Team news: Empoli were without the suspended Miha Zajc as well as without Lorenzo Polvani, Luca Antonelli, Manuel Pasqual Afriyie Acquah and Alejandro Rodríguez. Milan had to do without Alessandro Plizzari, Mattia Caldara, Andrea Conti, Ivan Strinić, Riccardo Montolivo and Gonzalo Higuaín. Kickoff time for Matchday 6 of Serie A was 21:00 CEST at Stadio Carlo Castellani.

Goals: Capezzi (10′, own goal), Caputo (71′, pk)

Empoli F.C. (4-3-1-2) – Aurelio Andreazzoli
Pietro Terracciano; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Matías Silvestre, Domenico Maietta, Freddie Veseli; Ismaël Bennacer, Leonardo Capezzi (75′ Jacob Rasmussen), Rade Krunić; Hamed Traorè (80′ Matteo Brighi); Francesco Caputo, Antonino La Gumina (64′ Levan Mchedlidze).
Unused: Provedel, Fulignati, Untersee, Marcjanik, Lollo, Ucan, Mraz, Jakupović.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Diego Laxalt; Franck Kessié (78′ Tiémoué Bakayoko), Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso, Fabio Borini (73′ Patrick Cutrone), Hakan Çalhanoğlu (73′ Samu Castillejo).
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Ricardo Rodríguez, Abate, Zapata, Calabria, Mauri, Bertolacci, Halilović.

Referee: Michael Fabbri.

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Calm down

Well it will be difficult to back him now. You score 1 goal against Empoli, you sat back. Mistakes are done through pressure. We would’ve been fine conceding a goal had we scored 2. If Gattuso can’t stop being afraid after going and a goal up and instead attack all game then he won’t be my man.


U would think we would of learned by now That past legends with very little coaching experience aren’t fit to coach Milan . U don’t see Steven Gerard coaching Liverpool , no Liverpool aren’t that stupid they get a successful experienced coach from Germany. We should have kept Andre Silva & or bacca because we have no strikers in the squad. He could have started today instead of borini, borini is total crap. We should have kept loca and not got the useless bAkayoko , we are getting worse every game and I can’t see us beating sasuolo.. a lose… Read more »


When we won Roma everyone here celebrating but I remembered I said there is nothing to celebrate because our team is very ordinary.
5 games, 1 lose, 1 win and 3 draws. lost we gave away 9 points. Match we could have won easily.
we getting worst the more every season from lazy and under performed players to bad coaching to lack of winning mentallty, over rated goalkeeper and immature captain, inexperienced coach amongst others. Management need to act accordingly if they really meant business. We’re tired

oluwa shevy

Milan Milan again how on earth did I include them in my slip 3rd time they are doing this depriving me from cashing in my own team I don’t know who to blame but I blame myself choosing them. I don’t have anyone to blame gattuso a good coach does not stand all through with anxiety.i don’t know what to say anymore just angry I wasted mytime on the match suso is just something else we need good dissapointed


Oh now I see… So it’s cause of this betting stuff you kept giving yourself false hopes…. Well, now you see the light…!

Milan Wins

Money well spent, huh?



Higuan is leaving next season. No quality players would want to join performers of such quality.

Milan Wins

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
With our ballz in the grinder;
We became Empoli’s stew

So many comments, so many analytical insights and postulations, and whatnot. To what end I ask? *sighs* when we all know that the simple answer is…

…GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mads Andersen

If Gattuso gets fired, the next coach will have to be Dr. Phil. I see no other way.

Milan Wins



His wife will be the assistant manager


That’s great man haha haha


Gattuso did not understand football and have nothing up tactically , all he does it to make the player train hard and when match comes they get too tired without and tactics approach .. He just have to leave now before Milan will finish 14th on the table .. We all know the kind of player he was in his day , its all bout grit he can’t read matches .. We need an experience coach who has footballing experience and coached on the highest level not an experimenting coach all in the name of legends.. Cuz i don’t see… Read more »


Coach Gatusso is milan’s current problem…


From day 1 , I don’t like the way they let Silver go on loan when no solid backup. This is a mistake on our part. Cagnaholu needs to sit and watch from the bench.He contributes nothing


Well some of us (me, Haso112, Pelle80 etc.) have been saying since day 1 that Gattuso can’t coach to save his life. Roughly six million thumbs down later and it looks like most people are starting to agree.

Milan Wins

6 million thumbs down from the “postulating humanoids and Kumbaya Grinta lovers,” minus one – yeah, now you know where the 9th like came from…

… Haha!

Jamal Abdulkarim mohamed

Gattuso has zero khowledge on how to manage a team he is not a coach to carry Ac milan forward we need proven coach to save our season before it is too late.


Calha should have been replaced earlier. Bona should be the captain instead of Romag. Gattuso needs more experienced


when we win vs roma, i dont like it because we show it our weakness… why??

why kessie and calabria moving until penalty area… two dumbs players and i consistent to tell them is dumb…

i told so many times, this team too many players want be MESSI and they dont want go back ro defense because they get tired when the games got 75 minutes…

and i told since this season begin, if gatttuso still use same formation and same players then we finished…


This is totally fuct
We are rubbish plain& simple
I Knew we would struggle to get the
Vital 3 points without higuain.
We have no strikers
Gattuso … I love the guy but sorry
He is not a coach
He has to go , we will go close to relegation otherwise


i told this many time… if gattuso still use old style and old players then we finished… we cant let biglia cover defense area by him self…

calabria and kessie please stop to act like messi to move until penalty area…


Calhanoglu is fukin crap I agree U wankers claiming he’s our playmaker, Bench him he’s useless And Suso wants to score more goals this yr Hahaha he can’t score, Romagnoli is overrated … Milan are fukin crap Laxalt has a nightmare I lost all hope watching that debacle in a must win v empoli Milan looking more a bottom 4 team than top 4. Something has to change Why the fuck do u send Silva out on loan, We’ve got no strikers 3 in the squad & I wouldn’t even say borini is a striker he’s just fukin useless like… Read more »


Simple solution… Gattuso should go back to his Primavera boys, they need him more now, after that 7-1 battering by Roma, his GRINTA is needed there… Leonardo and Maldini should man up and get us an experienced coach ASAP, they’d be making a big mistake waiting until the winter transfer window. I continue to hold on to hope that UEFA grants us that voluntary agreement now that we’re debt free, we sure need it to strengthen this team. Gattuso really messed things up, Borini will probably be striking again, against an in form Sassuolo this weekend, I hope Higuain is… Read more »


Milan are totally pathetic& painful
To watch
We would have drawn in Europa v Dudelange from Luxembourg if higuain didn’t play last week to
We are rubbish



Milan Wins


Another winner here. SCREAM it to the HEAVENS…

GRINTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(back to my meds).


Gattuso is so stupid and stubborn as a coach and now he’s talking a lot too, trying to cover up his stupidity with excuses. Why he let Locatelli go and get Bakayoko? Why he benches the exprienced Reina and play the naive Donnarumma? Why he let Silva go and keeps playing the mediocre Borini? Why he waits until the team losing to make the subs? Stupid Gattuso.


Silva and Locatelli went away, sh*t started to surface

Not because they would be irreplacable but the way management replaced them or even didn’t

Locatelli – regista out
Bakayoko – lumberjack in

Silva – talented scorer out
No one in


Silva has scored 6 goals for the first 6 games for Sevilla. AC needs someone like Ancelotti, not the stupid like Gattuso and Montella.


And he was also our top sxorer in last season EL. Of course Serie A is difficult for strikers but he never got proper chance and most important that led to his fail was, he was never shown faith or trust, neither by Montella nor Gattuso


Andre Silva can’t stop scoring haha
And we let him out on loan
Gattuso never gave him a chance

Milan Wins



I was very patient with Gattuso (Kalinic drove me nuts) but still I was patient & once Kalinic left and we got Higuain, I was very happy thinking Andre will also stay understanding how long and tough a season we have ahead, we haven’t even gone far into the season and Higuain and Cutrone are already breaking down.. How didn’t anyone see this coming? How, just how did Leonardo, Maldini and Gattuso not foresee this, enough with the BS ”It was Andre who wanted to leave bla bla bla” the cards were in our hands, not Sevilla’s, we needed him… Read more »


Who’s the leading scorer in La Liga
Oh yeah Andre Silva
The guy Milan didn’t want after paying
40 mil for him 1 year ago haha
And who did they replace him with ?
Oh yeah nobody haha fuckin hell

Ross Oneri

The coach trusts him and that gives him confidence. By the look of things and the way Sevilla is playing he might end up being one of the 3 top scorers in La Liga.

Milan Wins

With his confidence higher than the constellations, you can bet on that buddy!


oluwa shevy

gattuso comment will be epic honestly I feel for him he should just admit and step down is not a shame at all he is our legend and will always be respected anyday anytime he should leave the work for someone more competent and go and learn more about coaching.


Oh it’s you again… I see you’re back to reality, it had to slap you thrice in the face for you to wake up…. Having seen this same movie played before (Montella, Inzaghi) I wonder how some of us still thought we could see a DONKEY metamorphose into a HORSE… Impossible..!


Exactly bro i’ve been saying this for years now
You can’t expect a donkey to turn into a horse .

Oyeleke Naphtali

Won’t lie to you , I thought I would wake up this morning and see Gattuso sacked …. honestly , we are not going to make it to Europe ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

Keong keong

433 is not suitable for milan

Make suso n bona striker is better with borini.

Use 4312!

When pipita returns, pair him with suso or bona.

Stop 433 as suso n bona wouldnt excel as wingers


Oh and both Portugal NT and Sevilla play 2 striker formation where Silva flourishes.

Not that Milan should adjust formation to Silva preference but 433 just doesn’t work.

They don’t have good enough amd inconsistent wingers to play 433 and they are short of strikers to play 2 up front formation


Yeah I saw Maldini’s face of disgust,
He wishes he never got involved
With this train wreck now …haha
Wot A debacle … insult to injury was watching Andre Silva score a brace v Real Madrid
When we are left with only borini as a striker
Haha wot a bad joke

Hindo rogers

I could not believed that Milan loan Andre Silva a player with young age I think the problem is the inexperience gatuso why is the team still playing defensive football whenever they score a goal they have to keep attacking it is the best way to defend moreover the team keep carrying ball back whenever the opponents press them high knowing that the players are not good enough they are not skillful players gatuso should stop encouraging the team from retreating ever time a single stand in front of then as a professional player u can not dribbler a single… Read more »


4-3-1-2 ==== Calabria musachio/Caldar Romagnoli Laxalt/RR
Kessie Biglia Jack


Higuain Cutrone


Milan oh milan…i don’t know how to say. I am just disappointed.