Team news: Milan were without Antonio Donnarumma, Alessandro Plizzari, Ignazio Abate, Andrea Conti, Stefan Simić, Ivan Strinić, Mateo Musacchio, Riccardo Montolivo and Hakan Çalhanoğlu. Real Betis had to do without Andrés Guardado and Joaquín. Kickoff time was 18:55 CEST.

Goals: Sanabria (30′), Lo Celso (55′), Cutrone (82′)
Red card: Castillejo (94′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Pepe Reina; Davide Calabria, Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Diego Laxalt; Tiémoué Bakayoko (46′ Suso), Lucas Biglia (80′ Andrea Bertolacci), Giacomo Bonaventura; Samu Castillejo, Gonzalo Higuaín, Fabio Borini (46′ Patrick Cutrone).
Unused: G. Donnarumma, Josè Mauri, Caldara, Ricardo Rodríguez.

Real Betis (3-5-2) – Quique Setién
Pau López; Aïssa Mandi, Marc Bartra, Sidnei; Antonio Barragán, Giovani Lo Celso, William Carvalho (92′ Zouhair Feddal), Sergio Canales, Junior Firpo; Sergio León (67′ Cristian Tello), Antonio Sanabria (79′ Loren Morón).
Bench: Robles, Inui, Boudebouz, Kaptoum.

Referee: Bas Nijhuis (NED).


  1. Clear pen. Once again a bad game. I actually prefer Cutrone to Gonazlo. Something with that kid

    Was it just me or did we just play 4-3-1-2? With Suso behind the strikers and Samu in the MCR role? Anyhow it worked alot better for this match

    • You might be onto something, I hope it’s something we’ll keep using! Hope Castillejo wont be “punished” because of his red card. He was one of few players who showed a winning instinct and urgency in his play from the first minute.

    • Naw mate, he got the ball first – not a penalty. And our second half formation was the most messed up thing I’ve seen in a long while, despite the goal. Milan seemed to look better because Betis took their foot off the gas.

      • If it was that simple Borini would have got away with the tackle he made that touched the ball first. The one where he got a yellow. When you tackle a player from behind with force and you barely touch the ball its a foul.

        I dont think so. Ofc they got a little tiered at the end but Betis continued to produce chances. We changed formation and some players + pushing more players up field. and got more possession higher up the pitch and betis had to go away from their strategy and defend lower as a result.

  2. For all the years ive been a milan fan and all the humiliating losses ive seen my milan suffer (i started watching football in 2009 )
    This has to be the most humiliating game ever
    We have been totally outclassed by a betis team that on paper is nowhere near us
    We has far better players and still they dominate us at our home . Disgraceful!!
    Gattuse has no idea what hes doing and it is high time that he be sacked by the management and they hire someone like jardim so we can atleast get a sense of direction

  3. So, why is no one saying anything about Calabria disgusting defending? And Reina performance, 1 stupid error, and missed red card.

    The commentator said the same thing I’ve been saying about Biglia, he doesn’t recover enough and he is is not a playmaker, he is not good enough for what Gattuso is asking him.

      • I wanted to point out of the common scapegoat Abate and Donnarumma.

        Romagnoli need to step up fast, I’m getting sick of him already. We need leadership. If it’s bench what he needs I think RR can do better than him for the moment

  4. Gattuso supporters be like : If the referee had given the penalty on Castillejo at the death, we would have gotten a draw. Same way they said if Donnarumma hadn’t made that mistake in the end, we would’ve drawn with Inter.

    Like it changes ALL THAT HAPPENED TO THAT POINT. Like a draw would be enough.

    • I get your point, but it’s two completely different things. You’re comparing apples to oranges. It would’ve been a CERTAIN draw if Donna didn’t make that mistake – first difference. The second difference is that this was BETIS at HOME, a draw wouldn’t be acceptable, EVER. With our current history with Inter, you can accept a draw. Even when Ibra was here and with the senators we got beaten 4-2 by Inter. I get what you’re saying, but poor example, behtar baladi agha.

      • No mate, with that performance, I would’ve never accepted that draw. Milan have had great performances and no points to show for it countless times in their history, and that, I accept. But I won’t accept anything that comes out of our performance against Inter. We were clear losers in that match regardless of the result.

        Anyway I was just making my point about the excuses that people make when defending something unfairly (in this case Gattuso) inghadr mokhalefat nakon

    • The first responsible will always be the coach, but give this bunch to Ancelloti, Sarri, and they will resign after 5 matches, more than half of our squad is over-hyped. A coach can be bad, but aren’t this team “professionals”?

    • I don’t know how you can still think our CBs are upto par, man. I mean in all fairness, Gatusso was also at his worst today with his strange second half subs. But how many times this season have you seen Romag running behind his mark seconds before his mark scores? I know Zapata was weak as well, even worse, but we expect much much more from Romag.

      • And they say Bonucci wouldn’t be missed. I said fuck if he wants to leave, he has a contract with us, but some say Caldara and Romagnoli, they are the future they say. I said FUCK the future, we need the now, the present because if there is no results today this team will be disband, from the coach to the management.

        Here we a couple of months later.

        Offense win games, Defense win championships.

  5. Reina didn’t impress me all that much. Looks like,Saint Donna will be the saviour once again.
    Zapata impressed me as much as he always does.
    Biglia impressed me to say he is even inconsistent during the match itself. Playing 5-10 minutes of excellent football followed by 30-35 minutes of horrible passing, defending, decision making.
    Higuian impressed me to say he does not look like he wants to play for us in the last two matches. Should be benched for Cutrone.
    Borini impressed me as much as he always does.
    Bona looks tired.

    But hey I am still not panicking. I promise I start to will panic if we lose our next Serie A match.

    One thing is clear, and I am saying this again, we don’t have enough quality in the team. And have almost zero quality on our bench. And that won’t change in one transfer window. Just give the team time to purchase and raise a blend of quality players and then we will be amazing again.

    Oh and hey quitters, Forza Milan still. Forever.

    • Forza Milan, Castillejo had a nice second half, he shouldn’t be a starter though, Laxalt is awesome, 100% of the match pure hunger, as he is with Uruguay. Cutrone is our gem he can give leadership classes to the whole squad.

      Biglia is our weak link, Montolivo said some thing in his last game in Serie A that I knew Gattuso would kick him out, but with Biglia underperforming damn it, it’s either is a change in the system or call him, but fielding Bakayoko or Bertolacci is not an option. What do you think?

      • Berto and Baka are not options.
        Mauri can be the only alternative to Biglia.
        But the best thing is to ditch regista altogether. We do not have Loca anymore.
        Just go with 4-4-2, Cutrone Higuain up front, Samu/Laxalt at left and Suso at right, Kessie and Bona in center, Roma-Caldara center backs and Calabria-RicRod wingbacks.

    • Yeah, bottom line – we are simply not good enough. Adding ten more legends behind the lines and in the stands won’t change that.

  6. Nevermind the penalty, yes it was but it doesn’t hide the fact that we were abysmal. Castillejo was the only starter to play his heart out. Cutrone came on and showed what true milanista should play. We need 11 cutrone’s on the field.

    First half was the worst football we played all season, embarrassing. I thought second half with a 4 4 2 and changes we’d play much better, certainly wasn’t the case. In fact we looked worse. At the 75 minute mark we changed formation again it looked like maybe a 4 3 1 2 or 4 2 2 2? Played much better although not great.

    We’re in trouble and so is gattuso. Tonight’s performance was totally unacceptable. Higuain is trying his hardest to get lazy and fat again he was bad. But the whole team was. Apart from cutrone who I admire so much for being so young to come out with that energy and castillejo who showed that the result only seemed to bother him.

    If we are tk part ways with gattuso, 5 years minimum experience at the highest level. I ain’t getting to Nesta. Conte at all costs, he may not play beautiful football but he gets results which is what we need more than anything

  7. Donna in goal, defense play shitty, goal scores…. everyone it’s Donna’s fault. Reina in goal, defense plays shitty, goal scores… everyone complains about outfield players.
    But guys cheer up, it’s Milan, Ink says Milan has improve. Gattuso has the worst win ratio out of all recent coaches. But, hey Ink says they have created the most chances. Soooo I think with the “most chances created” we will be in CL a mean that’s all he talks about. Good luck with the hope of inconsistency.

  8. Whan of the resons i lost my passion for football and now watch less and less footbal is referiing like this.

  9. I just saw the game from 60th minute, man, we only had 1 real substitute, and that was Cutrone he ran everywhere and pressed, the mighty Suso and Berto nowhere to be seen, aside from Suso’s pass to Casti for the asisst. Higuain playing as our creative midfielder, coming deep to get the ball and distribute, Zapata clumsy passes and Tackles, really sad… no ideas, the pressing from the Betis was more effective than ours, no ideas, no motivation, that was definetly Rino fault. I wanted a long time to say this, i like Gatusso a lot, he done a lot for our Milan but he wasnt our creative midfielder, he had workrate more than everybody, some nice runs, tackles, dirtiness but not a Pirlo or a Seedorf, he did the dirty work for us in the back, what i am trying to say, u cant expect from him to be super tactician when during his play time he wasnt a creative player, u need imagination and fantasy to succed in this job, not just screaming and put your players on the field. Really sad tbh. I still believe we turn around and start playing like we could but as far this campaing goes, dont know if this will be with Rino as coach.

  10. Thank God after the inter match i told my wife not to buy me the ticket to watch milan on today my birthday. Switzerland to milan plus hotel and transport to stadium could have been a disaster after this result. What else should i say? Sack gatusso now before its too late, milan is too big for him. We always jump to conclusion that our players have psychological problem…big lie! Mihajlovic, montella, inzaghi, brochi, seedorf…are not tested and trusted coaches , even if u take them to barca they will play like milan.

    • They definitely have a mentality problem mate. You cant even start to talk about the players until Miha took over, it was only then Milan started to look kind of like a team, we’re still not there even to this day but closer than ever to finally improve, but are still lacking elements. Compare how we played up until the Inter game and then today and say that there’s a diffeence like night and day? Even if the results were missing agaisnt the likes of Atalanta and Empoli, we created sooo many chances. In this game I can count the chances on one hand – after one defeat against Inter. The problem is definitely the mentality of this problem. But that’s just one of the problems.

      • We are among the 2nd best team in the league in terms of Shots per Game 17.9, ironically is what we missed at the derby and tonight.

        So, to say Gattuso is clueless is being plain ignorant, the stats are there. And I’ll keep saying it, Why is Donna the only GK left in the league to keep a cleen sheet? Leonardo Bonucci, let’s hope we all feast on Higuain’s goals. because he will need to score more than 2 everymatch to overcome what Biglia, Romagnoli and Mussachio allows.

      • Arguably we were closer with Miha than ever, and with a shitter squad. Point is mate, we are still far off.

    • Happy Birthday Mate!
      Sorry about the loss… but at least cheer up that GOD give you another year of life!

      We need a real coach this time around.

  11. 1) borivaldo looks like messi couple years back. Nice touch.
    2) 2 legit goals and 1 golden chance for betis came from calabria’s side. And some “milanista” here actually said calabria’s too good for milan last season.
    3) bakayoko literally lost the ball twice in 3 seconds at around 21 min and he couldnt even control simple pass at around 33’. He jogs around cantona-style like he owns the place.
    4) the “wingers” of milan cant send crosses to penalty box or dribble their way into penalty box. Viva la 4-3-3.
    5) laxalt and biglia are the only 2 players who seems like they actually wanna win.
    6) betis play like garbage but even they have game plan; absorb milan attack and swiftly send the ball to fullbacks for counterattack. 3-5-2 really works for them, like it would work for milan as well (hello kourosh *wink)
    7) whats the difference between rino and broken clock? Broken clock can be right twice a day
    8) any milanista knows for a fact that milan play better with 2 st. So its either 4-4-2/4-3-1-2 or 3-5-2/3-4-1-2
    9) if i read one more “rino should stay” or “rino has gained 3rd highest points behind juve and napoli since his appointment” im gonna piss in crowded pool. Im not even joking

  12. I bet higuin regets joining this club .
    I swear this club’s management makes mistakes after mistakes every season . When will they ever understand that they need a Real coach not a rookie one .

  13. Im watching Marseille – Lazio, and watching them is a joy tbh. So fluent and clear in their way of playing. I dont know what happened today…

    • Biglia mate, it’s Biglia, we are using him as he had retention of the ball, pass range, and vision of Pirlo, if he at least make the # of interceptions per match like Montolivo used to he would be fine, but Biglia is slow, weak, not a great defender just not what we need as a deep lying playmaker.

      Did you see how isolated Higuain was? Did you see Borini he couldn’t do one thing right. Bona and Bakayoko couldn’t hold the midfield and ran like headless chicken all night.

  14. What a fckng joke, Betis completely outplayed Milan at San Siro. Another confirmation that we only have a C-B class team.

    Oh, Milan10, like I said, LO CELSO was good ey?!

  15. 1) Don’t play Zapata
    2) Don’t use Bakaoyoko as a mezzala, he plays bad enough in his natural position
    3) Tell your players where to make runs, not every goal have to be scored by crossing.
    4) Make your team eigble to transform so we can make counter attacks. If our most offansive player is 10 m from our box when we defend than we are done.
    5) Show us that your team is flexible and that you learn your players how to adapt on position changes. Even slight ones like Biglia playing in 4-4-2.

    Those are must know things. Sorry Rino but you and that bald assistent of yours don’t know s**t

    • Agree, but if those fkers can do one thing right, would you ask them more? What they need is a slap in the face. A Mihajlovic treatment grounded for the whole week.

      Do you remember when Berlusconi said that if they continued with performances like today’s he wouldn’t pay their salaries? Well I can justify that, but I can understand his feeling. It’s like they are thinking ok EL is impossible, we won’t get any of it, and Serie A is finished. They give up without fighting. Would you ask them more?

      Change the coach and they will play 10 good games and then get raped in EL or by Juve and lose morale and is this shit again. Morale is something that this squad has suffered since Allegri, I think they are just bitches who can’t bear to be shadows of our legends.

      • I genuinely don’t see a point of your comment. I don’t know where are you going with this.
        Not changing a coach, but waiting for players to stabilize mentaly by slapping them? And that should solve all this blanks in our gameplan? Sorry bro, maybe it’s me.

        • The point is, if the squad can’t follow the basic idea of 433, how would you tactically ask more of them # 5 on your list.

          We had this inconsistency and morale problems since Allegri, so what I mean is changing coach will ever going to fix this? Maybe youngsters will always struggle here because they have too many weight on his shoulders.

          Changing the coach or not, I can’t see this getting fixed.

          • Ok. Let me put it this way, this squad can’t follow the idea of 4-3-3 but he should know that. 4-3-3 is a formation that asks a lot of position shifting and cutting inside, If you play 4-3-3 like it’s 4-1-4-1 you get current Milan.
            So to repeat myself: he should know this. What also he should know is how to tell or teach. It’s not as easy as telling them: you stand there and he will stand here. You have running ins, defensive positioning and rarely it happens that in a organised team you have a player with a free role, well our team looks like a group of free roler’s when we attack.

            And to conclude I don’t think that any coach will have fun fixing this. Even if we bring Guardiola he would have 3 months at least of fixing. But after all it would be FIXING. Gattuso doesn’t know what to do and what to fix, he said it himself. And tbh my heart beaks over for him but he is simply not cut out for this one.

  16. This is the worst I have seen any team play ever. I can’t even find the right adjective to describe how disgusting it was to watch.
    It was comical at times and embarrassing to see what we have become now.

    Gattuso is making a mockery of himself. He looks completely lost, has no idea what to do, to fix the mess. How on Earth can you start borini, bakayoko and Zapata together. Just resign man, you are not up for it. 0/10

    Barring cutrone nobody showed the determination to even put up a fight.

    Reina was pathetic
    Calabria poor defensively
    Zapata should just stop playing
    Romagnioli looked helpless
    Laxalt was lively but lacks quality
    Bonaventura was frustrated and came to wrestle rather than play football
    Biglia was ok
    Bakayoko should be shipped to some remote island
    Castellijo doesn’t have the skill set for a good winger, he is below average at best
    Borini wtf and why Milan for good sake
    Suso offered nothing
    Higuain is the new cry baby

    Good night all. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

  17. To add more about Gattuso incompetence, So far yes, we are on mid table, but are the second best in league’s pass accuracy and shots per game.

    Today those idiots could even make a 3 meters pass, and struggled last two games to make a shot at the goal so, it’s a tactics issue? Or a players issue, because if it’s interceptions at long passes, high pressure on the keeper or Biglia i’ll say it’s a tactics issue, but Borini, Bakayoko, Bertolacci should never again wear this colors.

  18. Admitting that we made a mistake and trying to fix it is something that wise & successful ppl do.

    I made a mistake when I believed that Rino can guide us to our glorious days.

    We should move on as fast as possible and this time we should choose wisely.

  19. Bakajoko haha & borini haha
    Milan is a joke
    Heading to relegation zone the way things are going .
    Every season fans are optimistic
    But seems like a nightmare every season.
    We need a real coach
    Bring in Wenger for ffsake

  20. I aread news that milan is going to appoint roberto donadoni for manager role
    For god sake!!!donadoni???!!!!i can stand gatusso for more matches rather than sacking him and bring another flop,donadoni!!!!!!
    There are so many coaches unemployed why bring donadoni and fans should watch milan under his command bwfore he is getting sack in future
    Bring a real coach,come onnnn

  21. Im really upset for pipita,rejecting chelsea for milan and now looking at his face,that guy is really regretting coming herr

  22. Hmm … we need reiforcement in the winter . We should get muntari and poli back . Because they’re legends.
    And i feel that gattuso should stay he will turn things around , milan plays better every match . And if gattuso has to go then i think they should go after the one and only Lord Bonera as the next coach . And milan has to trigger the buy out claus for bakayoko he’s realy good he’s the next essien .

  23. I won’t forget the good things that Gattuso has done but sadly time is almost up for him. A top 4 finish which is achievable with this team and even with our current state may vanish away if we gamble for to long I feel.

    It’s not going to be easy making a change on the bench inside the season but every decision relating to this situation has its own risk but at this point I see a better chance with changes. Failure to qualify for the CL will kill me

  24. If you want to heard the truth let me just tell you something.
    Our Milan Team is not weak, we just don’t play with the hunger needed. Did you ever see all those great teams in Serie A like Juve or Napoli ? We are too slow taking the ball on our defense. I like these guys : Castillejo, Laxalt, Cutrone. These boys play with hunger and heart and they deserve to play. Sent Bakayoko back to Chelsea this guy will never bring something good for us. It wasn’t the good deal to sign him. Bring a new coach, Gattuso has done too much time here and showed us what he was able to do. We need a real great coach who really know how to handle a great team. Our team is not that bad it’s just a spirit problem. We deserve so much more and i really feel bad when we are showing these kinds of performance. I miss my Old Milan.
    Forza Milan !!!

  25. Anyone watched the post match press conference? Gattuso literally says “”I do not know what to do anymore””.

    That statement closes any debate on whether he should stay or go.

  26. Disastrous performance, really weak defending as usual for us, and Reina didn’t seem to help. Suprise – in football, and in particular seria a, you need good defenders to not concede. Yes, it’s a team effort, and our wingers (smart samu and boring borini) didn’t help nearly enough. And jack was also very soft. But no CB pairing we have today (unless Caldara is the joker card) constitute a solid seria a pair. Romag is talented, but still has his weakness, and is far from ready to lead our defensive line. And Musa/Zapata are just not good enough.

    Now for Gatusso – for the life of me I don’t understand what he was trying to achieve with his subs in the second half. And for many minutes it looked like the players didn’t either. The goal was mostly because Betis got tired, nothing more (although to Cutrone for being his usual sharp self).

    The bottom line – we are nit good enough. A good coach could get us 4th place with some luck, but still are far off from being a considerable force in the league.

  27. This is what the small Spanish teams can do to you when you just throw in 11 players without a proper plan – they tiki taka you, getting you frustrated, complaining, punching and picking up reds. I hate Pipitas whiny attitude BTW

  28. Please relax and read. Guys let me advise u all on this Rossoneri , it’s better we stop making ourselves bitter over negative and stubborn set of people called coach and players, am sorry to use that word but they have caused me more heart attack, shame, sorrow and even lost some good dollars in almost all the bet I played milan
    What is the difference between Chinese era and Elliott now or can someone tell me the difference between montella and Gattuso? There’s no difference and they are all same thing with the results and the way we are playing.
    With such results in 2 games so far the work of Leonardo and Maldini is the same as merabi and Fassone ( Chinese management directors) so what’s so special about Elliott taking over?
    Leonardo and Maldini did great job to put milan back to glory but they failed in one vital area which is refusal to appoint a great and experience coach. How can milan spend such amount of money to bring great players but failed to hand them over to a great experience coach.
    Ok if we want to retain Gattuso as our coach it’s better to appoint him as a team motivator and stil have a technical adviser to handle such experience.
    Another question I want to ask is this What is the difference between our almighty BIGLIA and the rejected Montolivo with such disheartening result? I prefer to play with bad players and get winning results than all these over rated players in milan
    Gattuso is very stubborn but not wise enough to understand that every opponent we played studied our old pattern 433 and strategize means to make us look cheap with it. The only top club playing 433 in this new era apart from milan is Athletico Madrid and we can see what’s happening to them too.
    In as much as I want milan to be great again I must confess it’s not Gattuso or the present management except they take a non sentimental decision to bring a great coach
    Well I am aware that non of milan directors or the coaches or very important personnel from the board cares about our feelings in this blog because after all said and done they will not look into our cry.
    Like the great milan fan said, Does Gattuso or his players care about us, our feelings, our support,our never say die spirit of milan or those who sings all the duration of the game, or most of us who missed going to work to make money because we wanted to support our darling Club?
    They don’t care but I must continue to support our great club.
    Finally our players are very lazy

  29. Every match 433. So easy for our opponents to expose our weakness as they are repeated in every match.

    We simply do not have real wingers and a deadly central midfielder to play 433.

    Gattuso is only 1 dimensional. Thats exactly Milan’s problem.

  30. Raven is everywhere trying to force his opinion on others, saying it’s the players bla bla bla, player for player are we not far ahead of Cagliari, Atalanta, Empoli,Real Betis? These are teams we should be trashing confidently.. We can’t all be blind mahn, just stop with the uneccessary argument mahn. Gattuso is stubborn, rigid, inflexible and he never learns anything… Borini, Zapata, Bakayoko all on the pitch at the same time, and you tell me it’s the players, so the players made the selection? Borini as a striker? Playing for a draw against Inter Milan and the most annoying is his interviews, talk total BS everytime..

    Remember last season? Kalinic every now and then, the fans got angry & then Gattuso comes to tell us that we don’t have a right to be angry, we should keep supporting the donkey he puts in the games every now and then and then Kalinic turns around and repays Gattuso’s faith in him by scoring a goal for Juventus? Did you even know it was Gattuso who said he wanted Bakayako? A player Chelsea management and the fans see as crap, but he’s okay for Gattuso. Were I Gattuso, I’d resign before destroying the good reputation he worked so hard to build over the years, for the love of Milan he should do that. I really can’t wait for the Sampdoria game on Sunday, to see if Mr Grinta learnt anything again….

    To all the other blind Gattuso supporters who still haven’t seen the light after last nights game, ya’ll truly don’t love Milan, because if people who aren’t even Milan fans can see since last season that Gattuso isn’t the right coach for this transition, then I wonder what you guys see in him to think he’d suddenly become Gaurdiola some day…

  31. Gattuso to Sky: “How to solve the problems? We must understand. At the moment we struggle with the ball. We need to find a solution. The problems can also be the tactical ideas. I have to talk to the players and be able to understand what the best solution is to improve.”

    Just imagine this statements coming from a coach, going to ask the boys what the best solution is to improve, same thing he says every now and then.. ”They’re looking for solutions” this isn’t funny any more mahn, absolutely ridiculous…

  32. Gattuso in the post game press conference: “I am worried about the mentality. We are fragile and fearful, I don’t know what to do anymore.”

    He doesn’t know what to do anymore, which means he’s reached his limit, so what are we still waiting for?

  33. for the past years, no coach has been able to succeed in Milan, as a result of what? the money to buy and manage players he seems fit. gattuso asked for SMS and bakayoko plus other players he believed could fit in, but he only got bakayoko, meaning the team can’t fund the rest.
    what am saying in essence is, you all want his head but y’all forgetting that no coach can manage a team like this and take them to top if he can’t have the players he needs.
    Check, no big team is broke to the extent they can’t get the players they want, after all they have the money, but milan can’t afford such top players neither can they pay their salaries.
    So, no big COACH i repeat no big coach will accept a team that’ll tarnish his image as a manager, only an average coach can choose such job, bringing us back to the what we should see ourselves as, AVERAGE.
    Sorry to say that.

    • Another one of them…. So in your right mind and senses, SMS was worth that ridiculous amount Lazio wanted? If he was really worth that, why didn’t other European teams who have money snap him up? Some of you need to buy brains….!



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