Empoli-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

Fabio Borini, Mateo Musacchio, Giacomo Bonaventura and Tiémoué Bakayoko during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)
Fabio Borini, Mateo Musacchio, Giacomo Bonaventura and Tiémoué Bakayoko during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Empoli F.C. on Thursday evening when the clock points 21:00 CEST / Italy time at Stadio Carlo Castellani for the 6th matchday of the 2018/19 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad for this encounter.

Alessandro Plizzari, Mattia Caldara, Andrea Conti, Ivan Strinić, Riccardo Montolivo and Gonzalo Higuain (precaution) are out of the squad.

Probable XI (Sky): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Diego Laxalt; Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso, Fabio Borini, Hakan Çalhanoğlu.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateTiémoué BakayokoFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaDavide CalabriaAndrea BertolacciHakan Çalhanoğlu
Pepe ReinaDiego LaxaltLucas BigliaSamu Castillejo
Mateo MusacchioGiacomo BonaventuraPatrick Cutrone
Ricardo RodríguezFranck KessiéAlen Haliliović
Alessio RomagnoliJosè MauriSuso
Stefan Simić
Cristian Zapata
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Hope the coach and the players have been hard at work and will bring home the three points. I dont want to point fingers, especially at Higuain, because if the rest of the players were at his level then we would be in a different situation, BUT – dont you guys think he’s been a bit wasteful…? Granted, he’s scored three in three, but if you look at the games against Dudelange and Atalanta, he got some chances he should’ve buried. In the Atalanta game I think it was when he hit the post, Baka’s pass wasnt the best but… Read more »


Bro, it’s not Higuain you should be worried about, if Higuain gets 5 chances in front of goal, I am certain he’ll convert 3… What you should be worried about is, how does he get this supplies to get the chances. Higuain is a super lethal striker and his time at Juve has proven it beyond reasonable doubt and I can forgive him for missing a chance or two, saying he’s been wasteful is too much I think…


Yeah that might’ve been true at Napoli and Juve, but so far it isn’t the case with us, he didn’t convert three out of five against lowly Dudelange, for example, and that is actually the reason for worry and my point – he is in the shape of his life, but not in front of goal, and I hope this gets fixed ASAP. I do get your point that there are other problems, and you’re absolutely right, Romagnoli has for example not looked like himself this season, I hope it won’t be another case of a player ruined because of… Read more »


Not the armband is the problem of Romagnoli, let’s be serious, his problem is that Musacchio is not the same with Bonucci, at AC Milan Musacchio is an average central defender, he’s not so strong, he’s not tall, he’s not sure, he doesn’t keep the lines and all of that is affecting Romagnoli…this season we have a big problem with the defence, if Caldara doesn’t prove he is the right choice in january Leonardo will bring a central defender, mark my words !

Majd Ariss

We should just start with Reina


Higuain is dealing with a small physical problem and thus Gattuso has tested Cutrone in the starting lineup in training. [Sky]

Yes, I saw this coming and some day, it will be both Higuain and Cutrone not available and Borini will be the striker… What a joke, and some people still think Gattuso knows what he’s doing? Some fan hate Andre Silva so much, they’d rather have Borini striking, such losers….!


Every time I come on this site there’s people backing Gattuso “He needs time” and other bullshit The facts of the matter are simple, he’s not good enough and never will be but one thing is clear, it doesn’t look like these results aren’t being noticed given what Leonardo said about “Milan being in a hurry” to get back to champions league football so with that in mind I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s dismissed and by the way Roma are circling around Conte they had better act fast or he’ll be snapped up leaving us with nobody… Read more »


I mostly see a lot of negative things about Gattuso 🙂 I guess it depends on what you’re looking for…


I won’t talk for anyone else but I’m looking for champions league football and a title challenge, i think a club of Ac Milan status deserves as much What has Gattuso done to suggest he’s up to the level of bringing Milan forward?? It’s absolute bullshit to even consider giving him a job of this magnitude and when are yourself and other fans going to realise this?? What other big club works this way hiring rookie managers one after the other??? Are you not tired of failure??? Are you not tired of seeing the same mistakes??? How many points does… Read more »


So, what should we as fans do? Should we support our coach and hope for the best, or just rant, because ranting wont fix anything. As long as Rino is here, I’ll support him, even if it was Montella, I’d supporrt him, because I do see positives in our play, the biggest flaw is the mentality of the players, not the tactics, because the tactics were ON POINT against Napoli tbh, if it wasnt for that mistake from Musa, playing out the back works if the players use their brain, which Musa didnt when he passed to a marked Biglia.… Read more »


No his tactics were not on point against Napoli and every football pundit on every tv station said the exact same thing! They were just pure lucky to have gotten away with playing out from the back as long as they did before Napoli smashed them, if he’s tactics are so right with playing out that way why has he not played Reina who’s so obviously better with his feet than Donna even Stevie Wonder could see it?? No Milanista my friend I’m afraid he’s not right and he will continue to get it wrong week in week out until… Read more »


Just because you’re a pundit doesn’t mean you’re automatically right tbh. Michael Owen is a prime example of this. Playing from the back is risky, especially when you’re being pressed, but were we under any pressure? I mean under any REAL pressure, did you feel that they would score any minute before they got their 1-2 goal from the mistake? I know I didnt, I just felt uneasy with their high press and our passing around the back four, and that’s what I mean with he got his tactics right, up until that point, we were having a 0-2 lead… Read more »


Milanista, I agree


You do know that it was Silva who wanted to leave right? Same with Bacca, same with Loca. Unfortunately. Would definitely have kept Loca and whoever between Silva and Bacca, but according to reports it was them who wanted to leave, a damn shame but it is what it is. If we had one more striker – not Borini – then we could easily play with two strikers up top.


Now, remind me again.. Why did Silva want to leave…. I think we both know the answer….!!! Had the boy been guaranteed some playing time, you think he’d have even thought of leaving? Bro, let’s be honest with ourselves here, how on earth do we compete with just two strikers?


But no one is guaranteed playing time really… does Silva go ahead of Cutrone in the pecking order? Absolutely not, Cutrone got his chances and took them, and there’s no way he is ahead of Higuain either. So even if we played with two strikers, Silva would still see himself remain on the bench – if he wouldn’t prove himself better in a two striker system but that’s another thing. Locatelli wouldnt bench Biglia either, but he would be a fantastic vice-Biglia, a player we’re seriously lacking at this point… The logical thing would’ve been to keep Bacca, but he… Read more »


Andre Silva just netted another two against Real Madrid….! Nuff said


@Haso112, im happy for him, but I dont see your point? So if Pasalic scores for Atalanta are we supposed to want him back as well?
Higuain is scoring, as you said, he’s the least of our problems, Cutrone scored as well before his injury… nuff said…?


Now, remind me again.. Why did Silva want to leave…. I think we both know the answer….!!! Had the boy been guaranteed some playing time, you think he’d have even thought of leaving? Kalinic kept getting the nod ahead of him, even while Kalinic was playing nothing but crap week in and week out, Gattuso really did a bad job with A. Silva and it affected the boys morale psychologically. Bro, let’s be honest with ourselves here, how on earth do we compete with just two strikers? How didn’t Gattuso see this coming? Why couldn’t he guarantee the boy clearly… Read more »


Get real, the second striker position was between Cutrone OR Silva. They chose Cutrone. You can’t have developing youth like that sit on the bench all season as 3rd string when they are two players that need game time. Holding onto him would just stunt his growth. And on top of that gattuso was never going to start the season with two strikers, but that’s another argument for another day. Can’t have Higuain Cutrone and Silva playing with a lone striker having one of the two youths rotting on the bench only to get a chance we the first two… Read more »


Bro, we are in three competitions… I’ll leave it there…!


Doesn’t matter how many competitions we are in. You don’t selfishly keep a young talent as third striker and starve him of game time just in case we have an emergency. That’s why both parties agreed leaving was the best solution. They picked Cutrone as second choice and it wouldn’t be fair to the andre to hold onto him as a bench warmer


Chelsea Forwards – Giroud, Hazard, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Lucas Piazon, Morata, Pedro, Willian = 7

Liverpool Fowards – Sadio Mane, Divock Origi, Robert Firminho, Mohammed Salah, Xhedran Shaqiri, Dominic Solanke, Daniel Sturridge = 7

Milan Forwards – Suso, Patrick Cutrone, Gonzalo Higuain, Borini. = 4

Tell me something new….!


Agree Rk

Calm down

Exactly RK. Almost all the top teams are having 2 first team strikers so it’s not so strange. Who’s going to strike for Roma without Dzeko and Schick. How for Napoli without Mertens and Milik?. I cannot even remember the second choice striker for Barca. They are all playing in 3 competitions I think an ideal football squad should consist of 2 first team players for each position with the youths used for covering. The only option I see for Haso112’s concerned is having a wide player like Martial, Keita Balde, Pedro who can be effective in the center. Of… Read more »


And to think I dropped this comment few hours before Andre Silva banged in those two goals against guess who…? Real Madrid…. and some dudes still have the nerves to say.. La Liga is different from Seria A, after they first said his earlier goals were against smaller teams lool…… Tell me about it….! If you guys can’t see what’s coming, then I’ll wait for y’all to see, we goofed big time. Borini ain’t a striker and we won’t always have Higuain & Cutrone available at the same time every time, sometime will come, we won’t have both, then it’s… Read more »

Calm down

You are not wrong in most of the things you are pointing out but like I said earlier there are many other teams without a 3rd striker.

Hazard ,Shiqiri, William etc are only listed as strikers but they don’t play in the center, like how Suso is listed as a one but he’s not expected to play in the center.

Castillejo, Calhanoglu, Halilovic can play the same role as Shiqiri ,Suso etc. So we have a few more players there then.


Milan have conceded cheap goals except against Dudelange. My observation is that Guttuso should be courageous and drop Donnarumma and Musacchio for Reina and Caldara. I understand that Dudelange is not of the same quality as the teams we faced in Serie A but the goals we conceded were still due to errors from Donnarumma and Musacchio. I also believe that it is time for Gattuso to start utilizing the left wing more with either playing laxalt as winger or don’t hesitate to change calhanoglu for Castillejo if he is lacking form. All of our attacking play comes from Suso… Read more »


Goalzalo is injured! Cutrone is our hope now because the headless chicken Borini in striker’s position will be heart breaking.

Our no 3rd striker gamble is beginning to look bad, Tsajout is very very identical to Cutrone and even physically stronger as ive watched him 2ce on Milan Channel. He should have been drafted in.


Some stupid fans will just come here and be ranting rubbish!as if they are blind,something “Andre Silva was not giving enough of time on pitch” what about the times he had,what did he do with them??I remembered he started some matches last season and nothing came out of it!!!cutrone make used of the little time given to him to convinced montella and gattuso coz our main striker was kalinic den but cutrone out shine him!!!why can’t Silva prove himself???and if we lose any match,fan will gather and want to behead him!!! Even now dat d team are performing below expectation,we… Read more »


Higuain out will prove to be a huge test for us though as he has been very good in his linkup play, and he attracts a lot of attention, so I wonder how and if this will affect our playing style. If we’ll see a decrease in the quality etc. Hope not. We’ll need not only Bona’s fine form, and Suso’s feet at their best, as that wasn’t enough this weekend – the defence and some finishing let us down – we’ll need Hakan back to his best as well.


We can do all the analysis we like here as many times as we like but it will all come to nought until Gattuso gets the sack. Milan is going nowhere with Gattuso


Come on guys, what do u guys think about castillejo, and why has he not played but coming in as a substitute, what about if suso is used as a 2nd striker, i mean a supporting striker and cutrone the striker, castillejo and calhanoglu, 7 and 11, biglia shud be the standing 4, kessie due to his strength shud be the one moving towards the box, there shud be an understanding btw kessie and the front 3 midfielders b4 cutrone as the striker in the 4.2.؛3.1 formation, and when the players loses the ball to the opponent everybody shud fall… Read more »


truth be told gattuso has no ideas of coaching Milan

Stryker 4 life

Come on guys, gattuso will do well, therefore lets all wish him well jarey


Gattuso is making the same mistakes from last season and he seems very timid when Milan is leading. Instead of killing off the game he is trying to shut up shop. Subbing Bonaventura for Bakayoko was a clear indication of this. Calhanoglu was underperforming all game so it would have made more sense to sub him for Castillejo or laxalt and kill the game off. Also Donnarumma is making too much costly errors and forcing the play from the back when teams clearly have at least 2 attackers on top of our 18 yard box ready to close down the… Read more »

Jetnor Muhaj

Hi guys we need to see more of young guys like like A.Halilovic and others we need to play football in Milan fashion by following our examples then we can be a dangerous tteam


The problem isn’t Gattuso. The problem is the mentality of the players. Maldini hit the nail on his head when he said that Milan players don’t know that they are better than they are currently showing. You can see it in every match. We play well and get the goal, as soon as we concede a goal, we shut down, Players don’t track back, players start misplacing passes, players start making bad clearances etc…. The players just need a win, to relieve the pressure of 2 consecutive draws, after that, they will start picking up the points. With regards to… Read more »


Oh really… I’ll just point one thing out to you from the last game… Look at the effect the substitutions & game plan the Atalanta coach made in the second half of the last game and compare that to Gattuso’s game plan and subs. in that same second half..You can go watch the match again..


Its nice to have someone comment intelligence based thoughts instead of the usual “He needs more time” bullshit!
Gattuso is so obviously getting it wrong it almost smacks him in the face


Bro, these things are just simple logic and very glaring for all to see… Perfect example is that last game against Atalanta (The two coaches) lets leave the players out of it, just focus on the coaches (One coach clearly read and studied the game and tweaked his game plan, while the other coach stuck to his plan regardless of the changes during the game)… I think what makes it even more difficult for me is because I play football too on a regular though not on a professional level, Gattuso’s mistakes are just too much and the depressing thing… Read more »


@carda1995 Good on you, keep up the good moral! @Forthecrybabies Its also simple logic that you cannot hold on to players that do not want to be here. Its also simple logic that 3 strikers and 2 wingers are more suitable then 4 strikers and 1 winger. If you want a superstar 3rd choice striker I advice you to follow some “buy to win” team like PSG. I’d much rather have two good strikers 2 good wingers and backup for all of them. then to overload our striker position when our problem lies elsewhere. Offloading one striker gave us the… Read more »


Anyone who watches football knows beyond reasonable doubt that andriy silva is much more complete st than cutrone, let alone that useless tit kalinimovic. Yes, cutrone the next marco simone bangs in goals but thats all he does. Virdis, simone and massaro banged in goals as well but in the end milan had to buy much more technical st like san marco, weah and baggio so they could implement champagne football and win. Like i said at the start of last season, andriy reminds me of young aguero at atl madrid, a lethal finisher who could also play. Aguero, like… Read more »


I don’t need to watch the match again. Also it’s not ‘needs more time bullshit’ – it’s simply reality.

P.S You guys don’t have ‘intelligent thoughts’ as you put it, you just simply think that real life football is like FIFA or football manager.


Player problems and perfomances always revolve round the coaching ideologis, tactics and selections. How can Gattuso consistently use 433 when we have players that can fit 4312 or 442. He isn’t the ideal coach.