Romagnoli: “I take full responsibility and I apologize to the Milan fans and to everyone, the team is with Gattuso”

Alessio Romagnoli during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Alessio Romagnoli during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Alessio Romagnoli knows that without his crucial mistake the game against Empoli could’ve ended differently: ‘I am disappointed and angry’.

Milan’s awful start to the season continued last night as they only got a 1-1 draw against Empoli away from home.

It’s the third in a row Milan draw and after 5 games, they only have 6 points, a single win (which arrived in the last second of the game) and zero clean sheets.

“I’m disappointed and angry at myself,” center back Romagnoli, who made the decisive mistake at the back in the 71′ minute to give Empoli a penalty (scored by Francesco Caputo), told Sky Italia at the end of the game. “I take responsibility, it shouldn’t happen and without my error it would’ve ended differently. I apologize to the Milan fans and to everyone. We’ll bounce back.

“We could’ve finished off the game earlier because in Serie A you pay for mistakes. Without my mistake it would’ve been a different game. Now we have to think about winning against Sassuolo. We’re lacking a bit of malice up front and in defense. It was important not to concede and we didn’t succeed. However, the road is the right one, we must continue to work and the results will come.”

Alessio Romagnoli during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Alessio Romagnoli during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Speaking to MilanTV, Alessio said: “We played a good game creating lots of chances. If I hadn’t made that mistake we probably would have won the game. It was my mistake that gave them the opportunity to equalize, I take full responsibility for this. If it’s fear that leads to mistakes? I don’t think the team is afraid. We had lots of chances to win the game.

“What we said in the dressing room? We already all know that we must win. What do we must do against Sassuolo? We must continue to play our game and continue to create scoring opportunities but we need to work hard to prevent these mistakes from happening again. We’ve to stick together.”

Francesco Caputo scoring a penalty during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Francesco Caputo scoring a penalty during Empoli-Milan at Stadio Carlo Castellani on September 27, 2018. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

In the mixed-zone, he stated: “I received the ball badly, I cleared it badly and I hit Levan Mchedlidze, then the penalty came. Gattuso didn’t say anything to me, I know that I was wrong. We had to close the game sooner, we need to continue working and think about immediately winning vs. Sassuolo.

“If we’re Higuain-dependent? We are dependent on everyone, on those who attack and those who defend. We must remain compact and work together. You get out of this period by working and imposing our game, trying to make as little mistakes as possible.

“We were very much in the game and then my mistake came. It remains a good game but the result is what counts unfortunately. We must learn from our mistakes and continue, the team is with Gattuso.”

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Shites happen Romag, you remain loved as always.


We move on Romag, but i dnt think we can beat sassuolo to be honest with our style of fearful approach..playing defensive after scoring. Gatusso is still a school boy when it comes to coaching.


It’s all good Capitano. It’s really Borini’s fault.


are u serious ,then u lack sight borini has nothing to do with our failure,did u watch the match,be sincere and fair in ur judgement ,


Relax man. I was just making fun of the situation because Borini was useless yesterday.


Yeah I sure got the joke and got a good laugh.


Romag’s blunder was so unfortunate and ironic bcause he was playing so well reading the game, intercepting and passing the ball up until that point. Had the score stayed 0-1 for milan until final whistle he wouldve been my pick for man of the match. No its not fear that leads to mistakes romag. If anything, ur too confident with all those low passes in penalty box. Minutes before that blunder donna almost made one as well when he unwittingly passed the ball to u when ur surrounded by empoli st, luckily u calmly covered the ball and dribbled around… Read more »

Baresis Dream

4 points in 5 matches caused by two of your serious mistakes; apologies on the field please.

I think it was a bad idea to give him the captain armband.


Maybe in the past someone at his level would not be Milan captain..but today he is arguably the best for that role..

Baresis Dream

How about Jack?


At least romag didnt put the ball IN the net like donna did multiple times last season. Register this:
– andry silva puts the ball in the net: good
– donna puts the ball in his own net: bad


The “blunder” against Cagliari is on Donna as well, not Romag alone so its tough to blame him for that.
He was amazing before that blunder, I hope he will bounce back and show great mental strength.
hate to say it, but Bonucci showed last season that only those who are strong mentally can wear the armband, as he showed plenty of it to recover from his incredibly bad poor six months. Hope Romag will prove and show his mental strength as well.

Baresis Dream

Milanista121, I know you watch our games carefully, so please consider – How is our defensive line this season? How many clean sheets? Was it Donna’s fault that he was put in 1-on-1 chances in the first half prior to Empoli’s goal? And I disagree, against Cagliari Donna was left alone in front of their striker because Romag was dreaming. To Romag’s defense he’s been partnered up this season with unimpressive Musa, which along with Calabria form a very weak defensive line. The proof is in the pudding. Gatusso can and should do more, but the 6 points we lost… Read more »


We dont really allow our opponents a lot of chances to score though tbh, but when they get through it’s dangerous. Agree that Musa hasn’t been impressive though, but you have to admit that Donna should’ve done better on the goal he conceded, he did a wonder save before, but to let the ball slip through him like that is on him even if it was a 1 v 1. that shot had no power, and it was a blunder from him

Baresis Dream

I need to see that goal again mate, you might be right. Watching live it looked like a well aimed shot to the corner. But you might be right


that could happen with anybody, but as long as im concerned Gatusso is still a school boy wen it comes to coaching, tis not all about shouting on the line, its beginning to look like his reign last season was a fluke…each matches the players begin to switch off towards the end of the match yet he cannot fix it…why is it so?


No worries Ale, we all love you. If anyone has performed well enough to be forgiven for the one-off mistakes, it’s definitely you. Hope you’ll bounce back. Perhaps by scoring the winner v Sassuolo!


If u watched the match or looked at the reply this was not his fault. Biliga played a back pass to him when he was under no pressure thus putting romag under pressure. As the so called play maker of the team Biliga should have calmly played the ball forward or on the wings but instead in true poor fashion he made a costly error.

Coach Seedorf

You guys are really funny and exhibiting double standards here. Matchday 1 Musacchio made a mistake against Napoli and many were calling for his head and that it was time to start Caldara and Roma. Now Romagnoli makes a worse mistake vs lowly Empoli and he is easily forgiven, its not time to start Mussacchio and Caldara in defence. weldon guys


Roma has earned the room for a mistake or two. Even Chiellini, or hell even Bonucci makes them, whether he’s at Juve or Milan.
Musa hasn’t earned the trust of the fans the way Romag has, so it’s not really double standards. If anyone is “allowed” to make a rare mistake then it’s definitely Roma, because it is indeed a rare one.


rare mistake indeed, himself and calabria are always not in their position whenever we concede goals, rare indeed,watch virtually all our games