Real Betis-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

Pepe Reina before Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on November 4, 2018. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)
Pepe Reina before Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on November 4, 2018. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Real Betis on Thursday evening when the clock points 21:00 CEST / Italy time at Estadio Benito Villamarín for the 4th matchday of the 2018/19 Europa League Group Stage and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad for this encounter.

Samu Castillejo is suspended while Alessandro Plizzari, Davide Calabria, Mattia Caldara, Andrea Conti, Stefan Simić, Ivan Strinić, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura, Gonzalo Higuaín are out as well.

Probable XI (Sky): Pepe Reina; Mateo Musacchio, Cristian Zapata, Ricardo Rodríguez; Fabio Borini, Franck Kessié, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Diego Laxalt; Suso; Patrick Cutrone.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateTiémoué BakayokoFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaDiego LaxaltAndrea BertolacciHakan Çalhanoğlu
Pepe ReinaMateo MusacchioFranck KessiéPatrick Cutrone
Ricardo RodríguezJosè MauriAlen Haliliović
Alessio RomagnoliRiccardo MontolivoSuso
Cristian Zapata


  1. How about rest Suso for this one? And Cutrone, Kessie, Hakan, and RicRod for that matter. Let’s see some primavera players. This competition is anyways redundant, but now we are supposedly not earning the (very little) prize money involved? Screw that.

    Look how well a season without European distraction did for our next door neighbors.

    • We don’t play for money, my friend ! We play for our colours, for our history, for pride, for honour ! We play because Milan means Europe ! And because it’s the last european trophy we never won ! Bad mentality from our fans !

      • Alexmilan mate, we are playing this season for a CL spot, everything else is a distraction. That’s what we play for. Forget all this pride and color nonsense my friend, our club is hanging on a financial hinge with Elliot’s patience being a huge question mark.

        You are thinking of pride? They way we looked the last 6 years or so deserves no pride. A mere shade of our real red-black colors. Our main, in fact only, mission these days are to return to a place which dignifies the name AC Milan. Everything else is noise.

        And there’s certainly not much pride for this club to win the Europa-nothing league. In fact, it’s embarrassing we’re even participating in the damn thing.

        • Again, you have no solid arguments for me to say that we have to give up this competition ! It’s your oppinion which I don’t agree with ! It’s the second european competition ( a strong one which gives you experience and even a place in CL ) and we must win every official competition in which we are protagonists ! Because this is Milan !

          • You want a strong argument- WE CANNOT WIN EVERY COMPETITION WE PLAY IN

            Regardless if are name is Milan.

            Our squad is too thin and too lacking in quality to compete on all fronts; we are barely able to compete for 4th place in seria a without any distractions. If all of this is not clear to you my friend, I mean crystal clear with a glimpse of a doubt, then I don’t know what team you’ve been following for the last few years.

            I would like to remind you how we lost Jack in the opening of last year’s Europa-nothing league, and consequently got to a slow start in the season. Inter on the other hand, without such distractions, got to CL. What happens if we loose Suso on injury today, due to him being overly used? Would it be worth it, just for the sake of this false sense of pride.

      • Against juvi montolivo and kessie should start suso and Jack by the left and right cutrone and higuin up front

  2. I don’t know how busy we are winning Betis tomorrow and Juventus on Sunday. I’m telling you if Kessie and Bakayoko up their games just a little bit, we can have one of the most strongest midfielder pairing in serie a. They have shown signs already

  3. i wonder how this match will turn out, our injury list isn’t getting smaller and betis are proving to be tough. Even one point from this game will be good enough. Although i do wonder why we don’t play bertolacci, mauri or halilovic. they might not be great and missing lots of game time, but they can let us rest some of our more important players that are playing every game like kessie and suso.

    • Perhaps Halilovic isn’t proving himself enough in training and that’s why he wont get to prove himself on the pitch?

  4. A 3-5-2? Or 3-4-1-2 with Hakan behind? Will be interesting to see Suso up top if that’s the case. Too bad Samu is suspended.
    All the best tomorrow!

    • Why do we need Hakan in this match? Jack is still a big question mark for Juve and Lazio, we need someone better than Laxalt for those matches (or at the very least, to keep as much options open).

      I feel Gatusso has the habit of sometimes over playing players, forgetting that they need a rest. Higuain should have rested on our last match with Betis for example.

      • We need him to win I guess? I’m just saying this based on the predicted line-up where I saw that Hakan was in the line-up.
        Agreed, his energy can be very good to have coming on from the bench, you can see how limited he is the more he has played recently. Although he gives good cover to RR. But Bona is still not fit, not even in the called-up players, where did you get his name from? Or did you just mention him generally, because of your concern for Laxalt in the big games?:)

        • Bona is not fit – that’s my point. We need at the very least one of Jack+Hakan for Lazio and Juve. Since Jack is a big question mark, Hakan should be rested against Betis so at least we have him for these matches.

          • Yeah but Bona isn’t called up? That’s what perplexes me mate haha.
            We do need Hakan tonight though so he can unlock Betis for us.

  5. Luigi Riccio: What formation we should use in this match Rino?
    Gennaro Gattuso: Lets put 11 random players on the field and see what happens in injury time!
    Montella’s Ghost: Is that my 3-5-2?

  6. Gattuso should indeed rest all the 1st team players as possible, cuz at this point i feel as if any player on the pitch can get injured, we’re not gonna win this competition and we arent earning anything either for the moment, give the youth a chance and focus on Juve, we have to give our best to win that match, its probably not gonna happen but it certainly wont happen with our key players too tired. And if we lose against Betis there is still chance to qualify from the group, if we really want to of course.

  7. Interesting options for our starting lineup.
    3-5-2, 3-4-1-2 or maybe even a 4-2-3-1 if Borini is played as RB but I doubt it.
    I agree with most who think this competition being nothing more but a distraction considering there is no prize money earned. Hopefully, no one gets injured.

    Meanwhile at Turin:
    Juve somehow lost their first match of the season in literally 4 minutes being 1-0 until the 86th. Were close to conceding a 3rd too. They looked unbeatable up to that point as Mourinho had no intention of playing any football yet, managed to punish Juve’s only 2 mistakes.

    This is what Milan needs to win on Sunday. I’m not saying they should just sit deep and defend hoping for the best but, actually, press Juve as they’re very shaky when getting attacked. Suso should be dropping as deep as possible to collect as we can’t have him shut down by Sandro, while having Samu (Who should start over Cutrone) on a free role to find as much space as possible while still tracking back. This is looking very achievable if Rino doesn’t pull an Inter and give Juve more respect than they deserve.

    Best of luck for the boys tomorrow but more importantly for Sunday’s Classico.

  8. Tonite on LIKE MILAN10 SAID:
    “Milan10 Aug 29, 2017 at 2:50 pm
    suso is not pure winger as his style is more similar to del piero, messi or rivaldo than jarni, navas or sterling; He often cuts inside to score, provide defence-splitting assists for st and link up with his teammates. He even play in reverse del piero zone (remember del piero? He was an am/lw like suso in his youth before lippi made him world class ss). What he does as rw, he can do it as well playing as ss/am. Besides, playing with 4-3-3 means milan attack will be extremely predictable because borini isnt attacking threat and hakan still cant provide defense-splitting assists on regular basis to the forward 3 hence suso is the one and only milan’s focal point of attack. I blame montella for this tactical inaptitude.”

    “Milan10 Sep 9, 2017 at 5:20 pm
    Suso can play as ss/am. Anyone following football knows great goalscoring wingers (excluding robben) always end up being even better as ss: messi, del piero (he’s am i know but he patented del piero zone), henry, auba, cr7, hell even goddamn mancini and stoichkov.
    What r u waiting for montella? Impress new owners and most importantly, milanisti around the world with ur innovations”
    I dont think rino is gonna pull a capello vs barca or heynckes vs barca; tactical masterstrokes of highest order, anytime soon but i gotta tip my hat to him; he really is good student. His willingness to admit his mistakes and learn from the best, unlike that moron morontella, is admirable. Suso CAN and DOES play as ss and i hope he perform well tonite (anyone who wants milan to lose tonite so they can prepare better vs juve (what?) is NOT a milanista).

    Remember mates, if its right and true beyond any reasonable doubt, then milan10 must have said it out loud *wink

    • I remember you saying this very well, along with your Del Piero comparison, I hope you’re right, the way he has played in that role before was so-so, not Suso- get it?;) – but he has developed a lot since last season, and hopefully he’ll impress in that role tonight, if he does in fact play that role!

  9. 4-4-2 please, Borini as RB. Play tight and give consistent pressure from.start to the end of game, with deadly counter attacks. 1-0 win or 2-0 win away from home is possible. Stay focus and play like glorious Capello era in 1993-1994.

        • Actually milan was severely weakened in 93/94; no dutch trio means no potent attack. Yes milan won serie a and ucl but:
          1) milan scored much fewer goals than previous 2 seasons. They were so boring that figc introduced 3 points for a win starting in 94/95 to stimulate/promote more attacking football.
          2) aside from that memorable final, certainly the best ac milan performance in a final, milan performances throughout ucl 93/94 werent that great snd convincing compared to 92/93. And for the first time since milan – benfica in ‘63, milan were underdogs in ucl final. Yeah i know, no baresi and costacurta but barca played better football throughout the season. Cruyff repeated his wc ‘74 mistake of being arrogant claiming barca were winners before the match even started. And he omitted their best player laudrup as well from the squad for that final.
          3) the overall quality of the play decreased significantly. The defense line was still marvellous but while savicevic was truly il genio but he couldnt carry marco – gullit combo’s legacy because his italian-with-mila-dna attacking partners just werent cutting it. They got outplayed and beat twice in toyota cup finals.
          In short, yes milan 93/94 were great but theyre not on the same “invincibles” level as previous 2 seasons. They got even worse in 94/95 because the key players started to decline and they still hadnt addressed their attacking problem. If milan without baresi, costacurta and dutch trio could beat barca with romario then certainly milan with dutch trio could beat barca without romario. Thats simple logic. Saying milan 93/94 was better than teams of 91/92 and 92/93 because it won ucl is like saying milan 06/07 was better than milan 04/05 and 05/06. Milan 91/92 were invincibles and milan 92/93 were, player for player, best club side ever assembled (shame about the injuries though)

  10. 3-4-2-1 seems to be a formation that Gattuso is going to use. I would prefer 3-4-1-2 but that is less likely.
    We have two attacking flanks and we shouldn’t stretch it more that that. I am sure Suso can work closer to the goal, he has all the crafts, only thing that is missing is positioning. Hakan can flourish behind Cutro and him. Hope we can solve this one in the first half or early second because we don’t want to go the distance with Betis.

    • Ah dont know why I thought of 3-4-1-2, perhaps it was wishful thinking;)
      Hope so too, and hopefully be able to give some players – Suso, Kessié and perhaps Hakan since he’s coming back from injury – some rest.

      • He is starting to throw us off lately every time we assume something so I guess we wait for official line-ups 🙂

    • Actually looks like 3-5-2 with Borini and Laxalt on the flanks. Let’s just hope it looks like ANY kind of formation, as opposed to the first 60 minutes against Genoa.

  11. They beat us in San Siro because they found so much holes in front of our back four and our defence got exposed so much. Of we choke those spaces for them, they will struggle and as the game goes, they get more opened up.

    My concern is Zapata and Musacchio who as center back strangers and not partners. Musacchio is a positional error while Zapata is an accident waiting to happen. I pray they have a great game.

    • Yeah but despite our poor performance, when we put on the pressure it was quite evident that their players got nervous. They ae Betis after all. So as long as we turn up and aren’t such a no-show as at the San Siro, we’ll come through I think, even with our missing players.

      Zap-Musa are actually a great combo when they play together, as was seen vs Napoli last season, althought they wont be next to each other if it’s a three man backline, Im curious to see who’ll be in the middle. I guess it’ll be Musa. But for some reason it just hit me that we might play 4-3-2-1 with Borini as a right back. We’ll see what happens tonight, hoping for he best!

  12. 3 5 1 1
    musacchio zapata Rodriguez
    Borini Kessie bakayoko calhanoglu laxalt
    Suso cutrone

    Have we not learnt from last year and this year we suck with a three man defence?

    • I think it’s more due to the injuries we’re facing here. Not that Rino is a 3 man defense fan.
      Anyway, let’s see how this whole turns out before judging anyone and be positive 😀



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