Milan-Genoa: The Rossoneri squad

The squad before Milan-Sampdoria at Stadio San Siro on October 28, 2018. (
The squad before Milan-Sampdoria at Stadio San Siro on October 28, 2018. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Genoa C.F.C on Wednesady when the clock points 20:30 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro for the rescheduled 1st matchday of the 2018/19 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad.

Alessandro Plizzari, Stefan Simić, Mattia Caldara, Ivan Strinić, Riccardo Montolivo and Giacomo Bonaventura are out.

Probable XI (Sky): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodríguez; Suso, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Lucas Biglia, Samu Castillejo / Diego Laxalt; Gonzalo Higuaín, Patrick Cutrone.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateTiémoué BakayokoFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaRaoul BellanovaAndrea BertolacciHakan Çalhanoğlu
Pepe ReinaDavide CalabriaLucas BigliaSamu Castillejo
Andrea ContiFranck KessiéPatrick Cutrone
Diego LaxaltJosè MauriAlen Haliliović
Mateo MusacchioGonzalo Higuaín
Ricardo RodríguezSuso
Alessio Romagnoli
Stefan Simić
Cristian Zapata


  1. I don’t know what Bakaoyoko is doing in training sessions but it has to be tremendous because he is getting his chances even after worst performances. I prefer Laxalt to start as a left winger because Samu looks amazing as a striker, hope that he can rotate with Pipita and Cutro.
    We should and must win this one. Forza Milan!

      • Feels like better balance having 4-4-2. On right wing having Suso and Halilovic;
        midfield Kessie, Bakayoko, Biglia, Calhanoglu, Mauri;
        left wing: Laxalt, Bonaventura
        Strikers: Pipita, Cutro and Samu.

        seems like it can hold until January 🙂

        • I think Borini is usefull as back up for both side midfielders in 442. He is no use in 433 but in 442 he is better

          • Huge left footed talent that was groomed in Spain but never really got real chance in his career to prove himself, remind you of anyone mate? 🙂
            I actually watched Halilović in past seasons and while he did disappointed with his physical attributes his technique overall could be better than, dare I say, Suso’s. He has that killer pass like no-one in Milan’s squad and he is moving for those one twos all the time. I wouldn’t write him off because he is still very young, and with a right coaching he can climb up back again.

          • In just a few minutes he had this season he was so damn close to scoring, I really think he is the missing piece in the puzzle, but I think i’ll leave in january. And it’s a damn shame, Ironically having a young project Gattuso doens’t seem to like youngsters. Loca for example. Who is better, Loca or Bakayoko. Cant understand leodini or gattuso on this one.

            Halilovic is like a mix of Calhanoglu and Suso. He deserves a few minutes at least in EL

  2. Gattuso is always comfortable and feels like a football guru after just a win,y play bakayoko in such a crucial match,bakayoko has never been in the squad and we win

    • I suppose it’s because Kessié was in doubt vs Sampdoria, but still played so he’ll get a rest, rightfully so. And not true, Baka played the full 90 minutes vs Oly and we won. I agree though that it’s a gamble playing him, even though I’m not convnced with Mauri, personally i’d rather see him get some minutes based on how shocking Baka is looking.

    • Gattuso knows the current condition of his squad better than you, mate. With 2 central midfielders required per games, i think Gattuso could give some rest to Biglia or Kessie sometimes, and give opportunity to Mauri or Berto. If i were Gattuso, i would concern more on strengthening the strategies for defensive lines. Too many goals conceded. Need to find out the best solution.

  3. I can’t feel sorry for somebody like Gatuso who sees a pit and jump inside it. Baka what? Oh! Rino thinks a win against Sampdoria is an automatic win against Genoa because they share Marassi?

    Bertolacci and Mauri can’t be worse than this guy who has been terribly poor, i don’t care if he plays well tomorrow, i hate seeing him play. Gatuso is acting foolish because he knows and confirmed it that Baka is bad and he keeps risking him.

  4. Hello Our dear Gattuso, bakayoko can come in after we scored 3-0 to show his skill. Like sheva rightly said, laxalt is more potent at the left and castellejo more of back up to pipita and cutro. Give us our first clean sheet tomorrow.

  5. Comment:i wonder too…because this match is a must win for ur to return to cl league spot…but i think with this kind of players gattuso is including in the game will actually put him to trouble….i cant wait to have arsene wenger as milan manager because gattuso is now feeling to big…wat da fuck he is…#FORZA MILAN..

  6. Imagine a 4-3-3 with Essien-Bakayoko-Muntari as midfielders!!! Now that would be something.

    Btw, the most important and most valuable
    people on this blog:

    1. Me
    2. Sheva (old Sheva, R.I.P. we miss you)
    3. MilanWins
    4. FCINTER-MILANO (maybe I didn’t write the name correctly but you know who I’m talking about)

    Here’s my all-time best Milan team, 4312
    De sciglio-Zapata-Bonera-Constant


    • Is that u sheva/perfect10?
      Bonera was rb at parma and he didnt dissapoint when playing as rb at milan. Matri wasnt so bad at juve. Kalinic actually is OKish st. Its just that he’s not skillful or resourceful enough to play as lone st in 4-3-3 formation, LIKE I SAID. That and the facts that the money for his st couldve been used for auba and his presence kept andre the giant from playing were what irked me. I can think of much worse milan st skill wise like jose mari or comandini who deserve to play ahead of kalinic in that dream team.

  7. Hmmmm… Baka! I don’t know!
    I still root for 4-2-3-1 With Hakan or Samu as Shadow striker. Higuain was playing a more free role partnering with Cutro and He is not good at it.

    Formations are important but not as important of the approach. We have a crappy defence. We should stop building from back and we should try long balls (As rodriguez did in the last game).

    And something simple. When you can’t defence, you should attack. A more aggressive defensive tactic an pressing would solve lots of our defencive problems.

  8. Gattuso never learns simple lessons. Bakayoko should never be field again. Milan have many other reserves that play better.

  9. Happy to see Abate in , he’s far more consistent defensively than Calabria.
    If we keep playing 442 where does Hakan play ? I would hate to loose a young talent.
    Is Bonaventura injured ? Wld like to see him in his natural left mid position.

    • You ask where Hakan could be played?
      In his natural position, behind striker.
      Or instead of Biglia,add him more central.
      With 442 and current roster, we can shape it in different ways and not be predictable, unlike 433.
      Plus, Hakan currently has divorce problems and there are rumours of him being selled, since Paqueta is arriving.

  10. Interesting how all the way up to 2013 we had one of the oldest teams in seria A with age average of 30 yo. While in the recent years we’re one of the youngest teams with average age of 25 years old. (During Montella it was 23-24 years old)
    We should buy more proven veterans rather than starting inconsistent young players(Dona, Calabria, Kessié, Hakan, etc.).
    Granted our current veterans are not of great quality. But in the past ,age and experience was one of our strengths. (Ancelotti team average age 31 years old)

    • Juves team has been older for some years, Inter age recently has been higher. Seems like a winning strategy to have older starters and sub in younger players. While we have Borini coming in for Hakan, pretty twisted i think. Pirlo said in a recent interview that Milan is a young team, and Pirlo is god.
      (Granted I know football is becoming more fast paced and younger players start, but even then our team still ranks among younger side and seria A is more tactical)

  11. Comment:why bakayoko why not play bartolacci. I wish we will send bakayoko back to Chelsea and go for wanyama of tottiham

  12. I dunno, havent seen all of bakayokos games this year and i hear hes been terrible, but i noticed everyone was waiting to jump on him in the beginning of the season becuz of how horrible he apparently was as chelsea. Instead of giving him a chance like everyone deserves moving to a new league especially, just brainless parroting of british media, which always loves to play up foreign import disasters. Why doesnt he get time to adjust to a different, more tactical league like all the others? Seems like the media and the fans were out to get him from the start, and gattuso didnt help, with all the negative comments. Early games, people and gattuso are like he has to stop running around like a headless chicken. Last few appearances, people are like why is he not running? Maybe, just maybe, hes trying to listen to orders and be more tactical? Anyway, risky choice in midfield agreed, but i think we should treat the guy with some fairness. Forza milan lets destroy genoa tonight

    • “I dunno, havent seen all of bakayokos“ then u shouldnt comment. I have and judging by what ive seen so far the guy cant even control simple passes, is slower than old people fvkking and has zero footballing brain. He’s real life jar jar binks

      • I didnt say he hasnt been terrible, im just saying he should be given more of a chance, which means i will comment. If youve watched his monaco last season, id say he could be a worthwhile contributor if he gets a bit more time to adapt. If u dont know how to read, nor understand english well, then u shouldnt comment either.

        • “I didnt say he hasnt been terrible“ u shouldnt say that either because u havent watched him play.
          And no he didnt play for monaco last year, he played for chelsea and he was utter garbage. Try and watch football first THEN u can write comments

  13. Seeing Lazio-Inter and Napoli-Rome made me a bit calmer during the week. They are our direct competitors for 4th place, and both seem weaker than last season so far. Also at least one of Samp, Fiorentina, Atalanta, and Sasoullo will also be fighting for that spot. Good thing we already beat two out of these four.

    We are not much stronger than last season, as we’ve improved in attack but regressed in our defense. And already we put out some nauseous performances this season. But our edge could come from the fact that 4th place competition is easier this year.

  14. Im glad that rino acknowledges his limitations and keeps being milan10ian with his 4-4-2. But whats with biglia – bakayoko combo? Those 2 are slower than hell and there’s no way bakayoko is gonna be black michael ballack who can dominate the mf and be attacking threat.
    Bona and laxalt can compete for lm spot while samu the orca can be messuso’s deputy AND back up st. Hakan shouldnt play as winger ever again; he needs to play more centrally as playmaker or ss like baggio/mancini. Deulofeu would be nice in january as he can be rm/lm and ss. With him and andre silva joining milan could have potentially young lethal attack. Wenger would have field day training those young guns

  15. Only one thing about the line-up. Laxalt after his nice performence vs Samp must get another start, he deserves it., but Casti should also start imo. Maybe rest Suso? Dont think a rest should do him bad, even if he played well last time.

  16. Was just thinking of something. When Rino came, the first thing he did was to shape up our defence, right? Our defence was really good when he took over. Now we lost Bonu, but I think that maybe the defence was a bit neglected because he thought that the defence had already been taken care of and didn’t give it as much focus. Because if you compare us this season to the last, we had a strong defence but didn’t look at all like a creative side, but if you look at us this season, we can’t defend but we created so much. I think we’re, if not in the top, we’re at least one of the top sides when it comes to created chances this season…
    Perhaps it’s the Bonu effect as well, I don’t remember who said it, perhaps it was @Alexmilan, if you compare Bonu with Musa, I think that individually Musa is really good, he is strong and can disposes the opponents, but when it comes to his positioning and coordination of the defence he is lacking, and this is affecting Calabria in a negative way as well. It was a long time since Calabria was as exposed as he has been this season, I’d say the last time was in our 0-4 game vs Lazio… Because most of the time, teams attack our right side rather than the left, as RR and Ale are solid, but Musa and Calabria not so much. Hope they both can shape up, so in this moment I think that Ignia could prove to be a more than solid option on the right.

    Just my two cents 🙂

    • The thing is, on paper we spent 40 million on a defender who’s only played 1 game this whole season.
      The whole thing is bizarre to me, I like that we’re not forcing things but this guy is 24yo, older than Romagnoli and even with price tag of 40million he needs so much time to adjust. He’s professional with national caps.
      And now he’s injured for months. Seems like another Conti case. With that money we could of lowered price tag of Higuain or bought another player :/ very bizarre. Maybe it’s Gattuso.

    • Yes, the defence is weaker because we lost Bonucci. And now Caldara ! With Musa and Zapa will be hard until january ! Maybe Simic receives a chance ! In my oppinion, we have a monster on the right back and he is Bellanova ! 1,85m tall, strong like Fabio Grosso, tactical disciplinated, very technical, it will be soon a starter, mark my words !

      • @milan2012, let’s just hope he succeeds, it’s not about him proving anyone right or wrong:)

        @Alexmilan, yeah, was really looking forward to see Caldara start, hope he’ll come back asap and stronger! Yes I’ve heard a lot of Bellanova, remember that Ink mentioned him way back, really hope he’ll step up! Will see what happens with Conti, I hope he’ll be able to carry on what he did before his injury, otherwise it’s nice to know that we have a potential gem in Bellanova!:)

        • I’ve seen all the games of Primavera from this season, all the highlights from last season, I follow all the news about Primavera and I am sure that he will have a bright future ! The same about Gabbia, he has the elegance of Billy Costacurta and the technique of a midfielder !

    • I think now that Bonu is gone, Romagnoli need to step up and coordonate himself the defence like Bonu did last season and whoever plays with him he needs to be the coordonator. No disrepect to Musa-Caldara but u cant compare Bonucci to them, even if they have the ability to get there, at least Caldara does imo but we never really apreciated the importance of Bonucci in the defence last season, even with his long passes, still believe we made a good deal with Caldara exchange thinking for the future, hope now that Caldara is injured doesnt get so bad like the Conti and hope to have them both healthy because we need them.

  17. Bakayoko is here exactly for these occasions, where he needs to replace Kessié. Now we’ll se what he can do with the full trust of Gattuso. I saw him at Monaco, he was great as a DM. In 4-4-2 he can work out better than a RCM mid in 4-3-3. We’ll see.

  18. Comment: I just like this 442 formation it’s like the quick solution for now..Higuain and Super Cutrone will surely give you if u can’t defend just keep out scoring your opponents… only God knows what Baka does in training but ..forza Milan.. forza 3 points

  19. fabregas will be avaible on bosman next year summer mercato. I read that rabiot aint get new contract ext yet as well, lets hope psg is still dumb enough so milan can swap him with donna the sinner. Those 2 could complement the brute messie the poor man’s davids well. Buy pepe/mascherano if only as better back up than zapata and better wingers like deulofeu, pulisic or just break the bank for reus. Call back andre the giant and/or pato so they’ll have enough st ready to be rotated. With proper coach like conte or wenger guiding the squad, milan’s gonna party like its ‘99. Like i said, being wrong is perfectly acceptable but staying wrong is not

  20. Fuck it man, Bakayoko again?

    Rino is on drugs or hypnotised by Bakayoko.

    Win this one or else don’t bother coming back to milaneolo. Three points at all costs, come what may. This is our chance to climb up the table.

    Good luck Milan.

  21. Bakayoko on the starting lineup gives me jitters.
    Let’s see how it goes?

    Win this one please. We will be in UCL zone

  22. I think that there’s some kind of conditions or smth in Bakayoko’s 1 year loan , maybe somthing like he must play a certain minimum of minutes or start some games or … otherwise , I don’t think that Gattuso prefers him over Berto , Mauri , Montolivo , Halilovic , or even Hakan as a CM which i believe can be a really good idea !

  23. Latest from Milanello.. Kessie will start instead of Baka according to Milannews and Samu on the right.

    Thanks Rino for reading our posts here.

        • I’m worried that Samu on the left will increase the responsibilities on RR and romagnoli, I think he will do better coming of the bench

          • Yes, but Samu runs a lot, he runs more than Suso, even if it doesnt say much, and he will be eager to prove himself. I would prefer Laxalt or Bona there though, with Samu playing alongside either Higgy or Cutro!

          • He runs, but doesn’t have the endless stamina of Laxalt, and when it comes to defend Laxalt is way better. The way I see it, Samu is a super sub, he can play anywhere up front. I don’t like the idea of Hakan next to Kessie. So for me it’s either Laxalt-Calhanoglu on the left. Suso-Castillejo-Conti on the right.

          • Damn, I don’t like that idea, what are we going to do when Genoa double mark our wide midfielders?, Send long balls hoping for a miracle? Or play short passes until one of the midfielders mess it up(Baka) and we end conceding at 10th minute….

  24. I hope Piatek will be off, because neither Romag certainly not Musa can mark him perfectly when he’s on form. One of the worst CB pairings in the air of seria a meets one of the best strikers in the air of the league.

  25. Gattuso didn’t realize his mic was still on after an interview with Gazzetta this morning:

    “Of course I’d love to play Bakayoko tonight but my wife’s getting suspicious… First she finds a receipt for the Ferrari I had to buy him to convince him to sign. Then he arrives and plays like a donkey with polio and so she asks me why I bought him over a creative midfielder… I didn’t have a convincing answer. Then last night she caught me kissing his photo in the bathroom… It’s not going well but I think I’m going to start him against Genoa and hope for the best.”

  26. 352 with suso on the left, and musachio behind him? WTF i pray to god that genoa doesnt have a good left winger



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