numbers are somehow the same.

    I’m not dumb enought to believe Bacca is better than him. Higuain is an amazing player. but he is over 30. he is not aging that well and he is constantly talking about his ex!! I would rather spend the money on someone who is younger and more dedicated.

    Ibra and Higuain are good for taking us to UCL. but they can’t keep us there. we need Cutro and Silva for that. Thinking about “Now” is what that took us to this place. We never thought about future. we talked about it a lot. but we keep selling our young talents. SES, Balo, Saponara, Loca, Cristante, Verdi, Darmian, Auba…. If we just had the balls to play half of this players, we had an amazing team right now!

    • Football has changed, poachers like Pippo are a dying breed and not a lot in the future will be like him. Look at how Aguero was playing before Pep and how he he is playing now, his overall play has improved tremendously. It felt like he was going downhill but then Pep came and revived him. We are on the same side that Higgy isn’t what we need in the long term, although my reasoning for that is due to his poor track record against big teams.
      A good comparison is Icardi. Icardi is pretty much useless outside the penalty box, but in and just around it, he’s just amazing. The reason Inter can play with him in this way is because he has great players around him, we don’t have the same quality as Inter except for Susos occasional moment of brilliance, so that’s why we need a player like Higuain’s characteristics that drops deep and collects the ball, and trust me, Interisti are lamenting how Icardi isn’t participating in the play as much and how much better he would be if he did, which is hundred percent true.

      • We actually have a really good poacher in our squad. cutrone. I love players like inzaghi. and every team should at least have one. Football changed but there is no reason that every team should play the way. that’s actually one of my problems here! I don’t like how they play. I like the Zizo way. playing with brain instead of passing the ball 10000 times to each other. anyway that’s me.

    • Mate, not wishing to argue, but I feel that your comment is also a respone to my comment above.

      Let me just say that-
      1. Yes, Inzagi helped the build up play of Milan, quite a lot actually. In fact he was an excellent passer, a fact that is slightly forgotten. Someone with Bacca’s passing abilities wouldn’t be even on our bench at those happy times.
      2. I don’t know where you took the goal scoring stats from, but if you look at both of their stats (goals/appearances) for the past 5 years, Higuain clearly wins; look at his 2015/2016 for example. But like you said, you agree he’s better.
      3. We have the youngest team in seria a, how can you complain about “the future”. You list a few names that we’ve released in over 20 years – sure, every club releases players, including young ones. In fact, we had the “striker of the future” Silva last year, and Higuain already contributed 5 times more than him. Apart from Auba, no one is realky missed on that list.
      4. Higuain is 30 years old, meaning he easily has at least 3 years in him. That’s not nothing.
      5. Who would you have rather us got that would have realistically come?

      • LOL! I actually replied to your comment. or I thought I did. 🙂

        I’m probably biggest fan of Inzaghi here :). I remember clearly that all fans complain about how he get disappear for 80 minutes then he scores the crucial goals. Bacca wasnt bad actually. probably best goal scorer we had before higuian in last few years. we didn’t treat him right. he would have been a great year for him if we kept him. we miss a player like him right now in our 4-4-2. we also had players worse than Bacca. Jose Mari, Thomasson, Javi Moreno for example.

        I actually did the math myself. check the wiki and Serie A stats. I also checked the la liga stats. :)) as I said before I have lot’s of free time as an Artist (what ppl say, I still don’t see it)

        20 years? all of the players I mentioned are under 30. we lack players like cristante, Auba, SES. and no… no successful team do that. Barca, real send they players with buy back clauses. we lose them easily. we know players like Loca, Mastour, Silva has the talents. but we sell them with n buy back option. what if Mastour play amazingly in one year. slim chance but we could have kept him with his low salary, and loca! the player we badly need right now

        Higuain is declining badly. again based on the stats.

        Auba would have been Ideal. but I would rather keep Silva Cutro partnership with another young player like Simone.

        • Agreed. This selling of young talents is ridiculous. I just found out the other day Chiellini used to be Milan youth player. Everyone expected him to progress to the first team but instead we sold him to Juventus. Without a buy-back clause…

          • He was never in our youth team instead he was brought to Milan for trail and we didn’t take the option to sign him. Juventus snapped him up immediately!!

  7. I see rumours that we might be going for Stefano Senzi in january, it’s Milan “homepage/fansite” Zimbabwe that reports this.

    Why not rather bring back Essien or Muntari? What do you think MilanWins?

  8. Scaroni said he would favour three consecutive CL qualifications for Milan instead of one Scudetto.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m in full support of this new management as finally Milan has some clearity and transparency with Singer family but… Is that Arsenal mentality taking over? Does this mean 4th place is good enough as long as we are in spots that take us to CL? Just to earn that CL qualification money?

    I know Milan is far from their glory days but this club is about trophies. It’ll be really hard to repeat golden era of Silvio but that should be a target for Singers anyway

    • Yes! with that Scaloni you can expect that. All he focus on is the money generated. So if Milan can get players just to maintain a top four finish he will be happy. Look at players Arsenal has been buying, average players. Once Man City and Tottenham started occupying two spots in the top four that’s when arsenal started get players like Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaxa etc just to maintain top four finish. Also remember Arsenal is the most expensive Club to watch in England at Emirates even though they don’t win anything and it has been like that for a lot of years now.

      I hope other minds in our management don’t accept his philosophy.

  9. Jack – 3-4 months
    Biglia – 3-4 months
    Caldara – 2-3 months
    Musacchio – 1 month
    Romagnoli – TBA shortly
    Calabria – TBA shortly
    Hakan – playing with injury
    Cutrone – playing with injury
    Kessie – playing with injury

    Milan has no other option but to play 3 at the back now probably like this?

    Abate Zapata RR
    Borini Kessie Baka Laxalt
    Suso Cutrone Hakan

    January mercato should be interesting

  10. I don’t believe in coincidences!
    When a Team has this amount of injured players, there are problems with manager, coaches and the medical team.
    We simply overplayed our starting 11 in every single match.

    Apparently Rino want to use Abate as central defender In 3 man defence! 🙂 I have no comment!

  11. Romagnoli out for a month with calf muscle tear. Milan consider out of contract defenders such as Burdisso/Huth/Polenta/Pogba/Zaccardo as they could sign them immediately and would act as an urgent cover

    • Oh dear. Trust our youth instead. Throw in Gabbia, please not any one of them. The only Polenta i’ll have is the porridge kind lmao.

  12. Great… to ad to our injury list
    Romagnoli out for a month & higuain
    Suspended for 2 weeks , Milan is up shit creek without a paddle
    I can’t see us any where near 4th place at Christmas& beyond to be honest

  13. With this many injuries there must be something wrong with our system, the rota, formation and player conditioning as well as others this would need a complete review… over to Leo and Mal…..

  14. Apparently our medical team see the extreme training workload as the problem. Based on not reliable source.

    After saying that rino slapped them and made them to run for 5 hours. Now we have bunch of scared lions as our medical team!

  15. Gents , this is not a joke any more. I am beginning to think some staff are working against Milan. Seriously this management needs to probe this injury crisis. They need auditors in this matter. Have never seen this situation in my life! They want to sabotage all efforts for Milan to rise up again. When we feel that we are coming up one problem or the other will rear head. What’s going on?

    • They are working against us but they have no Idea they are doint it.

      Kessie is the next. We played Hakan with injury and we are asking why he got injured again! It’s our stupid coach who is afraid of rotating his squad! We played Roma in every single match just as a simple example.

    • If you only notice that now you are late my friend. Remember this has been a big problem for AC Milan in the last 4 to 5 years. We always had players getting injured in the gym or training. I do believe that some staff members don’t have good enough experience when it comes to managing players fitness.

  16. If you give some of us administrative access, we can post. I’m a broadcaster who’s proficient in news writing plus I’m also a Milan fan..

  17. Cross off also Bonaventura as reports say his season is already over. He’s about to go under the knife and recovery time is estimated at 7-8 months

    • Times like these that makes us understand how much Bona actually mean to our side. He will be missed. How Pacqueta will prove to be the real deal if we’ll be able to sign him.

  18. Vidal, Fabregas, Ramsey, Cahill, Bailley, Benatia, Zlatan, Fabinho. So many big club names linked with Milan for January.
    But considering FFP sanctions we’ll get Rodrigo Caio and possibly Stefano Sensi.

    • Caio can be a revelation for us. He was considered as one of the brightest defenders coming up in Brasil in last years.

      Leonardo brought Thiago Silva who, before coming to Milan, also had bad spells in Spain and Russia and decided to return to Brasil. We all know the story he then wrote with us

      • He’s injury prone, and failed medicals at both Atletico and Valencia. He’s coming off an injury and has played less then 6 games this season. At 25 he can’t start for a Brazilian league team. That’s not exactly like Silva.
        Given for 10 million it’s a bargain I suppose but I reckon giving simic or Gabbia a shot would give same results. If we’re to buy a center back it would be more profitable to find a replacement for musachio.

  19. Three Italian papers have Mentioned Gasperini’s name as the next Milan coach. I Think the only dark stint in his career is his time at Inter. They probably didn’t give him enough time.

    Apparently Milan Management believes that Rino can’t do a good job with all these injuries and they need a coach who tends to overachive with young players.

    In my opinion it’s logical because Milan’s performance with the full squad was not convincing. But I’m somehow undecided on Gasperini. Still a better choice than Rino but I don’t know if he is the best option.


    • I always recommended and hoped for Gasperini, even more than Gattuso to stay.

      Gasperini makes players better and plays good football

      • My Choices would be:
        1. Jardim
        2. Gasperini
        3. Conte
        4. Ranieri
        5. Wenger
        6. Any coaches with at least 5 years at top leauges
        7. Rino

          • Yeah I wanted to put myself in the list instead of Rino 🙂 I didn’t want to be arrogant! As you know I have 20 years of PES background! Somehow more qualified than Rino I guess!

  20. Sevilla: We will make the Silva contract permanent before end of the season. Milan and any other team that wants him should negotiate with us. He will be with us for several seasons!

    Why put buy out clause in contracts? Obligation to buy I understand (When we want to get rid of a player.). But I dont get Option to buy. If the player plays good, they will buy him. We lose. If he plays bad, they will not buy it, we will lose again.

    Losing Silva and Loca for nearly 50M was probably one of the worst deals in recent years. We complain about chinese but just look what Leo and Maldini Did.

    • Come on now… Thats rubbish. Locatelli came out and said he wants to leave, so did Silva and after the season Silva had it was only right to get rid of him. If he wants to come back and win a place in milan he can do that too. Let’s not start bashing Leonardo and Maldini who came in the last month of mercato and had to rush everything. With the mess we had this summer they did a fine job. You can’t just close your eyes at night and hope to wake up to a milan of the highest class

    • They both wanted to leave and they were young risks to begin with. They didn’t really impress last season you could say.
      Look at Locatelli this year, he’s not doing all that well. You could even make the same argument in my belief for Silva, as he is way inconsistent and we got a chance to cash out on him.

      • My statement was not about if we should sell them or not. It was about the way we are doing business. You missed the point

      • Also when a player is under contract with us he should honor the contract. If he wants to leave then he and the team that wants him should pay every single penny we paid for the player. That’s simply weak management that let the player to decide. It’s setting a bad example. If we let a player rot on the bench then no other players would ask to leave.

        • If I’m not mistaken Silva didn’t play. Loca didn’t play so we kind of forced them out of the club. There is something about this Silva that I believe in so I will be gutted to let him go for €30m then see Sevilla sell him for 70+. Interestingly, he always scores for Portugal and now Sevilla but for us when he played he didn’t. Could this be a manager issue I wonder?

  21. @milanista121…you see milan have made an offer of a loan with obligation to buy for de paul? If I remember correctly you hate that guy lol! I was never fond of him either when he injured our player and then ended up scoring

    • Omg… no!! Really hope that is just a rumour and wont come to fruition… that is the exact same reason I hate him. Also that he’s more often on the ground than on his feet during a game lol.

    • He could have asked fans here to help him. I’m actually somehow mad at the management of this website. We would have helped him with open arms

        • I don’t know but I probably stop visiting this blog. maybe we can make an instagram or twitter page or hashtag. I dont know.

        • This blog was the only Milan blog left where people comment and have discussions, i used to comment on Goal com but that page made some changes and messed up the comment section so people left. Now this blog is dying to so SempreMilan is the only blog left for Milan fans to talk to each other, but on SempreMilan people comment very rarely most of the posts are with 0 comments so i go there only for news (they post insider news many times). Its sad that this blog is not posting any more it was great talking here with all the Ac Milan fans.

  22. Ibra and Pipita – a senior short term choice in my opinion but full of character and wining mentality, exactly what this team lacks.

    If Rino decides to play 2 up front with these guys spearheading the attack and I truly believe they are compatible to play together… It. Will. Be. Epic

  23. I am afraid this blog will die if it’s not getting a post until April as mentioned in the article. The few people still visiting will soon get bored ,find some other blogs and might not be as active on here again as before.

    Would be sad as this is already a nice place for a lot of Milanisti like myself who don’t have many people around them interested in talking about Milan to come and share ideas and fighting each other out of passion for Milan.

    I hope something will happen and the the blog won’t be left like this until April. Forza Rossoneriblog

  24. Holy midtablers batman!
    I left this blog 2 weeks ago and when i came back the midtablers have mostly overtaken it. What if some juventini or interisti losers were to come here reading all these garbage excuses? We’d be laughing stocks and deservedly so.
    First of all, why do midtablers keep blaming anything other than rino and the squad for the loss 2 weeks ago, or any other losses for that matter? Oh juve players cheated and played roughly, oh the referees were anti-milan, oh the goddamn wind and weather hated milan. Really? Milan lost fair and square. Only losers blame outside factors for their losses/misfortunes. Winners always have self-accountability hence they always try to find and fix their own mistakes. How can u improve if u cant even admit ur mistakes? How do u propose milan fix the problems if the problems are the referees, opponents’ behaviors etc and not their own strategies, players etc? U just cant. U can only fix what u can control. The referees etc arent milan problems, its their excuses. Lpool, napoli and even juve were garbage when milan won their last scudetto but they have greatly improved because they knew their problems were and fixed it accordingly (One of which was incompetent allenatore, there i said it). And it didnt take them nearly a decade either to get their act together so pretty please, no more “milan is still rebuilding” bs.
    Second of all, whats with this ‘milan dont need pipita’ bs? Get it straight ladies, without pipita’s goals milan would have 8 less points than they do, meaning they would fight to avoid relegation instead of modest top 4 finish. Anyone who says milan dont need pipita (and suso) clearly doesnt watch football. He scored 36 goals that one season for god sakes, he clearly is one of, if not the best #9 in serie a and surely milan’s best player alongside suso and maybe romag. If anything, like i said, milan have been so lucky that barca and juve are teams of ambitions and constant improvements hence theyre able to buy baggio, dinho, ibra and pipita relatively inexpensively, especially considering how much juve paid napoli for him and how much milan paid for kalinimovic. Yes what he did vs juve was stupid but it was in the heat of battle thing; It was frustration and ambition that got him. Its not like hes pulling a pepe or cantona. Anyone can get red card one time out of frustration. Cr7 got red carded several times in his early years at madrid. Hell, even san marco himself got his fair share of red cards for doing stupid things like protesting too harshly or even purposely hitting opponents. Only short sighted midtablers would praise pipita for his goals one week and say milan dont need him a week after that just because he got red carded. I mean goddammit, midtablers who said no to pipita are the very same midtablers who praised abate, rino, calabria and donna the sinner. See the pattern here?
    Regarding transfer rumours, i’ll admit any coach who can pull off 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 nicely is surely better coach than morontella and rino but how much better? He didnt perform so well with inter and of course theres conte (still) available, so why him? Regarding sean paul or logan paul or wtf his name is, i get it, its only once over transfer to replace the injured players temporarily and no money blah blah but if thats how leodini take care of things then might as well get kucka and poli back. Ibra i like because, like i said, hes the exact player who can bring winning mentality back to milan. Also, 3 st is better than 2 st no matter what formation u play, any proper coach would know this. I really like ibra but to be honest i laughed when i read midtablers stuff like “pipita is big game choker, milan need ibra”. Well yes, but if any great player is big game choker, its ibra. He, like cantona, almost always performs well vs minnows but almost always chokes vs great teams hence no ucl trophies.
    Instead of that logan paul or jong ajax garbage, milan should try to get pulisic, fab, ramsey/witsel, darmian/blind, bailly, pastore. Pipita also needs to be permanently bought. Ditto andre silva. Obelix and galli unwittingly disobeyed me and we all know the results, so i hope leodini are much wiser than them. I mean, like i said, 60m for garbage like donna wouldve been absolute steal considering madrid bought courtois for only 35m, auba and deulofeu > kalinimovic, borini and bonucci but obelix tried to outsmart himself and me and god punished him for it. Dont even get me started on witsel > bertolacci and what sevilla pres said about andre silva.
    Lastly, so called best team in the world madrid and especially that garbage ramos talked smack about conte and they unwittingly appointed solari, a nobody with madrid dna, as caretaker. Well, so far madrid never beat top 6 teams of la liga, and just now they got bitchslapped by goddamn eibar (do i even pronounce it correctly?). Moral of the story, if u care so much about dna then go work at jurassic park. Football, like all pro sports, is ultimate place for meritocracy; to be the best u have to get the best, like conte

    • Yes i agree with you. I think Castilejo is a good replacement for suso at the moment, and Laxalt for borini. Borini is actually hardworking and pretty helpfull in the defense, but he is lacking in technical, he can’t pass right, cross right, dribble right and made more than 4 turnovers in the 1st half as i recalled. He should work on the technical

    • No one is coming off, there is no subs in grinta style football you grint your teeth and play for 90 minutes straight every match that how it is. Gatuzzo only changes players when they end up seriously injured, even the commentators joked that he probably wont make changes even in the next game not just this one.

  25. Ofcourse. Always at the last chance we concede. But I must say gattuso wtf r u doing? First keeps the ball from going to far and gives Lazio the throw right away and secondly how about killing the game off by making a sub? 93rd minute up 1 0 and u can’t make a substitution? I can’t believe we tied

  26. Donna MOTM. Defence was solid up until THAT mistake from Zap. Rino should’ve made all three subs in extra time to kill time.
    It would’ve been a real collective effort and team win, with Donna being the stand out along the defence. Unfortunately we didn’t get the three points, but I bet the majority would’ve thought that we’d lose this game, so a draw at first would’ve been acceptable, just sucks that it happened the way it did as we had the win in the bag. This is something that might boost Lazio while inflicting our morale bad. Hope we’ll bounce back in EL immediately.

  27. Why 5 min extra time!!!!??? I so f….. mad about it. And it end it up giving almost 8min in the second half. What a fuck. The card given to Gigo was to fast but when Imobile yells at the ref no card!!!!

  28. Gattuso was so nervous that he was acting as a ball boy for the opponent and even forgetting that there were subs available to make. What a joke. I wonder what his team does about attacking in training. Were lucky with a point with that football.

  29. Zapata still in milan? HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Fcuk milan serioisly, fuck everyone from management to coach to curva sud.

  30. This is the type of rookie mistakes that kills me about Gattuso. Playing ball boy for Lazio and not making subs to run down the clock? Really Gattuso? I’m speechless and I will accept this result as a defeat. Why? Because it feels like a loss. Smh

  31. Why isn’t Mr Gattuso making subs
    He had Laxalt and Castilejo on bench
    He could have taken off Borini and Cutrone or save Hakan from further injuries

    The coach needs to learn about making meaningful changes

  32. Yes yes yes, finally the real deal andriy shelva takes his club to 1st place as only he can do. Milan top scorer this season AND the one whose goal took his club to become capolista. Great job andriy.

    P.s. NO, pippo wasnt great passer nor was he great at build up play. He’s a poacher who was always farthest from milan goal. Everytime he touched the ball outside penalty box he either passed it back immediately or just went down kissing the grass because he had such weak body balance. Dont get me wrong, ive always liked pippo since his atalanta day but hes not complete st who could generate assists on regular basis like this guy:
    And yes sheva the troll, the guy on the clip was much better than ibra

  33. We drew against Lazio with only one center back (a certain guy named Zapata).
    Cheer up ffs.

    Only dumb people would say Gattuso is consistently lucky. There is no such thing.

  34. Worried by the lackluster left side, Borini/Hakan = no explosion. Bakayoko is a monster and I hope we pay his fee, and unpopular opinion but Kessie is lazy drags his feet and is very overrated. Even on a poor game Suso still provides key passes, and we got to hand it to Donna for saving the day more than once.
    That said Lazio was way too wasteful and just on first half they could’ve buried us. Objectively ref was horrible missed penalty calls on both sides, ridiculous one sided carding and unpunished Lazio players. But nonetheless Lazios high press justified the late tie, but that said attacking subs would’ve made the difference Casti-Suso and Laxalt-Hakan could’ve punished the exposed all attack Lazio defense in a counter.
    Yo that said Milan’s depth is not that bad, we just have a bad injury crisis. I really hope Milan doesn’t buy some mediocre players bc of a few injuries in Galliani fashion. Really hope we wait till end of season to get free transfers and better deals, only exception is Zlatan on Loan Deal.

  35. This blog is my go-to-page every game and after, it just good to see the hard-core Milan fans discussing somewhat brilliant points game after game, now it so sad that it is not getting updated.

  36. I cant imagine what could’ve mess up, if Gattuso subs Laxalt for Borini, or Castillejo for Calhanoglu. That two changes was about a minute.

    Anyway, a Zapata defending mistake again.

  37. Let’s just say that Rino did everything he could possibly do to concede that late goal. He will regret quickly throwing that ball in for Lazio. Unbelievable.

  38. Paqueta is a done deal but i really hope Milan bring in De Paul and Paredes in january too that would be huge for us and if it means that Calhanoglu has to leave then so be it he doesnt fit into our squad anyways

      • NO to Sensi Milan need a LW and De Paul would be a great addition i dont get how you cant want him in our squad he is basically Suso but on the left side

        • We need a Biglia replacement more than LW, thus Paredes or Sensi should be prioritized, it’s a more essential part of the pitch. We can’t keep playing with Bakayoko and Kessié in the middle, even if their solid they dont provide us with that creative spark.

          • Yes ofcourse the midfield is the highest priority but i wouldnt want Sensi for me its Paredes or nothing besides Paqueta will play in the midfield aswell but i would really want a LW that would make Milan much more unpredictable and would take away the attention from Suso because all our attacks goes through him and that makes us predictable

          • I hear what you’re saying, and I’m not all that impressed by Sensi either, although he has gotten a lot of hype, especially with his NT-debut. Perhaps Pacqueta will be able to play higher up the pitch so we won’t need a LW? I really don’t know anything about him though, just speculating.

  39. We look to cesc fabregas for January and I think he’s the type of player we need. He’s an amazing player, he’s not finished yet. Unlucky at chelsea. He’s a true champion who has won everything you can. He’s the creative spark in midfield that we need

      • As a community of milan fans we need unity. But apparently nobody cares. Setting up an instagram or twitter account is really easy.

          • Discord is a chatting system! Ppl here used to commenting system! Nobody will read long chats but comments on the other hands are readable. I checked it. In game times it only has 5 ppl online!

  40. Really hope Leo doesn’t rush January. I wouldn’t want to see something like spending 40million for Caldara, so he can ride the bench again. Honestly we always overpay on transfers, can’t remember last time we made a steal. We spent full price on Baka even tho he flopped for Chelsea. Spent 35 million on Castillejo where we didn’t really need him other than for depth. And our players have ridiculous wages. Im so jealous of how Inter handles their transfers, combined 33million for Skrinar and De Vrij, and stole prospects Lauerto and Keita for cheap. Then comes our sale of Locatelli for 13million, just so we can spend something like 35million on Paredes a slightly better but 5 year older regista. For some reason no players want to come play or stay with us either. It’s all saddening, Milan’s always taken for a ride by some shit clubs. Hope addition of Gazidis and if rumors are right scouts from Arsenal and Monaco change things for us. Oh and our youth team is like 10th in the league, so yeah that’s the situation.

  41. Wow, apparently none of my comments passed moderation. Seems like even rossoneriblog thinks my truth hurts.
    Andre silva the real deal just made his club a capolista last weekend. Oh and hes milan player with most goals as well. He really is good player. Remember ladies, If milan10 said it, it must be the truth

  42. It’s early but Halilovic & Simic are looking good. Why we are not using our young players. At least as subs!



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