Team news: Cagliari were without Rafael and Luca Ceppitelli, while Milan had to do without Alessandro Plizzari, Andrea Conti, Ivan Strinić, Stefan Simić, Riccardo Montolivo, Alen Halilović and Patrick Cutrone. Kickoff time for Matchday 4 of Serie A was 20:30 CEST at Sardegna Arena.

Goals: João Pedro (4′), Higuain (55′).

Cagliari Calcio (4-3-1-2) – Rolando Maran
Alessio Cragno; Darijo Srna, Filippo Romagna, Ragnar Klavan, Simone Padoin; Lucas Castro (84′ Daniele Dessena), Filip Bradarić, Nicolò Barella; João Pedro (64′ Marco Sau); Diego Farias (52′ Artur Ioniță), Leonardo Pavoletti.
Unused: Aresti, Daga, Andreolli, Lykogiannis, Pisacane, Pajac, Cigarini, Faragò, Cerri.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez (84′ Diego Laxalt); Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura (66′ Tiémoué Bakayoko); Suso, Gonzalo Higuain, Hakan Çalhanoğlu (73′ Samu Castillejo).
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Abate, Caldara, Zapata, Bertolacci, Mauri, Borini, Tsadjout.

Referee: Rosario Abisso.


  1. Don’t know why Rhino is so freaking fucking up we need this win man throw your pacey player in now not 80+ you expecting wonders like against Roma not all are Romans man… Suso should have been taken out along Bona should have made the double change. Fuck it No ball Mtcheww

  2. That is a world class finish by Higuain… So calm beat the keeper, A Inzaghi like goal in the champions league final against Liverpool

  3. Why is Rhino like this don’t know what his seeing in Suso come on he should have been taken off mehn! He hasn’t been on form too lazy doesn’t link up at all if his even think of a big move common he should up his game… He won’t even start at Napoli or Juventus even the so called Roma or Atletico madrid who are veying for him cause his so damn lazy to earth. Next match he needs to be benched

  4. What a shit display…..this is absolutelly disaster……such performance
    Kessie, biglia, bonaventura should be benched next game

  5. Match summary-
    1. Disasterous first 15 minutes under Cagliari blitz.
    2. Decent rest of first half but without ideas.
    3. Higuain brilliant moment.
    4. Gatusso subs don’t do us anything at best, and actually take us back a bit.
    5. So far all newcomers – apart from the genius Higuain – are all subpar. Don’t like this samu guy too much I have to say.

    • Number 4 is what I’ve been saying all along.

      Also, if we’re gonna not show up for 15 minutes every game or disappear in the middle of every match then we’re not gonna win.

    • regarding number four, what should he have done? what subs would you have made? those subs were the logical ones. only those would raise the quality of the team, or at least keep it at the same level.

    • I would’ve let Hakan-Jack continue playing, until at least the 75th minute. But the real problem is we don’t have proper depth in attack. Samu doesn’t seem anything nearly enough.

      • Hakan did nothing. Suso was the frustrating one but at least he endangered Cagliari’s goal. He should have left on 50th minute as it was clear he can’t do shit for the rest of the game.

  6. I hate international breaks I always gotta wait for milan to play like this. Suso like I said I have never been so frustrated with he needed to be subbed off. It’s games like this that punished us last year and it seems it will do it again. I understand we play with wingers but not everything has to be a cross. All suso did was shoot or cross from an angle. The amount of times he could have given it to higuains foot. I hate waiting two weeks to see this performance. Cagliari second half parked that bus. Reina needs to start next game it’s not fair.

  7. so we walked for the entire 90 minutes, only time i saw some urgency was when the players ran back when Cagliari hit us on the break. abysmal, lacklustre performance. how some people see Suso as invaluable to us is beyond me, he is so damn replaceable it hurts. really missing a draxler. how can we not show any venom after equalizing? how can the team play like this, dont they wanna win? we showed nothing that proved that we wanted the three points more than Cagliari did.

    only bright note was that bakayoko looked pretty decent

  8. Very poor performance. Are we back at the old days in which we used to play against small teams like that? Gatusso needs to play more directly and aggressively.
    All we got was due to Higuain’s individual brilliance. It’s nice to see him start scoring.

  9. just in a very bad state of mind now why can’t someone rely on this team for God sake the very last game of my slip my own team couldn’t give me a win why me.just a win to cagliari what is happening am bleeding tears gattuso really need to be check and the most annoying part will be is press conference bringing excuses here and dey am just angry

  10. Suso needs to be benched next match. I have been defending and speaking for him all this while. Today is so frustrating. He played nothing. Didn’t support defence. So selfish. Garrison please remove the lazy ass before he fuck you up. Cagnaholu too needs to up his game. He has been given several chance. What else do you the coach to do. Harissa needs to start intergrating the new player especially at the wings. Apart from Higuain . Roma and few other, the general performance is woeful !

  11. If we can’t beat Cagliari then how do we qualify for champions league or claim we are back?
    High time we should do it right from the beginning
    Gattuso is a half term coach it’s either the first 45mins or the last 45 mins

  12. All naysayers are back.

    We played horrible but let’s not say we are doomed till after 10-12 matches.

    Good luck against Dudes 🙂

  13. Our problem from last season is yet to be resolved
    It’s was a very pathetic and worrisome performance from milan. The first 20 mins was a disaster we were lucky we couldn’t go 2 goals down. It’s very obvious our problem from last season continues which is lack of creativity from our midfielders to feed the point man up front. Which was the reason our strikers struggle to get goals. The goal higuain scored today was a total sheer luck which is a mistake from the path of cagliary, he was left frustrated all through the game without any clear chance coming from him, let not get it twisted the quality of higuain can not underestimated so if he his not getting all the required service we can’t get the best out of him.
    Gattuso needs to do something and change tweak tactics and formation if we continue in this path I repeat we would end up in the 6th or 7th position. Playing well in one game and switching of in the next two games. We need consistency and Gattuso to stand up to the occasion I still don’t know why he couldn’t switch up to 442 and bring on Crutone seems he was looking for a draw away to cagliary.

  14. Gattuso was never qualified for the job, been saying that since he was appointed. Should have been just a caretaker until the end of last season and go back to youth squads, no mmore.
    This team doesnt have any playing style, pattern of play and move the ball so slowly. No urgency whatsoever.

    After bringing many players and releasing some, we desperately needed a world class coach to steady the ship. We need Conte right now because he is an expert of awakening sleeping giants. With him and this squad i have no doubt that we would certainly be in top four come the end of the season.
    The board need to make an immediate decision otherwise we will be lagging behind and by the time they will be thinking of change will be too late already.

    • @James – Spot on. Leo and co need to get their heads out their a****. Just because a guy’s your best mate doesn’t mean he deserves to be coach of one of the (still, just about) biggest clubs in the world.

        • He won those titles after he was given a full season of coaching, Gattuso has barely coached Milan for half a season.
          I rate Conte highly but consider that 8 years ago when he started coaching Juve, Serie A did not have a single dominant team (unlike today with Juve), it was basically an open field.

  15. Suso the worst player and not just in this game, he is slowing up the whole attack. And for god sake when there is 5 opponents around your 16box pressing just clear the ball this is not even tactics just common sense, if we continue with this “from the back” tactic in the same way i can’t see a good season, every coach will use high pressing against us since its so effective in destroying Gatuzos current tactic, he should have learned by now from Napoli and pre season games that there is a big problem in his tactical aproach and fix it asap, but looking how hard headed Gatuzo is i doubt he will even change Suso let alone to change his tactical approach.

  16. 1. High press from the opponent is a problem for us. U can see from the napoli game too
    2. We need to shake up the team a bit. We need to try Samu on the right. It will be hella much more benificial than keeping Suso there. He is getting predictable and not linking up with Higuain. Too many missed long shot.
    3. Bakayoko played okay. Needs more chemistry with the team. Seems lost sometimes.
    4. Calhagnolu invisible through out the match. Did not contribute at all.
    4. Kessie played like a beast. Wins a lot of challenges. Hence the assist.
    5. Gattuso should really try some new formations in the europa or coppa italia. This formation and tactic seems to zone out the striker. Most of the goals come from the midfield (Bonnaventura who is underperforming in this match). And i think it is getting predictable. Sooner or later other teams will realize this. We need more variation in the tactics and not just sticking to one.

  17. Suso was the most active attacker or at least played better than Calha Bona and Kessie but people want Suso benched? f off guys

    • Active, for what? how many crosses did he have, and how many of those hit his target? He had a dozen crosses and NONE hit his target. For crying out loud, he had ONE shot in the 90th minute, I dont count the other “shot” which Cragno saved earlier, because I’m positive that was also an overhit cross. what point is it if you’re active but dont add quality? it’s as if you call donnarumma active for touching the ball and it goes into the net, when he should be saving it.

      • I like suso and I’ve never criticized him, but if u r saying he played better than those players u r out to lunch. He was terrible! Slowed down play his shots were horrible and his crosses were never good I can’t recall one he put in that we got a head on. I have never wanted him subbed off so early. The amount of times he had higuain opened and he made a mistake omg. If only higuain would receive the ball as much as him. He had a good cross in the opening 5 minutes other than that it was a waste.

      • He dribbles, crosses, shots, pass. Thou some moves were not so accurate but not every ball that fails to reach a teammate is bad. He’s placed a few dangerous balls in for sure. My main point however is that how many players among the attackers did better?.

        Suso is the player the team mostly try to rely on for putting balls into the box and that’s more a team tactic than he’s own idea. Many of the players are just to afraid of making a wrong move ,so only plays it simple but everyone playing it simple alone will not take a team nowhere.

        Suso thou was not his best game, shouldn’t be benched because of this performance while others keep their places.

  18. Absolutely ! We need to change formation. We can use two strikers. Our wingers are not doing enough. One of them needs to be benched ! Suso needs to be on the bench. He is so predictable. So slow. Please let’s play castilejo from the start next match.

  19. then he will be sack asap for a better manager right now I just need Milan to be ontop legend or no legend someone competent am very angry this night I don’t know how I sleep well

  20. They say something else about the coach and team when we win, they spin their tongues when the team didn’t perform to expectation.

    Milan only had a bad 15 mins and we completely dominated the game, with a bit of luck Milan would have comfortably won the game because we played well anf created so many chances, their goalie wad great.

    This is football and its stupid to say certain things i read here.

    • You do thesame as well my friend, so dnt play the saint here. I have read you criticize gatusso here on many occasions. Everyone should feel free to speak out here without no sentiment! We were lucky against roma, we screwed up against napoli and today barella screwed our midfielders. Higuain got just 2 chances in 3 matches and he scored all tho 1 was disallowed , cant he change to a 4231 calha as a trequartista so higuain can get some passes? No. He prefers using 433 where our selfish wingers would like to score on their own. Does passing the ball always back to the keeper make sense? We need a proven coach.

      • I agree. We lacks penetration from the middle. Too many crosses from the wings. Suso needs to get inside more for passes and let Calabria do the crossing. His crosses are on point in this match compared to Suso.

    • I do agree that if we would’ve won with a bit more luck, considering some chances, but fact of the matteris, we shouldn’t be relying on luck really. I dont really agree with us controlling the match. I think Cagliari had us where they wanted, by no means did we pressure them, except for about five minutes or so after the equaliser and they looked out of sorts, we put zero pace to the match, so their ancient defence had no problems coping with our attack.
      I respect you and your comments, but I dont agree about that.

      • Thanks alot milanista 121, @jibola wanna play the saint here while ive read him here once or twice criticise rhino too. We were lucky as well as barella hit our post too, even ronaldo de lima cannot score with our style of play. Muscle midfield with zero creativity, selfish wingers that wants to score themselves, higuain got his ball from a rebound and scored if not no supplies. We screwed up against napoli, lucky against roma, lacklustre performance against cagliari, the coach should start answering questions.

    • There is no tongue spinner like you,i have read you criticise rino and the team on many ocassions so dnt play the saint here. Every fan has the right to say their mind without fear,so stop calling people stupid because you dnt share thesame view as theirs.

      • @Pele80…

        Its not about being Saint here but about knowing when to be patient with the team.

        We have a new center back partnership for crying out loud in Musacchio and Roma. Remember how Bonucci and Roma leaked in goals before they gel?

        Can’t Donna do better with the goal conceded? I know all this and i feel pained like everyone of us and in fact, i went to bed 1.15am when i couldnt sleep.

        Remember also that games coming after this stupid international breaks dont come easy. Did u see Inter? Did you see Roma? Even Juve had to scrape past Sassuolo. Napoli went away with the luckiest 3 points of the round because their goalie made the save of the round in 93rd mins to deny Empoli a deserved draw. Serie A is tougher this season my friend and the “smaller clubs” would be harder to beat.

        We all criticise the team and coach… YES. We need to know when to be patient with them and when to bash them, its pointless calling them heroes in 2nd game and spat at them in 3rd game. Why bash them after 3rd game when we still have a game in hand at San Siro?

  21. Still can’t understand what’s the game plan to create chances for Higuain. Once again he is not getting any service and maybe it’s time Gattuso use 2 strikers with Calhanoglu behind them. Suso was abysmal today. I never understood playing 1 striker. It’s so ineffective.

  22. Dollarumma has to save that
    For the money he is on.
    Gattuso bad subs … why the fuck do u bring bakayoko on for , makes no sense at all. U didn’t bring him on v Roma when we win so why bring him on here after his
    Woeful debut v Napoli …
    Send him back to Chelsea
    He is rubbish .
    Suso should have come off for castellejo& RR for laxalt and 2 subs would have been enough because cutrone wasn’t available.
    We have to win these games … very disappointing

  23. Anyone noticed that Donna made a world class save, and pushed the ball onto the post from Pavoletti’s initial shot?
    Sure he should have saved the follow up, but do you guys mind taking another look at the initial save?

    • i saw it, but what point is it to make these world class saves when he doesnt save the ones he should? and it’s not just this one time, he’s done it consistently these past two seasons, and he doesnt improve on this aspect… hope Reina plays asap.

      • It was a fine save indeed. The follow up should be saved 10/10 times. Why I want Reina to play over donnarumma is two main reasons. I want donnarumma to know he’s not a guaranteed starter and to learn from Reina. Secondly, Reina with his feet is probably one of the best. How many times does donnarumma get the ball at his feet and give it away? 80%? Now how many times does that cause us immediate danger. I say about 50%. Reina will show Donna where tk put a ball when he’s pressed.

  24. summary of the game all the players left their brains at milanelo especially hakan and bona i wont blame them obviously fatigue ,what i am surprised about is why gattuso plays donna when there is a riena on the bench its obvious that consistency will be a big issue this season even maldini and leo were so mad they had to go and talk sense into gattuso’s head

  25. Please forget conte. Even if he comes, he can’t do anything with these players. A creative player is a creative player. Coach cannot teach you how to dribble. Why was conte sack in Chelsea ??? It’s too early to be talking about coach.The truth of the matter is that we are not buying quality players, that’s all. Depay, Rabiot, Kocavic were all linked to Milan but we ended up buying non of them

  26. Kessie,bona,cala,calabria,donna,roma,rr were all on international duty my issue what was mussachio and biglia doing ,while roma was strugglin during the first goal mussa sat on the couch and was watching the match i think they should just sack gattuso you have riena you want to make top 4 yet you play with a goal keeper who is not in form it is better they sack gattuso before we meet teams like sasuolo,fiorentina or sampdoria lol lazio is gradually picking form a coach that sees cagliari as a tough and difficult team after beating roma one should know that he is using his own team to bet

  27. I watch portugal and italy i saw roma and caldara played together they clicked well apart from cristante who was really poor,that first goal was caused by musa and biglia but Betting Companies Have To Eat Too

  28. Wow, another “off day” from Gattuso… All I can say is if Tim Cook left Apple tomorrow I doubt they’d make the next CEO a guy from the Genius bar.

  29. Gattuso and his perfect subs 65 min 1-1 put on a defensive midfielder genius. I feel sorry for higuin honestly if I were you I’d leave in January you deserve better this is disgraceful. December and conte will take over new tactics and maybe we can change something cause this is embarrassing

  30. I won’t comment on the game as I didn’t have the chance to watch it and I certainly won’t lose my head after 3 matches into official season. Just look at other teams results

    But one thing is certain and I pointed that out many times. Milan are short on wingers to play wing formations and short on attackers to play two up front. And they have one regista profile within the team

  31. I bet y’all that if we didn’t have a coach when Maldini and Leonardo arrived, Gattuso would have been the least coach they would have considered for the job. Trust me , they’re just being loyal to Gattuso cos the got history with him. I have said this many times before , With Gattuso in charge, we are not going anywhere. This team’s game style is ugly to watch. Also, How’s it that Suso plays a full 90 mins when he’s one of the worst players on the pitch today?? Suso couldn’t even be subbed into Spain’s game even though they were up by like 5. Yet he’s our superstar. Smh. Our coach is extremely narrow minded and I hate his style so much. We need an experienced coach pleaseee.

  32. Gattuso is a stupid Coach who cannot bring our beloved Milan to top 4. He just average. Why you wait until 80th and 84th min to do your subs when you need a goal? Stupid and always blame his players. Our Milan does not have a clear style of football at all.

  33. I have said it severally. You can’t have a decent season without our kind of midfield. You can’t just be running up and down, sweating as if you are the only one playing and not make any meaningful impact. That cagliari young captain was far better than all our midfielder. Some said kessie is a beast, i respect your view but what contribution has he mad to the team from last season till now aside passing to the next person. Huquian will suffer the most because the team will not improve. To few fan, we have the best set of players. I laugh. We need a fabregas. If we can get him, kessie should be benched for montolivo. At least, montolivo can move the ball around much better. Football is not about running and sweating

  34. Death to italian coaches.

    Just like Allegri. Milan are down 1-3 and Allegri subb in FLAMINI. Guys… FLAMINI… he freaking bring in flamini.. FOR WHAT?

    And gattuso brings in BAKAYOKO???????? FOR WHAT

    I dont give a damn if milan is a italian club.. milan will suffer as long as we have stupid italian coaches.

  35. I don’t like 4-3-3, that’s it. Really hard to win the midfield with the current team. Need to swap with Barca’s midfielders to win the trophies. With Barca’s philosophy, 4-3-3 seems entertaining. Milan’s DNA is italiano style, tight and pressure. 4-4-2, is the answer for Milan.

    • We simply cannot play a 4 4 2.. Yesterday’s game is more evidence than ever to see that when cutrone is injured we don’t have another option as a striker. Now if you go and play both cutrone and higuain which I’d be fine with, are we going to start subbing in or playing borini as a striker? Suso and castillejo can’t play that position. Had we a third striker that wasn’t borini then sure we could. We have technically 6 players who can play as wingers and two natural strikers so that limits our chance of playing with two strikers



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