Maldini: “We played badly in the derby and I understand the disappointment, the objective we’ve set is fourth place”

Paolo Maldini before Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (
Paolo Maldini before Milan-Real Betis at Stadio San Siro on October 25, 2018. (

Paolo Maldini remains positive despite Milan’s back to back defeats and says the objective remains the same.

Milan are going through a very bad moment as they suffered defeats against Inter and Real Betis, playing very defensively in the former game and just all-around terribly in the latter match.

Many fans are calling for Leonardo and Paolo Maldini to sack Gattuso, but in the meantime there is still confidence in the 40-year-old former Italy NT midfielder.

Leo and Paolo went to visit the squad at Milanello today (Friday) and according to ANSA they showed their support to the team and have asked for a reaction of pride already starting from Sunday’s game against Sampdoria. They urged the players to not be demoralized but instead look ahead.

“We played badly in the derby, it’s true, and I understand perfectly the great disappointment for the Europa League match,” Maldini told people at an event on Friday evening, according to a report on the website of La Gazzetta dello Sport. “However, we go forward with the confidence that animated us before these two consecutive defeats, keeping in mind that we’re coming off a sixth place finish and the objective we’ve set for ourselves is fourth place, which is a significant improvement.

Paolo Maldini during training at Milanello. (
Paolo Maldini during training at Milanello. (

“Now we have two nearby matches at San Siro against the Genova sides and winning against them could take us back to the Champions League area. There’s confidence also because Milan have given demonstrations of a good game in almost all of their matches. Inter of the derby were better but Inter against Parma were unrecognizable… this is our league, even the small sides can pose problems.”

Milan are currently sitting in 12th place in Serie A with 12 points (but have a match in hand), while they’re second in their Europa League group after losing to Real Betis last night at San Siro.


  1. I hope all this crazy talk is just for the cameras. First I hear Leo wants Ibra but only as a bench player, which of course Ibra won’t accept. Now him and Maldini are continuing on with this “complete faith in Gattuso” madness despite him turning Milan into an embarrassment even Inzaghi would struggle to match. Meanwhile, as we’re faffing about hoping Gattuso can turn us into world-beaters, we’ll fall further down the table and simultaneously lose Conte to Real Madrid. Good job, guys.

  2. Very nice of u to speak diplomatically bandiera but we go way back; i know what u and leo are thinking. Sources like calciomercato claim that gazidis is pushing for wenger. Now THAT would be fantastic. I know theres risk that he might be outdated like mou or capello but at the very least i really like his football; he himself admitted his nice one touch football was inspired by total football, my kind of football. Hell, even henry (whom some milanista claimed might have drifted out wide twice in his career) wore #14 because of cruyff (he also wore #12 in wc ‘98 because of san marco).
    If wenger only wants to come in jan then leo can be caretaker. LIKE I SAID:
    “Milan10 Sep 23, 2018 at 8:36 pm
    Correctamundo mate.
    Call me krazy with a ‘k’ but i think leonardo could do better job as coach than gattuso. His team couldnt defend but at least his attack schemes were pleasing to watch”
    I think this blog needs to have biweekly column called 3 STRIKES AND UR OUT 3 MILAN10 WISDOM AND UR (W)IN

    • Mark my words here mate. On 27th October, 2018, I said Wenger will be a disaster if he comes to Milan.
      I don’t want to get into debates right now on comments; so just consider it as a prediction and leave it there.
      I will even take Brocchi back, over Wenger.
      Wenger should have retired 8 years back.

      • Ok mate. “Broccoli > wenger” statement sure would surprise any other football site/blog but its just another comment on ordinary day at rossoneriblog. Ive read them all: “donna > buffon”, “loca: better version of busquets”, “calabria is too good for milan”, “rino > conte”, “milan ‘11 attack > barca ‘11 attack” and my personal favorite, “boateng’s volley > san marco AND zidane’s volleys”
        Actually, when broccoli led milan to glory in ‘15/16, wenger’s arsenal finish 2nd. Not bad for a guy who shouldve retired 8 yrs ago. As a matter of fact, wenger’s worst finish in 8 yrs was 6th last season. Between 2010 – 16, his worst finish was 4th/ucl spot. If wenger shouldve retired then miha/pippo/rino/broccoli who cant/couldnt even finish 4th in much weaker league should just commit harakiri ronin style.
        Oh, and remind me again which team molested milan in el last team?

          • Played so horribly yet at his worst season he still won 5-1 vs rino on aggregate. Wow u make it sounds like even at his worst wenger’s still tactical genius who could comprehensively outsmart rookie with milan dna, which he is.
            Wenger never parks the bus, is good at scouting and nurturing young players. Milan kinda coach. Who knows, maybe its not too late to polish calabria, donna the sinner, plizzari etc so they can be real deal like cutrone and andre the giant

          • @Milan10, he trusted a lot of youth, but what happened with these youth players?
            Walcott never lived up to his hype and is now at Everton, where is Gibbs, Championship? Van Persie, well, he was injured a lot, had one injury free season then left for United. Wilshere never lived up to his hype. There are two players who under his guidance became something – Fabregas and Szczcnzy. Both who left and got experience elsewhere.
            Szczcznzy (no time to spell it right) said that he learned more in six months at Roma under Spalletti than he did during all his years in England under Wenger. How do you think he’ll polish our young guns? What we need is someone who will help them take that next step, I dont think Wenger got his young guns to do so. They all came out with a bang, would like to add Bellerin to that list, where they looked like the next big thing and then just stopped, some players even looked like their development curve retracted lmao

          • “he trusted a lot of youth, but what happened with these youth players?“ u tell me mate. What happened to milan’s very own ballon d’or winner weah? Or ikpeba? Vieira? Anelka? King henry (whom some certain milanista here claimed only has drifted out wide twice in his entire career)? Wiltord? D’artagnan? trezegol? (whose goal at san siro in 04/05 literally killed milan’s scudetto dream)? Cashley cole? Ramsey? Vela? Van persie? Fab? Hleb? Adebayor and nasri (once milan targets)? Flamini (milan legend)?
            Wilshere and walcott never live up to the hype but thats only because as young players they were being compared to fab and henry. Theyre victims of unrealistic expectations. The fact is theyre good players, not henry level good but good nonetheless, if much too injury prone. I couldve sworn some milanisti here on this vedy blog suggested walcott as potential target to fill empty spot on the wing. And lets be honest here, if wilshere wasnt such injury prone player every single milanista would want him to be milan player.
            At his peak van persie was one of the best st in the world. Wenger knew it, saf knew it, the rest of football world knew and still know it.
            U can say wenger maybe a bit outdated in his tactical approach, U can also say his refusal to spend although he has shit ton of money at his disposal (although that might be because he as manager AND expert in economics is much more aware of arsenal’s financial situation than the fans) were his problems. U can also say maybe the rules regarding underage transfers is the problem. Or maybe there just aint enough talents to spot anymore nowadays (thus ajax and la masia also fail to produce young players at the rate of their golden years). U can say all of those are his problems but to say he cant nurture or scout young players is bs because he’s done it for more than 2 decades. Also, he has degree in economics thus his savvy spending and decisions regarding financial matters. Imagine, a coach who likes to play fluid attacking football AND has great understanding of financial aspects of football. Those are practically 2 biggest problems of milan. Thats like buy one get one promo at ur local victoria’s secret store

          • @Milan10 I mean those that he started from zero with after the invincible players – Cashley was already a great player at Chelsea mind you. Ramsey is the only one I’ll agree with, along with Ramsey and Fab. Hleb completely disappeared around 2010, Vela, really? Great for Sociedad? Nasri a talent but you cant be serious about him reaching his potential? Adebayor was also a waste after a great start, and that’s my whole point – they start of great but then stagnate in their development. Even when people here were clamouring for Walcott I had no idea what they were talking about. I agree that the hype of being the new Henry killed them and such but they still played at a certain level and then faded out. We’re talking about developing our players into world class players not “good” players.

            My point is developing those players and raising them into a world class level, because he hasn’t done that since 2010, and considering our young team, we need someone who will take us to the next level. No one is questioning his scouting and financial skills. I have my reservations but we’ll see what happens if he joins, if he takes over, he’ll have my full trust of course. Just like Rino has mine right now, *wink

          • “Cashley was already a great player at Chelsea mind you.“ er, so u didnt know he was arsenal youngster BEFORE he went to chelsea? If u were sheva the troll or ck this is where i would roast u mate. As it is now i’ll let u off with a warning *wink.
            Nasri is not pires but he’s much better than menez, a once milan star. Milan even wanted nasri at some point mate, lets not lie to ourselves. Vela is sociedad player and sociedad is above betis in the table, meaning sociedad is better club than milan. U cant say “viva rino” and claim milan aint midtable club mate.
            Well, wenger hasnt been able to be as good as he was 1-2 decades back because, LIKE I SAID, snapping up underage players are harder now due to fifa new rules. The young players that he had werent as patient as him thus they became gloryhunters and left arsenal (song, adebayor, clichy, that juve gk, senderos *wink). All those made it hard for him (and ajax and la masia academies) to nurture young players.
            Also, nurturing young players is just one aspect of his coaching. Whats more important is his attacking football philosophy AND vast tactical knowledge. God knows milan need it most

        • Oh by the way mate given all you miraculous wisdom. If you are so against Gattuso and turning MILAN to a winning team then please tell me what the hell has Wenger won at arsenal of any real significance in the last 8years?

          Wenger is the worst choice out of the lot!

          I agree with Ink as I have many times I would even take Montella back over Wenger!

          • Oh i dont know mate, THREE FA cups maybe? Rino got fingered by juve 4 times in coppa final last year and some of u claimed its rino’s birthright to coach milan because of his milan dna yet u ask what has wenger won? I bet my ass if rino won coppa italia 3 times in 5 yrs u rinopatriots would say he’s better than sacchi.
            “I agree with Ink as I have many times I would even take Montella back over Wenger!” – dan

      • Lol, now u are turning into Milan10 with all ur predictions. Btw for someone that loves academy players so much, thought u would be the last person to disapprove of Wenger.

        • One becomes highest form of football jedi or the milan10 when ALL ur predictions is proven DEAD RIGHT.
          One doesnt simply walk to mordor, i mean one doesnt simply become milan10 just because he makes random prediction mate. For instance, anyone who thinks rino will still be milan coach come feb is not milan10

        • @TrueRossoneri
          I don’t usually predict.
          I have my logic and reasons for not wanting Wenger in. But I am not in a situation to carry on a prolonged comment debate right now.

  3. Wenger rumours?
    Hell no. No Wenger. He has consistently proved in Arsenal that his team cannot compete with the top teams in the last 7-8 years, despite having more quality players on paper.

    • Yes, they couldn’t even capitalize and win EPL when City, United, Pool and Chelsea were off form. Instead Leicester came and won it…

  4. Considering 442 with Jack and Suso on the mid wings? Seems more like 424

    Jack is more comfortable playing out wide in left midfield but dunno about Suso on the opposite side. He’s a natural inside forward and with a lot of inconsistency

    Anyways I’m all for 2 strikers formation weather it is 442 or 442 diamond, just no 3 man backline such as 352

  5. 2 to 3 weeks ago, LeoDini spoke their confidence in Gattuso. The results then, were promising, so everything was nice and easy.

    2 defeats later, everyone, especially on this blog, speaks about a crisis. Even Gattuso doesn’t know what to do?!

    So Maldini won’t probably admit it and defends his words of 2 weeks ago. At least it smells fishy

    Or….. He is the calm director everyone needs instead of panicking all along. Hope this

  6. So, everyone is expecting Maldini to come forth and say we don’t have faith in Gattuso? Are you kidding me? He is bound to say Milan has faith in Gattuso even a second before Gattuso gets fired if it ever happens. No one in management is gonna risk disorient a team that’s already low in confidence.

    For experience, Wenger is much better than any alternative that we can think about.
    For other alternatives, we can look for Jardim, Ranieri and Bielsa. Conte is good, but he is linked with RM.

    • Well said. It is really sad that people are judging Arsene Wenger based on his last few seasons at Arsenal.

      As if to say that he cannot compete with the likes of Mourinho, Klopp, Guardiola, Conte and Ancelotti. Totally discrediting all this man has accomplished in his coaching career. Smh

      Pretty foolish in my opinion for anyone to think that but as the saying goes, we are all entitled to our opinion. So I will respect anyone who believes Arsene Wenger is not a good prospect for Milan.

      Let’s see what our new CEO Gazidis thinks when he joins the club on October 31st.

  7. Fellas Gattuso has really flooped this season the way we lose ball possession, and even lose a match with style is really depressing . As for what Maldini is saying i don’t care we need a coach that can draw a RED LINE for players ,a coach that can wake the dead players up in our squad ,a coach that has plan A and B , a coach that is tactically smart to out smart his opposition that is what i think we want at milan not what we are seeing. Imagine we could not win CALGLIARI ,BETIS, EMPOLI,ATLANTA, lost from 2 -0 to 3-2 against NAPOLI now we are facing SAMPDORIA is really getting to much to bear.



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