Team news: Udinese were without Giuseppe Pezzella, Emmanuel Badu, Svante Ingelsson and Lukasz Teodorczyk, while Milan had to do without Alessandro Plizzari, Davide Calabria, Mattia Caldara, Ivan Strinić, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura and Hakan Çalhanoğlu. Kickoff time for Matchday 12 of the 2018/19 Serie A campaign was 20:30 CET / Italy time at Stadio Friuli.

Goal: Romagnoli (96′)
Red card: Nuytinck (94′)

Udinese Calcio (3-5-2) – Julio Velázquez
Juan Musso; Nicholas Opoku, William Troost-Ekong, Samir; Ignacio Pussetto (84′ Andrija Balić), Hidde ter Avest (83′ Bram Nuytinck), Rolando Mandragora, Seko Fofana, Jens Stryger Larsen; Rodrigo De Paul (92′ Marco D’Alessandro), Kevin Lasagna.
Unused: Scuffet, Nicolas, Wague, Barák, Behrami, Machis, Pontisso.

AC Milan (4-4-2) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodríguez; Suso, Franck Kessié, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Diego Laxalt (73′ Fabio Borini); Gonzalo Higuaín (35′ Samu Castillejo), Patrick Cutrone.
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Josè Mauri, Conti, Bertolacci, Montolivo, Musacchio, Simić, Halilović, Bellanova.

Referee: Marco Di Bello.


  1. Looks like we can steal another defender from Juve this January:

    Juventus centre-back Medhi Benatia admits “I’m struggling playing a game every now and then” and “we’ll see what happens” in January.

    The Moroccan played 90 minutes against Cagliari on Saturday, but he’s played only four Serie A games so far this season.

    “I’m struggling playing a game every now and then,” Benatia told La Stampa.

  2. Does anyone have an update with our injured players? I read that Calabria might be back vs Juve. And Bona had a training session with the group before Udine if I read it correctly, anyone knows when he and Calha will be back? Is Higuains injury serious? Looked like it was a knock that is troublesome at that time but wont be a bother for more than a couple days, really hope I’m not in the wrong here. We need him vs Juve, I’m sure he’ll be extra psyched!

  3. As I may be so free,

    It would be a good idea to let the game against Betis go. Play as much as possible the bench people. For my part, even Montolivo would get a position. Save your starters and put everything to the home game against Juve.

    Why should we compete in the EL anyway? We will not get any money this year from it and we will never win it. C’mon guys, please don’t think we can!!

    If we lose against Juve, OK it sucks, but the more important game is Lazio. This is our direct competitor. And if we win from them, we shake them off, for a bit. And we will not share the 4th place with them.

    Then, yesterday evening, it was only Romagnoli who could make a difference. First a perfect sliding, then a perfect finish, all together in the same attack.

    Suso, in my opinion, was awful. He blew a big chance in the 1st half and in the 58th minute. Which a real A-player should’ve finished it off.

    I have a feeling, that Juve will come in a difficult phase. A phase where they can’t find themselves and will have issue with their own. I hope this phase kicks in the nextr game against Man Utd

    • “Suso, in my opinion, was awful. He blew a big chance in the 1st half and in the 58th minute. Which a real A-player should’ve finished it off.” wow this midtabler is still blabbering about messuso. Real clubs like lpool, roma, tottenham and madrid want suso and this guy unwittingly scream ‘“suso sucks and milan need to sell him.” U gotta be kidding me. Oh and madrid also want(ed) conte. They, like me, know their football.
      “I have a feeling, that Juve will come in a difficult phase. A phase where they can’t find themselves and will have issue with their own. I hope this phase kicks in the nextr game against Man Utd” because theyre 6 points clear of napoli/inter in serie a and 5 points clear of man utd in ucl? And that difficult phase will just so happen to occur next week when they’ll face milan? Wow, sorry mate but theres no way ur gonna say “LIKE I SAID” next week like i always do because theres no way u’ll be proven correct on ur “hypothesis”. U’see, not just anyone can write “like i said” because its only words of master analyst can be proven correct most of the time. *wink

      • Yeah, how did that work out, Real and Conte?! Not a success story eh?!

        You actually believe these rumors about Lpool, Real etc want Suso? Whahahahahahahahaha

        Let’s put it this way, as long as the price is right, clubs are interested in Suso. His release clause is too low, 40 million is nowadays too low for a B-player.

        Yes, Juve will come in a bad phase, but I don’t know when!! I am just hoping it will be next weekend

        • “Yeah, how did that work out, Real and Conte?! Not a success story eh?!” their lost. Their arrogance knows no boundaries. Remember del bosque sacking?
          “Let’s put it this way, as long as the price is right, clubs are interested in Suso. His release clause is too low, 40 million is nowadays too low for a B-player.” very convenient “logic” u got there. So, according to u as long as player is cheap enough then real madrid will come calling? Why didnt madrid go for niang then? Ur so preoccupied with ur hatred towards suso that u deliberately forget suso’s key player of milan. He has most assists this season remember?
          Oh and wenger is coming to replace ur glory hole landlord rino thank god

          • No that’s not what I am saying. First learn to read. Suso is a B-player who might have the potential to be an A-player. And these kind of guys are worth more than 40. So every relatively rich club will be interested. Simple. The 40 million is below market value.

          • U dont even understand what im saying. WHY WOULD MADRID BUY A B-CLASS PLAYER? Madrid, like old milan, is a club of ballon d’or winners. Even clubs like bayern would gladly accept the leftovers madrid throw in their garbage bin, like robben, xabi and james. Thats how high their standards are. So, when madrid target suso then that can only mean suso IS world class player who deserves their attention. Besides, if suso, the best performer of milan so far, is b-class player then what does that tell u about rino’s milan and quality of their football

    • Agreed. We should sacrifice the betis match, and if needed also the Juve match, for the more important Lazio match.

      I hope we can get at least Higuain and one of Jack/Hakan fit until Juve, and then have them play only a few minutes in that match (trying to slightly get them back to form).

  4. I can’t really comment on the game because I haven’t seen it yet but judging by reliable comments on here I’d say we got lucky again??
    That’s not to say I’m not delighted we won of course I am

    • No luck, no. Where did you get that? Unless you think luck is scoring in +90 minutes?
      Had plenty of chances, really poor and wasteful finishing.

      • Is your tv broadcasting some games of Milan in 90?
        @Naz horrible game. for more than 15 minutes in the second half we got dominated by probably one of the weakest teams in Serie A. wasteful in attack. no clear plan. just passing to suso and wait for some sparks.

        • Did I say we played well? Creating chances doesn’t equal playing well. As you said yourself “wasteful in attack” is what we were. And dominated lmao. You just get harsher and harsher just to prove a point. Udinese are in terrible form, but they have good players in Fofana, De Paul, Lasagna. Playing Udine away is always tricky. Get your facts straight.

          • Just about watched that rubbish while trying my best not to throw up
            We got outplayed for large spells and in all honesty we just got lucky again and if it not for Roma Gattuso would 100% be sacked by now, the teams clueless and only reason we’re in top 4 is because of having some good players
            Anyway I really don’t want to talk about our last few games because it’s simply depressing and would rather talk about Wenger who’s apparently very close to taking over!!! Now that’s something to get excited about? For the first time in years we finally get a top level manager
            I sincerely hope this is true because once Wenger settles in and implements his way of playing it’ll be unrecognizable to the muck we’re playing now

          • I really dont understand how you call scoring lucky.
            If it’s an own goal, a deflection, referee mistakes or such, then yes, you can call that lucky. How on earth is this a lucky win?

    • We had a bad match, but honestly I thought we did a decent job with Milan B team against a tenacious Udi side desperately looking for a home win.

      That’s the difference a squad with depth has. Without Higuain, Hakan, Jack, and Biglia, we are mid/low table seria a team.

      • Milanista if you consider the fact that it’s been our center back who’s scored two injury time winners in back to back games then yes it is lucky especially the finish in the first game that was a huge mistake from the keeper and he just hit it and hoped
        If any other team done that you’d say they got lucky and that’s all its been
        We’re playing terrible football and Udin actually still tried to beat us while a man down!

        • So Real Madrid are lucky every time they score through Sergio Ramos? When he scores the equalizer against Atleti in the 94th minute in the UCL-final, it’s just a never say die attitude but when we do it we’re lucky? Sorry I dont see the logic in that. There are eleven players on the pitch, anyone can score – Beneventos keeper says hi – Romagnoli was in the right place at the right time and took matters into his own hands by winning the ball, and finishing it, saw the opportunity and seized it and is leading by example.
          And who cares if Udine tried to go for the win?? That makes it all the better that we won against a team that didn’t buckle down? I guess that if we won while Udine while parking the bus everyone would’ve said “we beat a horrible and lacklustre team” instead of saying that we won against a team who gave their all. People always finds excuses to downplay our wins here and I really dont get why.

          • I get annoyed by watching us because I know we could be so much more and we’re not because of Gattuso
            You can’t use Real Madrid as an example because there one of the best assembled teams ever in the history of football and when they score late into games it’s because of world class play which they demonstrate almost every week that is until they now have a shit manager and because of that there playing terribly but they had the sense to sack there coach we on the other hand stumble on regardless while letting bang ordinary clubs and players dominate us every week in the hope that somehow someone pops up with a goal
            You said it yourself that Roma made the chances for himself which further demonstrates our lack of team gaming
            This is a center back for crying out load who took the game by the scruff of the neck
            We have man for man the third best squad along with Inter Milan and Gattuso hasn’t got the ability to form a winning team with them it’s as simple as that and I qureentee you that if you gave him the pick of 5 of the best players on this planet right now he still wouldn’t form a winning team because he’s not able
            Modern football and all major sports is won on the sideline nowadays by tactics and precise actions at important periods of play and not once has Gattuso done anything other than make ridiculous substitutions and hope it works
            Every time he meets a real manager with talented players he’s going to get spanked and spanked bad
            Gattuso’s luck will run out and make no mistake about it only for Roma he’d be sacked now
            You will see an enormous difference once a proper coach is sitting on our bench one that can implement different strategy at different times depending on each particular game and then we will easily beat the likes of Genoa and Undin which we should be doing with the difference in players without relying on the center back

          • We might do better with another coach, but I respectfully disagree with pretty much everything. I can use Madrid as an example as it’s still a centre back scoring. If it was Donnarumma who scored, then I could accept you calling it luck.
            We still created enough chances to win the game, it just happened to be a CB who scored, I dont see the luck in that. And mate, there are no easy teams or matches in Serie A. There are teams we should beat – yes, but easy teams – no. Exception being Chievo this seaason who are absolutely horrendous.

          • You’re vague statements show you don’t follow soccer at all. @Naz
            You probably mad bc Inter Napoli and Lazio won by multiple goals this week, childish. To remind you Juve tied vs Genoa.
            And Udinese ? Well considering all the missing starters and the early injury we did good to have so many chances.
            Which substitute was off? Castillejo for Higuain ? or Borini? who else would you have subbed , since they both seemed to be game changers to me.

          • Your comment is just ridiculous and your talking to adults now so if you don’t mind Milan 2012 I’m not going to entertain you by going into any conversation with you

          • You have no argument mate. You fail to realize the Milan that played last Sunday was handicapped by injuries.

          • This is a discussion not an argument thats going on for months now not just since last Sunday
            Your right though Milan is handicapped and it’s because of Gattuso, that’s my argument not injuries or lack of players it’s nothing to do with the players
            The team plays shit even at full strength which is a direct result of how Gattuso manages them
            So if your going to join in our discussion which your welcome too then at least know what it’s about
            And just so you know, i couldn’t give a ball of goat shit about how Inter, Napoli or Lazio play or how many goals they score
            I give a shit about how we play and how many we score or to be precise how badly we’re playing, every team suffers injuries but does that mean you go out and let Genoa or Udin outplay us for huge parts of the game? Does it mean you completely isolate one of the deadliest strikers in the world? Does it mean you go out against our biggest rival and cower away praying for a draw? What’s Gattuso going to do against Juventus? Maybe play all three keepers in goal together?

  5. Team effort!… The guys fought for the win.
    Laxalt was everywhere ( he’s more like Borini with quality)…
    Bakayoko was so confident and classy yesterday. I loved his every touch!…
    Kudos to Gattusso for bringing on Borini for Laxalt, that was a great move.
    Suso was kinda too eager to score; on two occasions, there was more time than he realised. I thought he wouldn’t pass it back to Romagnoli there..
    All in all, That was a Good Win!…

  6. Just watched the match now after work.
    Three wins in a row, not shabby at all.
    Must be all that luck.

    Need Calabria back though because our fullbacks were not pushing forward much to join in the attack. To me, that was the reason that we could not create as much as do lately.
    I see people writing Bakayoko had a good match. I did not see that. His passes are almost never decent. In terms of passing, dare I say, even Kessie is better.
    We need Bona back in to link up the defense and attack as well.

    Oh and Kessie needs a rest. He is starting to make significant errors.

    Forza Milan

    @Milan Wins

    • In 442 we cannot expect the fullbacks to have as much freedom. The traditional wingers will provide width. I’ve said it many times 442 is a static formation, Flat back 4 with a flat mid field that is suppose to support a flat attack. Very simple and easy to setup. it works.

        • and your point is??? Mentioning the two best offensive fullbacks of all time does not change the fact that a 442 is a static formation. They having the freedom to roam have nothing to do with the basics of 442.

          And you are the one crying about the coach and not the players…. god dude, what happened to you

          • I never said anything about 4-4-2 being ‘static’ formation or not.
            My point is, some milan fb just dont overlap and combine with wingers in front of them well enough, even when milan still used 4-3-3. So it must be due to lack of skills not formation set up. Good fb like lizararu, lahm, maicon, hell even conti pre-injury do overlap and press forward no matter the formation. Ric rod is average going forward even though he has mean crossing, hence low assist numbers. Abate and calabria do move forward but they lack footballing skills hence they rarely can trade passes with the wingers. Only laxalt looks promising enought going forward. 4-4-2 or not, miilan fb aint good enough hence less support for wingers like suso.
            And regarding 4-4-2 being rigid formation, well of course it is. With this formation its hard for players to permutate seamlessly, mainly because, unlike in 4-3-3 set up, 4-4-2 set up doesnt allow offensive players to have similar amount of grounds/areas to cover thus if for example if the cm moves forward, the lm cannot easily cover for him because then the left flank might be exposed because the left forward isnt obliged to defend. It aint like that with 4-3-3. In 4-3-3 if iniesta press forward then xavi can cover his position and the false 9 messi can get back to cover dor xavi because their operating grounds intersect, making it easier for them to permutate. Also, in 4-3-3 set up, the mf essentially have similar characteristics thus while in 4-4-2 the roles are clearly defined, thus if guys like keane overlaps then giggs cant really cover for him because he’s not a good dm. Thats why i always said 4-3-3 is difficult because u have to have total footballers as mf, players who has good defensive and offensive skills. Thats why i also said zidane cant be good cm in 4-3-3 set up because his defending sucks. However, 4-4-2 stopped being static in the sense that u mean after brazilian fullbacks like nilton santos and even italian facchetti showed the world what fb could do. So yeah, fb can and do overlap in 4-4-2 set up, if they have the requiered skills

          • Ofc you can play fluid football with a 442. If you have a team of world class players you can play any formation, that is obviou . But having said that. The game have developed a lot over the years. and I dont think brazil would have been so successful today using the same strategy.

            You could basically sum up all you said with “our fullbacks sucks”

          • “You could basically sum up all you said with “our fullbacks sucks“ and i did, didnt i? So im not sure why did u try to argue with me

    • Bakayoko had an amazing game, arguably best midfielder. With ball in his feet I expected him to mess up but in the contrary he was solid. I will agree in Kessié being tired, he played very lazy in my opinion, and acting injured for the whole added time was very unprofessional(I recall he did the same in Atlanta game where we did get scored on), if we got scored on it would of been raging.

    • Ink mate, try counting how many dispossessions Bakayoko is responsible for; that’s his main contribution imo. He’s much less effective going forward.

  7. So I just read the news… Arsene Wenger to replace Gattuso as coach????

    Anybody think it’s true?

    Pretty screwed up to be honest, the guy has us at 4th place, only 4 points behind the top 3 teams in the Serie A. That’s literally one of the main goals for the manager.

    • Thats because Singers are Arsenal fans and want both Wenger and Gazidis in Milan.
      As current owners they will probably do it.

      • I doubt it’s that easy, he’s collected third most points since his appointment. My guess is if he slips out of 4th place by January then he’s gone.

        • Also, Giles Grimandi is joining Milan scout team.
          Main Arsenal scout ( for those who dont know )
          Everything is pointing out to Arsene Wenger as new coach.

  8. We need reinforcement in the team asap . Paqueta is allready on the way , there are rumours about ibra comming back ..hmm i don’t know how i feel about that because on 1 hand he still got it he’s a beast and on the other hand he’s allready 37!! Years old . But we need more strikers that’s for sure . Higuain and cutrone are not enough . I also feel that milan needs a another new midfielder , fabregas and ramsey are free next summer i think milan should go for one of them . And i also feel that mussachio isn’t realy a great CB he’s not realy bad but not great to , milan should realy try to get thiago silva back . And if they can’t get thiago silva then i feel they should realy try to get benatia from juve , he’s a realy strong CB and he isn’t getting playing time this season so milan should take advantage of the opertunity and snatch him up .
    And lastly calabria isn’t doing it for me at the Right back he makes to many mistakes that cost crucial point’s and abate’s to old and slow, conti is always injured he’s been injured for more than 400 days allready it’s unfortuned and i hope gets well , but i realy feel that milan needs a new right back , they should loan calabria out or something and get a better right back . Anyway that’s my opinion . Dont hate fella’s .

    • Totally agree on every point. Silva, Zlatan reunión is welcomed. I can’t remember last time Milan loaned out a real prospect.

  9. @Milanista 121, I don’t think you watched the match but if you do and you’re still saying we didn’t got lucky by the win, bakayoko this n that believe me you watched the match from the back of ur Television set. Bakayoko is not even @d level of kessie presently, so many errors simply lack confidence. Suso need to be consistent with his performances and Gattuso had his share of our struggles despite the injury crisis. We ended the match with 4231, samu by d right, Suso behind d striker n Borini on the left wing. The question is why can’t he start with that formation since Samu is also a winger. Simply:
    Abate Zapata Captain Saviour Rodriquez
    Kessie Bakayoko
    Samu Suso Cutrone
    Higuain. Or opted for a 442 with the same players instead of playing the formation he himself don’t understand.

    • You didn’t say anything to prove we were lucky? We created enough to win the game, which we did. Listened to an expert today in Sweden, who used to play in Serie A and knows the league very well, who said that the game could’ve gone either way but based on the chances we were the right winners. And if you read my comment correctly, I said that this was Bakayokos best match but that it wasnt more than decent and he’s far from his 35 million price tag.
      Anything else?

    • Seems you’re the one watching from the back your the TV. Becoz if you watched the game, you would’ve known:
      Bakayoko played well.
      We weren’t lucky; Suso,Samu and Higuain missed their chances.

    • I also saw it, I honestly dont see the reason for it as of now. We’ll see in December. There’s no doubt he’s the better coach but we’re fourth, granted we don’t play that well but all that matters are the results, and right now we’re getting them. Just my opinion ofc!

  10. Ok guys, let’s put some perspective to our display last night. We played Udine away, a tough fixture for pretty much all teams despite their form, they have good players like Fofana, De Paul and Lasagna. We were missing starters like Calabria, Biglia, Bona and Calha, even though Calha has been poor he can still add that element of surprise. And to all this, we got Higgy injured after 30 minutes or so, losing a player of his calibre would prove to be a huge blow for all teams on a psychological level. Despite all this, we kept pushing and fighting and eventually got the three points. Yet some people complain!? I really dont get it.
    This game and the last against Genoa are typical games that we in past seasons would bottle and/or fail to capitalize/cement our place, but we did it this time, and personally, I consider this to be a huge step in the right direction.

    • I think of it as good karma for our previous games. We should of won games against Atlanta and Empoli but we tied so now our luck overturned.

    • Oh c’mon. Udinese is 17th in the table. And had they been smart enough not to go all out attacking like its ucl final, they might have put on better defensive job. Its one thing to go all out when ur down 0-1 in dying minutes of a knock out phase of tournament (because u have nothing to lose, u can win man utd style or lose germany in wc ‘18 style but at least u try to win), its entirely different thing to just do it in league match where 1 point is actually better than 0 points. If anything, i was feeling insulted that 10 man udinese still thought that milan’s beatable enough that they actually attacked in last minutes. No way udinese would pull that crap vs real teams like napoli or juve

    • Results are of course fine, desire is also important and Rino has done enough there. But none can keep winning with these 2 only. That’s the point of some of us who keep criticizing after wins. Our football quality is low: our passing is below average (too many mistakes), our build up is painfully slow, our creativity relies purely on individual moves, our game plan is so hard to identify that sometimes I doubt if there is one.
      Look at the goals we score: mainly crosses from Suso and opponent’s mistakes. (yes, you can “provoke” the mistakes).
      I understand that high intensity pressing is a game plan but even then, at least try to do it right (like Atletico). Running and fighting only is not a game plan – not one for Milan at least, not for top level teams. In today’s football you need much more than that and that’s why some of us keep complaining about Rino (yes, even after wins).

      • I totally get that, but if you look at for example the Atalanta game that I keep going back to, we played really nice football, but at the end of the day, we didn’t get the win. Which do you prefer, playing nice football and drawing/losing, or poorly and winning? Ofc playng nice football and getting results is ideal, but we’re not there now, so for now, I just take the results, no matter the performance, playing nice is a bonus.

        • Winning without good football is (very) temporary, this is proven fact in world football history.
          Playing good football increase your chances to get eventually results. Of course at some point you need results to stay on schedule. But ugly wins should be the exception, not the norm as it happens with Rino. (You can name only one good performance, I can name many ugly, that’s my point.)
          So, in your question, yes I choose Atalanta game over any of the poor performances which we won. Simply because I believe that it’s inevitable to get results when playing like Atalanta.

          • But according to everyone on this blog, we’ve played poor football throughout the season, but still find ourselves in the position we are in? Which means we haven’t displayed poor football on a continuous basis 🙂 We completely nullified Napoli up until that mistake which brought them back into the game. We played great vs Roma, who were poor yes, but we still looked very good. We played nice football vs Empoli too, same against Chievo. We looked very good after Genoa’s equalizer and then went on to win the game. So I dont see the problem with us grinding out these results. Only poor games I can think of were Cagliari, Inter, first half vs Genoa and then vs Udinese. So four games out of eleven were poor. So no mate, Atalanta game wasn’t the only game we’ve played good in. And even if we were poor vs Genoa and Udine, we still came out as worthy winners based on the chances we created compared to theirs.

  11. What’s this bs regarding Wenger? He supposedly agreed to take over. Does that mean asap or in January or in the new season? I don’t get it lol like J like him but gattuso is now fourth and all the players admire him so why disrupt that? More to follow I guess but this is weird.

    • I guess Milan management saw that after 10 games, our players can’t make 10 correct pass to each other and decided to bring someone new?

    • Well the season is justo beggining and Gattuso hasnt proven anything yet, so if this is Leonardo plan B its OK, but if this is real might have a real blow on the teams morale.

      I remember a good form of Miha’s team and Silvio went to say this team play horrible worst Milan ever, and the players got depressed and started to play worst than ever.

      • Uh, no they didnt get depressed like some uptight japanese schoolgirls, they got trolled by brocchi a.k.a. Broccoli, a garbage coach with milan dna. Get ur fact straight

    • Regardless of the Gatusso argument, I don’t like Wenger and I don’t think he’s good for seria a. Not known to giving much thought to defensive tactics, as can be witnessed by all his teams since the great Arsenal of Henry and co, and as admited by Flamini (who played for both us and Arsenal) in an interview I recall.

  12. Blah, Wenger was a winner and innovative back in the day, but now he is just an old style, predictable, inefficient tactician.
    Man, sports evolve with the ideas. We need a proven coach, yes, but with a new and modern mentality. I don’t think Alexander The Great would stand a chance against a mediocre modern officer. Same thing with Wenger.
    And for f’cks sake, don’t sack a coach in midseason anymore.

    • Yeah, pele and san marco would be a heskey and bendtner in this day and age of football. Fvkk all those epl and fa cups wenger won. Fvkk all those young players he nurtured and guided to become great players. Yeah sports evolve with ideas and rino is the master of big ideas. Milan defense has more holes than somalian pirates’ boats, so bad that even 10 man udinese still thought ‘screw it lets attack their weak asses’ but hail rino.

      • Milan10, ignore them.
        I bet they dont know that it was Wenger who created Weah before Henry.
        With young team as ours, Wenger is perfect.
        Way too much stubborn fans i see.
        Also Giles Grimandi, main Arsenal scout is coming to Milan.
        Everything is telling Wenger is coming.

        • Wake up dudes, Wenger is coming as a midfield reinforcement.
          Oh wait… it’s been a while since they fired Galliani.

        • Grimandi ex-arsenal player? Wow i never thought he’d become talent scout. If its true then that means wenger is really coming. Thank god

  13. People who complain about our performance are right, but this is the price a team with no depth in its squad pays. Without Higuain, Hakan, Jack, and Biglia (and Caldara, although still not sure how good he’ll be when fit), we are a mid table team at best. We are no better than the likes of Fiorentina, Lazio (definitely), and Sampdoria.

  14. Some sources like france football claims that wenger to milan is done deal. Now we’re talking. Wenger is much better tactician than spalletti and on his best day he could even match allegri. He’s also master financial advisor due to his economics background. Damn, thats like killing 2 birds with one stone for milan. What a mgmt milan will have, leo – maldini, gazidis and wenger as co-technical director AND financial advisor. Lets just hope elliott’s boss, an arsenal fan thus gazidis’ and wenger’s arrival at milan, can provide the transfer fund so milan can get wenger to work on transfer market with his savvy hands. So far milan have spent close to 400m in 3 years and some midtablers celebrate 4th position like its 4th of july. I dont know whats more embarassing, borivaldo wearing #11 like ibra, 0-4 vs juve in coppa final or midtablers praising 4th position and claiming donna the sinner’s maradona of gk. I hope wenger can sort things out, starting with buying his ex-players like fabregas and ramsey. Koscielny and cech wouldnt be nice as well. If not them then benatia and pavlenka/fahrmann. If ibra and andre silva can come then it would only need winger/side midfielder like reus or draxler for milan to be complete.
    Pavlenka/conti – romag – benatia/koscielny – ric rod/ messuso – messie/biglia – fab/ramsey – draxler/reus/ ibra – pipita. Sweet mother of god, that team would win serie a for sure. I know i know, some midtablers would surely start missing young italian players and “milan dna”, and my solution is simple: go watch milan primavera. Maybe rino would be there as well

    • Sure 4-0 vs juve is embarrassing, but 10-2 over two legs vs Bayern is fine 🙂
      That said I welcome Wenger but Gattuso leaving this way wld leave a sour taste since he reached top4 and won collective 3rd most points since his appointment.

        • oh but for great coach Wenger there shouldn’t be exemptions. I imagine it’s hard to get embarrassed 5–1 away then again at home.

  15. Im glad that by god the singers, gazidis, leodini all have fully functioning eyes. Yes its exciting to win matches in stoppage time but thank god all of them respect their cardiovascular health so much and decide to act on it and sign proven winner wenger because watching milan play badly only to win it in last minutes all season long might kill people with weak heart

    • Sure, management already said the 4th place is target for Milan and who’s better than Wenger to get us there… Every season

        • Second mate, after Leicester. A season where United, Pool, Chelsea and City were having off-years, Arsenal was Leicester’s competitors and still they couldn’t pounce and came up short.

          • Whoa whoa calm ur tits mate. U make it sounds like leicester was fiorentina and arsenal shouldve steamrolled them like cockroaches. That couldnt be further from the truth. Epl ‘15/16 wasnt really a game of picking the best of the worst; leicester WERE actually far and away best performers. They won the league fair and square. I still remember them dismantling tottenham, a club which knocked milan out of ucl. Yeah i know it wasnt same tottenham squad wise that beat milan but theyre on the same top 4 level. So yeah, arsenal lost fair and square vs very worthy winners, and if rino’s milan had been one of epl club back then, leicester wouldve raped them for sure

          • Yes they sure did,not arguing with that for one second, they won fair and square because the other teams were underperforming, that’s my point:) And Arsenal were the better performers from that lot and still couldn’t seize the opportunity and win.
            But I guess when other teams do well it’s all down to them, but when we win, or win late it’s got nothing to do with us:)

          • When did Milan get “raped” last season under Gattuso ? During 0-0vsNapoli, 0-0vsInter, 2-0vsRoma, or 2-1vsLazio ? Ah you must mean against Juventus.
            Well I’m obligated to mention Bayern massacre of 10-2 vs Arsenal’s Wenger. Bruv your arguments are ridiculous.

          • Like i said, epl 15/16 wasnt a game of finding the best of the worst. Leicester performing like that couldve won it in 2009/10. To be perfectly honest, milan also won their last serie a mainly due to severely weakened treble winners inter after mou’s departure and juve not being juve without conte, but no one, not even me, would claim that milan won because the other teams were underperforming. That would count as total disrespect to milan’s achievement. U can win a tournament out of sheer dumb luck but u definitely cant win a league that way. Quality and consistency is the key.
            And if u think leicester was cinderella story, try kaiserslautern ‘98.

  16. 4231 without forcing a regista and with two muscle player holding the midfield, Bakayoko and Kessie, went well. They’ve added much needed creativity with Hakan and Castillejo along with Suso and Jack up front so that hardworking midfield of two lumberjacks can work also in 442. Borini in on the wing in last minutes to give more energy for a final push

  17. Beside our disagreemeng about Rino, I don’t like to wenger be our coach. Of courae he is much much better than Rino but I want a young coach that we can have for so many years. Conte tends to leave after couple of season so Jardim is the best choice right now. Young, smart, experinced, and he used to be an overachiver and that’s what we need.

    Wenger is good for couple of seasons to establisb us in UCL but we will lose time again and again.

  18. French outlet France Football suggest that Milan are in talks to make Wenger their new manager in an attempt to replace Rino Gattuso soon.

    It is said that they’ve been in talks with Wenger over the past few weeks. And while the current situation at Milan is not bad, but it is well below the expectations of their owners.

  19. I believe Arsene issue is rumour, many of my friends refused to follow Arsenal until wenger left, so also arsenal fans cried out for wenger removal, Unai is changing the face of arsenal for good and now Milan want to hire him, this whole team is less than 2 years of togetherness and even Gattuso is less than 1year with this team, no depth in this team and with Gattuso Milan is today in 4th spot on the log, now we want to sack him. I keep my fingers crossed waiting management action.if wenger come to Milan. Hey HBP. Forza Milan


  21. Hi guys, I think we’re fine with Gattuso, and why our club need old looser Wenger? What he did with Arsenal 3years ago (Europaleague)? Because of high wage Gazidis or anything else?

  22. 4411
    Abate (?)-Caldara-Romag-RR
    Back up : Cutrone for Higuain, Paqueta for Kessie, Calabria for Abate, Musa for Caldara, Laxalt for Bona, Calha for Suso
    But, I think our real problem now is that we don’t have strong RB like RR on the left

  23. Read Gazidis is bringing chief scout of Arsenal to Milan… It’s mentioned in Calciomercato website…We still have lot of crap and need to get rid of them….. Hope this chief scout is good and brings good young players suitable for Italian football.

  24. Wenger isnt officially milan coach yet but he already targets man utd’s bailly. Wow wenger knows his football. He, like me, understand that romag needs strong brute to complement his style. Way to go monsieur. Fabregas next please.
    “Earlier this week, Allegri said winning the Champions League was his priority and “the only thing that can improve us” after seven straight Serie A titles.” juve targets ucl thus cr7 transfer yet some milanisti are still arguing whether rino’s right man for milan job. Sad. Hell, even dortmund and ajax are starting to get their act together and it shows. They know that lame excuses like “we need time to rebuild” are only for losers

    • It’s only sad that Italian football does not hold as much cup competitions as English football. Maybe that puts Wenger off to take over at Milan. U know wining cups is his thing. Maybe if Luigi Berlusconi cup would count as an actual trophy… Hm

      • Or maybe wenger saw milan so called golden boys like calabria and donna the sinner and said “fuck it, ive had better young footballers in my bed when i was in goddamn uganda”

    • @Milan10 Im sure that you were one of those people on this blog who said Allegri was the worst coach ever, Milan is not Cagliari , defensive minded bla bla bla

      • Nope. That was sheva the troll. On the contrary, i always said allegri’s the best milan coach since ancelotti. As a matter of fact, go and find the proofs that i ever said allegri’s bad coach. If u can then i’ll leave this blog forever.
        Fvkking newbies

  25. @Milan10
    Your excitement about Wenger is premature, he just confirmed that it’s Fake News.
    Let Gattuso reign!

    • Premature? Thats what ur sister said about ur father, ur brothers and u.
      My personal pick is conte, not wenger. Then again, anything but rino, the self claimed coach of rabid dogs

  26. Inter and napoli successfully held clubs like barca and psg at bay yet midtablers still celebrates win vs 10 man udinese. For gods sake no one can even be sure enough that milan’s gonna win vs clubs like betis. Something must change as late as january, starting with conte/wenger

      • Oh course they could, they had real coach back then.
        “Juve struggle with empoli Captain Obvious” is that supposed to be a joke or something? 7 straight scudetti, FACHT

        • So the fact is that allegri is a real coach, but if we would have won 7 straight scudettos and struggle against empoli you would day the same shit you repeat everyday. You don’t do anything else than bitching about with improving the coach and players we will be better.

          Captain Obvious is a fitting name for you 😉 its either that or Mrs. Amy Schumer

          • “So the fact is that allegri is a real coach, but if we would have won 7 straight scudettos and struggle against empoli you would day the same shit you repeat everyday” wtf r u trying to say really? Yes juve strugged vs empoli but they won anyway. Even great teams like juve draw and lose sometimes, thats a given. No way a team gonna generate 100% winning record no matter how good they are. The performance will peak and dip but good teams will eventually generate more wins than draws and loses. Thats a concept any sane man would understand. Of course juve might lose eventually but theyre not gonna lose more than milan, thats why theyre champions, period. So, again, what r u trying to say?

  27. Milan 10, Madrid NEVER buy a class B player you said? Gravesen,Woodgate are few names for u to remember.And their recent no.7 what is his name again?I know you know about football but sometimes you have to put your “Like I said” in the box mate.That’s just show how big your ego really was.

    • Yeah gravesen was garbage but florentino bought him in his last season as madrid president as acknowledgment of his grave mistake of selling makelele. However, woodgate was one of the best cb of epl back then (his leeds was what tottenham is today). He was unlucky with his injuries (and his weird own goals) but on paper woodgate – samuel shouldve been strong cb pairing worthy of madrid.
      Oh and anyone who says suso is b-class player doesnt know first thing about football.
      Regarding “like i said”, if ur regular here u’d know that i did indeed write all those topics in the past hence i write “like i said” when i reminisce about those topics. For example, i always said milan played better with 2 st, so when milan DO play with 2 st and actually win way after i said all that, then i earn the right to say “like i said”, because i really did say what i said. What u call arrogance is actually time tested truth or FACHT

      • List all the milan teams that played with two strikers since we are all ignorant good sir. We not playing good with two strikers currently so not like you said wink

      • Actually, madrid bought drenthe because he won euro u-21 championship, a competition in which donna played like garbage and got fake money thrown at him. So yeah, madrid was buying young potential player like milan bought gourcuff or pato. The thing about young potential players is sometimes they fail to realize their potential but u cant blame teams for trying to find another cr7 or kaka can u?

    • Whahahahahahahahaha Ringhio

      Just ignore Milan10, he is just ignorant

      I feel sorry for the guy

  28. Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has branded speculation linking him with Milan ‘fake news’.

    Wenger appeared to be closing in on a deal to replace Gennaro Gattuso as Milan’s Coach, but the veteran Frenchman categorically denied that to be case. “The only thing I can say is that it’s fake news,” he told BeIN Sports. “If I would sign somewhere I would tell you but it’s wrong news. I cannot master the rumors, only what I do in my life. “I’m just focused on doing well for BeIN Sports and that’s not easy!”

  29. For those who are going on about our ugly wins and calling for Wenger’s appointment. Arsenal under Wenger used to play the best football in England but they always came up short in crunch matches against big teams Man U and Chelsea – hence their lack of trophies. Also the Juve team that started this winning run by winning Conte’s first Scudetto 7 years ago played crap football and used to grind out results like Gatusso’s Milan is doing now.
    Point is, we are collecting points and we are on the right track. The good football will come later no doubt. Gatusso showed in the first half against Roma that with a fully fit team he can play champagne football.

  30. What is happening with the people here?
    Some want gattuso gone even though he got us on 4th which is milan’s target just cause conte is available. Conte wants a full summer to build his team so he is not coming. Wenger? Is this 2004? He is an old man who can’t keep up with modern football!!!! Fabrigas? Chelsea wants him gone cause he is loosing his touch but some people here think milan is a retirement home. Gattuso can only play his team with a formation which requires a winger because of suso which is why we can’t play 4321 or 442 diamond because our best player is a winger. Suso is holding our team back because he’s the only winger( and samu but they play in the same position) so we either build the team around him or sell him so our other players can play in their right positions and gattuso can be more flexible with his formations.

    • Agreed about everything except “Suso is holding us back”, on the contrary, Suso is our main player with eight assists and four goals.And he is showing flexibility adapting to the wing position in a 4-4-2, and I wouldnt be surprised, with the development he is showing, if he can finally adapt to becoming a trequartista, where pace isn’t as necessary (Rui Costa) as being out on the wing.
      4-3-1-2 is the formation I really hope we’ll start playing once we get at least most of our players fit. Although I don’t really care as long as we get the results. I celebrate winning with a 4-3-3 as much as I do with a 4-4-2, 3-5-2, or a 4-3-1-2:)

    • Perfect7, I fully agree. Gattuso is doing a great job. Ok, the next 3 matches he will drop vital points, probably. But the team is growing. He and the team needs time and credibility. Otherwise, nothing learns and grows.

    • Lol. Another midtabler who thinks wenger AND fabregas are garbage and suso must be sold when suso is milan’s main source for assist

      • Pft listen to milan10 he’s calling people midtablers but he wants a washed up play and a coach who ran out of ideas a decade ago. Arsenal are so much better this season without that old man holding them back. And I stated clearly that suso is our best player but he does not fit with this squad. You can’t fit a cube in a triangle no matter how good that cube it. It’s either replace most of the team and build a new team around suso or replace him with a player who fits. I’m fine with either option.



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