Suso: “We don’t have the mentality of a great team, Gattuso isn’t responsible and these things are down to us”

Suso during Milan-Atalanta at Stadio San Siro on September 23, 2018. (
Suso during Milan-Atalanta at Stadio San Siro on September 23, 2018. (

Suso believes Milan can still make it to the Champions League and that ‘you can always improve and do more’.

The Rossoneri have only picked up 3 points from their last three games, drawing Cagliari, Atalanta and Empoli. They twice threw away a first-half lead to eventually lose points and the gap from fourth place is already opening.

“Gattuso says Milan are missing the mentality of a great team? I agree with the coach, we have the play of a great team and everything else, but we don’t have the mentality,” Suso told Sky Italia.

“”Like when we have to manage a lead or need to be closer on the pitch, it’s a matter of time & luck. It’s true we’re a young team we need to grow as quickly as possible. Gattuso isn’t responsible though, these things are down to us. We need to be more attentive and concentrated, without being afraid.

“My performances? You can always improve and do more. The dressing room is very close and is made by many good guys. I feel like I’ve been here for 15 years and this makes Milan a family for me. I have been awarded for the 100 appearances with this shirt and I’m very happy. It’s a pride to have worn this shirt all these times, it’s the dream of when I was a child.

Suso at the end of Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on September 16, 2018. (
Suso at the end of Cagliari-Milan at Sardegna Arena on September 16, 2018. (

“Getting to the Champions League? We can still do it, but we can’t drop these points along the way. When you play Juventus, Inter and Roma then you can draw too, but we have to win against the smaller teams. The change Gattuso brought? I felt good with Montella, he gave me a confidence. But now a team has been and the group has been compacted, and it was a complicated job.

“Who are our ‘Champions’? We have two: Higuain and Reina, who brought another kind of mentality.”

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“Who are our ‘Champions’? We have two: Higuain and Reina, one of whom our coach leaves twiddling his thumbs on the bench while Donnarumma messes up week after week.”


As long as the players are behind Rino and believe in him, things can still be turned around. Hope it will – starting tomorrow, even though it will prove difficult… Based on how things have been going so far this season, even if we score and take the lead I wont be able to celebrate until we hold on to the final whistle. Unless it’s like 3-0 and in the 85th minute or so…


I hope but don’t believe bro… even if we win tommorrow we will have to go against “stronger” teams eventually and that will turn ugly for us.
I think Sassuolo has a good squad but they are nowhere near us regarding quality of players so fact that we are talking about hard win or a draw shows how Gattuso is doing hid part of the job.
Don’t know mate… still gonna pray for that win


I know what you mean man… that’s based on form alone though… let’s keep the faith and hope for the best though mate!:)


Honestly, I don’t expect them to say anything different in the media. I can tell by their body language on the pitch that they are some concerns about their belief in the system they are playing. Too often Higuain, Calhanoglu, Bonaventura and Suso looked like they are frustrated with their teammates positioning and movement. To put it nicely, Gattuso is not using the squad the right way that will allow them to play to their full potential. That simply means the team needs a formation change and personnel change. 433 is not working and what has Gattuso really change since… Read more »


I don’t think that Gattuso is the right fit to lead Milan to Champions League. He has almost none prior coaching experience and he’s more of motivator than tactical coach. We see that week in week out…his 4-3-3 stubbornness is laughable, his substitutions are always late & what I fear most is that Gattuso has obvious coaching limitations that he will never fix. Problem with Borini is that coaches like players who trains hard and give everything on the field. Another thing is that Suso virtually does nothing in defense. Calhanoglu is also very dubious in that department and Castillejo… Read more »

Adeb Jogzie

These players are not serious.. obviously they just want to get paid. There are a lot of dead weight in that team – Borini, Bertolacci, Montolivo, Bakayoko, Biglia among others.. a lot of these players need to leave Milan. These players just want to kick the ball around and do nothing else… There is no added value in these players. I remember when Juventus sold most of their players and brought in Conte, Pogba, Pirlo, Vucinic, Matri, Vidal among others.. that year they won the scudetto…. That’s the foundation upon which Allegri is building in now… Conte went ahead set… Read more »


With all due respet, rino does not have what it takes to propell milan


His style of play is not impressive at all, I wonder if some of the guyz on the pitch knows the importance of the Milan jersey


Need a champion in the defense. This team got nobody there. Struggling with young prospect in every match. We got leader upfront (higuain) but at the back we got nobody. Reina could solve it. But the coach seem adamant that donna is way better than him.
And tbh i think romagnoli graduate to soon. He is yet matured but then given the armband In a big club with so much pressure. i don’t think he is ready to lead the team. Not to mention musachio doesn’t help much as his partner cb.