Paquetá to join Milan in January on a five-year deal, the Rossoneri will pay €35m plus bonuses for the midfielder

Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Flamengo-Internacion at Maracana Stadium on May 6, 2018. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)
Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Flamengo-Internacion at Maracana Stadium on May 6, 2018. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

Lucas Paquetá will officially become a Milan player once the transfer window opens, making €1.5m-€1.7m yearly.

The news was broken by Globo Esporte earlier today and has since been confirmed by pretty much everyone but directly by Milan, Flamengo and Paquetá.

The Rossoneri, Leonardo in particular, has managed to strike a deal worth €35 million for Paquetá, who will become the most expensive transfer ever coming from Brazil to Serie A, beating the records set by Gabigol (Inter, €29.5 million) and Alexandre Pato (Milan, €24 million).

According to, from the €35m, €25m will go to Flamengo, who hold 70% of his card, and the rest will be divided between the player and the agency that represents him, which is headed by his agent, Eduardo Uram. MN confirms that Milan beat Paris Saint-Germain for the 21-year-old.

MN adds that the midfielder, who will most likely be used as a mezz’ala (side midfielder), altering with Jack Bonaventura and Franck Kessié, will sign a five-year contract in January and earn €1.5m-€1.7m per season. Globo Esporte suggested that he today underwent the medical check-ups as Milan sent doctors to a clinic in the west side of Rio de Janeiro so that the transfer can be completed.

Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Flamengo-Bahia at Maracana Stadium on May 31, 2018. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)
Lucas Paquetá celebrating during Flamengo-Bahia at Maracana Stadium on May 31, 2018. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

Di Marzio notes that Paquetá has a €50m release clause in his Flamengo contract but Leonardo took advantage of his excellent relationship with the Brazilian side to agree on a lower fee. Paquetá, who was also wanted by Barcelona, has made 87 appearances for Flamengo, scoring 11 goals.

It is now just a matter of time until the official and Paquetá will take off the red and black of Flamengo, to wear the red and black of Milan. The first January signing has already been made.


    • I don’t think this will change anything in that regard. This seasons he have played CM, as a mazzala for Flamengo too. But it might been the best option we have. But its just the triangle in midfield that changes. I dont rly see why people think that 4231 will change so much compared to the 433. The mazzala have the same freedom as the attacking midfielder in 4231, the output of that player and around the box will be the same. Or maybe even more activity by the mazzala in and around the box.

      • Misund, one of the best comments I’ve read so far; Milan in fact pretty much alternate between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 during every match. Hakan is more of a mid than a forward, while Suso is more of a forward than a mid. And Jack frequently assumes the AM role by penetrating into the box

        • I got a lot of hate for writing this last time, good to see someone who see it the same way.
          Changing to a two striker formation will change the way we build up play and attack, but 433 and 4231 is almost identical, the 3 players in the triangle have the exact same duties.

          • 433 is not necessarily same as 4231. As in 4231 has two anchor mids and center attacking mid. If we played 4231 Hakan could play the cam where he can push left or right , while bona/Laxalt can play left mid. 433 is more expanded in pitch with there’s three attackers at least in theory.

          • milan2012 rarely do you ever see someone play with two anchors. One of the two always have more freedom. A box-to-box and a defensive partner is how they usually line up.

            Take napoli as an example they had only Alan as a defensive mid. With Zelinski and Hamsik beside him. 3 players is suppose to give balance. Only coach ive seen that use two anchors is Mourinho and it create a static type of play with little movements.

      • No matter how any particular formation is written down on paper or drawn on a screen it all depends on how it’s verbally and or shown and transmitted to the players
        Different coaches use written formations in different ways
        Gattuso’s 433 and 4231 are more or less the same, he’s far more rigid in his implementation of the 4231 than let’s say Anchelloti was but there’s always the argument that Carlo had much better players.
        I’m just saying it depends on the coach how any particular formation works, I played for the same club my whole life but had several different managers and while we predominantly always used the 442 we’d sometimes switch to a 433 during games and every manager I’ve ever had used those formations differently, some were great at explaining there version verbally while others needed screens and blackboards
        It looks the same on paper but not in practise

  1. I’m so happy that i couldn’t even think about something to say , my friends were telling me that there is no way Rabiot would join milan cause he’s linked to Barcelona and PSG renewal , and then this happens ! Thanks Leo , that’s all I can say , this transfer itself is an achievement and a strong message , this time is the first of many in the last few years that our comeback seems real , doesn’t matter how many years , at least we can ‘ expect ‘ now and not just ‘ dream ‘
    Forza Lucas , Forza Leo , Forza Milan.

  2. Shhhhhhh
    If you be really quiet you can almost hear the leaders of the “curva sud” crawl back down the shit hole they came from.
    I don’t hear any “Judas” nonsense about Leonardo now??? Maybe they’ve gotten tired of writing silly letters and bullying young players
    Bunch of idiots said or did nothing when Li almost destroyed the club in a year

    • lol. Almost totally what was in my mind. I was just waiting for the right moment to say this: The Curva sound like a bunch of idiots. They never act when something is really wrong but make scenes about matters that are not wrong nor of any importance.

      • It is a completely different world when you are in Milan than just by reading and watching from the TV.
        The curva has a big influence believe me. And they do a lot. Especially supporting.

        Of course Naz is right, some who were against Leonardo will be quiet now. But believe me, that was just a small group. The majority and also the vecchia maniera never protested

        • Hey Mathijs, how’s things
          I agree the vast majority of the curva are hard core supporters who travel the world following Milan
          But they must have a press officer who releases there statements? And regardless of how small the minority they still released comments which didn’t make good reading in my view and while Li almost destroyed the club recklessly gambling on instant success they choose to say nothing at all? I don’t get it mate

          • Yeah I know what you mean. Some statements where for also for me nowhere near the reality.

            Ok, they backed up Mirabelli, Gattuso and disliked Leonardo. But even they didn’t know what eas going behind the scenes with Elliott.

            I mean, try to place yourself in their shoes, at that moment of time, those were the directors.

    • In anyway I don’t think Li really meant harm to the club. His loan shark is a billionaire. So the club was already in safe hands we all know that. He just did not make good financial decisions. That was his downfall personally.

  3. After so many years AC milan is returning to greatness. First to sign a player even before the transfer window opens. Beating psg and Barcelona. Best news especially hearing he’s a midfielder. Thanks Leo for pulling that fast. 4231

  4. Just saw some youtube videos of this lad. Definitely he covers mezz’ala position. His operating areas were mostly like Jack’s. Very comfortable in left-middle area of the pitch, despite being left-footed (yes!). He has better technical abilities than Jack, but is still left behind in terms of off the ball movement.

  5. Great news.. now if we get Tonali too that would be great. I was joking 2 weeks ago how Gattuso is trying to recreate Milan from his playing days but players are problem… now if Maldini and Leo keep working like this Rino can actually succeed with that one.

      • Haha me too. Turning to some younger players with a lot of prospect is very important step to building a champion squad. This here is what we missed for so manny years back. Can’t wait to see this boy in Milan’s jersey.

  6. Well this was fast, I like it! Di Marzio is also reporting it, then you know it’s not just some half-assing rumour and report.
    Hope he’ll come good. Perhaps six months learning period with the team will be good for him, just like Thiago Silva and – I think – Pato, who both came in January and couldn’t play due to various reasons – if I’m not mistaken, if only my memory was like this when it came to exams lmao.
    Exciting times ahead. Do you guys think that the 35 million on him are the 35 million that is needed to buy out Bakayoko? I don’t want to rule him out just yet, but it feels a bit like it. Would be great to have Paqueta alternating with Bona and Barella alternating with Kessié, if I may think and dream out loud for a moment. Ibra in January and Chiesa in the future for the wing position, although he needs to cut out his diving and wining.

    • I think so. Bakayoko is not what I would refer to as a disaster but given the terms of his loan agreement (35m) I think it would be a safe bet to say that Milan has chosen to spend that money on Paquetá instead. Only guessing here.

      I like Bakayoko from a personal level and I want the best for him but I can’t see him adding the quality Milan need to be a game changer. Remember,Milan want to return to the UCL to generate revenue and make a profit so they have invest in quality.

      We need a competitive squad, that means the quality of the players coming in must improve the bench like Reina, Laxalt and Castillejo has done so far.

      I also heard thru the rumor mill that the asking price for Barella has turned Milan off from pursuing him.

  7. .He is a good addition. One thing I like about him is his willingness to move the ball forward at all times irrespective of the opposition faced. Just a reminder to those bashing Li. Let’s not forget that conti, Rodriguez, musacchio, kesie, biglia(permorming excellently recently), hakan, even the now favourite Andre Silva were all bought by Li. So plz let’s just stop bashing the guy. I don’t know what really happened but deep down am grateful to him for the additions he made. My submission

    • Agreed, although it was Fassone and Mirabelli who pulled off the signings, Li was always an enigma.
      They failed with some and could’ve done better, for example spend the Kalinic/Silva money on Auba insted, but they succeeded with most their signings tbh, even though some needed that first season to adjust – RR and Biglia, and Kessié is constantly improving – Im excited to see what Conti can do, you cant really say if he’s been a hit or miss at this point:)

      • I don’t know how can you possibly say Conti is not a miss mate? You could argue it’s not their fault, but he is the mother of all misses at this point

    • Ya bought by Li who gambled everything including the club itself on reaching the champions league
      The only thing I’ll thank him for is fucking off

  8. Leonardo is off to a good start. This probably means we will return Bakayoko to Chelsea and no more talk of Fabregas who in my opinion is past his best.

    Mr Leonardo, let’s work on a 6month loan deal for Ibra then we can get Piatek next summer. Thank you sir! You’re doing a great job as usual.

  9. Well it’s a good sign that management works fast; and they got a decent deal in terms of salary it seems. Hope he can live upto his hype

  10. I’m excited seeing Milan already do business in mid October to make sure they lock on to their pursuits. A really strong message of intent from Elliott

    If Ibra can come on January than I think Milan is good to go with 442

  11. Interesting how 3 of 4 signings are left footed(if they finalize this).
    Great addition, but still think we need a backup Biglia in midfield.

  12. The next signing come January for the midfield should be Leandro Peredes. He can play all 3 positions in the midfield and a perfect sub for Biglia plus he is cheaper than Barella and more matured a footballer. I think the 35million for Bakayoko should be spent on Peredes Cus he gives better options in midfield…

  13. Just one sentence about this deal and no more explaining is needed: When you steal a player from just under Barca’s and PSG’s noses, it definitely means something.
    Now regarding other possibilities, I think we need to decide on a formation and get the right players. If it’s 433 then we will need wingers but if it’s something like 4231 we are going to need more midfielders. I personally hope it’s not 433 though.

  14. I actually believed that 4-2-3-1 is the best formation for us too. I was thinking about Baka-Kessie partnership in the center. but in last few games I understand that none of them can play in that role. kessie is attacking minded. he likes to run with ball and actually he is one of the few players in our squad who can do that. Baka is also always nervous. not a good quality for defensive midfielder. I think the 4-3-3 is good for now but I guess we need someone to replace Biglia with. If Carleto was our coach, He probably would have used Hakan in that position. with him playing at the center of our 3 man mid, we can use fast wingers instead of him. just an Idea that probably Rino would never try.

    • I completely agree. Hakan has good diatribution and an eye for a through ball. His to slow for a break so he can’t sit upfront but would be perfect to sit in the middle and really dictate the game.

  15. So now everyone is convinced that he’s the new Kaka and Bakayoko is the new Essien (Milan era). Reminder – Bakayoko was a superstar in a much tougher league than the Brazilian one (not to mention champions league).

    Have patience everyone, and stop being like kids on a suger rush. This is a gamble for us, no matter how you spin it – established squads e.g. psg and Liverpool can take such gambles with a lesser extent of risk. We, on other hand, are far from being complete.

    Be patient. For me personally I was only sure about 3 transfers in the last two years – RicRod (considering who he was replacing), Bonnuci, and Higuain. And even Bonnuci left some question marks.

    • Baka is under performing for nearly one year and half. it’s not like it’s just a few games & I think Leonardo and Rino has the same Idea. otherwise why they signed another attacking midfielder when we needed a defensive one? I think the money we paid for this player, is the money of Baka deal that certainly we will not trigger.

    • He is not the new Kaka ! Kaka was fast, capable of scoring, of playing second striker, he was used to make fast runs beetween the defenders; Paqueta is not so fast, is not a scorer, he is a kind of playmaker, the kind of player who knows how to defend, he is no way similar to Kaka, Dinho and others, but he is very good at midfield

    • Well, Bakayoko didn’t get much chances at Chelsea so I don’t know; I still wouldn’t write him off so quickly. I know he got bashed after his performance against Olympiacos, but in all honesty I saw a lot of positives in his game. He’s very far from being world class at this point.

      • He played in most of the games (29 in league) based on wiki but ok. I hope he get to his best form. why not!

  16. So, I’ve seen some videos with Paqueta and he seems to be a trequartista, able to help the defence, with a great phisicity, but not so fast, he is not similar at all to Kaka, he is something beetween Rui Costa, Oscar and Diego. He can be tactically disciplined and is someone Gattuso will like a lot ! In our 4-3-3 he will be something like Jack, I don’t know if Bakayoko will remain the vice Kessie or Leo will find another vice Kessie. It sounds good anyway !

  17. I would love to see him in kind of a Seedorf role as attacking left mezzala in 442 diamond considering Milan would bring in Ibra in January

    Calabria Roma Musa RR
    Kessie Biglia Paqueta
    Higuain Ibra

    Jack rotating with Paqueta and Castillejo with Hakan

  18. Offtopic:

    Italy NT has worst run since 1958-59 considering clean sheets as they failed to keep it clean for eight consecutive matches. Guess who’s standing between the sticks. Consider also Milan’s record of clean sheets as they have worst ratio between Serie A teams this season

    • Italian NT are terrible in every department, and I’ll remind you who stood at goal during most of the WC qualifying rounds – everyone’s hero Buffon. When I wrote a year and a half agonthat the saint is already better than Buffon people bashed me; compare the two now.

      Like it or not, we have the best Italian GK, and the best GK in seria a. He already handed us 4 points with his one-on-one saves.

  19. Cant really say that im impressed by Paqueta from what i have seen from highlights he seems like a onefooted Bonaventura in my opinion we dont need him but atleist we are buying talents from Brazil again maybe Milan can sell him for profit in the future

  20. It’s simple, Paqueta is a box to box naturally not a CAM, he’s pretty much the cheaper business version of Savic from Lazio, bonaventura understudy and eventual replacement.



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