Team news: Inter had a full squad at their disposal, while Milan have to do without Alessandro Plizzari, Stefan Simić, Andrea Conti, Ivan Strinić and Riccardo Montolivo. Kickoff time for the Derby della Madonnina and Matchday 9 of Serie A is 20:30 CEST at Stadio San Siro.

Goal: Icardi (92′)

F.C. Internazionale Milano (4-2-3-1) – Luciano Spalletti
Samir Handanović; Šime Vrsaljko, Milan Škriniar, Stefan de Vrij, Kwadwo Asamoah; Matías Vecino, Marcelo Brozović; Matteo Politano (82′ Antonio Candreva), Radja Nainggolan (30′ Borja Valero), Ivan Perišić (70′ Keita Baldé); Mauro Icardi.
Unused: Padelli, Gagliardini, Lautaro, Ranocchia, João Mário, Miranda, Dalbert, D’Ambrosio.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria (91′ Ignazio Abate), Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodríguez; Franck Kessié (84′ Tiémoué Bakayoko), Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso, Gonzalo Higuaín, Hakan Çalhanoğlu (73′ Patrick Cutrone).
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Josè Mauri, Castillejo, Borini, Bertolacci, Zapata, Caldara, Laxalt.

Referee: Marco Guida.


  1. After wasting my time to watch this game( and watching us with this useless tactics again), I can happily continue to scream and shout, as I have always shouted, FIRE GATTUSO NOW! If we’re hoping to go anywhere. This was the worst Milan derby I’ve witnessed us play and trust me, in Inzaghi’s Milan derby, we looked better than today. This is what happens when your opponents continue to pressurize your defense by putting in crosses every little chance the get. Even when they see only two of their teammates in the middle hoping the defense or goalie can make a mistake. Thru out this game we barely crossed the ball to pressurize their defense, our wing players were busy cutting in to shoot for themselves rather than get Higuain involved. Also, under Gattuso , we never look dangerous on the counter. We always kill

  2. It is wise to sack him now before it’s to late and we are in relegation zone dickhead .
    And new coach will start reina obviously

    • We are currently mid table with 1 game in hand. 1 win will put us in 5 position. At least we have started better then last year.

  3. Like an arsenal fan said before we played them in Europa last season….
    Milan are bog average at best
    Sad but true

  4. When will my broken heart stop going on? I don’t want to blame anyone, but in my opinion, the move of Donna always unacceptable!

  5. well, I can see that everyone is out shouting at others “I’d told you…”. Guys, ffs, this blog is supposed to be a friendly environment for a healthy exchange of veiws, not a freaking battlefield.
    I remember that before the game everyone (Expect Naz, Milan 10, and a few more including me although I never spoke of it) was telling stories of Gatusso’s great managerial skills and now the same people are calling for his head. Everyone has a right to have their point of view but please think a bit more and be a bit more consistent. If you think he is a good coach, one game shouldn’t be enough to call for his head. And if you think he is not the man, a few good games shouldn’t fool you.

  6. Talking about having not up to task players and wait for January inforcements, well you guys are probably in for a bumpiest few seasons ahead. We all are.

    According to different sources Milan will have to tighten their belts really hard since Chinese scr*wed us big time and left enormous debt behind where Milan could face restrictions of acquiring players as well as limit the squad size for next or more seasons. It could well happen they will need to sell in order to balance the books.

    When this sh*t will kickstart and since you like to point fingers and blame, do it on the false Chinese not our boys at the helm – Leo&Paolo

  7. I like someones comment on here that gattuso looks scared. He does and clearly is scared, remember all that fire on the touchlines when he started coaching us? Now he just looks scared, its in his eyes. And the team plays accordingly. Why not introduce laxalt on the left for hakan? Why order cutrone to stick to the left when he will be useless there? Why bakayoko? Im not saying we should fire him yet, we have to admit in the last few games before this we were playing our best football in a while, but gattuso needs to turn himself around. I liked him in the beginning becuz he was honest, he motivated. Now hes starting to sound like montella about positives and even though he has fire, he is not brave. No courage to make some risky subs or try a new formation, telling milan to come out with a defensive approach and hold for a draw in the Fing DERBY

  8. the annoying part is that how will you remove a winger and being in a Cf when we have wingers on the bench honestly the moment I saw that I knew he does not have that tactical abilities I wish for a draw but the better team won.

  9. Negatives:

    1. Gattuso – Tactics.
    -You can’t sub one of your best player in the pitch for someone below average. Kessie -> baka sub, was probably the stupidest thing.
    -You needed to switch to 442 when you could see 433 is struggling. You already saw what 442 did against roma, still you stayed with 433 with Cutrone now on the wing? That’s bull.
    -You waiting 70+ minutes for first Sub? What were you waiting for? The first goal of Inter? Did you even want to win?
    -Gattuso needs to learn new formations. Without taking risks, you can’t always win.

    2. Team -Quality.
    -Without Suso and RR, there is not a single good crosser of the ball where inter rained in crosses from both sides, and you saw the result at 92nd Minute.
    -Somehow, our mids didn’t want to give the ball to Higu when he was in a better position. I don’t understand what happened, but that doesn’t Look good. Only Suso and Cutrone (when came on) , actually tried to find Higu deliberately.
    -No one goes for a forward pass to Striker in the opponent box.
    -Hakan should not be allowed to take shots to goal anymore. He can’t do it in Seria A for sure as Italian defenders are too good as shot stoppers. He should only be allowed to find striker with good throughballs.

    3. Donnarumma

    4. Bonaventura
    He just needs to stop hogging the ball when a counter attack is going on. He just holds the ball, then slows and kills counter attacks. I don’t know if he does by himself or is it Gattuso’s tactics. he needs to learn when to keep the ball and when to let it the game flow.

    5. Buildup.
    Milan is bad, BAD at build up play. We can chain passes while in possession. But at attack, we can’t chain more than 3 passes if life depended on it. Possession is worthless if you can’t even keep the ball when attacking.

    6.Build up from the back.
    Dear Rino, You don’t have the skills in the defense or technical skills to build up from the back. you need two CDMs to play build up from the back, so one CDM can cover the other under pressure. You’re too dumb to see that after so many mistakes and shakiness from the back? That’s pathetic. Open your eyes. To build from the back, the goalkeeper needs to be steady and good with his feet. Donna is nowhere even near to being that guy, he will NEVER be. Realize that and change that stupid tactics. We lose the ball right after 2/3 passes when building from behind. That should be the first clue. The only reason that build up from the back is still ‘working’ is because of Romagnoli and Musa. Luckily, They have really good passing skills.


    1. Defense.
    -We were really good at defense. The way inter really attacked, and the way our boys destroyed those attacks, Loved every moment of it till that bull from Donna.
    -Kessie – This guy is a beast, dominated the mid single handedly. I see a lot of Seedorf in him.Tactically fantastic, strong, defensively sound. Next year, all big clubs around the world will want this guy.
    -Romagnoli – Played like a true Captain. The one time Inter Lured him our of the box, we conceded the goal. I am sure if he was in the box, that goal wouldn’t have happened. He is going to be a Milan Legend if he stays.
    -Calabria- Finally a defensively solid performance from the kid. Good work. He held The Inter Left wing back and didn’t let many crosses in.


    STOP building up from the back. its NOT Working.
    Make higuain Score and let him have the ball.
    STOP Shooting pointlessly when you have players in better positions. You don’t get many chances against big teams so it’s the mpst important part.
    For the next 7 games, start Reina and let Donna train harder twice so he can come back stronger.
    And Gattuso, PLEASE LEARN At least 2 new formations and have the players ready to switch formation in game. I’d suggest 4312 and 442.

  10. I have said it time without number that Calhanoglu needs to be benched. He contributes nothing to this team. Castilejo is there. Use him! His poor performance is even affecting Suso because the whole opponent defenders attention at the wing side is on only Suso. Suso would have thrived so much had it been that Calhanoglu too can distract the attention of opponent defenders from Suso for him to get enough space to operate .

    • Yes, one of the reasons for our upturn last season was that Calha was delivering thus removing the pressure and attention on Suso as there was another danger man to focus on… we really need him or Castillejo to step up. Rino will keep playing Calha until he gets his confidence back though, and who knows when and if that will be. Thought his confidence would come back after the game against Oly but I was mistaken.

  11. Just watched the highlights, damn it looks even worse looking at the highlights. Inter truly were worthy winners. It would’ve been great if we could’ve gotten a point despite us being so poor..

  12. I will rather say gattuso is out of his mind. He is using most of our midfielders and attacker’s out of their normal/natural position. We will still keep on getting un-expected/disgraceful result until we inject the style of 2 strikers formation.

  13. Whoa whoa whoa…. stop it! Where are all those Gattuso haters coming out from now? After those two wins nobody couldn’t give him a mild criticism without 98% of the blog jumping on your throat. And now everyone is disappointed and they are bashing him?
    I knew this is gonna happen with Inter, and even if I knew I fucked up my voice cords screaming for Milan last night… hell I even woke up my wife last night couple of times, I am still not sure if I will stay married lol.
    Gattuso did his best.. he played HIS 11 players and HIS 11 players lost. We all knew who is going to play, right? So why was anyone expecting a different result? You mean we won against Sassuolo in a bad game and trashed mighty Chievo so Inter is just gonna submit? With that logic Parma fans can expect CL next season.
    Beautiful thing about Gattuso as coach is that every player is ready to die for him, even when they are on a pitch they are told wrong. But he is still doing few things good. So keep Gattuso and do one of those:
    a) hire him a damn good assistant who will solve tactical, attacking, movement and sub problems
    b) hire a new coach and give Gattuso a smaller role so he can learn his job. #Milan10

    • No one really hates him to be honest. He is good at man management. And of course, he is our Rino. He will always be one of our legends and will be respected. But we all gotta admit, he has flaws as a coach. A good manager must know when to switch formations in game. Same formation can’t work against all teams. Same buildup play can’t work against all teams specially when it’s predictable from a thousand miles away. Inter wasn’t that good. But our tactical mistakes made inter look like some sort of a supernatural team. All we are saying that Gattuso needs to learn, and fast. Firing him ain’t no solution. New manager will suffer what Gattuso is suffering with this team. And I have a feeling Gattuso is for the future when we would actually have a team to back his ideas. But he really needs to borrow experience at this point. Like Mou did from Van Gaal, or Zidane did from Ancelotti, or pep did from Rijkaard. Experience, it’s something You either gather from someone or from a number of matches like Spaletti who managed 1000+ games. Experience is what enables a manager to try new ideas. Most fans are mad at Gattuso because he doesn’t play the attractive brand of football we all are craving. Well, he doesn’t have a philosophy built yet. He is not that experienced. Once he gathers the experience and draws a philosophy of his own, I know he will be a world beating coach one day. His build up from the back, it’s not a bad tactics, it’s actually quite interesting, But the players he needs to do that, aren’t there at the moment. He just needs a good ball playing goalkeeper to make it happen. Unfortunately donna isn’t that guy and will probably never be.

    • Sheva my mate here talks so much sense that i think the un should ask him to represent them in nuclear negotiations with kim jong un. Well done mate, well done.
      And the hashtag, mamma mia. Classy nice touch. Hahaha

  14. As I said before, We should seriously consider hiring Jardim as fast as possible. He is on Real, Man U and some smaller clubs shortlist and sooner or later someone would hire him. he is a stable coach. a coach who trust young players. his teams don’t play 3-4-3 like conte does. a formation that does not suits Milan. we have only 3 good central defender.

  15. This is unacceptable!

    It’s 3AM now, and I can’t sleep, heck, I can’t even make love because of a certain medieval dolt of coach, who has no heart, whose grinta is just a toothless bark, nothing more, nothing less!

    The focus should now be on management to save this season and this club. If the “Grinta” is still the coach come next month, then their competency must be questioned by Elliot. This charade cannot go on.

    Players are already disillusioned: Hakan cuts a frustrated figure being played out of position, Higuain will soon become angry and want to leave soon like the “false captain” – Bonushit! Bona and Kessi are nothing more than impact bench players than starters, geez!

    Will this nightmare ever end?

    As for Donna – well, the “Kumbayas” would not like to hear this but he is avarage at best, just like Locatelli. Average, overhyped, shitty player, that ought to have been sold last season. Buffoon successor my foot!

    GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MILAN as an entity is bigger than any owner, player, coach and “Kumbaya” fan.

    This level of mediocrity cannot and will not be accepted!

    To the admin of this site: Kindly integrate emojis to post. It’s a bit frustrating to type when I can sum up all that I need to say by just posting an emoji.

    Instead of saying “Grinta Out,” I will simply POST an emoji of – wait for it – SHIT!


    • can’t make love hahaha, man now you’ve reached a new low…or height depending on how you view it as it’s comedy gold that you get so affected by our beloved “grinta” 🙂 let’s keep things on more of a football related matter, and not so much on a ball related matter from now on ok?

  16. Matteo Salvini, Minister of the Interior and well-known Milan fan on Instagram on the loss to Inter:
    “Derby lost by the Donnarumma-Gattuso couple …
    When you don’t play to win, you’ve already lost.
    Rightly so”

  17. Gattuso has no balls to change what it goes wrong and this is a big problem referring to our goals. It’s not possible to play again and again Calhanoglu when he is out of form and not trying Castillejo, Halilovic or even Borini, the same for Donnarumma, he should be benched for a while, that’s it, he is out of inspiration, why not to try to change something when everything goes wrong, this is the question I don’t understand about Rino Gattuso ! He should try something else , how it’s possible to play Cutrone on the left ???? Try something else on the midfield, try there Mauri, try Halilovic, try Torrasi, Brescianini, Bertolacci, it’s not possible to play always Biglia/Bonaventura/Kessie even if they go wrong !!! In my oppinion every bad result was Gattuso’s opera ! He changed in well just 2 games, against Roma and against Olympiakos. I am very disapointed about him and if he doesn’t change his style, it’s a matter of time until his sacking !

  18. Bakayoko instead of Kessie.
    Cutrone as a winger.
    Abate at 91 min.
    When teams can’t stop our 433 we win ,
    When they can they win ! As simple as that.
    Sarri vs Klopp or Mourinho in yje past few days was a F’ing tactical war !! U can’t read anyone’s type of play , but to start a game willing to kerp the 0 0 , well that’s F’ed up.
    It’s not if Gattuso was good or bad , it’s about him being rigid as F.
    I’m 90% sure we’d have wonif we played offensively , their defence wasn’t that good , neither their attaque , still , we lost.
    I said it once and i say it again , Gattuso lacks the courage to try.

  19. Since 2008, we’ve never been champions league material. Since 2011 we’ve never been able to compete for the top 4, talk more of winning the title.
    Let’s get something straight, we’re f****d.
    And it hurts to say that we’ve become average. And that’s the bitter truth, no investor have succeeded and Elliot management ain’t in for some future expectations, they’re the NOW business kind of people and if we don’t keep up, they might leave us at our mercies probably selling some of our bests to balance the books.
    Like berlu did with Zlatan and Silva. Well to cut the story short, let’s try and not give our whole heart to Milan otherwise they’ll keep shattering it.

    • What you said is frightening but true. And it could happen with Elliott, if management does not do the right thing and change this man and stop us spiraling to the abyss.

      Though one thing is for sure, my unyielding love and support for Milan and ONLY Milan, that will NEVER change.

      GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Calhanoglu is not what I thought he was, where are those free kicks he used to score in Bayern Leverkusen and Turkey national team?
    We must tell ourselves the truth if truly we want to be great again last night milan lacked confidence to move forward and create something meaningful
    I think it’s high time we buy already made players mostly midfielders who have the heart to move forward and make something happen
    On Donnarumma I think he should be on bench always because he’s killing us if peppe is still in Napoli he would have been the first keeper and Napoli is better than milan
    It’s very painful we lost at the die minute but it’s football let move on we will beat them in the next leg Forza Milan

  21. The Tactics were poor… I always hate that we try to play from the back as if were Barca or something…

    I always see Gattuso as a motivator and someone who steady the ship… but if u want to take it to the next Level then you must change…. I think even Leonardo or seedorf as coach was better…

    I think Gattuso will be relieved pretty sure especially with Conte or Wenger Available…

    AC Milan Has a Decent Squad with potential 4th place finish with the right coach….



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