Milan-Sampdoria: The Rossoneri squad

Ricardo Rodríguez during training at Milanello. (
Ricardo Rodríguez during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face U.C. Sampdoria on Sunday when the clock points 18:00 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro for the 10th matchday of the 2018/19 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad for this encounter.

Alessandro Plizzari, Stefan Simić, Mattia Caldara (right calf problem, will be evaluated within 48 hours), Ivan Strinić and Riccardo Montolivo are out of the squad. Andrea Conti is back on the list.

Probable XI (Sky): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodríguez; Suso, Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura; Gonzalo Higuaín, Patrick Cutrone.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateTiémoué BakayokoFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaDavide CalabriaAndrea BertolacciHakan Çalhanoğlu
Pepe ReinaAndrea ContiLucas BigliaSamu Castillejo
Diego LaxaltGiacomo BonaventuraPatrick Cutrone
Mateo MusacchioFranck KessiéAlen Haliliović
Ricardo RodríguezJosè MauriGonzalo Higuaín
Alessio RomagnoliSuso
Cristian Zapata


  1. Hmm, this could be a very interesting option! Bona in the middle, could be a diamond shaped midfield with Bona behind the strikers in other words. Interesting, very interesting. We’ll see how it goes, if it’s nice then I wouldn’t mind Kessié in that line-up instead of Biglia. Honestly I’d think he’d be an amazing destroyer, like Kanté or Casemiro.

    • I agree, I really like this lineup, and with Kessie instead of Biglia it could be complete.
      Also, Caldara when he is fit.

      • Oh yes, Caldara as well, definitely agree mate!

        @Rossi, at first I read that Laxalt was going to play as the wide midfielder, which was an option I liked and didn’t think of, but either it got edited to Bonaventura in that position or I must have been high or something so I didn’t read correctly. Yeah, but isn’t Paqueta more of a mezz’ala rather than a Kaka type of player? At least that’s the impression I got of him, and from what I’ve read, but a lot of people seem to draw comparisons to Kaka for some reason.

        • At the moment Paqueta plays behind the striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation, on transfer market his main position is also attacking mid (trequartista), he can play as a central mid and side mid also but mainly he is attack oriented and playes behind the strikers. He is not exaclty like Kaka in style of play but he is playing the same position as him. I read that Laxat was going to start to but on another page, apparently Kessie had some injury problem and Bona should have moved in the mid as a result…but it seems Kessie is fine now so he will probably start in the mid pushing Bona on the side and Laxat on the bench.

        • Paqueta currently run and fast play like slightly poorer Kaka, but play on stopped ball like poorer Ronaldinho.

          With a lot of future in front of Him. 🙂

    • It will be a 4-4-2 with bona and suso on the sides, but your option is interesting to. Kessie is a natural destroyer, and with Paqueta arival we will have a natural AM playmaker same as Kaka before so the diamond formation should be seriously considered.

  2. I love all the comments above, yeah very good and interesting, woo the best and accurate, splendid BUT it’s all easy here in this blog.
    Our players are very lazy to execute all these. Has anyone seen them play like who are hungry for victory or who have pride?
    Even Gattuso is the best when to give speeches and elaborate on his team but fails to put such perspectives in the field of play
    I watched other clubs who have respect for the feelings of her fans how they play.
    I must say for milan to be great again milan has to do away with Gattuso because milan itself is bigger then Gattuso himself
    Gattuso should involve everyone who is fit to play and give them free hand to operate rather than keeping malice with Montolivo and properly another player.
    This is not time for having something against any player in the team but time to reconcile and find lasting solution to our non winning problems. No one knows maybe the outcast (Montolivo) would have scored a goal or two in the games non performing Bakayoko came in?
    My fear is this if the result continues like this the new owners Elliott who are not highly interested in football might decide to sale it to recover their money.
    So let wait for our next game and probably few more before we know our faith

    • Montolivo iS still better than Biblia imo, he, suso and cutrone were the performers under montella.

      I feel so sad about Monty top 4 Italy midfielder for years and suffered injuries and the worsest Milan team

    • Montolivo iS still better than Biblia imo, he, suso and cutrone were the performers under montella.

      I feel so sad about Monty top 5 Italy midfielder for years and suffered injuries and the worsest Milan team.

      • “Montolivo iS still better than Biblia imo, he, suso and cutrone were the performers under montella.” yep, just another day at rossoneriblog. “Monto > biglia”. One of these days people are gonna say Broccoli > wenger. Oh wait

    • How is montolivo better than biglia …no other club wants him …even united wanted biglia …monto !!!! Smh

  3. Its good that rino can admit his and his predecessors mistake of abusing 4-3-3. Im also glad that he’s converted to milan10ism and use formation that uses 2 st. Better late than sorry/never my mom used to say. (Btw my mom asked me whether milan win in the morning after ‘93 ucl final. She got surprised when i said milan with san marco lost. See, even someone who didnt like football knew its surprising that milan lost in a major final. They were that good. Now some milanisti just wanna hold hands with rino and sing kumbaya together in the shower after betis match).
    However, suso doesnt track back and his defending suck so milan need to have very good rb to compensate for it, which they dont. Bonad10nho has good dribbling but his passing sucks; he should be inverted winger or lcm not lm. Thefefore, 4-4-2 milan should be using is actually 4-3-1-2, at least when hakan and/or paqueta are available. Biglia/musa as dm, messie and paqueta/bona as mezz’ala and hakan/paqueta/suso as 3/4ista behind suso/cutrone/andre silva – pipita duet.
    With 4-3-1-2 milan mf can cover lotsa spaces in front of defense line thus the players who dont have skill and fast feet can also play. Also, did i say milan ALWAYS play better with 2 st yet?

    • Haha!

      Dude, you should be SNL, lol! I particularly like this:

      “Now some milanisti just wanna hold hands with rino and sing kumbaya together in the shower after betis match).”

      Priceless! Preach on man, preach on…

  4. Well, we’re pretty much dead, Gatusso. Us fans.

    I want to remind Leo-Maldini that while they been in a long hiatus from the club, us fans have been here for the entire demise of Milan. We watched brick after brick being taken apart.

    So we’ve been here before. Heck, we got Rino by sacking someone at mid term with no replacement. Rushing someone in instead of Gatusso won’t do us any good. We need to choose someone carefully, and then buy according to his perfered formation (so LW if 4-3-3 is how we want to go). Since I don’t think we can get one of Conte, Ance, or Alegri, I would go for Atalanta’s Gasperini. I’m no big fan of Wegner (whose teams play a style unfitting to seria a, aka poor defensive tactics) and Jardim is talented but a stranger to seria a.

    And we need to realize that some of our foundations are not as good as we think. We need a world class signing, and we need to pray Paquetta can really live up to his hype. Simply building on our young Italian players won’t cut it, as we have learned so many times.

  5. Oh boy! Here we go!

    Another round of postulating, analyzing, proffering, ejaculating of ideas and concepts for the match, to what end I ask?

    The “Kumbas” are really out for it this time. Haha!

    Well, it a couple of hours to crunch time, as the “Grinta” walks the gang plank to oblivion. I certainly have “Great Expectations” for this match – Milan liberating match from the ‘Grint.’

  6. Bring in Zamparini, he is the man that would satisfy most of the Milan fans on this blog who are calling for Gattuso`s sacking.



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