As you may have noticed, updates on RossoneriBlog have become a bit slow over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, as my schedule gets busier and busier, this trend will continue.

For personal reasons, I will not be available or able to provide regular updates in the near future (if everything goes well then it’ll be until April). Due to these changes in my schedule, I will not be able to watch most of the matches (and as a result there will not be match threads already starting from tomorrow’s Juve game) and I’ll not be able to cover the news as I’ve done here for nearly 10 days.

I’ll be around occasionally from time to time but to keep the conversation going I’ve decided to have General Discussion threads. Feel free to discuss everything you want in these threads, but please note that comments that contain links will immediately go to the moderation queue and comment moderation will become slower with my absence. RossoneriBlog has always been something I’ve done on my free time and as my free time is decreasing, sadly it has to suffer.

Thanks for understanding, and Forza Milan!

Meytar Zeevi


  1. I’m sick and depressed without reading ya’lls comments on every new post! Send me a WhatsApp text on +37259823773. .i’ll create a group for this family.

  2. I mean we score a goal and automaticly close up in our own half the same thing every game, and every time we close up in our own half we concede a goal. And for god sake this is Dudelange we are even closing up to them, its like we are Novara or even someone worse so we have to play this seria C tactic of compleate close down every time we get the lead :S

  3. I do hope Milan signs Godin as early as January. We need a commander and a mentor for both Romagnoli and Caldara in the back. Zapata isn’t cut out even as last resort

  4. I miss all my rossoneri fans here am just angry no medium of communication at the moment someone should do something have miss the argument and everything we just have to keep in touch sometimes I come here I don’t comment but I enjoy reading comments here

  5. There are growing reports about Milan selling Hakan as soon as January because of his poor form and taking into consideration the arrival of Paqueta

    He has some suitors in Germany with Schalke and RB Liepzig knocking but Milan would sell for minimum 15 millions so it would be without any loss

    • But Paqueta won’t start till next season, considering Gattuso likes to let players adjust to team first and kid just finished his season. So if Hakan left we wldnt have LM/LW. Unless the Suarez interest picks up.

    • So basically we bought an attacking Midfielder! Played him out of position as left winger! He amazingly performed in this unnatural position in his first season! Next season we played him with two ongoing injuries. And we are complaining why he is not good enough & we want to sell him for 13m. With this amount of money we can get Nocerico back I guess!

  6. I didn’t watch Milan vs Dude. How was Simic performance ? Can we count on him during the absence of key defenders ?

  7. Bakayoko better & better my arse
    I can’t see it
    Pretty fukin ordinary if u ask me ,
    But that’s Milan for you
    Mediocre shit players
    Dumb cunt fans& management think is good



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