Team news: Milan were without Alessandro Plizzari, Mattia Caldara, Andrea Conti, Ivan Strinić, Riccardo Montolivo and Alessio Romagnoli, who was originally in the squad but was out of the game due to a slight injury that the Rossoneri doctors don’t want to risk. Chievo had to do without Fabrizio Cacciatore, Nenad Tomović, Joel Obi, Emanuele Giaccherini and Filip Đorđević. Kickoff time of Matchday 8 in Serie A was 15:00 CEST / Italian time at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Higuaín (27′, 34′), Bonaventura (55′), Pellissier (63′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Mateo Musacchio, Cristian Zapata, Ricardo Rodríguez (87′ Diego Laxalt); Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura (75′ Patrick Cutrone); Suso (90′ Samu Castillejo), Gonzalo Higuaín, Hakan Çalhanoğlu.
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Calabria, Mauri, Borini, Bakayoko, Bertolacci, Simić, Halilović.

A.C. Chievo Verona (4-3-1-2) – Lorenzo D’Anna
Stefano Sorrentino; Fabio Depaoli, Luca Rossettini, Mattia Bani, Federico Barba; Nicola Rigoni (69′ Sofian Kiyine), Ivan Radovanović, Valter Birsa; Mehdi Léris (78′ Paweł Jaroszyński); Sergio Pellissier (67′ Manuel Pucciarelli), Mariusz Stępiński.
Unused: Semper, Seculin, Tanasijevic, Cesar, Burruchaga, Grubac, Vignato, Hetemaj, Meggiorini.

Referee: Gianpaolo Calvarese.


  1. Good call to let Romag rest, no need to risk him, and hope he will stay with us and not go on international duty so he can fully recover in piece. Otherwise a nice formation, Zap-Musa always looked good last season when they played together so hope they’ll keep it up. Come on boys, let’s get three in a row! Forza Milan!

  2. Ohh Injuries. Just when we’ve started winning. Hope the players play a good game and grab 3points. Let’s go Milanoo

  3. Lets finish strong before that ultra pathetic uefa nations league starts again eating space and time of real common sense football. I know for sure that even 4-3-3 can get the job done vs last placed team of serie a (even though some really funny milanista claimed serie a is way better than la liga)

    • I’d say that Serie A as a whole is better than La Liga, but La Liga’s top six is better than Serie A’s top six – barring Juventus.
      If you base teams on playing attractive football, then La Liga is better, but I doubt that newly promoted Huesca – dont know the otehr promoted teams – would outplay Empoli, as an example, or break them down with ease. What I think that a lot of people meant to say is that La Liga is an easier league to score goals for fun in – which it is, and you can’t argue against that, whether La Liga is better or worse than Serie A.

      • Well, i did say that la liga’s more open, attacking and technical thus makes it easier for silva to score. But serie a on different level? Way better than la liga? NOPE hard. In fact, i think valencia or villarreal can beat 6th – 20th placed teams of serie a. Besides, like i said, good st like vieri, ronaldo, zamorano and even milan’s very own pipita had no problems scoring on both league. I think silva could still be goalscoring machine in serie a given enough opportunities

        • I never said way better, just said that as a whole they’re better. Sure Valencia or Villareal can do it, but it wont be as easy as against the 6th-20th placed teams in La Liga, or at least by the same margin:)

          • Lol Serie A is defensive, slower and all. Makes it difficult to score. Ronaldo’s struggled. that’s enough proof.

          • I never said u said serie a’s way better but someone certainly did. I argued with him about silva.
            Look up where valencia and villarreal in the table mate, theyre in worse positions than milan but i really doubt milan could win comprehensively like they just did today vs those 2. Also, chievo is horrible. I dont think there is any club in la liga, epl and bundesliga which play as bad as them.

  4. Hi Zapata, Pls stay woke for 96min.

    Too bad Romagnoli picked an injury in training, i hope this is to make him heal for Inter and prevent him from playing for Italy because these silly Nations League games are costly.

    Why didn’t Mancini call Politano who is injury free but out Cutrone who is still struggling? I guess he wants to weaken us before the derby since he’s Interisti. Milan should do something about it.

  5. We have started brilliantly! We’ll done suso and higuain what a finisher! Once again biglia is playing amazing and calhanoglu working his socks off. Keep going!

  6. Donnarumma is always making things difficult for our back 4. I honestly wish Gattuso would have the courage to bench him and start Reina. Sigh

  7. What an incredible pass by suso! Higuain 100%finisher. We are hopefully turning a corner that was brilliant

  8. Higuaine and Suso balling, Biglia looks like a class and Hakan doesn’t have the side vision like Suso, he needs to play in the middle.

  9. Ok it’s only Chievo but so is our team at the beginning stage of consolidating a good strong team but the way we play and who we have in the team I really think we have a solid foundation. I just hope they get better and better game after game and then with 1-2 upgrades each mercatto I think we will be up there challenging for silverware. Forza Milan!!

  10. the sitting back problem after scoring goals is still persistent. I think losing intensity is the main problem of Rino’s Milan. Strange enough he was the exact opposite if this in his playing days.

  11. finally we get to capitalize from an opponents mistake, and not being the ones who makes them… really smart play from Suso, and Higgy is proving to be the goalscorer we’ve lacked since Ibra, just lovely! It feels like it was ages ago that we scored a goal where our striker was 1 v 1 with their keeper. Hope he gets his hat trick! On a negative note, Bona has to improve his finishing, it’s the second time this season he misses an absolute sitter, I think the last time was either versus Empoli or Cagliari, think it was Cagliari, and if Chievo scored at the end it would be game n again. We have to maintain our focus, still a problem… other than that, a very good first half tbh, let’s see how we’ll look in the second, keep it up boys!

    • Yes yes and yes. As much as I love cutrone, higuain is exactly what we needed and what we missed last season. He only needs half a chance that’s what I love about him. Biglia has been great today too he is constantly running making those crunching tackles and spreading the play beautifully. Let’s have a better second half and get our first clean sheet!

      • definitely, cutrone couldnt do it himself! if only we had more players of higuains calibre on other positions too…:)
        Biglia has been amazing so far, hope he’ll keep this up, just waiting for him to turn up against bigger teams too!

        • yeah you’re right. we tend to have a prejudice against aged players but they’re the most consistent. Milan is young and we need a few leaders.

  12. This middle table club mentality of score and sit back has to stop and it is the reason why Milan can’t keep clean sheets and couldn’t finish some games off.

    We were pressing up front with Higuain and Kessie and Chievo couldn’t come out of their half which afforded us a lots of possession. Why always tell them to stop and sit back in our half when we score is just something very strange.

    • Do you think it’s a “strategy” from Rino? That he tells them to sit back, I think it’s more the mentality of the players. The more they score and show themselves being capable of scoring the more comfortable they’ll be to keep pushing on, considering that we’ve lost so many leads so far this season is definitely in the back of the players heads so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the players themslves that switch off…either way, it’s still Rino’s job to instill confidence and belief into the players heads!

      • Spot on!!! Tried to say this so many times. No where has it been said that this was the play and Rino has always accused the players of being unable to close the game with goals.

        It’s a mentality problem. But they will outgrow it with more wind.

  13. Chievo is the worst team ive seen this season. No zonal marking, no pressing, no attacking plan whatsoever. They really deserve last place.
    Milan performed solidly, except for hakan who kept backpassing like i said he would. I like abate’s overlapping even though messuso’s too tactically naive to notice. I also like this milan “wall” between chievo’s attack and mf that isolated their st, neutralizing their attack before it began. Reminds me of hiddink’s tactic in euro ‘08 when his russia met holland.
    Lets finish strong and approach conte during int’l break

  14. Look at Hakan oj that left side. We might as well play Borini there. He is useless.
    Props to Jack, Suso and Pipita, without any doubt our 3 most dangerous players.

  15. another mistake…class goal from Pellisier though. Incredible that we lead 3-1 against Chievo, but still have fears of collapsing another lead…hope for another goal from us now. Minimum, lol.

    • Naw man can’t blame that on Zapata that was all Kessié sleeping when Zapata passed the ball to him. I don’t like Zapata either but come on cut him some slack. It’s easy for you guys to throw the blame at the easiest scapegoat which is always Zapata but it’s unfair to him fr.

    • yo tbh Kessié gets so lazy and drags the team in the later game. That’s how we conceded vs Atalanta.

  16. Care about the stuation of Romagnoli, we don’t have enough good CBs for next match. Zapata was continue inconsistent, hic

  17. important win nonetheless, hope Suso is allright after twisting his leg like that!! Happy for his assists,happy for Higuains goals, and Jacks goal in his 150th appearance:) Hope our players, both those who stay at Milanello and those that are called up for international duty will have a great time and injury free… can’t believe we’re facing Inter after the international break, keeping in mind our record after international duties…
    anyways, nice win, important to take this with us into the break!
    Forza Milan!

  18. Well, that was a competent win. Chievo offered no resistance whatsoever but still a win is a win. Everyone except for pipita, biglia, kessie and maybe suso deserve solid 6/10.
    Pipita was clearly man of the match. I really like his deadly finishing, link up play (hello kalinimovic) and especially his hustling. He didnt let any simple mistake, bad finishing bad decision from referee went unnoticed. His gestures and expression showed hunger and ambition and i really like it. Solid 7/10
    Suso was his usual self, skillful but sometimes went m.i.a. Nice link up with and assist for pipita. Those 2 have potential to be deadly combo up front, with hakan just behind them.
    Hakan, like i said, was useless as lw. I felt sorry for him when referee disallowed his goal. Even more so when he tried to receive the ball in the middle but no one passed it to him.
    Kessie was garbage, not just for his blunder but he also offered close to nothing to milan attack and defense. There was even around 5 -10 mins period when he was on the right flank, in front of suso like he’s reincarnation of figo. Wtf was that? Lazy performance. 5/10.
    Abate did fairly well defending and his overlaps were much better than calabria’s but i think sending proper crosses physically hurt him like kryptonite to superman.
    I really like the defensive wall built between chievo mf and attack. That really neutralized their attack effectively. Even though chievo played like garbage, certainly worst ive seen this season, and their attack wouldve been neutralized no matter what, its still nice to see that rino could come up with something like that. Reminds me of hiddink in euro ‘08 when his russia really neutralized holland. I’d like to see it implemented vs inter.
    Lastly, antonio conte anyone?

    • Nice comment mate. Forgot to mention that Bonal10inho was taken off to soon again and Hakan was left( no pun intended ) to play too much. Still as you say win is a win and I accept any kind of win aginst Inter, if it comes..

      • I’d say that it was because Bona had a decent game, we were in control of the game – compared to the Atalanta game – while Hakan was poor, if he was subbed it would ruin his confidence even more considering his performance. My guess is that that’s why he kept Hakan on. And people saying that Hakan can’t play on the left… I mean… we played 4-3-3 last season and he’s sitll playing in the exact same position as he did last season in which he was great. If he’ll play better behind the strikers is another story, but to say that he cant play on the left is completely wrong, ebcause as I mentioned, he performed more than well there last season.

        • Er, he wasnt exactly great last season the way sane or even perisic were great. He just did better than his early season’s performances. He cant dribble, is not fast and his finishing is avg at best thus all he has are crossing and backpassing, exactly all he did in this match. Hell, he even tried to start the attack from the middle, poor hakan. He deserves better coach

          • He was good enough to make us Hakan dependent, we didnt win a single game that he didnt start. He can dribble – not the way Suso does – but lacks pace as you said. He was definitely great tbh, not only in comparison to his early season form, always proved to be a nuisance for his opponents. Just my opinion. It always depends on who you compare with, if you compare him to natural wingers, or with past Milan greats he’ll always come short. So i just have base his game on him alone, and he can do much better than he has so far this season – even as a winger:)

          • “if you compare him to natural wingers, or with past Milan greats he’ll always come short” precisely. If by good mean good according to last year’s milan standard then u might be right but as a pure winger, nope. He even didnt play so well at leverkusen after kampl’s arrival which forced him to play out wide. Hell, even dinho the wizard lost his effectiveness after he lost his speed, explosiveness and agility in his latter days at barca due to his lifestyle. My point is, it takes certain traits and skills for a player to become winger and if even dinho himself couldnt play as good as we was during his ballon d’or winning days after he becAme slow then how could hakan do so much better? Didnti write that even rivaldo the great had a rift with van gaal because he, a natural #10 like hakan, didnt like to play as lw, limiting his potentials?

          • @milan10, i definitely hear what you’re saying, I would personally prefer a natural winger like Draxler or someone in that calibre playing on the left, but currently, Hakan is the best we’ve got – unless Castillejo comes into some incredible run of form, at least he’s a natural winger – I just dont like people saying Hakan can’t play as a winger, because that’s not true as he was very good for us there last season. Agree but Dinho still had his trickery, I cant comment on Rivaldo as I was just a kid then haha, but I started to think about Cassano during his Samp/Milan days, he was always in the front two on paper, but on the field he always drifted out wide as a winger, and then cut inside and threaded through his great passes. I know Cassano is a bit different as he ws kind of a phenomenon when he was on top, but he was definitely not speedy during his Samp and Milan days that’s for sure, and that’s my point, that speed isn’t always necessary, it’s about how you use your abilities.

          • Yeah i get what ur saying mate. To me the solution to this is fairly simple, change formation to 4-3-1-2 so hakan AND suso can play to their max potentials in their preferred positions. Suso can be like robben or camoranesi or even del piero; a wide attacker who mostly operates on the flank. Hakan can play in his preferred role as playmaker who pulls the strings from the middle of the field.
            Speaking of cassano, i used to mention him, henry and del piero as examples of ss who can drift out wide when i made argument regarding suso as ss. Suso can learn so much about creativity by studying cassano’s clips. Good call mate

      • Well mate, for us it was cr7esque long distance shot. For bonad10nho, it was just low pass practice hence he didnt celebrate. Thats how good king bonad10nho is. It was a classic hamlet come back; missing a sitter and then paying back in full by accurate long distance shot *wink
        Speaking of bonad10nho, i really miss bona’s biggest fan: the “bad” sheva. He’s annoying but god knows he’s also damn entertaining haha.
        I really hate this int’l joke league because it ruins winning momentum of milan. I believe milan could win vs that snake club if it was held today or next week, especially right after ucl in midweek.

        • Word, Hakan played more than descent in left wing last season. I wldnt blame it on position, every player can have dry spells and like Gattuso said he did great vs Roma but he is going through a divorce js. My thought is, down the line we’ll buy a pacy left wing, and incorporate Hakan more to the mid, but not at the moment.

  19. This was our best game so far and not just because of the efficiency in front of goal, we also closed down Chievo good and control the game more, unlike in previous games where we would make a scoring chance and then our opponents will make a scoring chance, just exchanging blows with them and in that type of games a little bit of luck can give you 3 points but also make you lose points. This time it was different Chievo had only one shot on goal and 35% ball posesion, and that one shot was from a mistake that we made.

  20. Sometimes i really dont get how football minds work. Here a club like to appoint rookie coaches again and again despite same disgraceful results and sell their most potential youngsters. There in spanish capital a club just sent away their best player, 5 time ballon d’or winner, AND a coach who just won them ucl back to back. Why? Wasnt it obvious that what they did was dead mistake?

  21. 1. Milan always play better with 2 strikers.
    2. I miss Silva because he would do so much better than Higuain and Cutrone.
    3. Gatusso is only grinta, and no tactics.
    4. Suso is selfish and should play in the center.
    5. Donna was at fault with the goal, as is always the case.

  22. Kessie and hakan are purely overrated
    Castillego and laxalt are purely underrated

    Cala caldara romagnoli rickrod
    Hakan biglia bona
    Suso higuain castillego

    We are too sloppy with the ball, that why we always loose points against organised team , we need the midfield to be mobile and the wings to have speed, and the defence strong and this formation is the closest we have now

    Get rabiot and milinkoveic foe the mids, then get a blistering winger like depay or chiesa

    We may have won two at a row but I still believe this team is not yet balanced

    • I see your point, Kessié might not be as tactical but he’s sturdy. Hakan is not having a good month. I agree Laxalt was a good purchase he got good pace. Castillejo tho we spent some on him and left isn’t his natural position. I wld welcome rabiot and a fast left winger.

  23. I’ve noticed that whenever we win comments are kept to a minimum but when we lose there’s always the gloom and doom “fans” coming to give their encouraging analysis by the hundreds. If I didn’t know better I would think that they are actually haters but I know better.



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