Milan beat Pro Piacenza 1-0 in a friendly match at training center Milanello, Borini scored the only goal of the game

Fabio Borini during Milan-Pro Piacenza at training center Milanello on September 8, 2018. (
Fabio Borini during Milan-Pro Piacenza at training center Milanello on September 8, 2018. (

Fabio Borini scored the only goal of the game this morning as Milan beat Pro Piacenza 1-0 in a Maldini family reunion.

13 of the players in the squad of Rino Gattuso are on international duty, but the rest have been training at Milanello for the past few days and today there was a friendly match with Serie C’s Pro Piacenza.

Pepe Reina, Ignazio Abate, Mateo Musacchio, Stefan Simić, Gabriele Basani, Tiémoué Bakayoko, Lucas Biglia, Andrea Bertolacci, Samu Castillejo, Gonzalo Higuain and Fabio Borini were in the starting XI of Milan.

It took the Diavolo 41 minutes to break the deadlock, as a Castillejo ball found Borini in front of goal and the former Sunderland man beat goalkeeper Riccardo Bertozzi. The match was not aired anywhere, but according to Sky, Bakayoko had a good game and he also hit the crossbar.

The match was interesting for another reason as there was a Maldini family reunion: 22-year-old Christian Maldini played from the start for Pro Piacenza, while 16-year-old Daniel Maldini came off the bench for Milan during the match. Paolo Maldini, who returned to the club last month after being 9 years away from the Red and Black club, was watching the whole thing from the sidelines.

Milan will now have two days off and then return to training on Tuesday to start preparing for the game against Cagliari at Sardegna Arena, which takes place on September 16 at 20:30 CEST.


  1. Baka plays his best at 4 2 3 1 formation, he is not suitable for 433…. hope Rino will use him in his fav formation………Forza Milan

    • Why thumb down, hater ??? Castillejo was the man of the match yesterday, please watch the game ! But you’re hater, just hater and that’s it, it’s not your fault !

        • I believe he is basing this on the highlights that were shown, I also agree that he looked very lively. But just as Alexmilan is entitled to his opinion, people have their own opinions and I guess they disagree, and when he calls out people for giving him dislikes, they will give him more dislikes for the fun of it.
          Dont take it personally @Alexmilan.

          • Agree, but anyway, they’re still haters ! Raven comments, but he haven’t seen any highlight of that game, so, it’s simple, hater, hater, hater :))) Ravem, first watch the friendlies, the entire game or just highlights and then comment !

  2. Milan making cesc fabrigas top priority in January transfer he has not played any game under sarri but the little problem now he is 31 n currently as minor knee injury Leonardo said rabiot is the second back up incase fabrigas didn’t come but to my point of view which of the midfieldier do we need in our team if they just want to sign just one

  3. My dear legend, Baresi.
    Please come to Milan and teach the boys how to secure the victory. The fans doesn’t want to see another defeat like the one against Napoli happening again. Please come, Franc. Really need your help.

  4. @ Alexmilan some people on this blog are specialists in hating other people’s comments and they contribute nothing.but that shouldn’t be a surprise anyway just make your point and leave the rest.forza Milan

    • well I’ve commenting on this blog for 4 years I guess, and people do love to give a thumbs down for instance:
      – Being Sheva (the troll)
      – Bad grammar.
      – Claim to know more about football than the coach
      – Talking shit about Milan or our legends.
      – Sometimes just for fun when people is a bitch
      – And finally and very common being just plain stupid when it comes to comments, Alexmilan said “Castillejo, the best man off the pitch” Higuain and Reina started the match so… I gave him a thumbs down for his nonsense.

      • Raven, just put it down, when you see some highlights of a game, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to say who was the best man of the pitch, Reina and Higuain strted also the game and ? Higuain received a lot of passes from Castillejo ( who was very active ) and he didn’t score against Pro Piacenza and Reina what ??? He slept all the game, he had no work to do !!! But you’re just a hater ! Reina ??? really ??? :))))) how could you say Higuain or Reina ??? You don’t know anything about football, my dear friend if u can say this :))) first watch the games/ then think and after that you can talk !

        • Dude wtf XD first of all I live in a free country I have the right to say whaterver I want, and second this is a internet blog are u taking my rights to give an opinion?. Lol

          I remember a guy named Silva, was very active but couldn’t scored so he got sold because of it. I remember a guy who was often called headless chicken now plays for Bologna
          How do you know what Reina did because of that 3 minutes video? what if he played like a libero and started every attack?

          you are not helping your case there and I got bored already.

          • Keep on being bored and just shut up ! Don’t try to be what you can’t be ! AND VEEEEERY IMPORTANT try to think before you open your mouth !!!!

      • Ya, ya, raven said castillejo wasn’t the best man of the pitch because played also Reina and Higuain :)) Reina because he didn’t have anything to work against league pro pro piacenza and higuain because he didn’t score against this great team, even if he received a lot of good passes from Castillejo. very logical affirmations from you… I doubt very much your football understanding after this kind off affirmations. I will follow your comments to find out how smart are u because after 4 years of comments on this blog I expect smart comments and a lot of logic. It’s pathetic to say Castillejo wasn’t the best man of the pitch because higuain and reina also started without seeing highlights of that game. Pathetic, but it’s something normal for a hater, isn’t it ?? 🙂

        • Please enlighten us all, how can you objectively analyze a team’s performance on a 3 minutes video?

          I don’t claim to be the owner the absolute truth, I use this blog to share my own thinking and I don’t mind if someones disagrees as it’s part of the debate.

          I’m not afraid of thumbs down, because unlike you I do it for sharing not for attention seeking.

    • Yes, haters and brainless ! They gave a thumb down because I said the truth, that Castillejo was the best yesterday ! Pathetic brainless !

  5. Ander Herrerea over Fabregas both going to be a free agent next nex summer. Even both will look great better upgrade to Bertolacci & Mister Monty.

    • Yeah, but we aren’t Milan of the past, we dont need to think of upgrades for Monty and Berto, we should think of players better than Fabregas and Herrera. Herrera isnt that good imo, and Fabregas has been underperforming for the past two seasons.
      If you look at free transfers then Rabiot and Martial are quality we should be getting.

      • Are we really sure about Martial given his high cost? Has he really ever shined for ManU? I can’t remember but maybe I’m wrong. He’s definitely the right position, though.

        • He was amazing during his first season with Van Gaal. All the talent is there, and he isn’t a Balotelli, a trouble child who isn’t living up to his potential. He just isn’t getting the minutes for some José-reason…

  6. Just watched Italy-Portugal, Italy looking even worst than usual. The holy one Donna was Italy’s mvp, although looking a bit shaky in the first few minutes. Romag-Caldara looked too soft in the back, especially Caldara who was caught off gaurd too many times. Jack was quite weak, but the entire midfield looked abysmal (especially golden-boy Cristante). Up front no one seemed dangerous, although I thought Berardi was decent.

    Regarding Portugal, Silva scored a nice goal, but one that any striker at this level has to score. Ok game, but nothing too special. What I still don’t understand is why William Carvhalo hasn’t found a big team yet. Beast, no ifs and buts.

    I hope Caldara-Romag can step up for Milan. They are clearly enough against mid to lower tier seria a teams, but against the big boys I don’t know.

    • Agree, Donna had one “mistake” when Romagnoli saved him with his goal-line clearance. I agree about Caldara looking soft, and that his and Romas partnership was so-so, but dont worry. Roma is already a class defender, top five in Serie A, and Caldara still has a lot of potential. Besides, we have Musa who is performing.
      Also wonder why Carvalho isn snapped up. We should sign him as Biglia’s future replacement. Doesnt have the passing range, but still neat when in possession.

      • Yeah, you are right Milanista, Romag-Caldara have plenty of time to gel. But we lost a lot in that department with the loss of the false-captain.

        Millanellofm, I think the current Italy cannot afford to play without Insigne; although, I agree has been way subpar for the NT so far. And I definitely agree with your overall sentiment- current Italy simply sucks.

        • I dont miss Bonucci tbh. Leadership qualities might be missed, but from a pure defending point of view I dont see us missing much with Musa and Caldara as replacements for the false-captain:)

          Also think Biglia will shine more as a leader now. Bonu clearly took all of the spot light before, but I think – and hope of course – we will benefit as a collective and all players get the room to shine now.

          • Mussachio a very good defender and I think he is better with the ball at his feet than Bonucci, but he is not that tall for a cb and caldara still needs a couple of season. Letting Bonucci go was a huge blow to our defense.

            Biglia as a leader don’t think so Romagnoli though <3

          • Cannavaro was 1.76, Musa is 1.8, height is no problem. Biglia is a leader though, think he’ll shine:) the more leaders the better, as long as they dont have big egos like Bonu so they’ll clash:)

          • Pears and apples dude, but I get your point, I’m glad that Gattuso isn’t rushing Caldara, and giving a professional the opportunity he deserves.

            I hope you’re right about Biglia I see of him as the biggest gamble in this mercato he is crucial for our season.

          • I thought Romag-Bonucci were one of the solidest CB pairing in the second part of last season, and the numbers also show it. And I know this is controversial, but I thought Bonucci’s passing gave us a whole new dimension and made it very hard to play the pressing game against us.

            Musa is pretty good with the ball in his feet, but as for pure defending I’m not so sure. Haven’t seen enough. But his height and physicality does worry me – between him and Romag I don’t know who can gaurd in the air from strikers such as Dzeko and the likes.

    • I watched both games and donnarumma played very good in both. Now caldara-romagnoli weren’t solid, but they performed way better than bonucci-chiellini. The midfield in both games just sucked and gave the opponents way too much. Plus no attack. I love how people are calling for jorginhos head yet he’s the best midfielder we have and he’s the best player for chelsea so far. The fact is italy just suck at the moment. If balotelli isn’t performing theres no attack. I lost hope in insigne before Sweden knocked them out, yet he still plays. Hes so different for club and country, chiesa definitely deserves to play. And don’t have a game changer in midfielder and attack unless balo on his game. The only bright spots were donnarumma and chiesa. Maybe cutrone and calabria should be given a chance cause they play with heart

      • I thought about it as well, that the first game was Juves Bonu-Chiellini, and the second game was Milans Caldara-Roma. We should remember that Verratti was missing though and he’d make the midfield tick in a different way than what was shown during Poland and Portugal. But talking about inconsistent players for NT – Insigne who has been abysmal whenever he wears the Azzurri shirt – I have never seen Bona do particularly well for Italy either, he’s just there, and far the player he is at Milan. Cristante was the same, and he was poor when he played against us – Milan – as well, just looks sloppy. Obviously, if you ask me, there are better choices. I think both Benassi, Barella and Baselli should be thought of a position in that midfield. For some reason I think Cristante will thrive in an enviroment like Atalanta, but not at the bigger scene.

        And then of course, Italy are missing Cutro and Calabria, as you mentioned too;) Immobile is another player who is far from the player he is at Lazio while in the Azzurri shirt.

        Deschamps has a plethora of players to choose from, and then had some critics for leaving behind Martial, Payet, Rabiot etc, but it was all about the team for Deschamps, wanted good chemistry etc. It’s up to Mancini now to find that balance, because the talents are definitely out there if you ask me.

        • Honestly man, I’ve never liked cristante. It didn’t bother me that he left milan and up until Atalanta he never played well. Like you said in that Atalanta environment he thrived but anywhere else is too much for him. Insigne I’m so sick of seeing him in the team. When he is playing for italy he is an average player at best. Chiesa has shown more in two games then insigne in 4 years….. Verratti is good but he needs to take that next step which he is yet to do.

          Then we need to question if him and jorginho could play together. Maybe in a 4 2 3 1…its always been common that Italians have a wonder season and then can’t continue it or if they go abroad can’t play well. Unfortunately these days italy doesn’t have that talent in midfield and attack that we used to produce, especially in midfield.

          Neither bonucci-Chiellini or caldara-romagnoli looked good but that is because the midfield left them to dry. Good thing is that bonucci continues to look exposed and out of position and cause goals while caldara and romagnoli are young and continue to grow. Caldara didn’t look good but let’s also remember that was his first game this year. He needs play time. Not worries about that. But anyways we need to think of milan and get that win this weekend!

  7. jorginho is not the best player for Chelsea Hazard still is the best player for Chelsea and still performing jorginho is good on his day both national and club side any team will want to have him on they side. Italy need to pick up they ass and start performing

  8. There’s a report that Milan are gunning for Paredes and it was planned that he will come this January. Anyone here has any info about the kid? I only know that He used to play for Roma before moved to Russia and he eiddn’t leave any memorable impression for me. Real and Juve also had some interest for him, but some news said that he seem prefer Milan more.

  9. So, raven told us that he doesn’t agree that Castillejo was the man of the match because… ( let’s laugh high !!! ha-ha-ha ) in that match played also Higuain and Reina :)))))) I am very sure that Raven talks just not to sleep and he hasn’t seen any highlight from that game… Reina played in a game against Pro Piacenza that plays in the Pro League in Italy, so poor Reina he didn’t have any work to do in that game and Higuain DIDN’T SCORE against this weak team, even if he received a lot of good passes from Castillejo who was very active in this friendly game. So, let’s LOOOOOOL with raven’s logic ! :)))) Very poor arguments from one who thinks about himself that he knows football ! Hater !

    • Dude, I’m not a hater, but an unaired match cannot be watched as you said I should (digging the hole deeper there bud), you made quite a statement saying that Castillejo was the best on the field, just to give an example, usually in the highlights don’t show the team pressing and this can lead to an easy goal for the forwards but that can’t be watched in a 3:30 minute “highlights” sorry but you have a to claim to know what you’re talking about so I respectfully of your opinion I have to disagree.

      You were the only one who commented about the game, why is that you might ask? Because there is nothing to add besides of what Meytar did. Simply you can’t objectively judge a team’s performance in 3 minutes. There is not even a single website that gave a players ratings, but you claim to know better dude you are awesome, like I said you surely have Maldini as your last name.

      Using your logic tell me why don’t you say Borini was the best man on field he was the only one who managed to score. Castillejo had very good chances too and can be seen wasting a golden opportunity in the first highlight of the video.

      Castillejo is good, I like him, I’m sure that he played with huge desire to prove his worth, but I don’t think he will play better than Reina or Higuain any time soon that’s my logic you can agree or disagree I don’t mind just try not to be a B!tch about it 😉

  10. Cutrone injured on NT duty against Albania. Hope it ain’t serious, we don’t have much to choose from up front

    • f**************’

      of course, when we have our poor spell – except for Monto – no players get injured during NT duty, but now when we are looking more promising than in a long time the NT injuries return… coincidence? well probably not but it makes you think

  11. Well I just had full ACL reconstruction so I’ll be joining Conti on the sidelines! Good thing is for the next 6 months I’m not going to miss a single minute of milan lol!!

    • Sorry to hear that bro. I hope your job doesn’t rely as much on your legs as Conti’s. Wish you a good recovery.

    • damn man, sucks, sorry to hear that!! wish you a quick recovery, I know you will support the team to the full extent just like Conti has been doing during his spell on the sidelines! cheers mate:)

  12. Quick recovery milanellofm,by his stripes you are healed. Just maintain the rules guiding ur full recovery and before you know it,u are fully recovered!!!



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