Paquetá expected in Milano in the first days of December, will start working at Milanello before the mercato opens

Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Flamengo- Clube Atlético Mineiro at the Maracanã on September 23, 2018. (Photo by Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images)
Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Flamengo- Clube Atlético Mineiro at the Maracanã on September 23, 2018. (Photo by Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images)

Lucas Paquetá will play for Flamengo for the last time on December 2 and will then head to Milano to start training with the squad of Rino Gattuso.

Flamengo General Director Bruno Spindel confirmed today that the Brazilian club has signed a contract with Milan for the transfer of Lucas Paquetá.

Spindel claimed that the Rossoneri made the best offer, which is believed to be €35m in several installments for the full ownership of the 21-year-old midfielder (70% will go to Flamengo and 30% to the player and the company of his agent).

Paquetá, therefore, can be considered a Milan player and there is no way of the transfer being hijacked by Barcelona or Real Madrid, as several Spanish tabloids tried to report in the last days. There was strong interest in the player from Paris Saint-Germain but Leonardo won the battle.

According to Sky Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano, Paquetá will arrive in Milano before the January transfer market opens. In fact, he will play his last game for Flamengo, who are still fighting for the title, on December 2 (against Clube Atlético Paranaense). A few days afterwards, he will get on a plane and make his move to Italy. Di Stefano says that Lucas will immediately start his career under Gattuso and will have a full month of work to get to know his teammates, improve his physical condition, settle down and get familiarized with a different football and a different working methodology.

Paquetá will be eligible to play when the mercato opens on January 3rd. Contacts are also ongoing with Zlatan Ibrahimović while another midfielder could also arrive to strengthen the squad.

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This is exciting. Milan beat the big sides to get him, Leonardo’s work in full effect! Can’t wait to see this guy play for Milan.


the guy is really a crook I can’t wait to see him




Milan has lost just one game this season, least after Juventus-milan-official-line-ups who haven’t lost or drawn any atall.. Like I said before the sassuolo match that milan will lose very few games this season, but we have high tendency to draw a lot this season. Nothing is stopping us from winning Inter milan come Saturday. We started to create so many chances, which is important to win games.

Baresis Dream

He will need time. Most likely his first season won’t be that great, as he’s joining in January and he’s coming from a completely different environment. He will discover very quickly that a lot of things that work in Brazil don’t work that well in seria a, and he will have to adapt his game as such. Still he’s an incredible talent, with incredible vision, skill with both feet, and technique in general. Plus, we seem to have gotten him on a decent deal. My only serious regret is that he’s left footed (despite having a not-so-bad right foot as… Read more »


I agree, he will need some adjustment time but I’m hoping he will turn out like other great Brazilians that played for Milan. I think we will see more Brazilians come in the future.

Adeb Jogzie

I hope he integrates well, quickly and shows his impact thereby improving the team.

As a left footer that’s great as it creates unpredictability.

I’m still hearing rumors of Ibrahimovic and Pato. What’s happening? Are they coming to Milan??


Like Pato advised yesterday, he needs to start learning Italian, talent isn’t enough in a new country and culture apart from the technical, physical and tactical difference in the league he would be playing. Having him a month earlier is great and as a Brazillian, Leonardo would have a good plan for his settlement. For those saying he’s just a skillful player, i have watched 2 full 90mins Flamengo games on Youtube (you can check it too) to fully assess this guy. He is a ball hustler and a proper team player off possession, he isn’t a Robinho, he is… Read more »


Nice! Hope he lives up the hype, if he does, the 35 million in todays market will prove to be a steal:)
Talks about Ibra joining got me like

EDIT: was supposed to be water splashes after but I guess emojis aren’t allowed other than “:)”


WOW, hope it will be a great booster for milan, especially left foot attacking midfielder. Forza Milan


Like i said, this guy will be next boban; a skillful player who doesnt have problems doing the dirty works when necessary. Fantastic signing by the master scout leo. I like that he’ll stay at milan before he can officially play, kinda reminds me of pato and ts33. I hope he can use the spare time to blend in with the team and italian football culture. With his and another st arrival finally milan can get serious and start using 4-3-1-2, 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 so the team can perform much better then they are now. Anyone who actually watches football… Read more »


I also said the thing of Thiago Silva and Pato, but they weren’t eligible to play right away right? Pato because he wasn’t 18 and Silva because we had too many non-EU players if i’m not mistaken… So they had the chance to play with the team, learn the language etc. Hope Paqueta is given enough time, and lives up to the hype:)


Yes mate thats exactly what i mean. Paqueta will arrive in dec but he cant play until january so in the meantime he can learn about his teammates, new (not so different) language and most importantly italian football culture


we’ve been missing a Brazilian in our team, lets go 🙂 Oh n Milan10 i don’t want heat but milan could be top 4 bc the game in hand. Just saying, I no want the heat. On that note tho Conte sounds nice, but we can’t boot Gattuso unless he way under performs. First it was old management that extended his contract, he has team backing, Milan legend, and does decent job so it would turn new management into antagonist to let him go. STILL I WANT TO REMIND Leo did link with Conte this summer but he was too… Read more »


Paqueta – checked
Next on list – Barella, Chiesa


If this happens then i will bet on my greatest assets that Milan will make top 3 come May 2019.


As I’ve talked a lot about we could easily take Barella instead of Bakayoko in last summer, until now his price is too high and maybe we cannot afford him!


Sounds nice, but wouldn’t it be more sound to invest on conistant veterans :/ we have plenty of youngins, my opinion.


Comment:I’m so eager to see this guy in a Milan shirt

Dr Rossoneri

Am sure he will be great