Team news: Real Betis were without Javi García, while Milan had to do without the suspended Samu Castillejo as well as without Alessandro Plizzari, Davide Calabria, Mattia Caldara, Andrea Conti, Stefan Simić, Ivan Strinić, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura, Gonzalo Higuaín. Kickoff time for Matchday 4 of the Europa League was 21:00 CET / Italy time at Estadio Benito Villamarín.

Goals: Lo Celso (12′), Suso (62′)

Real Betis (3-5-2) – Quique Setién
Pau López; Aïssa Mandi, Marc Bartra, Zouhair Feddal; Cristian Tello, Giovani Lo Celso, William Carvalho, Sergio Canales, Junior Firpo; Antonio Sanabria (73′ Loren Morón), Joaquín (67′ Andrés Guardado).
Unused: Robles, Sergio León, Inui, Sidnei, Loren Morón, Guardado, Barragán.

AC Milan (3-5-2) – Gennaro Gattuso
Pepe Reina; Mateo Musacchio (82′ Alessio Romagmoli), Cristian Zapata, Ricardo Rodríguez; Fabio Borini, Franck Kessié, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Hakan Çalhanoğlu (88′ Andrea Bertolacci), Diego Laxalt (76′ Ignazio Abate); Suso; Patrick Cutrone.
Unused: Donnarumma, Mauri, Montolivo, Halilović.

Referee: Craig Pawson (ENG).


  1. Oh god, how I love this f-ing shitty Europa-nothing league. We got a point which basically means nothing, and what price – Two of our starters injured- Musa and Hakan. Just before Juve+Lazio. F-ing great!

    Was it worth it?

    If there aren’t enough criticisms against Gatusso out there, I’d like to add two-
    1. Over using players; Rino needs to learn to prioritize matches, and rest players accordingly.
    2. Not promoting youth enough. What better venue to try out promising Primavera players than this B-rated tournament?

    • And those 2 shows that he lacks courage in making some decisions. He push his luck way too much.

      But when on 4th place and people asking for his chair I can understand him trying to win every match possible with the beat 11 available.

      • Raven, you have a good point about Gatusso being nervous about his chair; maybe it was upto management to also hint at throwing Milan B into this match.

    • I think the crippling injury situation isn’t helping with the rotation, but I agree. Definitely about the youth players. Would rather have seen Bellanova out there tonight in his first start rather than a 3-5-2, a three man backline just doesn’t do it for us. We couldnt even pull it off when Bonucci was here, so i hope it was the last time we saw it now.

      • Milanista, the crippling injury situation is due to bad luck but also very much due to Rino – He didn’t rotate enough before the injuries started.

        • that is also true… could be due to lack of quality on the bench too though? since not progressing from the group from EL would be deemed a failure, so I understand him fielding some starters against Oly and Betis

          • Milan was a mess of a team out there playing Betis like it was Barcelona.
            I’ve stood by Gattuso for so long but no this is ridiculous. To get dominated by Real Betis and let them play rounds of róndale around our team is sad. They’re 12th place in Spain, we’re making Seria A look bad and making Milan look like a joke. I now really question if our players are competent or just mid table. The team can’t move like a unit, it’s everywhere. Last year Gattuso made Milan into a solid structured team but now i just see a bunch of Borinis chasing the ball with no regard for marking or positioning.
            Grinta seems scared scrambling for a formation, scrambling for a win. Loosing my respect, he called Betis a tough team and called this a good performance. Don’t believe this guy anymore, playing starters twice a week and then acts surprised when they’re injured.
            Again, Gattuso has my respect last season, pulling tough games while having a solid structure, but now this last 3 matches were just a mess. Maybe it was silly of me to start thinking of Milan as a capable team again. Still I vote Gattuso Out.

          • Yes, Milan lacks quality on the bench; no one said Gatusso’s job is easy, but hindsight it seems like a mistake.

  2. I wanted to comment after the Samdoria game that since our style of play is so based on running and physical play, we should rotate players more often because the first team will fatigue and that will start bringing in injuries espesialy in the second half of the season when fatigue really kicks in. But it seems with all the mid week games playing twice per week fatigue kicked in much earlier for us, and i dont understand why some players are still not rested like Kessie for example was playing with knee injury already same as Hakan who was not 100% fit…we have Mauri and Halilovic or even Montolivo just use them from time to time to rest some of the first team players even if we drop a point its still better then losing a first team player do to injury for months, beacause when we lose first team players for months then will lose much more than a point or two.

  3. With this mentality against small teams, the lack of pressing off the ball, the recent overly cautious approach of games, the over-using of our top players, despite being 4th in the league, I am now getting unconvinced of Gattuso! My main problem is that he’s losing that bravery I saw in him in the early stages against Napoli Empoli Atalanta Roma. I will keep supporting the team but with less hope unfortunately

      • Ah yes, another day another good milanisti milan2012 and calm down converting to milan10ism. I knew that theres still good in both of u when we had discussions about whether rino’s right for milan not too long ago. Congrats mates, u, unlike rino, are da best

        • He had the results mate, couldn’t be mad. But Real Betis having 64% possession on Milan is just sad.

          • Haha!

            @Milan10 Seems you have become the “Exorcist” with your ability to convert them to the dark side – the TRUE Milanista side – that knows the truth – this team is s…t! All thanks to the headless “Grint.”

            GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Exactly milan2012 the last few games were frustrating to watch at least at some points

        • Well I am not that crazy thou to say that a coach who’s still within the club’s objectives deserves sacking.

          The truth is that I have mostly been skeptical about Gattuso but because while he’s still doing well result wise, I had quite liked the football we were playing before the Inter game.. I’d get disappointed dropping points to Empoli Atalanta etc but believing that we won’t always draw games if we could keep dominating and creating as many chances – such are performances that gave me glimpses of hope of building a long lasting winning team. But I am seeing quite the opposite now – we are winning games in a way that’s very hard to achieve on consistent basis.

          Well I like to be fair in my requests so I can have my personally believes that someone may/may not be able to produce something ,but we should also try to consider whether there are enough solid reasons for the management to make a decision.

          It’s illogical to me for the management to say to Gattuso that he’s doing fine with 4th but they just believe that he will soon start dropping positions so therefore will replace him. Coaches don’t get sacked for not playing well ,maybe at Madrid and Barca but hardly elsewhere, especially in Italy.

          I may start losing more faith in Gattuso but still think it would be strange to replace him until he actually start dropping positions.

          • Truth brother, lost my head in the rage. Truly I liked what he did second half of last season. Let’s hope he rediscovers his style.

  4. Now Grinta is going to regret for not using more players like Mauri, Halilovic, Simic, Caldara and some youth.

  5. I wasnt gonna jump on the gattuso out train but if this so called “great milan” keeps getting outplayed by smaller teams like real betis something isnt right. First of all we have better individual players compared to a team like betis. Except for maybe a few (borini).

    No disrespect to betis as they have some talented individuals aswell but we shouldnt get schooled like this. If we are this “great italian giant” called ac milan its time we start acting like one. When betis play they have a strategy, a plan a certain approach towards us while we clearly have no clue what we’re doing most of the first half.

    I know with all these injured players we can’t expect too much but still this squad is worth alot of $$$ and is performing far below par.

    Leaves me to think this is on the coach and/or tactics. As much as i love gattuso for his legend status, history and grinta i must say with him steering this bus we won’t become what we once were anytime soon. Maybe we will qualify for CL but even if were that lucky we probably wont get past the 1st round. I dont see gattuso as a long term solution to get us back to the top. Simple.

    We might get results, ugly wins lucky wins sometimes good wins or whatever but to watch a team with the stature of milan get outplayed by smaller teams week in and out just hurts to watch. We can’t keep playing like this against teams like juve or even inter we will get punished. Can you imagine if we played barcelona like this?

    I’d say let gattuso do his job till january then we should get a real proven coach. Im still happy with the results gattuso and the team are getting and we are 4th which is pretty good but its the performance especially in the first half of most of our games that won’t get us far against the top 5 teams.

    I dont care if its wenger or conte or even zidane we need someone who is a proven winner and hate it or love it they are !! numbers dont lie.

    For those who keep praising gattuso go look at his numbers and tell me if you’re impressed.

    No disrespect to gattuso who’s a milan legend but he’s just not up to the task and we’ve seen enough situations to prove that. He got his chance but the mediocrity keeps coming back everytime we play. No game plan, horrible defending too many mistakes. He does bring a fighting spirit which i do like seeing but we cant keep winning matches at the last 5 min of a match this is called luck.

    This is AC MILAN a club that has won 7 CL titles for gods sake. One of the biggest clubs in the world. When do we start to realize in order to make a club of such stature succesful you need people who are of the same calibre.

    When do we start to realize that players like borini, zapata, mussachio, bakayoko arent gonna get us anywhere. They dont add anything to our game. And we need players that add to our game.

    Like cutrone who adds fighting spirit and never gives up. Like higuain who rarely misses an opportunity and is a proven goalscorer. Like our capitano romagnoli who isnt afraid to take the lead and take a shot on goal. Or like suso who we all know will cut inside and shoots but yet still manages to score great goals every time. These are the players we need!!

    I also understand we are in a rebuilding phase and we can’t expect top signings without CL football or even with the financial fairplay thing but ffs i cant stand seeing someone like borini getting game time over some of our other subs. He’s not that bad but he isnt that good either just simply not up to the level of a club this big. Just like a few others in this team.

    So i hope milans owners wake up and realize if you want to get back to the top you need people who are heading there or have been there before and know what it takes. Enough of these montellas gattusos inzaghis lets get a real coach for once and get rid of these players who dont add anything to our game.

    Lets hope paqueta will live up to the hype and lets hope ibra comes back to help us get a cl qualification and lets hope the injury crisis gets better soon. Then get another proven CB to partner up with roma (T. Silva would be awesome) get another solid midfielder and a pacey left winger along with a proven coach and trust me milan will be a serious contender for the scudetto again.

  6. The squad is depleted and Rino got the best result from what he has available, the downside of it are the injuries. He needs to do better with team management and rotation else we will have more injury issues.

    This Milan side needs serious weeding, too bad we have loads of scraps on the bench that can’t even have their say against Betis.

  7. Honestly gattuso isn’t very smart . He doesn’t rest starting players . He and he doesn’t give other players a chance to play some football . I strongly belief that mauri and halilovic arn’t that bad . And caldara hasn’t been used this season by milan i belief , i realy don’t understand this coach at all . Why not give some players a chance to prove themself , honestly why does milan even have these kinda players if they arn’t using them .

    • He can yell! and that’s what is important. we play 3-5-2 lion or 4-3-3 tiger and he yell at the animals till injury time so we get the result to help us achieve our mighty goal… 4th place

      + we have have 7-3-0 chicken that is our formation for times that we are not losing.

  8. Tonite on LIKE MILAN10 SAID:
    “Milan10 Nov 3, 2018 at 4:08 am
    Biglia already stated in his interviews from few weeks back that his feet didnt feel right but rino kept on playing him because he’s the only dm of the squad. Y’see, not having reserve dm after foolishly letting loca go away without buyback clause is just another elementary mistake by rino the midtabler. This “coach” even pushed his luck by playing clearly unfit cutrone few weeks ago, thankfully he got lucky his foolish decision didnt cause even more harm to the boy’s injured foot. Did i mention that this “coach” foolishly sent 2 st away leaving milan with only 2 st and borivaldo when its crystal clear that milan’s 2 st club?

    Milan10 Oct 20, 2018 at 7:19 pm
    I have absolutely nothing against rino as hes truly legendary milanista but theres no way milan will achieve all those feats they achieved in the past again playing like theyve been doing lately. Rino needs apprenticeship as his tactical, managerial decision making skills are still raw and green. Every proper coaches like allegri and ance have outclassed him again and again. Dont give that bs about how rino actually gained 3rd highest point blah blah because the league doesnt start and stop at rino’s convenience.

    Milan10 Oct 25, 2018 at 3:59 pm
    Whats the difference between rino’s milan and a wife? U cant score on ur wife when shes on losing streak”

    Remember mates, if its true and right beyond reasonable doubt, milan10 have said it out loud

    P.s. Some “milanisti” who say suso should be sold need to be sent to bill clinton’s lair

  9. Milan is so good at fighting to the end, something we have been lacking.
    Our squad depth is too thing. And Gattuso should bring in more youth players to shore up the ranks.

    In January we need at least 1 new striker, a sub for Kessie and a proper sub for Biglia.

    If we do not plan to use Montolivo and Mauri we should just sell them off and buy players that we will use.

    All in all, Forza Milan.

    Bring on Juventus.

  10. WTF…..Gattuso used Hakan,Musa,Laxalt,Suso before Juve n Lazio clash!!!….has he gone mad???…Europa is a useless tournament for us, so this is the best place to use some players like Berto,Halliovic,Bellanova,Monto,Mauri….WTF!!!!!!……has he forget we r in the top 4 now???

    • Lol.. people were calling to switch formations few weeks ago. Gattuso finally heard the cries and switched to 4-4-2 and then to 3-5-2 and 3-4-3, now fans being asking to go back to 4-3-3 again. Let the coach work in peace and let the team grow. THe point is the we don’t have the experience and strength to go past where we are right now.. the 4th place and second place Europa league.. lets just hope we don’t further fall down the leagu tables

      • I’ve never complained, and I’ve always liked 4-3-3.
        if anything this formation struggle reminds me of the Montella struggle last season.

  11. Cutrone also was spotted limping on the same foot he injured during the international break.

    I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but I really hate Europa-nothing league.

    • If we had the balls to go and win it, it would be great! UCL + we also join the clubs in Europe than won all tournaments

  12. Yeah we played like crap most of the game, but i think u would have to expect that considering the circumstances: betis like many spanish team are good with possession, were forced to play one striker, hakan is still off, suso kessie probably tired, romagnoli our bailout rested etc. Draw isnt bad. The injuries suck and i wish hed give some more time to the fringe players (halilovic monto) and rest players who obviously need the rest. At some point having balls here would be to throw on these guys, lose in a competition that doesnt matter to us (lets not kid ourselves, we would definitely lose if we had rested kessie and suso etc) and save our good tired players for a big game against juve. Balls or brains, take your pick. Im like the rest of u wanting to see guys like halilovic in action but im not the guy there watching him in practice and if we think he should play were just talking out of our asses because how would we know? Been thinking about wenger and conte a lot these days but the closer u look the options arent that great. Wenger is famous for not making decisive subs (sound familiar) and lets his players have freedom and doesnt really have a hands on approach, his main skills are scouting and developing players and picking offensive formations. Look at his recent history and his great ability is to make a team decent not great, and try to get fourth. I think thats what we pretty much are already right now. Without henry or cesc hes not that special. Conte i like a little better, seems to be creative with tactics and has balls to make subs etc, same fire as grinta and not as defensive as the media plays him out to be. So would be a slightly smarter grinta

  13. Hahahahaha nobody sees it. The same people who were hoping that Gattuso would save his men for Juve are now bashing him?! Wtf?!

    Gattuso grabbed a vital point. Next game against Dudelange, a win is enough. So what’s the fckng issue here?!

    Yes, the team is mediocre. Yes, Gattuso has some things to learn, but wtf do you expect?

    • You are right about what you have said he did took a point , but the real problem is that he doesn’t rest players that are exausted and need rest for the more omportent game against juventus . And the problem with that is that now allot more players are exausted and maybe injured . And he doesn’t give other bench players a chance to play some football , and doesn’t give them any chance to prove themself . Team roulation is importent to give our starters rest . I realy don’t belief that our bench players or youth players our that bad that they don’t deserve even some minutes or a chance , so why does milan have these players like mauri and halilovic or other players like our youth players when gattuso isn’t ussing them anyway ? . Even caldara the centerback that milan has traded bonnuci for can’t get any playing time .

  14. Now, this is interesting. Seems RossonerBlog comment section has become a ‘tale of maybes’:

    Maybe Gattuso was wrong?

    Maybe Gattuso was right?

    Maybe 4-3-3 is the blight

    Maybe 3-5-2 ain’t also tight

    Maybe Grinta is shit!

    Maybe Milan10 has been right

    Maybe Milan is simply average

    Maybe he is just tactically garbage

    Maybe we win against Juve

    Maybe we may dream come Sunday

    Maybe if he had rotated the players

    Maybe he was stroking the ‘Kumbas’

    Maybe Milan is history

    Maybe it’s the grint without the mentality

    Maybe, maybe, mayday! Baby! The team is gangplank walking!

    Maybe…..GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • did you say all that just to say grinta out? you say that even without having to think of a “crafty” comment, so what gives? feeling extra creative today MAYBE?

  15. Hopefully we don’t make it out of the group
    And get knocked out of Europa league
    So we can concentrate on 4th place,
    Which isn’t going to be easy the way we are playing & our lack of depth .
    We have no chance of winning it

    • It’s pointless targeting UCL if we are just going to be participants, we need to be competitors and our first point building up for UCL is Europa League. When we are in UCL, Serie A is still going to be there, Italian local cups are still going to be there. So It’s better we progress and learn from the heavy schedule before we get into UCL. These situations will give Gattuso lessons.

  16. Someone tweeted this…. Very funny…!

    Injury list:
    Strinic: Heart attack
    Musacchio: Brain Damage (if he had one)
    Biglia: Broken pelvis
    Conti: Double ACL injures
    Caldara: Knee injury
    Gattuso: retarded

  17. Biglia injured, Cutrone possibly too

    Does anyone else get strong hick up attacks about two of our, now sadly, former players? U know one on loan in Spain and another gifted to league rivals without buy back clause?

    Nevertheless, not all is as black as it seems, we still have Bertolacci, Montolivo and Mauri to cover at least midfield. If only Milan would keep Kalinic…

  18. a good result considering we got dominated. the shadow of the day was obviously the injuries. so i hope all those affected to have a successful recovery.
    now to management and what not:
    the league is something we have never won. it is not useless. if we were capable of winning then it would have become a great route in to the champions league, as top 4 in seria will also be a hard feat for milan to achieve. not only that, but gattuso has got a lot of pressure to make it past the group stages, so a draw was the minamum result needed.
    also this is the same team that did, even though they should, that slapped us up at home. they were more domanating that day then they were yesterday.
    do i think we can win europa league, nahh no chance. however it will give the players a great way to test them against some of europes elite. for example, arsenal, chelsea, maybe psg and who ever else might end up in the league.
    finally, we are going to get slapped up by juve. gattuso or not, our team is not fit enough and nowhere as near as talented as juves to come close to winning. they are the kings of seria, they brought ronaldo and gave their leftovers to us. so to get any points from juve is great and unexpected. so lets keep that in mind before we start `gattuso out

  19. Ok so for Juventus we know that bonaventura, biglia, caldara are all out while today they’re reporting Kessie, cutrone, calhanoglu, calabria and musacchio are all very doubtful. Higuain started training today but not at 100%. What the f are we going to do?? We honestly have all our starting players out against Juventus.

    • It will be a throwback to the Muntari days. The Golden days in other words.
      Bakayoko will bag a hattrick.

      • XD, the funniest thing is that Montolivo will warming that bench.
        RR- Romagnoli-Zapata-Abate

        I wish they use the alternative jersey so the match would be more tolerable. I miss Loca and Silva



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