Team news: Milan were without Alessandro Plizzari, Stefan Simić, Mattia Caldara, Ivan Strinić, Riccardo Montolivo, Giacomo Bonaventura and Lucas Biglia and Davide Calabria, who were originally in the squad but were suffering from a right calf muscle problem and from a sprained ankle, respectively. Genoa had to do without the banned Cristian Romero as well as Federico Marchetti, Nicolás Spolli and Andrea Favilli. Kickoff for the rescheduled Matchday 1 was 20:30 CET.

Goals: Suso (4′), Romagnoli (56′ own goal, 91′)

AC Milan (3-5-2) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodríguez; Suso, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Franck Kessié, Hakan Çalhanoğlu (82′ Samu Castillejo), Diego Laxalt (62′ Ignazio Abate); Gonzalo Higuaín, Patrick Cutrone.
Bench: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Josè Mauri, Castillejo, Borini, Conti, Bertolacci, Zapata, Abate, Simić, Halilović, Bellanova.

Genoa C.F.C (3-5-2) – Ivan Jurić
Andrei Radu; Davide Biraschi, Koray Günter, Domenico Criscito; Ervin Zukanović, Rômulo (66′ Miguel Veloso), Luca Mazzitelli (78′ Stephane Omeonga), Daniel Bessa, Darko Lazović; Christian Kouamé, Krzysztof Piątek (84′ Goran Pandev).
Unused: Russo, Vodisek, Lisandro Lopez, Lapadula, Rolon, Dalmonte, De Almeida, Picanico, Hiljemark.

Referee: Fabrizio Pasqua.


  1. Great result. I would have felt really bad for Bakayako if we didn’t win. He worked his socks off in that midfield today. I hope this will help him recover his confidence.

    • I have actually come to understand that Bakayoko can actually make an excellent midfielder. He just needs a coach with the right tactics. He obviously fancies working the ball from beginning to the end with short passes rather than the long passes. He did just great today!

    • Lets put the two errors aside, one leading to the goal…….He was great, recovered a lot of balls and kept it simple (was bit too flashy in previous game thus causing him to loose position), just like you I hope he can grow from this, as there is still a lot to desire from him.

      • Don’t know how bakayoko was to blame in the goal. He recovered the ball tried to threw it at back line, but RR intercepted, the ball bounced to the genoa then.

        You can clearly see that Bakayoko tried to get rid of the ball after he recovered.

        • Bakayoko had in the best case a decent game ! No more than that !! If all of you want to lie yourself you all are free to do it !

  2. People will say we we’re lucky but Radu had to make 3 spectacular saves, while Donnarumma only had to make one save all game. Also Bakayoko repeatedly put his teammates under pressure with poor backpasses, holding on to the ball too long and getting beaten on every counter attack by Koume and Piatek.

  3. First off-can’t beat the taste of victory! 4th place is quite the achievement from where we have been in last few seasons. Last year, everyone criticized Bonucci, and when he left our defense has struggled. This season, everyone is criticizing Gattuso. No he isn’t perfect and yes, he has a lot to learn, but sacking a coach the players seem to love mid season would be more harmful than positive. Just my two cents on Gattuso.

    • He is one of the most beloved players of the last 20 years, is a novice coach performing above expectations, yet some fans think he deserves the boot after being the most successful coach in the league over the last 29 matches or so. He is the best

        • Sacchi only had 2 years experience coaching Parma before Milan… Guardiola had one year at Barcelona B before coaching Barca. I’m not saying Gattuso is of their caliber, but your novice coach argument doesnt hold water. What is most important is if the coach can embody and enforce a playing style both players and management buy into.

      • What sort of absolute pure bullshit is that statement about being the best manager over the past 29 games? And beloved player for 20 years? Are you fucking mad? This has to be some sort of twilight zone shit going on here or people just want to take the piss
        Best manager for the past 29 games? Do you even look at how we play? The reason and only reason we pick up results is because the players have had a year or so together and if they were proper managed they would challenge for 2nd place as Juventus are still miles ahead

        • @Naz
          Take it easy we are only 4 points away from 2nd place.
          You claimed previously that we are only in 4th due to Suso’s brilliance, it’s ironic because last year many fans here were calling him predictable and overrated (where you one of those fans?).
          Your argument of we are only picking up points because players have been together for a year does not hold – so have the Roma players but we are doing better.
          In the end only the log position counts and so far we are doing just fine.

        • I agree mate we have 2 good wingers suso and castillejo why oh why are they never on together.especially against juve and there very old defenders run them all over too old.and we waited 1.5 years for conti return been back a month and has not played him.

    • Guys, you are right about 4th place and about the result. But c’mon – we seen this before with Montella under pressure. Crazy formation swamps every other day, no clear ideas on to fix problems, etc …

      Was I the only one who saw Genoa (!!!) dominate us at san san siro (!!!) for most part of this experimentation we were put through at the beginning? For the life of me, I don’t care if we never return to our glory days, I will never accept such a thing.

      For all the positive thinking I’m trying to muster here, I cannot believe Gatusso can lead us to 4th at the end of the season. Sohiel summed it up perfectly-Milan is no place for a novice coach.

      • Yes, you were the only one, they were better in the last 20-25 minutes or so in the first half, but dominate, really? How many clear cut chances did they create?

        Regarding the experimentation, look at RK’s comment down below. So I doubt he’ll keep playing with three men at the back, and 4-4-2 will be our go to formation now, whether it’s flat or with a diamond shape, we’ll see.

        • Milanista, c’mon we couldn’t string 2-3 passes together at those minutes, while Genoa were all over the place, virtually playing tiki taka with us.

      • What is a novice coach, Gattuso has made dis team achieve above its average. A team dat has no sub… name one coach dat would have performed better with dis same squad…

      • The formation switch today didn’t work. I think it was because calabria and conti were out at RB and Abate cant do a full 90. With Biglia out as well, the theory would be three CBs would give more cover in the center of the park. Experiment didn’t work as planned, but I think it was due to injuries instead of Gattuso wanting to shake things up. Could you imagine the uproar if he stared Borini at rb…lol. alls well that ends well so let’s hope we get the win vs Udinese!

  4. Tacticaly Gattuso made a mess of this game. But he won. And we are now in a 4th place. So he is safe now.
    Genoa didn’t do s**t whole game but they still scored and that is something that can’t be explained by Gattuso’s mistake.
    Bakayoko is a player that wows you in some moments with his husslin’ but in next minute he looks absent. His problems can’t be solved on training ground.
    If we played whole game like in last 30 minutes we would have crushed them 4:0 easy. So Rino please keep it cool and go with safe option 4-4-2. Also when Bona gets back we will be so much more dangerous wether he plays as CM or LM.

    • Exactly, but people say we were lucky and Genoa dominated…really? The only part we were being “dominated” was in the second part of the half.
      I know you’re not the biggest fan of Rino (the coach), but this is what being objective is called, and not being blinded. Keep it up, Sheva 😉
      Completely agree that if we play with the same purpose we did after their equaliser, we can go far, and as you say, with Bona on the left, another element will be added to our midfield and attacking threat!

      • It’s funny how when teams like Juve and Inter score very late winners it’s called “winning mentality”, “a team with winners” Etc. But when Milan score late winners it’s “we were lucky”

        • So true Kabon!!!

          @Sheva, for sure, mate, and I’m glad to see him getting credit for it. A lot of people have criticized the 4-3-3 but then when he switched from it no one says a word, it’s so easy for people here to citicize but when it comes to give credit they love to bide their time… Not only about Rino but generally. Like so many people yesterday that kept bashing on Musa while he was actually one of our best performers? This is why I reacted and am glad to see this comment from you mate:)
          And for sure! Actually thought of that earlier today, that he would slot in well in the middle with one of those two players. If he adapts properly that is, hopefully he will!

      • Sorry for a late response man. Well I can’t be biased when it comes to trashing Milan legend. He wasn’t stubborn in last two games and I see that as a progress. If he finds his first eleven that work in every single position we can go for the top spots.
        And btw man I see Paquetá dominating in that LCM position from January, he is so dynamic,

      • Sorry for a late response man. Well I can’t be biased when it comes to trashing Milan legend. He wasn’t stubborn in last two games and I see that as a progress. If he finds his first eleven that work in every single position we can go for the top spots.
        And btw man I see Paquetá dominating in that LCM position from January, he is so dynamic,

  5. Rome wasn’t built in one day nor will a great Milan team be so we need patience. Didn’t see the game but the result made my night. A win is a win!! We are 4th place baby!! Let’s stay there or even in third and keep working hard. Time to give Rino and the boys a break and show support!! Forza Milan!!

    • I would say “Juve”, “Barcelona”, “Madrid”, weren’t built in one day haha. Jokes aside, I agree with you, patience is needed. Next, let’s defeat Udinese!

  6. I have actually come to understand that Bakayoko can actually make an excellent midfielder. He obviously fancies working the ball from beginning to the end with short passes rather than the long passes. He did just great today! I believe Gattuso can revive that beast in him

  7. We lose – people complain. We draw – people complain. We win – people complain.
    Criticize Gattuso for playing 4-3-3, “he’s clueless, he plays a formation that doesn’t work, he should play with two strikers”
    Gattuso switches to two strikers. “He should play a three man backline.”
    Gattuso switches to a three man backline. It was a three man backline today btw, Three man back line in attack, and four man back line in defence, that’s why we saw Kessié as a right back, at least in the first half, the second looked more like a 4-4-2 all the way.
    “Gattuso’s in game management and substitutions suck”, which I agree with, this is his biggest flaw, but today you can’t deny that his subs changed the game. As soon as Ignia came on and Kessié played in his natural position – I know people will neglect everything I write here and just focus on this part “why didn’t Kessié play in his natural position from the get go” – we got control of the match and eventually came out as well deserved winners.

    Also, let me add this, a quote from Sergio Ramos recently regarding Antonio Conte: “Respect is won, it’s not imposed. Not one name or another,” “We have won everything with managers that you know, and at the end, the management of the dressing room is more important than the technical knowledge of a manager.”

    And the management of the dressing room is definitely Rino’s key trait.

    • Naw man, we complain when he fields a formation that nobody understands. Instead of all those long paragraphs saying nothing, you want to defend Rino? Please explain our tactics upto 60 minutes? I know even your sharp eye for tactics can’t explain this.

        • I like when we have serious discussions, but there are some guys who loves to argue without arguments !!!! The tactics until 63 minute ( when we started to play a classic 4-4-2 ) were a mess, were a stupid experiment and just God did in this way not to draw in the end and to add another draw near the ones against Cagliari, Atalanta and Empoli !!! And it’s end of the phrase ! Any other comments are not objective !!!! And until Rino stops playing with Milan like with his toy I will tell the truth !! If yesterday we ended with a draw, 90% of the comments should have been against Rino. This is the reason I don’t like all the oppinions of this blog, because most of them are not objective !

          • You are not answering my question, and god made milan make several attempts?

            Complaining about objectivity and talking about god. LMAO

          • If there weren’t so many different opinions, this blog would be boring. Just appreciate the dialogue and keep sharing your own opinion!

    • Well said. The truth is we didnt play great, we got a bit lucky at the end, but now we are fourth and not far from second, and we havent been in this position for a long time. Time to allow ourselves some positivity. Just because u have an opinion once, doesnt mean u cant change it as conditions change, as some in this community dont want to do (the ‘i told u so’ers included in this category). I think hakan is pretty useless these days but he might prove me wrong in the next few matches, for example. I liked him before, i dont like him so much now, might like him again tmw. To milan10s comment ‘that i shouldnt comment’ when i mentioned i havent seen all of bakayokos matches, but that i think he deserved a fair chance, i implore u to read properly, or raise your IQ, or not comment yourself. Bakayoko, by the way, played decently but not great by any means, the goal was definitely his fault, but he is improving. And it looks like we dont have biglia for a while, so we should be patient and support him, as gattuso smartly did, knowing his options. Now if he just pulled the trigger faster on subs, and make the right ones, he would have my full support right now

    • Thisx100
      You summed up our situation perfectly.

      This will take time, and all we can do is be patient and have faith in the man who the players themselves believe in despite his tactical inexperience & faulty in-game decisions.

      • Thanks mate, can say likewise regarding your comments! It’s always a joy to read them!
        Exactly! Not often you’ll see players be behind someone, and hopefully he’ll get there with tactics and such as well. A super important game is awatiting vs Udinese away and it will show a lot if we’ve developed. I’m sure that the we wouldn’t hav gotten the three points in yesterdays game in prior seasons as we always bottled it, but last night we finally took advantage of our opportunity, and hopefully it’s a turning point!

    • I think Ramos is absolutely right about that. “Leaders of the dressing room” are players who can lead.

      Milan 10 years ago tons of leaders in the team & tons of success
      Today Juve have plenty of leaders in the team & tons of success
      the list goes on

      Man Utd is in the same position as us(replaced all the leaders in the team over a 1-2 year period). They have no leaders in the team and as a result they struggle with consistency.

      • Exactly, what they did have was consistency in Sir Alex Ferguson so their lack of leaders weren’t as noticeable until he left and it turned out the team was shit. From the looks of it, Rino has his flaws, but is a leader and what these young guns need is a leader who can mould them and guide them so they can add consistency and up their game!
        Besides, United with all their spending and a top coach like Mou with everything he’s won, take a look at how they’re looking and compare it to the much criticized Rino… smh…

    • Whoa whoa calm ur man tits mate. There are only 2 teams which deserve to be called “mighty”: the mighty magyars, easily top 10 best team of all time and mighty morphin power rangers. Milan 2011 had nocerino, boateng and 2 funny fullbacks in their starting eleven, certainly not a mighty team.
      It took rino nearly a year to understand that 4–3-3 didnt work with players at his disposal. He rarely reads the game well, judging by his subs and half time (change of) tactics and strategies. Milan played like absolute garbage last night and if u think milan will finish top 4 with that kind of performance then im afraid u severely underestimate serie a and football in general. Any other top 4 teams in top europe top leagues like Atl madrid, arsenal, werder bremen, hell even lyon and lazio all perform much better than milan.
      Regarding ramos, while he’s got a point when he said dressing room mgmt is important but he’s DEAD wrong if he thinks dressing room mgmt is more important than tactical and technical aspects. Its easy for u to say that when ur real madrid player. Any moron from random club like parma or betis can say, “yeah we love the coach because he brings harmony to the team” but is it enough to win them trophies or at least make them competitive? Fat chance. Maradona and dunga brought harmony to their respective nt teams but that didnt stop argentina and brazil from playing like garbage in wc. Cruyff had constant problems with his star players like laudrup and romario when he coached barca but that didnt stop him from winning everything because he’s so good tactically.
      Ramos basically was just being a jerk to conte implying that madrid dont need him, thats all. Good for milan.

      • First of, I’m glad you said tits and not saggy tits as you said to a poor mate here who shall remain nameless. Nocerino was not in the 2011-squad, I’m referring to the 2011 scudetto squad that had our senators and Ibra:) That was mighty with all the senators imo as they were the players I grew up watching and idolizing, so you get my point:)
        4-3-3 worked last season when Hakan was functioning as a winger. That’s obviously the reason he kept it, and now that Hakan is taking forever to find his form, he changed positions as he realized it wasn’t working, because why would he change from something that was working?
        Those teams aren’t as much as a work in progress as this team is as they’ve had consistency, whether it’s that their players have been there for a long time, a well structured management or they’ve had a coach for a long time. Not fair to compare all that to Milan and blame Rino. The things i’ll agree with about Rino is that he has been too rigid with formation change – something he is changing now from the looks of it – and his in game management/subs are poor but he’ll improve.

        Yeah, it’s a thing in Madrid because they have such great players so harmony is more important than tactics as they are more of a well functioning piano as long as there is harmony due to their quality. I get your point. I hate Ramos but just used that for my benefit and prove my point. As you use ancient examples from 90’s that aren’t really relevant right now but just to prove your point;)

        • “That was mighty with all the senators imo as they were the players I grew up watching and idolizing“ see? This is exactly why i said it wouldnt matter if milan coach’s rino, pippo, seedorf or nesta, some milanisti would support him no matter what because ur smitten with them as players. Inter has one who was 2nd best coach in serie a in terms of avg ppg before ance came back and thats exactly where they are in the table. rino aint that much better than morontella and miha. Why should milan stick with suck mediocrity?
          “4-3-3 worked last season” well, if by that u mean getting raped by arsenal home and away and getting molested by juve 4-0 then yes it worked fabulously.
          Juve was also work in progress when conte took over but that didnt stop him from being an absolute champion. To be the champion u have to defeat the champions and he did just that by beating milan.
          Ancient examples of ‘90 aint relevant in the sense that none of those people are still active now but its still relevant in the sense that football principles are universal and timeless. For instance, when i said high defensive line and high pressing game go hand in hand, i could mention sacchi’s milan but i could also mention pep’s barca or heynckes’ bayern. Its all the same, its just that im more fascinated by the past.

      • Very well said (again). Tactics is the basis of football management – dressing room is of course important but comes second. Only when a team is full of proven champions/superstars then yes, it might become more important – and even then it’s only for short terms. We can add tens of examples on your list.
        So unless anyone believes that we are a team full of champions, I say that Conte is the type of coach we need to move to the next level, to CREATE a champions team. Is it going to be painful? Definitely yes. Might we lose some good players in the process who cannot handle his attitude ? Very possible The great Barca had to sacrifice Eto’o, Ibra, Ronaldinho, Toure et al.because they couldn’t stand Pep – isn’t it worthy?
        Regarding Rino, we’ve said it before: he has shown that he is not a bad coach, he has some interesting characteristics (he would fit very well to the NT in my mind) but at the same time he shows he is not the man for this particular job. Keeping him surely doesn’t worsen us but also doesn’t move us to the next level either.
        I mean, breaking the club’s record of most consecutive games conceding a goal (16 and counting) really doesn’t help. Even Montella managed to keep a clean sheet every now and then.

  8. I would love Rino to coaching Milan for a long time if only he doesnt need to wait 60-70 min to see his approach doesnt work or wait until the opponent score. The difference between inter and this match is we still have time to react for the goal and make a different approach.
    I need all the thumbs down please and thank you. Have a great day

  9. A hard earned victory in trademark Milan fashion.

    In a match where we started off brightly & comfortably yet still managed to hand our opponents the first half by doing what we naturally do, defend a one goal lead. We’re arguably a better team when coming from behind compared to being the winning side.

    We were all expecting a 3-5-2 but it was instead a 4-4-2 with Kessie playing as right wing-back following Biglia’s sudden injury. Wish him the quickest of recoveries.

    We were very compact defensively, but once again sitting deep ended up costing us another goal. Musa, Roma & RR along with Laxalt all performed very well shutting off SerieA’s leading goal scorer Piatek. Genoa’s attack rarely troubled us besides Kouame finding pockets of space to bring his side to the game.

    Bakayoko had a great match.
    He put on his best Monaco impression as he tackled, pressed, played simple & drove forward when given space.

    As Genoa inevitably found the net albeit through a freak goal.
    Rino made his best Sub of this season, yes, even better than the Cutrone sub against Olympiakos. He realized his midfield was, as always, getting ran over and decided to bring in Abate just to bring stability back to the midfield. Needless to say, that sub brought us back to life as Kessie’s presence was felt immediately and you can see how much easier it was to get the ball out of our own half. Moreover, Hakan started gaining more freedom in attack before being subbed for fresher legs.

    Suso was once again our best performer (he also happens to be the best rated player in Europe according to Whoscored). While Higgy could’ve and should’ve added a goal to his name as Cutrone was struggling to get involved this whole match.

    Milan started to finally look like they were going to score and I threw my remote towards the ceiling as Roma’s kick went in.

    Someone here said that Milan’s worst enemy are themselves and I couldn’t agree more.
    I fail to understand if it’s Rino’s tactical instructions to sit back after getting ahead or the team just mentally shuts off. Maybe, it’s a mixture of both ? I honestly have no idea.

    All in all, we won, alright ? We’re tied for 4th and the team should feel the responsibility of keeping that Champions League position as if their lives depended on it, cause it really does.

    Forza Milan !!

  10. I wrote a long post but it hasn’t been posted. Hope this will, I posted a quote from Kroos earlier, now it’s time for a quote from Ramos recently regarding Conte: “Respect is won, it’s not imposed. Not one name or another, We have won everything with managers that you know, and at the end, the management of the dressing room is more important than the technical knowledge of a manager.”

    Rino has his flaws for sure. The management of the dressing room however, is a key trait of his, and no one can argue against that based on the player interviews. I do believe that this trait was what made Zidane as succesful with Madrid as he was. Of course there were other aspects to it too but that’s another story.

    • This is not a boys club or a motorcycle club; screw what the players say. Respect is won by achievements, by getting points. I don’t care if there all eating each other alive backstage as long as we’re getting the points. Also, RM and Barca for the past years could have been coached by a duck and still get away with it.

      My previous question to you stands – forget everything, how do you explain/defend the first 60 minutes yesterday.

      • Well yeah, by getting points, well I’m gonna bring up the good ol’ argument then that when Rino took over he gained the third most points, behind Juve and Napoli who ended first and second respectively:)
        And the points he’s gained so far this season has us in fourth place, so if respect comes with points, shouldn’t Rino have a lot of POINTS in the respect-department by now?
        If you had said respect comes with playing well, well that’s another story, but I’d rather take playing poorly and getting the thre points over playing well and not getting the three points, as vs Atalanta and Empoli.

        Why does that matter, how is that relevant? Please, it was a mess, and then Rino fixed it with his substitutions, he didn’t keep it a mess for ten games straight, he saw that it wasn’t working, and then he fixed it – with his in game management something that is a big flaw of his. But rather than thinking – oh yeah finally he got it right with his substitutions, you guys focus on another negative. This team is sooo far from perfect, do you guys think we’ll play champagne football with these guys? The technical players we have in this team are Suso, Hakan, Samu, Higgy and Biglia. Hell I’d even rate Baka in that list, and yesterday, Biglia was missing, Hakan has been missing all season and Samu is still a question mark.
        We have to see our own reality, and our reality is grinding out results, as it is right now. This is a Genoa that played 1-1 with Juve away from home btw.

        I remember Atletico when they had Falcao, they played so nice and fluid football, but I think the most they got was an EL-trophy. With Simeone it took time to build their team, his team has so many more technical players than we have, yet they play negative football, defensive with counter attacks.. This type of football have gotten them a La Liga trophy, two UCL finals and one EL-trophy. Do you think their fans would trade the fluent football from the past with no results to the play they have now but get results? Dont think so.

        • I’m not saying Rino doesn’t deserve credit. He did some great things in Milan. He’s work on Hakan and our defense last season was great. And he had our team prepared pretty well for several games, some of which were botched by his players.

          But he also made several mistakes. Yesterday was just a culmination of several bad decisions made before matches and in matches. Playing Cutrone when he has a knock, strange subs, etc…

          If you look at the table you’ll see we’re very close to 10th place. So we did collect a decent amount of points so far, but not enough. And with all his novice inexperienced mistakes, I’m afraid Gatusso will have a hard time keeping on top (think Juve in two matches).

  11. I didn’t see the match today only the highlights. Why did Gattuso play a 3 man defense? Does anyone know? It seems weird since we won the last game playing 442.

    Not sure why we would switch after one game. Anyway, I’m glad we won but we got lucky.

    • Calabria and conti are not fit enough to start. And I know abate has a bad injury history, possible he was not fully fit too.

      If I’m assuming we didn’t have a right back that was fully fit (90 minutes in his legs), he thought a 3 man defense was the solution. It wasn’t working and he brought on abate early in the second half to go to the 442. I’m prettt sure this was an “emergency” formation and we will return to the 442.

      • The thing is RK, we have to be prepared for such situations, and not improvise when they occur. Suso is one of the hottest players in Europe right now, and he seemed comfortable and free in the 4-4-2, but we had to experiment. I would’ve more than accepted our usual 4-3-3, or any formation that would’ve worked, but we can never look that lost like we did last night.

    • Nobody here, nor in the media, nor in the locker room knows how we played. 3-5-2? 4-4-2? It’s anyone’s guess. I haven’t seen anything like it in my life.

      I was on the femce with Rino for quite some time, but this game tipped things for me against his favour. Terrible terrible first 60 minutes

    • But we have the one and only a multi purpose player, Borini, who can play as a RB. Is it because Gattuso doesn’t trust Borini anymore or what?

  12. The best thing Gatuzo did since coming as a coach in Milan is changing Montela back 3 to back 4. The back 3 looks same as last year compleatly miss organized and all over the place, so why would you try something that failed so many times before with this team. Since last year it should be clear that this team should play with 4 at the back, and in the last games we saw that it should be 2 at front, so that leaves 4 in the mid, this is the formation that worked best so far (as we also saw tonight) no need to try drastic new things like 3 at the back stick with 4-4-2 as basic formation an the only thing that should be experimented is with the 4 mids will they be in a diamond shape or in line depending on performance.I think this is the way to go if we want to find some consistency and build some identity as a team.

    • Totally agree and I was really surprised when I saw the formation. Gattuso doesn’t need to fall into the trap as Montella with experimenting with the squad. What we need more than anything is a formation that works so that we can finally get some consistency in our game.

    • Yes, amongst several other problems. Abate is somewhat the opposite so together they make one solid RB.

  13. Congratulation! It was the first time we earn 4th place since Inzaghi, Miha and Montella, so how happy I am. But I can’t stand the choice in Bakayoko, he perfectly have no enough calibres to play for our team. Forza Milan, then, now and forever!

  14. Aside from Bakayoko’s huge mistake, and yes it was huge, he actually had a great game. A lot of interceptions and breaking up play, and was also decent going forward turning his man in midfield and some nifty passes.

    About 2-3 years ago, I was defending abate stating that he was still a solid player and useful to the squad. Barring his leadership qualities, he has really lost a few steps over these years. Say what you want about Calabria, but he is the better player right now. Abate gives the ball away a lot and squanders too many great attacking opportunites.

    Lastly, I think bonaventura will thrive in the wide role in this new 442 if gattuso sticks with it. Laxalt seems way too one footed which doesn’t give us an extra something in attack, he was actually pretty non-existent in the attack. I think having an inverted winger who is able to cut in will be much more effective. Even if calhanoglu wasn’t having a great game, once abate came on for laxalt and pushed calhanoglu out wide, the left side looked much more dangerous.

  15. Nice to be moving up the table but I am afraid we must try to play better if we want to stay were we are. Not feeling that well so I couldn’t get much details watching the match and won’t be able to read comments to see how others sees the match. Good job collecting 3 points I thou hope to see the team playing more bravely in the next games. Forza Milan!

  16. Just when I thought that we would get our first clean sheet, we literally kicked the ball into our own net.
    As soon as our defence stabilises Milan would become very strong. Cause our attackers are delivering (our goal scored average is pretty good)

    I am glad we took the 3 points cause Genoa didn’t deserve to get a draw.
    Forza Milan!

  17. Hi All Milan fans.
    Really glad for the win.
    Fourth place exellent!!!!
    There is so much work still to be done interms of conceration, taking the lead in a game and seeing it threw as well as creativity and energy.
    Dont get me wrong i am a diehard fan!!
    Bakoyoko i am not so sure off.
    He has good qualities but make silly mistakes and place the back line under presurre.

  18. Firstly, congrats rino, milan and milanisti for the win. It was bad game but a win is a win nonetheless. I tip my hat to rino because unlike morontella, he actually has the balls and will to learn to be true milan10ian a.k.a. Proper milanista; first 2 st and now 3-4-1-2. Granted it wasnt good performance because caldara aint available and hakan’s still underperforming but milan’ll get there. 4-3-1-2 next time padawan, i mean allenatore. Screw 4-3-3.
    4th place is always a nice place for a midtable team but lets face it, theres no way milan’s gonna retain it until giornata 38 playing like this. Yes its a nice win but when u take longview, u’d find out that no teams would qf for champions league playing like the way milan have been playing even with 2 st. Hell, morontella’s team was 2nd or 3rd once but as soon as the usual suspects got their act together, milan started dropping all the way down because they themselves never played let alone win convincingly. Dont give me that crap about “ooh aah even juve play badly sometimes.” Well of course. Even they lost sometimes under moggi. keyword: sometimes, as in 20% – 30% of the time. U cant dominate seria and ucl for almost a decade by playing badly on regular basis like milan do. Oh, and when allegri said that after empoli game, he was just being modest; juve played fairly well with their dangerous wingplays well executed. Empoli never had the chance safe for that one fast counter attack. I know, i watched it on bein sport. Go watch dortmund, sevilla, napoli, psv, chelsea. Now those are teams which’ll most likely qf for ucl.
    And quoting ramos for that ‘respect’ crap doesnt prove anything. Ramos defended opetegui even though that coach and florentino made spain nt looked like garbage with his antics right before wc. Now he talks shit about conte even though conte might just be the very guy who could turn things around for madrid. Get it? This guy thinks just because he’s madrid main star player after cr7 left he’s so larger than life that he can handpick his own coach messi-style. And he talks about respect? How ironic. He behaves worse than chelsea players and even bayern players during their fc hollywood era (at least their strong minded players like matthaeus, basler, effenberg and khan knew better than to mess with their own (future) coach). Yes i get it, mutual respects between players and coach and team harmony are important but without competent tactics and strategies, respect and harmony can only get u so far. U cant just ‘peace, love and understanding’ ur way to trophies bob marley style because football aint goddamn hippies festival. Argentina nt team, hell WHOLE argentina as a nation respected maradona as a figure and as a coach but that didnt stop them from playing like absolute garbage in wc 2010.
    Lets face it, milan was horrible last night and pure dumb blind luck can only get u so far. Milan 03/04 beat ALL top 4 teams convincingly thus theyre champions fair and square. Lets see if this milan can pull same feat. If they cant even play like a proper top 4 team then rino needs to go.
    Regarding conte, lets hope madrid and ramos are stupid enough to reject him and pull a milan by appointing solari so milan can snap him up. If milanisti want washed up ibra because he was once true (serie a) champion then they should also ask for conte, another true champion. If u want champion player then u should also ask for champion coach, it u want mr milan dna as coach then u should also ask for de judas, matri and borriello to come back. Its simple logic.
    I know the parts of brain that control emotion and logic are different thus using logic to argue with hardcore midtable fanatics who consider “rino > conte”, “donna > buffon” etc is exercise in futility but if i can convert just 0,1% of them to milan10ism like i did rino then its job well done.

  19. I’m not a big fan of Gattuso but I have to give him credit he is grinding out the results and not bad on the log.

  20. This Game, Gattuso did his best. He earned a compliment and applaud for this match specially because we were missing three major key players and still pulled off a win. Biglia in Mid, Bona in Left and a RB that we never had with Conti being unavailable since joining us. Well Done Gattuso, I loved the change of mentality in the second half, the reaction of the team after the equalizer was impressive.

    Weak point was the subs. Hakan/Casti switch should’ve been made by the start of the second half. Hakan simply wasn’t in the game today. Nor was Baka, but we didn’t have an alternative there for Baka. Laxalt Abate switch was paid off which was a good decision by Rino if not a lucky sub. Can’t wait for Paqueta arrival.

    Bakayoko and Hakan, both need rest. Both lost the ball over 15+ times, EACH. That kind of game is never going to be acceptable in any big team. But we are tolerating it due to lack of depth at the moment.

    Two strikers is the way to go, I am glad Rino realized that FINALLY.

    We could’ve scored a few more, but RADU was in superhuman form.

    Overall it was a good match and we played well. Thanks Rino for the strong mentality of the team.

    • What we lack is just one other playmaker skilled enough to create chances out of nowhere like Suso. I am hoping Paqueta would be that guy. Bona to the left, Paqueta in middle and Suso to the right with higu and Cutro up front and Ibra as a backup? That’s a scary attack for any team in the world.

      What we need to sort out is the defense. Specially the right back. Musa’s work rate needs to be improved, and he needs to learn covering his fullbacks. Every team is exploiting our right side. We are badly in need of a proper RB till Calabria matures into the role.

    • Yep, Radu was in his best performance. But, remember that Donna and our backlines were almost being punished by Lazovic and Piatek. I think, it us fine to feel the joy but the most important thing is : to find out the best strategy at the soonest to reduce the goals conceded significantly. One purpose of having 4 midfielders is to tighten the space for the opponents as well as to prevent our defense from the midfields.

      Remember the glorious Capello’s era? Damn….it was really hard for any best teams in the world to score against Milan. I do really miss that glorious moments, when Sebastiano Rossi, one of the most skinny GK looked like a superman. 🙂



  22. Just let me ask u a question..? How many years Chelsea need to build they team when Roman take over?? How many years need?? On that day there’s no FFP.. guardiola?? When he take over Barca he got ronaldinho, Henry, etoo the genius xavi, iniesta..

    • Chelsea, they already were competitive the very first season roman took over. Roman was smart enough to hijack peter kenyon the transfer guru from man utd and the results were obvious; they bought makeleles, robbens and drogbas of the world not kalinic or players on his level. They also brought in PROVEN WINNER mou in 2nd season of roman’s reign. They didnt try to bring in zola, gullit, vialli or any other ex-player because they had ambition and common sense.
      It took man city 3 seasons to win epl but unlike milan, they actually gradually got better after the arabs take over, always finishing higher than previous seasons. And the sheikh, like roman, was smart enough to bring in PROVEN WINNER mancini. He wouldnt touch coaches with “man city dna” with a 10 foot pole, because he’s ambitious and smart. He’d be damned if man city would become some sorf of la masia for rookie coaches where they could hone their skills by experimenting morontella style at the expense of the club.
      Milan owners have spent >300m in 3 years but they still played like they did vs genoa or inter on regular basis. Something is very wrong with them and leodini must try and fix it, starting with replacing rino with serious coach like conte

  23. it’s good to wake up and realize you actually have 4th spot and that it wasn’t a dream. So big shout out to Gattuso and the boys.
    Now in the last 3 games, we have tried 3 different formations and the one that worked the best was 4-4-2, but even that had us looking weak in mid/defence. however it is probably the one i liked the most as we looked dangerous whilst going forward.
    As much as i want us to win and stick to a fixed starting 11, it is important to note that it is not always possible. for instance Biglia got injured just before the game which forced Gattuso to play Bakayoko and it looks like Gattuso will have to play Bakayoko a lot more as biglia could be out for a while.
    Secondly someone ended up praising Gattuso like he was the best player for 20 years and past 29 games… honestly i like the manager and will support him but statements like that are going a bit to far don’t you think. A week ago it was hard to find any pro gattuso comments and now majority are pro gattuso, see how quickly things can change.
    lastly, someone said we should be second and challanging Juve for the title… you for real?? they got a full squad with stars through out, whereas we barely got a starting 11. some of our big stars like our CDM, CB and RBs are injured and yet we are in the top 4, so lets stay grounded and enjoy the moment. And if you want to say it was all luck or gattuso got bailed out by players then look at some of our first few games… we should have got something from napoli, as well as having 2/3 draws which were the players fault as they lost concertration or made a big error which led to a equallising goal and what not. so if we were to add up potentially lost points then we would have been challanging juve, but there is no point looking at ifs, buts and what nots.
    Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week.
    Forza milan

    • Agreed hachim, with everything:)
      Now, it’s important to show consistency and beat Udinese away which is a tricky fixture for us in recent times, and try to game by game cement our position in the UCL-spots! This will surely prove to be a huge source of motivation for the boys, and the effect of momentum shouldn’t be underestimated. Hopefully we can gain some so the players can keep growing, a long with the coach as well of course!
      Forza Milan!

  24. Based on comment and responses from fans here, I’m wrong & Milan’s playing is an absolute joy too watch! Our players can pass to each other for several minutes! We don’t use 100 back pass to our goalkeeper anymore! We don’t sit back for half of the game and we are not conceding at all. Our playing system is that good that reminds me of Ferguson’s ManU!!! Oh my god no team in Europe can do what we do in attack! I mean we have the best one dimensional attacking system named Suso! No body did that before in history of football!

    • We hereby call people who still consider rino a good coach (and calabria, abate and donna the sinner good players) the midtablers.
      Real team like real madrid target conte yet the midtablers claim that rino > conte. Yaay

      • You know a management and coach are medicore when their goal is “Reaching UCL”. Real, Barca, Bayern, Juve and… Had lots of trouble in the past but their management never sets such a low goal.

        • Actually, Juve when they were still in a re-building phase and during Conte’s first year at Juve, they repeatedly stated that UCL was reaching UCL was their goal due to their poor results in season’s before that.
          You’re so deluded, and far from realistic if you believe this team should aim for the scudetto.

          • I love how u purposely didnt mention that conte won serie a in his first season at juve. Juve targetted ucl spot and conte said ‘to hell with it’ and won the league like absolute boss. U want that kind of coach at milan dont u mate? *wink

          • That wasn’t relevant though, Soheil was talking about goals set up from the start, and talking like he knows what he’s talking about when he’s wrong – Juventus goal was UCL and then they went all the way. As I’m sure Leicester’s – my favorite example – goal wasnt the league title, hell even Europa League wasn’t realistic, their goal was to stay up but then they went all the way.
            Only reason Conte said to hell with it was because he had the referees in his pocket where the refs didn’t grant us a legitimate goal vs Juventus. And then again vs Catania. But I guess that’s skill, but when we win in the 90th minute it’s just pure luck and not at all thanks to us *wink

            @Soheil, i think they missed UCL for two years or so, and then they set up reaching UCL as a minimum. We’ve missed UCL for how many years now? Five/six years? And we should target the scudetto suddenly? Give me a break.

            Besides, reaching UCL as a goal is the MINIMUM, doesn’t mean that they’ll be like “Scudetto? Nah mate, we’re good right here lmao xD”

          • “Only reason Conte said to hell with it was because he had the referees in his pocket where the refs didn’t grant us a legitimate goal vs Juventus. And then again vs Catania. But I guess that’s skill, but when we win in the 90th minute it’s just pure luck and not at all thanks to us *wink“ whoa whoa, easy there mate. Juve were far and away the best team of that season, if i remember correctly they also pulled a capello and went undefeated. Surely not even sniveling snakes like juve would have been so dumb as to rig yet another calciopoli just 5 years after being caught right? Its all down to conte. The guy was and still is il speciallo vero.
            Regarding luck, man utd were lucky with those 2 late goals in ucl final vs bayern. But then again, they wouldnt have been so lucky had they chickened out and parked the bus all game the way rino did vs inter few weeks ago. U see, u should seize ur own luck, no one gives it to u. Yes genoa’s gk was dumb to pull a donna in aerial situation in dying minutes but milan wouldnt have scored had romag not tried to for the win and attack

        • Oh so what should be the goal this season if not reaching the CL?….
          We should win the scudetto with the our current squad?
          That’s the kind of expectation that destroyed us last season coupled with Montella.

          • you are talking about our squad like we dont have any good players. two of best serie A goalkeepers, Roma one of the best defenders of Serie A. Rodrizuez the wonderkid of Bundesliga. Kessie that is targeted by PSG. Hakan, Bonna and most of all Higauin. we spend nearly 300m and our coaches are making them like novice players. have you ever seen Biglia play this bad? in one year he goes from best to worst!

          • Is our squad better than Juve? No. Is it on par? No.
            Is our squad better than Inter? No. Is it on par? No.
            Is our squad better than Napoli? Wouldn’t say so. Perhaps on par.
            But yes of course we should fight for the scudetto with the players we have Why stop there? Let’s go for the tripleta! Doesn’t matter that we’re not in the UCL, we’ll still win it with the optimistic thinking you have.
            You honestly believe we can win/challenge for the scudetto? No wonder you keep bashing on Rino it makes so much sense, and I’m not even being sarcastic now. I’m genuinly impressed. I wish I could be half as optimistic as you tbh.

          • Juve? No. Inter? Maybe. Roma? yes. Naopli? I guess we are the same. Lazio? Hell yes! every year Lazio is ahead of us! every year roma is ahead of us. you can make a chart of players in a simple 4-4-2 position and we have at least two players in top 11. maybe 3. Reina is best Serie A goalkeepr. in par with Handanovic. Higuain is best striker and he proves it every year. Suso is simply amazing when we use him. we have probably the third best squad of Serie A. If our squad is bad, our coach could ask for better players. isnt what Conte asked in chelsea and Real? a great coach, askes for great players. novice ones will settle for what they get!

          • yeah we do have a good squad. But not one capable of challenging juve for the title.
            Rodriguez the wonderkid ? Hakan was dubbed the free kick specialist before Milan. He’s scored just one since.
            plus Hakan isn’t the same one we saw second half of last season.

            The top 4 should be the goal…

    • Who said we were a joy to watch? Maybe there’s 10 out of over 200 comments that has said that.
      And playing system that reminds of ferguson hahaha, perhaps you’re refering to my reference, I said nothing like that. which proves that you’e just salty and bitter. Read more attentively mate 🙂

  25. Injury list is scary.
    Biglia, Bonaventura, Calabria and Caldara. Kessie and Calha are playing with injuries, that is why they perform average.

    Now, this is a crucial moment when team management matter for any coach. Abate will cover Calabria and hopefully Abate stays injury free.

    Samu and Laxalt would be very very crucial for us in this period as they can cover the roles for Bona and Calha.

    The big question concerns Biglia who Gatuso himself had declared irreplaceable time after time this season. Bakayoko is Gatuso’s favourite replacement but i don’t trust this guy at all. His lack of composure game reading intelligence and simplicity has shown on all the games he played. I hope Gatuso could try Bona in that role when he’s fit or Bertolacci who i believe cant be worse.

    In the next games, how Gatuso is able to manage this injury period will determine our consistency in the top 4, I hope and pray he gets it right.

    • (Here come the haters)

      We need Montolivo at this point. Saying Bakayoko, Bertolacci, or Mauri is better than him is unreasonable he is on a technical and tactical level way over them. I say use him as a last sub, and let’s see if he still got it, under Montella he was fine, even scoring.

      Gattuso should think first on Milan then on his disputes with him. What’d we know, with some minutes he might get an offer in December and terminate his contract.

  26. is it just me or the blog hasn’t been updated in a while with interviews, press conferences and the likes

  27. The left side of our defense is strong. With Romagnoli, RR and Laxalt we have good coverage. Let’s not forget Ivan Strinic who had a solid WC with Croatia.

    But the right side is where we leak goals a lot. TBH Musacchio is not solid defensive and neither is Calabria.

    Abate is probably only good for MLS at this stage in his career. So that leaves us with Conti who is returning from a long layoff due to a career threatening injury.

    We need to be in the market for a good RB who is strong enough and good enough to challenge Conti and Calabria for a starting role.

    Also, I heard rumors that we might be looking at Caio from São Paulo or Benatia as a backup plan due to Caldara injury.

    Really feel sad about this because I strongly believe Caldara and Romagnoli gel better. The only game we kept a clean sheet was with the 2 of them playing even though it was in the Europa League.

    We also need someone to challenge Biglia. Aaron Ramsey should fit that bill if we get him. Would love to have Veratti though.

    Strikers, with Ibra 6mos loan we would be covered until next season but he must understand that he will be a backup to Higuain and Cutrone.

    Next summer we need at least 2 quality strikers. Just like we had with Shevchenko, Inzaghi, Crespo and Jon Dahl Tomasson.

    Maybe a return for Pato is in the cards? Plea looks like a good prospect too.

    • I said a lot of crap, he can be frustrating sometimes, but there isn’t any current milan player who has developed so much and so fast.

      He is a beast, and I’m scared when Real knock on our door, but with this crazy mercato numbers I’d say no less than 80m

  28. I seriously dont know why the midtablers keep praising rino to the point of strange obsession; Some midtabler actually wrote: “the most successful coach in the league over the last 29 matches or so. He is the best”. Really? Thats like saying piatek and andre silva are top scorers after 10 matches.
    Hell, who am i kidding. I KNOW exactly why they do that. Milan10 always knows. Like i said, they love rino because he was part of milan team the midtablers watched as kids while sucking their thumbs, among other things. I know its hard to knock some sense into lovestruck birds because, like i said, the parts of brain that control emotions and logic are different. What the hell, lets just talk FACHT rafa style shall we?
    Rino has 47 games under his belt as milan coach and his avg points per game(ppg) is 1,79. Montella’s and miha’s ppg are 1,75 and 1,78 respectively, those 2 are shit outta job right now. Milan even fired allegri when he actually has the best ppg among milan coaches this decade, 1,81, so im not sure why milan hasnt fired rino yet. Other serie a top 4 challengers like Simone inzaghi’s ppg is respectable 1,87 while di francesco’s is 1,84, much better than rino. Hell, even wenger’s ppg after >1j games for arsenal is 1,95 yet still the midtablers underestimate him. Laughable. Underperforming mou’s ppg with man utd is 2, that means mou at worst is still better than the midtablers’ can-do-no-wrong idol rino.
    What about real coaches like conte u ask? Good question. His ppg at juve is 2,28 and at chelsea is 2,12. With numbers like that, its safe to say ucl spot is pretty much guaranteed with conte at the helm. Hell, as far as im concerned rino and conte aint even compete in same sport. Any milanisti with fully functioning brain would want conte. Nothing sentimental, just cold hard FACHT

    • I asked to ppl prove to me with numbers that why Rino should be our coach. nobody gives me any. that kind of emotional decision making is what that takes us to a place that UCL is our goal. you get as low as your expectation.

    • Uhm. “Thats like saying piatek and andre silva are top scorers after 10 matches.” Weren’t you one of those who squirted all over the place because of Silvas goal scoring exploits after five rounds – he hasn’t scored for a couple of rounds now btw, that’s why people stopped crying for him – and then saying “Rino is still not in the top four” a couple of rounds back? Very convenient reasoning, you’re kind of contradicting yourself there mate. And oh, Rino has us in top four places now, So why not give him some credit for it when you bashed him for not having us in this position earlier this season?
      You know very well why Allegri got sacked so there’s no reason to say anything about that. And if you dont care about Rino gaining the third most points during his tenure last season, then you shouldn’t even bother about anyones average points – ever. Especially not Allegri’s point tally which was several seasons ago. Once again convenient reasoning.
      Just compare Lazio’s squad last season to our squad. Compare Di Francesco’s squad to ours as well. Di Francesco had arguably the best midfield in the league with Nainggolan and Strootman, as well as a great defence with Fazio and Manolas – yet Gattuso beat him away from home last season. Actually outdid him tactically as well by putting Kessié on Nainggolan, completely marking him out of the game. But hey… let’s still sack him. He’s just gotten us to a UCL spot… but obviously we should be 10 points clear at the top, which we would’ve been if Conte was our coach, right?

      I see no reason in firing a coach that has us in UCL positions now, and when the players all adore him and are backing him.

      • Er, i gotta admit, i cummed every time andre the giant scored but i never said he’s top scorer in 10 weeks, conveniently making my own timeline so as to make him look better statistically. The league starts and ends according to schedule, so if we want to say “this coach is the best”, “this team is strongest” bla bla bla then wait until the league officially ends.
        I did congrats rino, milan and milanisti for the top 4. Hell, i did congrats him for converting to milan10ism. What else do u want me to say, “wow rino wants rabid dogs on the pitch because YOLO so he must be better than conte”? I might say that someday when rino wins serie a (Go on, laugh it up)
        I dont care about rino winning 3rd highest points last season because in the end MILAN DIDNT QF FOR UCL and got raped by juve in coppa final. 3rd highest points wouldve been significant achievement if it had been a record for full season; it couldve taken milan to ucl. As it was, who cares? The fact is, when all i said and done, rino is midtable coach with modest 1,7x ppg, far from >2 ppg of real coaches.
        Oh yes ppg is objective way to measure the quality of performance of coaches because it measure the number throughout their careers, the ups and downs, not just fractions of their best moments/periods. Any uninformed midtabler could say “rino generated 3rd highest points last season” and i could reply “oh yeah? Then why did milan get raped by juve in coppa final? Why cant he generate 3rd highest points THIS SEASON when stuff like that matters? Why got raped vs betis of all teams?” The answer is simple: because that 3rd highest garbage doesnt explain rino’s whole performance. Ppg does. I mean, even a moron would understand that just because luca toni scored 31 goals that one season doesnt mean he’s better st than san marco. Goals per game is what matters most for measuring st performance. Lemme ask u, which coach has better ppg, spalletti or rino? Whose team is better placed in the table? Is there any high level coach whose ppg is lower than rino’s? Which group is better and do u prefer, a) borriello and rino, both has milan dna or b) ibra and conte, both ex-juventini? Which other top 4 or even top 6 teams of europe top leagues performs as badly as rino’s milan this season?

        P.s. rino foolishly let 2 st AND loca go while keeping antonio donnarumma and borini like theyre his own bastard sons. Sooner or later, milanlab will inevitably mess up and rino will regret his decisions

  29. Bad news as biglia is now out for at least a month. We have too many people out at once, so not good. Maybe we’re in a desperate time to call Montolivo up as a back up? Now we really only have bakayoko mauri and bertolacci. With Juventus and Lazio coming up. Worries me lol

    • Damn… this is why Locatelli should’ve stayed. Had he been more patient I’m sure he would’ve gotten his chance, although a loan deal is good for him, but I dont see why we let him go permanently… anyways. I agree about Monto. I was checking twitter last night and saw that Monto posted about our win etc and felt so bad for him. I really hope he gets a chance. At least he won’t give the ball away cheaply and easily like Bakayoko as soon as he wins it back.

      • Yep, reports are saying that biglia will be out at least two months now and Montolivo won’t be called up. I wonder why gattuso has frozen him out of the team? I know he refused to leave but he doesn’t seem like a trouble make or anything lol.

  30. Real wants Suso for his escape clausule of 40

    Suso will accept for sure and Real can talk to him



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