Biglia suffering from a lesion to the muscle in his right calf, the midfielder is expected to miss the next 6-8 weeks

Lucas Biglia during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Lucas Biglia during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Lucas Biglia will be checked in 15 days and is going to miss the next two months of action, according to reports.

Biglia left San Siro on crutches after the Rossoneri’s game against Genoa on Wednesday, and today (Friday) the player underwent more tests and the early assessments have been confirmed.

According to Sky and, the scans showed a lesion to the muscle in his right calf. The 32-year-old Argentine will be undergoing more tests in 15 days.

Sky expects Lucas to miss the next 6-8 weeks due to this injury and this is a tough blow as Biglia has been instrumental in the system of Gennaro Gattuso; he’s practically the only natural regista in the squad of Rino and when he’s fit he’s been an obvious starter for the Rossoneri.

Milan will have to go on like this until they have a chance to improve the squad in January. Until then, it is expected that Tiémoué Bakayoko, Andrea Bertolacci and Jose Mauri will try to replace Biglia. Riccardo Montolivo, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, will continue to be frozen out as Gattuso does not see the former 33-year-old captain as a player that can play in his team.

Davide Calabria during Milan-Sampdoria at Stadio San Siro on September 28, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Davide Calabria during Milan-Sampdoria at Stadio San Siro on September 28, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

In other injury news, Davide Calabria is suffering from a sprained ankle and he will miss the game against Udinese away from home on Sunday and most likely the one against Real Betis in Spain. The hope is to have the fullback available again against Juventus at Stadio San Siro on November 11.

Giacomo Bonaventura today performed a personalized training session, while it was confirmed last week that Mattia Caldara will also miss the next few months due to an injury.


  1. What a blow for Biglia and Milan! Other players will have to step up as Biglia was kinda like the teams security blanket tirelessly covering the center of the pitch.
    Hopefully it will light a fire under Berto and Baka to compete for the vacant slot in the middle. If Baka builds off the good from last match and checks out less during the game we will be fine…

  2. I’ve seen the first half of Milan primavera- chievo : 0-2 and I can say that Conti is not ready for Primavera, so it’s no chance to play too soon in the first team, Bellanova is much better than him in this moment. His movements are very poor, both defence and attack so it will take time to be ready for the first team. P.S. : Lupi is a mediocre coach

  3. Everybody was hating on Bakayoko last game, but I honestly thought he played an ok game with a lot of positives (along with a few negatives, one which led to a lucky goal).

    He had a lot of good interceptions and was able to disrupt the opposition and change defense to attack pretty quickly. I don’t think he can cover the Regista position though because he’s too careless, but he has a lot of good in his game that he can be improved upon in the right line-up. Gattuso will need to change the formation to one that doesn’t heavily rely on a regista. Maybe 4-4-2 really is the answer to just stay with. Until January, we just need to score more than we concede.

    For January, we desperately need to get 1 striker, 1 center back, and 1 midfielder in addition to Paqueta. Also maybe another right back if Conti/Abate don’t cut it. Calabria is good, but we need to rotate him. He’s exhausted, thus the injury.

    • Agreed with needing the reinforcements you mentioned. As for everyone hating in Bakayoko, I think most people felt he played his best match in a milan shirt last game. Gaining in confidence should minimize the mental errors as will getting used to regular 1st team action in serie a. Last match was a step in the right direction and I’m sure most everyone hopes he will continue to improve.

      • I really want Bakaroko’s gamble to pay off, he along Kessie would make a very strong midfield. But honestly Halilovic and Mauri should be ahead in the pecking order IMO

        • How much have you seen of Halilovic? I’ve seen very little of him and would like to see if he’s any good.

          • Nearly anything at all. But who would you want to develop, a rossonero or a chelsea player?

  4. This will be a real test to our midfield and our system as a whole.
    Biglia was fantastic and we all saw that injury coming due to him starting almost every game this season.

    What are the options ?
    Thankfully, we switched to a 2 man midfield formation which means we have viable players to fill his absence.

    The obvious solution as he is already tested in that position. He lacks the awareness and positional sense of Lucas, granted, but, hopefully he continues putting the same performances as he did last match if not better. His main strength being, well, strength.
    Error prone yes, but with playing time he should be able to rediscover his Monaco form.

    A player to never live up to his breakthrough Genoa season.
    Had flair, vision, grit & even a scoring sense.
    Notice how I’m speaking in past tense as I doubt he will ever relive those days but, who knows.

    Natural Regista by trade.
    Stamina, tackling and the occasional through pass.
    He has his pros but his main con is a big one, being raw.
    Had some nice games in pre-season but the stakes are too high now.

    Now onto the improbable but, yet, possible.

    One of the most consistent players since his transfer.
    In a 4-4-2 his obvious position should be as a wide midfielder but, maybe, Rino will try him in a new role which isn’t very different to his previous role on the previous 4-3-3.
    He is by far the most safe player in the midfield next to Biglia with his stats showing 88% success rate when it comes to passing 51% being forward passes. He is tactically aware and covers lots of ground but is more dangerous on the flanks. This is very debatable as his versatility will always make him a viable option throughout the whole midfield. He can provide us with stability on our possession phase as he is very good when trapping the ball & can always draw fouls when pressured. Risky, but, might just work.

    This one is the most controversial as only Carlo will make such a ballsy decision.
    Many of us deep inside wondered if Hakan could pull the Regista position. He has the technique, passing and agility, BUT, there are just too many buts with our beloved no.10 .
    On paper, playing a creative role in a 4-2-2 would be very difficult since he doesn’t have the protection and his form as of late is just too worrying for such a critical role.
    He is also very error prone, and sometimes finds it hard to get involved in the match but I know we would all be thrilled to see him playing a deep role and better yet, succeeding.

    This is the one we are all praying for.
    Finesse, passing, awareness, superhuman stamina, future sight, levitation, and of course forgiveness.
    On his own league and us mortals can do nothing but admire his grace from afar.

    I’m sorry I just can’t post without including our savior.

    In all seriousness, what do you guys think ?
    Who would be the most fitting to cover for Biglia and why ?

    I know I make it heard with my posts turning into essays every single time but I can’t help it. Thanks for reading in advance.

    Forza Milan !!

    • In the choice of my preference to replace Biglia in MF, 1. Bona – 2. Mauri – 3. Berto and at the left 1. Samu – 2. Laxalt – 3. Hakan.

    • I agree with your analysis. Biglia, imo, is focus more in securing our midfields. More DM role.

      In the absence if Biglia, i expect Kessie to do dirty jobs in the midfield, breaking up the opponent with his strength and sometimes going forward to score. Bonna (if he is fit) can do better in the central midfield to create chances for striker. In terms of creating chances for our strikers, i will choose Hakan who has creativity over Bonna to play as an AM. Hakan is naturally not a winger. But he is inconsistent! That’s why, i will pick Bonna this time as a starter. On the left flank, i think RicRod is better than Laxalt in giving crosses to our strikers. Hence, Laxalt could switch the position with RicRod as a LB. I think, the current problem is our RB. If only Laxalt could play as RB, i prefer him to get the opportunity as a starter for RB. RicRod remain the same as a LB. I will choose Borini as a winger on the left flank.

    • Bakayoko could do well so long as his task is simple; he might be a liability though when we are pressed.

  5. Now wld be a good time to commit to a 5 man midfield with baka and Kessié in front of the defense. Or we can risk starting mediocre mids that haven’t played all season, could pay off tho. Maybe Hakan comes through.
    We do need reinforcements like Milanista said.

  6. We need the international break asap to help buy some time for our injured players.

    Now that we reached top 4, this is the last thing we need but it has happened and Gatuso’s team management skills will come to play. Every team undergo this injury period atimes but how the coaches adapt available players to their tactics to get results differenciates them.

    Monty must have something personal with Gatuso else, the situation should not be this bad, i guess Gatuso doesn’t trust him with his dressing room judging by what happened to Seedorf.

    Everyone knows what i feel about Bakayoko, no point stressing that but in case he’s the one Gatuso is trusting with that task, i hope and pray he improves.

    Mauri is will be my personal choice because he has the personality, technique and physical attributes to do it but once again its up to Gatuso.

  7. Midfielders in a 4-4-2 could be Kessie alongside one of Bonaventure, Calhonoglu, or … Bertolacci? I think he’s a pretty good player to be honest

  8. There were some talks about his injury since the derby collapse with Naingolann and i wondered how he’s still playing 90 min every game , guess this is the result , wish him a good luck.
    I think Gattuso should start Bakayoko since he’s starting to look decent , then replace him with Berto/Mauri early in the 2nd half.
    Forza Milan.

  9. Bertolacci is a joke and probably should be frozen out of the squad forever for being useless.

    Bakayoko is just having some issues settling in and I feel bad for him but he isn’t as bad as the media makes him out to be. He is going through a similar phase like Kondogbia did at Inter and I believe he will improve every game. His teammates are helping him too which is a good sign.

    Milan need to stick with a 442. As for Calabria injuries, well our right side is our weakest link but most likely Abate or Borini can step up.

    I would rather Borini tbh as this is the only position he hasn’t messed up. I really like him the further away he is from the goal since it’s so frustrating to know that he can’t score for shit.

  10. Sounds like a good time for Leo to buy Verratti from PSG using his negotiation skills and of course in January we have Paqueta so the sooner we get Verratti the better…..

    • Idk about that one, but all the rumors link Milan to quality players that lack play time, henceforth low price.

  11. Not good , not at all ,especially if we have to watch Bertolacci playing ..oh dear .Well the truth is, he’s not much worse than Kessie who can’t control a damn ball. Bakayoko is better no joke. That midfield is a concerned. And I hope Calabria will be back before Juve because I don’t really enjoy watching Abate either. Get well soon guys.

  12. We have only 2 strikers… And don’t you dare call Borini (the dude thought that dyeing his hair will make him a star…)

    We desperately need at least 1 or 2 more so that when Higuain and Cutrone get tired, they can get rest.

  13. Biglia already stated in his interviews from few weeks back that his feet didnt feel right but rino kept on playing him because he’s the only dm of the squad. Y’see, not having reserve dm after foolishly letting loca go away without buyback clause is just another elementary mistake by rino the midtabler. This “coach” even pushed his luck by playing clearly unfit cutrone few weeks ago, thankfully he got lucky his foolish decision didnt cause even more harm to the boy’s injured foot. Did i mention that this “coach” foolishly sent 2 st away leaving milan with only 2 st and borivaldo when its crystal clear that milan’s 2 st club?
    Now milan need bakayoko more than ever because he’s the only player with proper physique and traits to be dm. Mauri is small box to box cm and bertolacci was injected with borini serum against his will long time ago so hes not technically a footballer.
    Oh, anyone who says biglia and suso aint milan key players doesnt understand football

  14. The current midfield situation looks really bad due to biglia’s injury.
    I don’t trust any of the remaining midfielders to cover for him. They’re just not good enough.

    Bertollaci is useless and almost non-existent on the pitch.

    Bakayoko goes one step further and poses more danger to us than to the opponent.

    Mauri is raw and has had no game time.
    Montolivo is too slow

    In fact I would prefer laxalt to play DM till biglia returns, he is quick, can defend well and does not panic when he has the ball plus he is pretty tenacious in holding the ball.
    bona takes over the wide mid role.

    For January with a tight budget

    Midfield-paqueta done deal ,
    Get Fabergas and Ramsey for cheap(exploit their expiring contract situation)

    Attack- zlatan for cheap to cover as third striker

    Defense- ciao or T.silva

    • If we got Ramsey, Fábregas, Silva, and Zlatan all together Milan would be stacked, champions league guaranteed. But I doubt we can get them all due to their high wages.

    • Good idea on trying Laxalt as a DM. But tbh, i think Musacchio is a good option as a DM too. Unfortunately, Caldara isn’t fit at this moment.

      • I use Musacchio as DMC to AMC in PES as opposed to
        Biglia, simply because Musacchio is ridiculously useful in first 2 s after turnover for gegenpress and heading crosses home.

        Now I see why Desailly and Rijkaard is played as DMC IRL. 🙂

  15. @Milan 2012, did you know that”s exactly what I wanted to say ? That’s good. I will be more than happy if we can get them all. All things being equal, champions league will be guaranteed. There will be winining galore if they all play together as a team and not starting to form clique or faction among themselves. This is where Gattuso. Maldini and co needs to use their experience in managing them.

  16. Does anyone remember when we started a season without a serious injury to one of our key players?

    Anyways, I think Bakayoko and Kessie can do well in a 2 man holding mid of a 4-4-2; but this formation puts too much pressure on Higuain as he has no sub. Maybe we can pull through until January by playing Borini+Samu in Europa-nothing league (Samu still deserves a slap in the face for that silly red card against betis).

  17. After all bad judgment, now he was good you guys don’t patient with players, Bakayoko gonna start to playing now he gonna be good when he injured

  18. Can’t wait to see whether Gattuso will use 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 against Udinese away from San Siro. Hope we can get point away. Udinese is quite tough. A draw is fine but who knows, maybe we can win this time. 3-5-2 may cause Gattuso being sacked…the probability to lose is higher with 3 men defence.



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