Gattuso reportedly considering to switch the formation to 4-4-2 against Samp with Higuaín-Cutrone up front

Patrick Cutrone during training at Milanello. (
Patrick Cutrone during training at Milanello. (

Suso and Jack could play as the two wide midfielders as Gattuso is apparently thinking of changing the formation.

Gattuso admitted ‘I must find the best solution’ after he saw his Milan side outplayed and outclassed by Real Betis last night at Stadio San Siro.

The Rossoneri looked incredibly poor over the past two games and according to Sky Italia, Gattuso is considering the possibility of changing the formation from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 on Sunday against Sampdoria.

The two strikers would obviously be Higuaín and Cutrone, while the midfielders would be Suso, Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia and Giacomo Bonaventura. Sky notes that Hakan Çalhanoğlu is still not 100% after the collision with Mauro Icardi during the derby and therefore Jack is likely to play.

il Corriere della Sera reported a change to 4-4-2 is possible in today’s edition of the newspaper as well. The game against Samp kicks off at 18:00 CEST at Stadio San Siro.


  1. Lemme repeat what ive been saying for years: any milanista knows milan play better with 2 st. No ifs no buts. Im glad that rino’s practically a milan10ian now but its far too late now to turn this thing around with him in charge. Goddammit If it wasnt for rino’s “limitation”, andre the giant wouldve stayed in preseason. Next time u or any future milan coach should just read and agree with everything milan10 said. Reasons can wait.

    • hey, i don’t know what happened to my last comment but it doesn’t seemed to have been posted, so if it shows up later then i appologise for repeating myself.

      Whilst watching the game yesterday which i didn’t even finish off due to how depressing it was, i wanted gattuso out asap, however after sleeping on it i think it would be a real mistake to get rid of him now. we always seem to get rid of managers mid season and it hasn’t paid of for years now. So stick to him till the end of the season.
      if we ignore the last 2 games where we were actually poor [especially yesterday[, we have been playing decent football. Gattuso has changed the way we play and has improved the team overall. if he can actually learn to use the bench properly and realise who his best players actually are then i believe we will see more favourable results.
      lastly i don’t think it was gattuso who wanted silva out, but the other way around. Silva was not given much time and he needed time and belief. We couldn’t give him that as gattuso was drafted in mid-season and needed to steady the ship and was not abllzy enough to risk it.
      secondly montella brought in kallanic who was a utter failure and restricted the amount of time that could have been given to silva. So i blame montella for bringing kallinic which resulted us in loosing 2 good strikers [bacca and silva].

      • Gosh! Your WEAK mentality makes me sick! So what happens? We win against Sampdoria and perhaps Genoa then what?

        “Oh! We are reaching fourth place no doubt!.”

        “Gattuso is the right fit for Milan…ooohhh…” Sick!

        So, it must take multiple defeats, chants from “inexperience fans” and pressure from management for this dense dolt to know that 4-4-2 is the way to go? Is that the type of manager you feel a club like Milan deserves?

        Mediocrity at the highest peak!

        His fate is inevitable, and he is facing the sack come this weekend!


    • Like I said….
      Lemme repeat myself….

      I don’t see any difference here

      First thing we learned in Italy, first do the walk before you walk!!

  2. I’m afraid it’s a little too late to start tinkering with the formation, even if he knows how to train his team for any other formation.

    It seems like Gattuso is just one more bad game from the sack, which will happen regardless of the formation.

  3. “Gattuso is apparently thinking of changing the formation…” The gears are starting to grinta, I mean grind, but I think we already hit that moment in the cartoon when the coyote realizes he’s standing on thin air.

  4. Yes please. Hope it will be succesful we cant afford to waste anymore time or precious points. If we’ll beat Samp and Genoa we’ll fifth which isn’t bad considering the “horrible” start we’ve had.

    • “If we’ll beat Samp and Genoa we’ll fifth which isn’t bad considering the “horrible” start we’ve had.”

      Then what happens after that? Lose and draw our next five games, and we will be stuck in midtable quagmire, fighting for EL place again?

      I think not. Everyone knows – except the “Kumbayas” of course – that the “Grinta” is ALL bark and no substance. He will be gone by this weekend sonny!


      • Let’s make a deal.
        If he does not leave by this weekend, you leave this blog. Agreed? Or don’t have the guts?

        • Lol! So says the comical, social-working, pen- sorry – ‘ink’ pushing, “kumbaya” loving joke of a fan!

          It’s on sonny!


  5. Again playing suso and bona wide. Silly and surely a failure move.
    Go for 4312 or 4321 or 4411. Milan must keep a clean sheet. Put suso or bona to partner higuain. Cutrone is spare striker.

    • How exactly? Bona excelled when he played there during Miha’s time here, and Suso has looked good in that position too.
      I’d prefer a 4-3-1-2 tbh, but you’re wrong in your statement.

    • i rather play 4-4-2 than most of the formations you suggested. I do not see anything wrong with suso and bonna on the wings. If anything they are 2 of our best players who can actually cross the ball and chip in with goals.
      secondly higuain is struggling on his own, he will do better with a support striker along side him.

  6. Two poor performances is an understatement.

    You know what is worse than playing badly ?
    Playing with fear at home regardless of the opponent.

    I criticized Rino only once on this blog and it was actually following the team’s best run of form this season.
    Pointing out that although we have been scoring goals and creating chances but the glaring issues with our team still managed to surface.

    Let’s break them down as quick as possible:

    1. Compactness:
    4-3-3 is one of the most demanding formations for a team as a whole. The lines need to be very close to one another and the high-pressing is done by the whole team unlike our approach which is forwards tracking back while mezzalas pressing. Having our defense sit deep will just have us lose so much more ground and you can all notice how we have trouble implementing our main “tactic” playing from the back.

    2. Concentration lapses:
    This happens with every individual as we’re all human. With that said, we manage to suffer from this issue as a team. As soon as we concede or even get close to, we lose our will to play to our strengths and just defend deep and hope for the best waiting for a solo moment of brilliance. I have no idea how this could be fixed as this is the coach’s as well as the players job to respond to pressure.

    3. Predictability:
    With two inverted wingers usually starting on the flanks, you would expect a bit of interplay between them and the midfield but instead we always go for the obvious pattern of just waiting for bodies on the box to cross while our midfield try to man mark knowing they will have to track back in a moment. See the paradox ? this can be fixed by (point no.1). If the lines are closer then the midfield will have less to worry about and would constantly try to press the final third.

    4. Defense:
    Our whole back-line unit is under performing. Yes, we can all see the constant individual mistakes as only RR is performing solidly. Since our defense isn’t as organized as we hope to at this moment how about we go for the obvious ?

    I know this seems like a worse idea but, instead of trying to defend deep cause it’s safer in theory, the added pressure on the defenders will just allow for more mistakes. Applying a high-line will indeed leave us susceptible on the break but the positives are huge. Asking the fullbacks to constantly press instead of falling back and waiting for midfield support, taking advantage of the offside line as it was invented for a reason, playing to Musa’s best attribute as he’s the weakest link which is being aggressive behind the opponent attackers and taking advantage of Roma’s air superiority.

    It sounds demanding of our players but if we’re trying to play a high-pressing possession game while building from the back, this is the obvious solution as 9/10 times the opposing team will do just exactly as we did against Betis which was falling back, trying to clear, giving our team more time to focus on scoring rather than avoiding to concede.

    Many of us on this blog agree that the 4-3-3 isn’t the way to go.
    Some think 4-4-2 is more suitable to our style of play and others believe that 4-2-3-1 complements our team a bit more offensively.

    I have no idea which is better.
    At the end of the day, a formation is just the positional placement of players on the field.

    What we should be hoping for is implementing overall tactics that plays to our strengths.

    If Hakan doesn’t perform on the flank, maybe play him in the midfield and switch him with Samu. If Bona isn’t performing in the midfield maybe switch him with Hakan. This IS the time to find solutions.

    We all noticed how we actually started playing better when Suso joined the midfield last night. An offensive player actually made our midfield more secure ? But, we need more physicality, right ? In modern football, offense is literally the best defense as having your opponent worried of your plays will limit their chances of attacking.

    I apologize for writing an essay but, the last two losses hurt. They really do.

    I wholeheartedly disagree on having Rino sacked at this point of the season with no reliable LONG TERM replacement.

    Hopefully, he somehow manages to fix these issue somehow and all we can do to help is just wish him the best of luck.

    The team has potential, but potential isn’t enough as we are Milan and we always want to win.

    Thank you for reading.

    • You are wow! have just said everything that’s inside of my head but cannot put it well into written. I mostly post my comments first before reading other’s but I would’ve just copy paste your comment .You are very welcome and thankyou too

  7. All I hope for is for this formation to work. My concern is who will be the spare striker? It’s a mistake to let Silva go. I don’t like the way our legends are being humiliated with all these substandard players. From Seedorf to PIpo and now GG. Really am sad.

  8. I would go with 4 1 3 2

    Biglia is not fit

    We should Go with
    Abate caldara Roma RR
    Suso castillejo bona
    Higu cutro

  9. Also gattuso needs to analyse opponents history to set a proper defensive strategy by countering their strength. I don’t think gattuso does it.

  10. Gattuso, if you like change the information, ur name, surname and all the players to Ronaldo and Messi….with that mentality and tactical inbalance of yours…it still won’t change anything…I may not know the date but sooner than later I know you will be sacked and I can’t wait…

  11. Now we are talking
    Here we have:
    This is a dangerous one just to look at. How did we figured this out on this blog months ago and he is figuring it out just now is beyond me.
    Biglia is only player that doesn’t really fit in here. Mauri would even be better, but hey better one player out of position than five.

      • Lesser of two evils mate. Both him and Calabria are in poor form, difference is Abate has right amount of experience to snap out of it, as he did couple of times so far in his career.

    • @sheva
      Agree with most of what you said.
      However, ”How did we figured this out on this blog months ago and he is figuring it out just now is beyond me.” I have some comments about it.
      It is very easy for us in this blog to throw around ideas (play Hakan in regista role! Switch to 2-3-6! Sell him! Buy him! Change the tactic! etc etc). Why? Because we don’t have any consequences for it. But a coach has real life implications whenever he makes a change. Even me, you have noticed my opinions, I too don’t have any consequences for my opinions. I won’t get fired if Milan fails to win. I won’t get bashed by media. So it is easy for me.
      4-3-3 worked for Gattuso to a degree last season. So probably that is why he was hoping not to change much and stay in his comfort zone. But now that it is not working, he is willing to change formations. When he makes any decision, it all has serious and real life implication on him.
      So it is easy for us to shout about changing formation every match or bicker about who to play. But it is not easy for him.

      Not saying he should not have changed it sooner. I can distinctly remember I myself said we need 4-4-2 in Montella’s start as well. But just saying that I can understand why he might have taken a long time.

      • Well if you read my comments you would know that I always have some reserves about my ideas. But saying that 433 is awful formation for Milan is not trowing an idea, it’s stating the fact. Fact was that change with two strikers is a must and I claim that this is not genius move at all.
        My friend watched derby with me and he is not Milan nor Inter fan. He said that Milan looks like one of the worst teams when in possession in all major leagues especially given the quality of players that play for him. And he works as as a sport’s journalists, so his proffesion is watching a lot of games.
        And I do respect you, as a spokesman on this blog because, at least you stick to your opinion. But don’t act like you aren’t one of those “I told you so” guys, because I DISTINCTLY remember that you did that more than one time 😉

        • Lol I don’t deny I am an occasional I told you so guy.
          But if you remember, I only did I told you so when we bought players who did not perform well and left.

          • Which I have no problem with. Hence, I told you that 4-4-2 is better option for us, months ago 😉

  12. Even a change in formation won’t help the team because the formation is not the problem, the problem is we are too afraid to make mistake every player is afraid to control the ball they are always in rush to pass faulty pass the team needs to press their opponent up front instead of tracking back to defend use man marking the team is also very slow they so not have the ability to counter attack the only time I see one is the solo drive frank kessie took to score a goal the other game.

    • Forza Raven!

      I also have a good feeling about the formation, it’s the right way for us. or a 4-3-1-2, bottom line is that we should play with two strikers!

  13. 442 will not work with Gattuso. The tactics involved is bigger than him. The only solution is just sack him. The potential in this squad is far better than what we are seeing. Get a good exerperienced coach and watch us climb effortlessly into champs league

  14. The only good things in this changes is that we will be trying something different and that knowing Higuain will hardly be benched, we will be able to fit in the inform Cutrone and in his natural position instead of out wide.

    Formations play very little role in how good or bad a team performs. It rather make more difference to the player, either being more effective in his natural position or less so out of position.

    If you can play every player where they can best give their most then the rest will be left with the teams approach. So this 442 is no guarantee unless our approach is right

  15. I have always liked talking about formations & tactics

    Regarding our 433, after the fact that Bona a dribbler and Calhanoglu a passer should be swapping positions leaving both characteristics in their closest favorable positions, I think Gattuso has been playing the formation differently.

    We should have the wingers a bit closer to the goal were spend wouldn’t matter as much ,because the wingers will mostly only need to shoot from close range or make a through pass. Leaving the fullbacks taking more control of the width running up &down and crossing.

    You don’t aften see Liverpool Barca etc wingers that far away from the box as much as ours, which is another reason why likes of Salah Asensio Messi Pedro are more aften found in scoring positions.

    Our midfield is not the most creative which is why Gattuso should’ve gone for a passer instead of Bakayoko but regardless of what formation you are playing you always need playmakers if you are looking to dominate.

    A proper 433 is very offensive but ours look more like 451 to me seeing how lonely Higuain’s been. Sometimes coaches and websites tells us a formation but then we can clearly see that the players are positioned and move differently.

  16. Hmmmm what can I say ,this season has been very disastrous for us. With gattuso we have a long way to go. Hakan is a CAM not a winger Jack is a Lw not a midfielder Biglia has ups and down in form today out of form tomorrow. And the idea of back passing has cost us alot , the players play accordingly to his instructions. Only a wise tactician can save this situation because this is out of Gattusos league . I was reading a Sun newspaper in London that says Ivan Ganzidis will sack Rino once he takes over and hire Wenger .

  17. As long as Borini doesn’t play in this 442 and Gattuso doesn’t change back to a 433 after 1 game I’m fine with it.

    Regardless, I think if our results don’t improve by January it’s rap for Gattuso.

    I like him as a player for his determination but as a coach he still has a long way to go tactically. His game planning, and reading of the game is not sharp.

    Our approach at inter was ridiculous and the can be said for the Betis game.

    Win or lose this weekend I still don’t think he is the man. We need someone who is more capable with young players as our current squad need some grooming especially our younger players.

  18. @Rogers. I have said it as well. The players are afraid. They do not have confidence in themselves. Milan Jersey and responsibility is too big for these guys to shoulder. That’s why I said we should look for free agent in Rabiot, Ramsey, Slatan ibrahimovich etc. We need at least in our first eleven. We need players who have played at big stages and with big team. There is no coach that can survive with these current Milan Players. The expectations in Milan is too high but yet we currently do not have the players that can deliver this

  19. Bravo for at least changing something but somebody needs to remind Gatuso that no matter what formation he uses, he should NEVER let Baka, Borini and Zapata in his teAm again because those 3 are not useful.

    • Rumour from a terrible source.

      Di Marzio is meanwhile saying that Milan are defending Gattuso both publicly and off the record and have had no contacts whatsoever with other coaches.

    • I read that as well but don’t believe the hype. Anyway, Milan really needs to stop putting faith in former players who have prove nothing great in their coaching career. So, a big no to Donadoni.

      This is what’s damaging Milan at the moment. People can say what they want about Arsene Wenger but he is the best available choice for our young team.

      He did wonders at Monaco with Trezeguet and Henry. And he did great at Arsenal by making them champions during his time.

      These guys were all young players at Arsenal and he made them into world class players and champions.

      He’s exactly what this Milan team needs and I really hope he joins in January if Gattuso doesn’t turn things around.

  20. The problem with milan defence is romagnoli.his position and timing is too bad.this forces his partner to cover him up and leaves space at his main role. Please everyone should try and watch romagnoli carefully starting from samdoria match.after that u all will conclude that he should be benched

  21. Well, finally…after being humiliated at home. Ok then, with the current squad that Milan have, signor Gattuso needs to rotate 3 players : Pipita-Suso-Cutrone. Not a good idea to force Samu upfront as he often get caught offside and he needs more time to know serie A well. I think that Samu does have capability to play as a RW/RM, like he did in La Liga. Futhermore, i do hate conceding a goal from aerial duels. I think our weakest link is Musa. He is really good in ball control, tackling, passing etc but non in aerial duel. Hence, i think, he could partnering with Biglia in the middle or acting as his backup if Milan will play with a diamond formation with Hakan as an AM behind 2 strikers. (Simple tactic : replace AM with DM if we want to defend the win. Player available : Mauri and Musa). Pls, Caldara is more than ready to play as a starter in the heart of our defence. His heading is great and sometimes could score too from corner kicks.

    In the mean time, I suggest to signor Maldini to make a call for Andre in Sevilla to consider returning to his real home.



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