Report: Milan set to sign Paquetá from Flamengo for €35m plus bonuses, player to undergo the medical this week

Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Flamengo-Botafogo at Maracana Stadium on July 21, 2018. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)
Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Flamengo-Botafogo at Maracana Stadium on July 21, 2018. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

Milan have beaten Paris Saint-Germain for the signing of Lucas Paquetá; the 21-year-old is expected to have the check-ups already this week in Brazil, according to the Brazilian media.

The transfer market doesn’t open until January but Leonardo is already at work to improve the squad of Gennaro Gattuso.

The name of Lucas Paquetá has been circulating for months and it appears that the Rossoneri have now made the decisive step and have agreed a deal with Flamengo to sign the Brazilian midfielder.

According to Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte, Milan have beaten Paris Saint-Germain for the signing of Paquetá. The offer of the two clubs was virtually the same: €35m plus bonuses. However, despite Neymar trying to lobby and convince the 21-year-old to join him, Lucas has been convinced by Leonardo, who orchestrated the whole deal, due to the fact that he’d play more at Milan.

Barcelona, PSG and Milan were all seriously interested in Paquetá. Globo Esporte claims that Barca were waiting for the mercato to open before they started talking seriously while negotiations with the French club were at an advanced stage, until the Rossoneri and Leo came into the picture.

Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Corinthians-Flamengo at Arena Corinthians Stadium on October 05, 2018. (Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images)
Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Corinthians-Flamengo at Arena Corinthians Stadium on October 05, 2018. (Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images)

Globo Esporte were unable to reach the agent of Paquetá, Eduardo Uram, to get his reaction to the story. But sources at the top of Flamengo are saying that club CEO Bruno Spindel was himself in Milano to finalize the deal. It is also added that Gattuso approved the signing before Leo closed it.

Paquetá, who would most likely fit as a mezz’ala in Gattuso’s system, made his debut for Flamengo in 2016 and has since took the Brazilian league by storm. He is regarded as one of the best players at the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. He has reportedly decided to keep wearing red and black.

Globo Esporte are convinced that the deal is completely done and the only thing missing is the approval of the medical check-ups which will take place this week with Milan doctors flying to Brazil.


  1. Talented player but also slow, where will he fit in this Milan side, unless we change the formation to 4231 he will suffer the same problems as Hakan, so despite being happy for potentially signing a very talented player im also concerned about his place in the side

    • I don’t know why people are like this…this guy make a absolute correct comment and you are here giving thumb down….if I have the opportunity to give a million like I will do so….foresight lacking fans.

      • cause Hakan is the best player we have along with Suso, so i don’t understand his so called “problems” came from.

        • No matter who Milan signs, there will be those that have no clue and make stupid comments and will never be pleased. If Milan signed Messi, Slicer and Raphfarm will say it was a bad signing because he is too short LOL. Liverpool, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain want him so I don’t think he is slow or bad. Get your head out of the gutter and enjoy that Milan is finally buying good players again.

      • He is exactly what this team is missing, a creative CM to play alongside Biglia and Kessie. And I am sure you have more insight into this players qualities than Leonardo and the rest of the scouting team. :DDDD

    • Apparently he’s a CM though, not a position where you really need to be fast. Look at some of the best in the world now and they’re pretty slow lol (Kroos, Verratti, Rakitic, Modric and more).

  2. I said it that Leo is great when it comes to bringing in champions especially from South America.
    Leo is an expert when it comes to these things.
    He beat the likes of PSG, Barca who are UCL sides.

    I called it that if Milan makes the UCL we’ll target Neymar who is bored with PSG already. I still stand by this prediction.

    It looks like a dream but Leo can pull it off if we make UCL.

    Either way, FORZA MILAN.

  3. Anyone here watch the Brazilian league? Can’t say I know much about this guy, come to think of it I know nothing about him, but isn’t it great to be so well organised on a managerial level that we’re already concluding deals?
    That’s the Leonardo effect and what he brings to the table
    Could we have the next Kaka on our hands

    • I don’t know him either. Probably he will replace Calhanoglu on the LW position.

      I can’t see him replacing Bonaventura or Biglia.

    • I’m brazilian and a Botafogo fan (rivals of Paquetá’s Flamengo). This guy is amazing. He will be huge in couple of years.

  4. Hope he will match our club’s request. But I have huge regret about we don’t approach to Barella or Pellegrini with the same amount, they all in national team and have a lot of experiences. Btw, Forza Milan!

    • Some f:ckin transfer rummors that MU can take our captain with 40M in Jan, I’m deep angry and I want to hear your opinions, thank you!

        • Agree 1000% about English media
          The media in England rams bullshit down your neck about clubs signing this and that player as if they have a God given right to who ever they like and they’ll come running to them, I hate the English media’s arrogance in that regard, they’d make you sick
          The only reason foreign players go to England is because they pay way to much in wages to very average players Bakayoko anyone?? 5m a year!! He’s not worth half that
          There’s players in the English first and second division who are millionaires without ever playing in the premier league
          Rant over 🙂

          • @Naz Exactly mate. They just need the slightest idea to start “producing” news about a deal being already done. And you are absolutely right about the wages too.

      • He just signed a new contract, became captain and now he is worth less then last summer? nah, we had better bids that have been rejected.

      • Hey cuongminhtran i can guarantee and i pretty much mean guarantee it wont happen and certainly never for such a low transfer fee that you mentioned. When milan signed Romagnoli from Roma for 25 mil euros roma had inserted a 30% resale clause that exceeds the 25 mil we paid. If we sold romagnoli for 40 mil that would mean we would only get around 35 mil. If romagnoli keeps on playing well for milan he will stay for many years to come and if he was sold im pretty sure the Club would demand 100 mil at minimum which would mean we would have earned 50 mil and roma getting another 25 mil. I have my doubts that the Club would even accept such scenario to be honest as the player is deemed unsellable so i see no reason to be worried at all.

    • These are just rumors but it’s also clear ManU need CBs, and Romag is a good potential addition to their squad. Romag is a highly talented player, but he still has a long way to becoming top 3 seria a CB.

      I personally wouldn’t deem him unsellable, but the price has to be very very high due to his age and potential.

      • @Baresis Dream. It may get us down votes but yeah, no player is unsellable imo as long as the price is right. Just look at Barca getting that amount of money for Neymar and reinvesting it in their aging squad.

        • Absolutely Ali. And in all honesty, Romag is just not that good as some people here may think; he’s great but is he e.g Koulibali?

  5. Shit did we just sign this guy? If we did, then this is truly the start of our journey to become great again. Of course Leonardo and Maldini know the history of Milan. We already have our great young Italian core (specially in defense), now throw in some Brazilian talents and we have our old successful formula back. Great job.

    I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. So excited.

  6. I don’t know why people are like this…this guy make a absolute correct comment and you are here giving thumb down….if I have the opportunity to give a million like I will do so….foresight lacking fans.

  7. Have no idea what type of player he is, just know that he’s highly rated, especially due to him being courted by both Barca and PSG:
    All I can hope for – if this report is true – is that he’ll turn out to be like Kaká and not Hernanes. If you look at highly rated brazilians making the move to Serie A.
    Will be interesting to see:)

  8. Put this money on Barrella and we are solid. Lucas needs time to settle in a new country, continent, culture and new league regardless how good he is while Barrella is same age and already an established Serie A player with consistency in performance.

    My only hope is, Leonardo hardly gets it wrong with Brazillian players and i pray Paqueta becomes another monumental signing if the deal goes through.

    • Agree with both statements, although Barella’s technique might not be as refined as Paqueta, he’s still very skillful and adds quantity with lots of running. Kind of like James Milner and he is showing that with his hard work – he is actually very good with the ball at his feet, doesnt get enough credit for that – is one of the best midfielders in premier league still at 32 years of age.

      Leonardo is responsible for giving us Kaká, Thiago Silva and Pato, so hopefully Paqueta will be another one in the same mold as them!

    • They are two different kind of players. Barella is a good talent but we have had many players in the mold of Barella in recent years, and we also have some in our squad right know. It’s high time we sign a true fantasista for our midfield after so many years without one.

      • Exactly !!! We need someone who’s got a potential to become world class player , and lucas paquata is that man . We had many talents like barrella we need a change .
        Im sure barella is a good player but ive trully belief that lucas is mutch better right now for our current midfield . He can defend and attack and drible . So he’s exactly who we need .
        And mind you a lott of clubs are after him , like barca ‘ psg ‘ man city . So
        Leo did good if he sign’d him allready .

  9. I was expecting a dinho or Neymar kind of footballer but I enjoy more about his long passes n through balls. He likes to get the balance to before he passes the ball which make him dribble most times but not necessarily in a bid to mesmerize opponent but to create space to make his neat passes or through balls. Surprisingly too he starts from far dip in the midfield, so I see more of Pirlo football than other players in Paquetta. Some talked about his fitting well into Bona’s or Biglia’s role n that’s absolutely correct with what I saw

  10. Watched him on YouTube, if he’s coming to Milan then he’s an upgrade to our midfield if he can emulate what he’s presently doing in Brazil. He’s young and have room for improvement.. Very skillful with his left foot, difficult to disposes off the ball, good with free kicks, knows how to pass the ball and is very calm with possession.. I hope he comes!! Forza Milan!!

  11. We have a great need for solid midfielders both creative n those that can tackle. So adding Barrella won’t be too much m. I go with u Andi

  12. He reminds me of Suso, he has some talent,, but he will definitely need time, we still need a ball winner a beast in the midfield area.

  13. I also surprisingly see more of Pirlo in Paquetta than Dinho, Ronaldinho or Neymar. He has good passes, be it long range or low defence splitting ones. That’s not to say he doesn’t dribble cos he has some good ball works too but I see his dribbling more as ones to enable him create space for himself to make the pass. He like space to take time n select his choice with his passes. I can’t wait to see this Paquetta play for us. I have a feeling he will settle quickly in Serie A.

  14. Leonardo was a big fan of Arthur Melo before Barcelona brought him, and look at that guy now.. he is on a good road to become Xavi 2.0.
    This guy seems very interesting and his playing style resembles Seedorf’s. So not Kaka but I will be very happy if we get the next Seedorf 🙂

  15. @M2SMOOTH…..Where do you or where can you see a Dhino kind of player ?? A player like Dhino is a rare bird and you see his kind ones in a life time. And even if we have his type currently playing active football now, do you think we can currently afford him ? Lets not look for sausage in the skye. its good to aim high but we need to be realistic. We are just building a new milan and we need patience. I implore and pray Leonado & co to seal the deal for this guy. He is good and will bring much needed creativity in the mildfield. I just watched him on youtube, he has a bit of Dhino in him. He is still young and has time to improve. Forza Milan !

  16. Imo we should have targeted the LW position first, with a right footed player; that’s our current weakest link along with CB and RB. I hope this transfer doesn’t exclude reinforcements in those positions.

    Also Brazilian league players are quite a gamble which makes more sense for more established squads (e.g. Juve); Gabigoal is a good example of when such transfers don’t pan out. I would prefer targeting someone from a European league, e.g. Brandt or Guedues.

    • We’re never gonna buy another right-back with Conti so close to returning. If he can’t get back to his best, then next summer maybe we sign someone after offloading one or two full-backs.

      An attacking midfielder with flair and vision is exactly what we need in my opinion. We can always move Jack to left-wing if Hakan doesn’t hit top form (which he eventually did last season.)

      Also, players like Brandt or Guedes, while very good players, will never become world class. That’s the risk with signing players from South America, there’s a small chance you might get a flop but also the chance to sign a potentially world class player. Milan, historically, have usually took that chance with Brazilians and it has usually paid off. A lot of it depends on the scout and everybody believes in Leonardo.

      We’ll see.

      • @Kourosh: I don’t know, Brandt can definitely become world class imo; I mean the top attacking mid of the german national team (which he has good chance to be in a few years) is typically world class. I also don’t think Hakan and Jack at their best are enough for LW, not sure either can get Suso’s numbers from that position. Also, getting a proper LW frees Hakan to compete with Jack in the center, where I feel he can do more.

        @+Milan: From what I’ve seen so far, Musa is subpar, and Zapata is Zapata. Caldara is still a big question mark but its still a fact that we have the weakest defense this season among all big teams.

    • i think we are covered in the CB position tho. We have 3 solid CBs and there is Zapata.
      The midfield is exactly what we should focus on not the LW.

  17. I don’t know much about him but I’ve heard people say he’s got the dribbling and trickery of ronaldinho and the passing of pirlo. How true is this?? Also it’s nice to see that we’re competing and beating teams such as barca and psg for signatures and tk spend that kind of money on a prospect shows we are financially powerful.

    Does anyone know when the FFP hearing is for milan? How can we agree a deal already without knowing what the punishment is

  18. I think he can become the playmaker I have been shouting for – for the last four years!
    Really happy with this. If he can make those delicious defense splitting passes, then it will be amazing.

  19. Well done Leo…Lucas will strengthen Milan’s midfield…unlike any Brazilian fantasista who has excellent dribbling, he is more complete. He has strength in aerial duel, long shooting, passing and the most important thing is : defensive contributions. Seems he is a hard worker type player. Strong competitor for Kessie.

    I think it is better for Gattuso to consider to Christmas tree formation. Lucas can play in Kaka’s position too.

  20. Really excited to see this potential coming to Milan especially already closing the deal in mid October which indicates the Singers mean business

    Hope he won’t turn out as Gabigol

  21. A highly rated CM that likes to attack, similar to Bonaventura. except this kid actually got good end product.

    Lucas Paquetá Characteristics:
    -Aerial Duels
    Very Strong
    -Long shots
    -Defensive contribution

    Lucas Paquetá’s Style of Play:
    Indirect set-piece threat
    Likes to dribble
    Likes to do layoffs
    Gets fouled often
    Likes to tackle
    Commits fouls often

    How whoscored line him up

  22. This guy is far more beta than Dinho(early career days) @ PSG.. With the right atmosphere, playing time, consistency+ personal desire to improve, he too can be world class and even world’s best.. Forza Milan

  23. Ive been following football for far too long to really believe this before the Club actually makes an official statement but regardless of that this certainly is very exciting news and would be a clear indication of our plans to get back to the top of the world of football.. When that is said this would just be one piece in a larger jigzaw puzzle that will get assembled over the NeXT 2-3 transfer Windows but what a coup aquirring Paquetá would be. As allready mentioned by a few of the other posters above i really like the idea of us buying Barella or/and pelegrini as well as that would set us up for the years to come.

  24. I’m very excited about this purchase. I have watched the Brazilian league a few times and there are many things I loved about this kid such as, how strong he is with the ball on his feet, his passing and play making skill is very great and exactly what we need in this team. He loves to push the ball forward and I love that. He’s left footed but he uses his right foot very well and he’s not a one dimensional player. This is a good purchase I just hope our players and coach can be able to play to his strengths. Trust me guys, this kid is a good buy and he’s gonna turn out great for us. Forza Milan

  25. It’s nice to see that we can compete with psg and psg for someone’s signature again. This guy looks promising but I can’t judge by YouTube videos. He definitely has amazing dribbling skills and passing and if big teams are after him he’s a talent.

    I know very little so if anyone actually does know him and not by speculation, what position is he best at? Can he play as a mezz’alla? Is he fast? His skills on the ball look incredible but can he keep that up in a tough league. Excited and curious to see! Neymar praised him too so maybe he’s the real deal.

    I still think for January we need a striker(ibra) and a lw player. No better opportunity than to raid man utd. Both martial and Sanchez are wanting to leave. I’d love to get martial as he’s so frustrated there and hasn’t had a contract renewal. He’d be great on the wing and as a striker and much needed pace. January is still far though.

    The biggest question is FFP. When is the hearing to see what th epunishment is. We can so afford to spend 35m on a prospect from Brazil so I seriously think money is no longer an issue.

    • I agree about the LW position, but have my doubts about Martial. I mean he’s a great player, but I think ManU would be looking for a high price so as to loose as little as possible for him (he was bought at a ridiculously high price).

      • Ofc they will try to recoup most of the money spent on Martial but he have a expiring contract 30.06.2019. Which means the longer they wait the less barging they can do.

  26. Leonardo has never put a foot wrong when it comes to signing Brazilian players at Milan or PSG. I am confident Paqueta will be a brilliant signing for A.C. Milan. after all, Barcelona wanted him and they were serious about it that’s why Leonardo had to beat them to it and wrap this up early.

    • Exactly. I’ve never seen him (will do so in a minute on youtube.Will not mean much though) but I am confident the player is good knowing Leo and that Barca don’t aften follow just any player. But if the lad actually some Pirlosque and Dinhosque in him then wow! .Midfield creativity have been our biggest problem for many years and Biglia’s who’s not getting any younger btw recent good performances should not make us forget about this

  27. the main reason we signed another midfielder is none of our bench warmers have enough quality to challenge Kessie and Bonna. till now Baka is a disaster and we probably wont sign him. Berto will leave. Mauri never developed to Milan level. Halilovic is… actually I don’t know about him. he is probably another Hachim mastour. so we have no cover for him. this guy is a new kind of player in our midfield someone we can use as replacement (probably at 88th minutes based on Rino substitute tactic)

    • True, although I dont want to rule Baka out just yet, perhaps the 35 million that will be spent on Paqueta is the 35 million needed for Baka, which means we won’t buy him next summer? Would make sense… we’ll see what happens!

  28. He has done his medical today and his salary has been confirmed to be €1.7m for 5 years. Flamengo owns 70% of the player and would receive around €25m while Lucas and his agency who own the remaining 30% get about €10m.

    The agency fee was not agreed with PSG else they would have signed him before Milan and Leonardo decided to pay them.

  29. According to an inside source, Maldini is really fond of Sandro Tonali from Brescia. This kid is 18 years old and has big potential according to Maldini. He will try to sign him.

    • Heard of him during the summer, he is being touted as the next Pirlo, I dont know how true it is other than his hair and the way he moves/runs, plus his Brescia link.

    • I think Tonali can be good. Watched some of his Highlights at 17.. crazy long passing, shooting power, vision and good physical strength already. Only some videos and Serie B level but at 17 he’s at least looking very promising. One of the highest potential growth on Fifa 19

    • Oh god, another “next …”; I thought we were done with those when we sold the next Maldini to Juve

  30. Paqueta is good but i think LUCAS LIMA could ‘ve been a better acquisition. anyways kudos to leonardo and the milan scouting units with their unending passion to strengthening the team.



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