Musacchio suffered an injury to his right knee against Real Betis, will miss the next 6-8 weeks of action

Mateo Musacchio during Real Betis-Milan at Estadio Benito Villamarín on November 8, 2018. (Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images)
Mateo Musacchio during Real Betis-Milan at Estadio Benito Villamarín on November 8, 2018. (Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images)

Another huge blow for Milan as Mateo Musacchio is out for the next 2 months.

The injury problems keep piling up for Milan: after losing Mattia Caldara and Lucas Biglia for several months, yesterday the Rossoneri also saw Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Mateo Musacchio pick up injuries.

The Argentine center back had a collision with Franck Kessié during the match against Real Betis and had to be replaced with a suspected concussion. As it turns out, however, he suffered a knee injury.

“Milan announces that, following a game clash last night during Real Betis-Milan, Musacchio reported a trauma to his right knee that involved a lesion of the posterior cruciate ligament, an injury that will require 6 to 8 weeks conservative treatment. The medical examinations relevant to the concurrent head trauma have been completed with negative results,” a statement on the official site reads.

This means that Gennaro Gattuso will have to do with only Alessio Romagnoli, Cristian Zapata and Stefan Simić (and Ricardo Rodriguez) as his center backs, at least until the January mercato.


    • If players like Simic, Bellanova, Halilovic, Mauri &… are useless. we should get rid of them. if they have enough quality, why not using them.

      • I think Bellanova is to raw for the first team. He needs a loan IMO.(sucks that italy dont have a B team) He is just 18 and have time and room to improve. Simic I dont know much about. I agree on Halilovic and Mauri its now or never for them. They have failed to many times with to many clubs.

  1. Conti, Mussachio, Biglia, Bonaventura, Higuain, Calabria, Caldara.. with the above players on the pitch Milan has been playing below expectation.

    Would fielding the bench players who haven’t played in a long time have any effect on Juventus on Sunday?

    If Milan wins I will be estatic.. If Milan loses it would be expected. Milan will be playing against the best team in serie a and one of the best in Europe and the world.

    I will see the game with an open mind

    Forza Milan

  2. Football is not by power. Its by sense. We keep on using “power” to play football. The boys are overstreched just for us to meet up.
    You can’t play what you don’t know. That’s what. Is causing all this injury.

  3. Why isn’t it Zapata. I am scared for us. Zapata can hardly concentrate for 90 mins not to talk of 2 months playing constantly. We should focus on attack over defence because we are most likely going to concede. Beating juve will give the boys confidence tho but that’s really asking alot. Forza Milan

  4. The worst thing about all these injuries is that it keeps on happening year after year
    I honestly can’t remember the last time we’ve had a full strength squad!
    What’s going on?

  5. Where is Strinic? I haven’t seen him after World Cup. What has happened to him? If the backups like Simic isn’t good enough for CB, why doesn’t Gattuso try on Bakayoko as a CB to accompany Zapata while Romagnoli is out due to suspension or injury? At least Bakayoko has height for aerial duel. This will make Mauri or Berto play.

  6. If Milan tie or win this next games, Gattuso is golden. The positive side is, this will force management to purchase players or force Gattuso to introduce young players. Pray for a speedy recovery, Forca Milan

  7. Sh.. at least RR is a good back up for Romagnoli, I trust Zapata, but he is very bad with the ball at his feet, so building our play from the back should be out of the question, Halilovic should play on the left, we don’t need to risk both RR and Laxalt. Montolivo should start every match until Biglia is match fit. Mauri should come from the bench. Abate needs a slap in the face get his sh.. together.

    • Abate is a good boy doesn’t need a slap. He needs to be benched!! he can’t be passing the ball to no one from there.. oh wait he could when warming up during halftime but at least that won’t cost us a thing.

  8. Possible lineup vs juve

    Donnarumma, abate, Zapata, Romagnoli, Rodriguez, suso, kessie, Bakayoko, laxalt, cutrone, castillejo

    Not the strongest lineup we have

  9. Honestly the boys are really trying. . I see them working their socks off and growing by every passing game. Kudos to players like Suso, Alessio, Kessie, Ric Rod who have been pushing themselves to the limit. The never say never winning mentality has been so amazing. I just don’t know how to not support Milan anymore. Milan is football to me. I won’t write us off against Juventus. Forzamilan

    • Statistics says the exact opposite! not only we are not growing, we are getting worse every 5 games. just remember our performance against Napoli or Roma. compare it to recent 6 or 7 games. if you want to give me thumb down, please at first just search our statistics and saw it for yourself

      • Statistics dont give the whole picture.
        Statistics can show that a team has several shots, but it doesn’t tell how dangerous those shots were, all of them could’ve been hail mary shots from outside the box that got sky rocketed or went wayward.
        Same with ball possession, a team may have 70-30 possession in favour to them, but they just pass the ball around without doing anything and it’s the opposition that has the most dangerous chances.
        Statistics also don’t tell how many dangerous positions the respective find themselves in, and get to chances that get squandered due to a nice defensive block, or a mistimed/judged pass etc.

        If you look at the Udinese game, i’m sure people think we got “dominated” because they had their fair share of the ball, but what did they do with it? Not as much as we did when it came to creating chances that’s for sure.

        • It think we got the whole picture against Betis!
          also one of the worst udine in history made us miserable without doing anything!!!

          I say we don’t win enough, you say but we are playing good!
          I say statistics says we don’t play that good either you say statistics is not important!
          I say we are getting dominated by lesser teams and you say we always comeback
          can you please tell me what is important? because I know we suck at that too

          I think the most important thing is that we lost most of our top players because we have a rookie coach who cant understand how unimportant euro league is!

          • One of the worst Udinese sides in history, haha ok, if you say so.
            We were playing good earlier but didn’t get results, but how are you complaining about results – not winning enough – when we are in fourth?
            Important thing is winning – and that’s what we’ve been doing lately barring the Inter game. Correct?

          • and again back to 4th thing! so based on your philosophy after juve game when they crash us out of 4th place we can easily fire Rino. because being 4th is the main goal and we will not be there anymore?

            being happy about 4th place is one of the most annoying thing that a Milan fan can do!

  10. Every game has its own history. Hopefully, this will be a good ending for us. A win our a draw is an acceptable result as no team should win against us at the San Siro. Not even Juventus. That’s the mentality our players need to have.

    Whatever Gattuso does or doesn’t do I will just have to accept since he’s our coach. At least for now.

    352 is a stupid formation for Milan and I hope we don’t m use it anymore. If we are short at the back due to injuries then it would make more sense to deploy a 343.

    If both Higuaín and Cutrone are available then we should stick with a 442.

    It really sucks that after so many coaches since Allegri left that Milan still don’t have an identity in our formation simply because we are not building the team properly to get the best out of every player in their best position.

    That’s what good coaches do instead of making their players play out of position rendering them ineffective like Calhanoglu. Sigh

    • Sacchi: “Gattuso has restored dignity to a team that had lost it. He has made the players understand what it means to play for Milan.”

      • Sacchi is out of touch with reality and football. He’s a very old man with an old mentality. I wouldn’t take his words too seriously.

        I wish Gattuso well but he still has some issues with getting the best out of players like calhanoglu who might be sold next summer.

          • No, Not at all Raven. I see your point though and I agree that Gattuso is doing better than the coaches before him but he’s not rotating his squad wisely and he’s also not getting the best out Calhanoglu.

            It would be nice if we can beat Juventus tomorrow or at least get a point 🙂

  11. really bad news, we are spread out thin throughout the squad.
    All of Musacchio haters will realise how important he was to us, but to see him out for potentially 2 months will hurt us. and whoever said montalivo should play every game from now till biglia return must be new. he got frozen out the squad, he was for sale and he hasn’t played for a while, why… because he is shiter than most of the starting 11, which we label shit anyways.
    and to top that up, someone said Bakayoko should play cb. honestly what the f^^^. lets say gattuso agreed to play him there, then everyone including the person who suggested the idea would jump on gattusos back. Bakayoko is the same guy who pass the ball to the opposition. okay he is getting better, but let him play in the same position that he has been playing or something that he can do, defo not a CB.



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