Team news: Real Betis were without Javi García, while Milan had to do without the suspended Samu Castillejo as well as without Alessandro Plizzari, Davide Calabria, Mattia Caldara, Andrea Conti, Stefan Simić, Ivan Strinić, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura, Gonzalo Higuaín. Kickoff time for Matchday 4 of the Europa League was 21:00 CET / Italy time at Estadio Benito Villamarín.

Goals: Lo Celso (12′), Suso (62′)

Real Betis (3-5-2) – Quique Setién
Pau López; Aïssa Mandi, Marc Bartra, Zouhair Feddal; Cristian Tello, Giovani Lo Celso, William Carvalho, Sergio Canales, Junior Firpo; Antonio Sanabria (73′ Loren Morón), Joaquín (67′ Andrés Guardado).
Unused: Robles, Sergio León, Inui, Sidnei, Loren Morón, Guardado, Barragán.

AC Milan (3-5-2) – Gennaro Gattuso
Pepe Reina; Mateo Musacchio (82′ Alessio Romagmoli), Cristian Zapata, Ricardo Rodríguez; Fabio Borini, Franck Kessié, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Hakan Çalhanoğlu (88′ Andrea Bertolacci), Diego Laxalt (76′ Ignazio Abate); Suso; Patrick Cutrone.
Unused: Donnarumma, Mauri, Montolivo, Halilović.

Referee: Craig Pawson (ENG).


  1. A very sad news, biglia officially out for 4 months. I hope we can reinforce that position and the other lads can as well step up their game. Wish you speedy recovery lucas.

    • Yep and notice since he’s been out we have had two of our worst performances all season. This is not good.

      • Good point RK, shows the impact he’s had on this team.So underrated just because some fans cant see past his performances from last season and see how much he has stepped up. Hope Paqueta will live up to the hype, even though he’s not a regista, he looks like he’s good at handling the ball and managing the tempo.

  2. I just wish bakayoko can utilize this opportunity to prove doubters wrong that he’s still capable of cementing that position, but all fingers crossed. Tonight we should aim for 3 points and try not to concede. I hope we can all see halilovic at some point.

  3. Well done laxalt,lost ball then ran like a headless chicken to get ball back out of position on right instead of left for goal

  4. I can’t believe I thought “it’s fine that Bonu leaves, we get Caldara and have Musa.” Musa is absolutely shocking. Him and Borini on the right side… Joaquin despite his age will have a field day against them. Two players who aren’t good enough.

  5. Every time a team press high on us we struggle,cant keep ball can’t create pace up front to counter attack.i hate watching these performances hope gattusso can change something,anything to create chances.betis running rings round us up to now

    • @Milanista121 you should forget it this team can’t beat juventus with all the injuries ..I’m so tired of watching the mediocrity of this so called our beloved team.

  6. We are to deep and we are playing against the side that is even slower than us. But they are at least making it with an actuall gameplan.
    There is ni way in hell that we have weaker team than Betis.

  7. Let’s not forget the fact that in 30 minutes played we haven’t even had a sniff at their goal. Did I not say this 3 man defence doesn’t work? Borini has been caught out time again. We have no pressure up front, no midfield. We simply don’t know how to play this formation and it killed dus first game against betis and we do it again.

    Musacchio has been bad this game but let’s not forget how much space he’s being dealt with borini and zapata. Disgusting first half

  8. Borini makes me laugh always, his only contribution so far was comedy and am sure he will find himself being showcased on instagram tomorrow. You can’t throw yourself foolishly at a player like that.

    • The commentator said the same thing, I know exactly what situation you’re referring to: “Borini should be out there on the right…” A little paus: “He isn’t…”

  9. For crying out loud Suso, the hubris is real. We have the free kick kid there in a perfect posiiton but yet Suso has to take it, why exactly?

    • That’s what I don’t understand, calhanoglu is supposedly the best free kick taker in the world yet suso has to take it in a prime position?

      • Yes! At least one of the best, if there is anything he knows then it’s free kicks, but still Suso takes it, this is what bothers me with Suso. Has to do everything. He isn’t even that proven, he’s scored twice but so has Bonaventura. Suso’s set pieces suck. His corners are awful too.

  10. Why does Kessie have to play close to goal, Rino? Why it has to be 352 and not 3412? Why keep playing deep defence when that is a worst possible way of playing against a team like Betis? Why Borini? Why?

  11. Bad first half, although we did wake up in the last 10 minutes or so. Borini and Laxalt are sub-par on the flanks, Hakan isn’t doing nearly enough, and most importantly – Suso is completely invisible in the center.

    Me? I wouldn’t waste Suso, Hakan, and Kessie on Europa-nothing league, but if you’re going to play these three why not our regular 4-3-3 with Suso-Cutrone-Hakan upfront, and Bakayoko-Kessie-Bertolaci behind them?

  12. Well, they’re having their way with us. Can’t say I’m surprised. I’m seeing this same shit every week. They are actually playing the way we try to play, only they do it well. Unlike us, they know what they’re doing.

  13. That was a horrible half. Horrendous. Even if we were winning I would be so upset with it. This is real betis for crying out loud. Show some balls we give them way too much

  14. Borini looks so lost in the game and Kessie just doesn’t know what to do with the ball when getting past the Betis midfielders.

  15. This is completely ridiculous. There’s no way that someone can convince me that the way we play isn’t because of the tactical and technical training routines the team goes through every week. On paper we have a way better squad than betis but not on the pitch.

  16. Gattuso, Gattuso, Gattuso….as a fan, i love and adore u very much…buh you have nothing to do with coaching…pls end this..i beg of you…wtf…we the fans, are we a joke to you??

  17. Our ball movement is shockingly bad. So many times we receive the ball with back to goal….and this is in the opposition half. A lot of our players have the first touch of a trampoline. Again, no answer to a high press. Feels like every other week we talk about it being the worst we’ve seen Milan play. Only touch for Cutrone in opposition box was in the 46th minute on a rebound cross.

    Not to rag on about Gattuso, but (imo) its on the coach to get the ball into the opposition area. Given continued support/show of faith from senior management, I really hope that he can improve this side because we desperately need improvement.

  18. Well there’s another 45 minutes of Gattuso once again treating us to his managerial uselessness
    It’s hard to believe this is actually happening but what’s even harder to believe is that people still support him? Tonight’s formation and tactics is by far and away his worst selection, as a matter of fact I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as bad
    A Sunday league football manager would out wit Gattuso
    Has anyone ever seen players look so disillusioned? Gattuso will 100% be sacked straight after the Juventus game because judging by how wrong he does pretty much everything there going to slaughter us

    • What we need is consistency and gattuso is doing that. Keeping the same formation and tactic even it doesnt work. Thats Milan DNA, grinta. Maybe thats why, they keep supporting him instead the club itself

    • Are you not one of the few (which is getting smaller every week) Gattuso supporters?? Now your going to puke?
      It’s ok Raven welcome to our side, it took a while to convince you but welcome aboard

      • I’m not blind, Gattuso has not gotten his tactics right this season. And this stupid feud with montolivo is killing us. Bakayoko-bertolacci and Mauri has no business in our midfield. If bona is how bring him FFS, Monty was among the best in the league in terms of interceptions, and when used as a mezzala he made a few key passes that I have only seen from hakan and sometimes suso.

        Fk even Musa would do better than any of those. Gattuso needs to do a lot better managing this team.

  19. I want you; Rino fans try something. Yell, jump & scream for 90 minutes, and try to think, analyze & solve problems in the meantime.

    Nobody is listening to him, yelling all the time! He should sit quietly and think about the tactical mess he made of our beloved Milan. Maybe he can solve a few of our problems so we don’t get schooled by midtable teams!

      • I asked a very simple question and point out an obvious problem. You can be Rino’s fan and still understand one of his problems. You can be fan of someone and still not kiss up to him every single minutes.

        Milan played like shit for 45 minutes! We scored by another sparks from players you believe are not good enough!

        We are not winning by 4 goals! It’s a draw with FUCKING BETIS!

        • When have I said that he isn’t good enough? I’m complaining about his set pieces?
          Yeah, a Betis side I said even when the group was first announced that we would struggle with. Anyone thinking otherwise is delusional.

          • Naz, he’s right; regardless of what younthink of Gatusso, you seem to have way too much esteem for our players.

          • exactly Baresis Dream. I remember I got a lot of downvotes and hate when I said we’d struggle against Betis. We always struggle against quick, talented ball playing sides, which is pretty much all spanish teams.

    • Agreed SOHEYL, the guy jumps around shouting and roaring like an idiot it’s embarrassing to say the least but not nearly as bad as his uselessness in management
      I’m sick of this shit to be honest and if Paulo or Leo doesn’t do something then it should be there heads on the block

  20. You don’t win the ball back pressing with just 2 players and with a flat back 5. People are saying we can’t create anything but how can you think of creating when you can’t even get the ball?.

    We are running around for like 5 minutes before touching a ball. You know Betis will keep passing it short without really attacking your packing defense then why waiting for them while losing?.

    Gattuso’s lack of pressing has always concerned me. In modern game especially in Europe you will most of the time struggle to control a game without good pressing.

  21. Pepe Reina has been so weird in this game and the first leg as well. If it was Donna who made his passes and his weird decision making then the comment section would’ve been filled with hate. But he keeps getting away with it for some reason – Reina who should be much much much, and again, much better with the ball at his feet apparently.

  22. Horrible scene… and this comes from a rugby player.
    Hope everything is ok with Musa. Come back stronger warrior.



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