Conti’s agent, Giuffredi: “I believe that by mid-October Andrea will be available again, his wants to repay the affection”

Andrea Conti at Stadio San Siro. (
Andrea Conti at Stadio San Siro. (

Andrea Conti’s agent has said the decision to leave the player out of the Europa League squad is understood.

Nearly a year ago, Conti suffered and ACL injury in training and since then he has undergone two knee surgeries.

The 24-year-old, who arrived from Atalanta last summer, is still on his way to recovery and next month is likely to be the month of his return.

“Andrea’s fine, he just needs a bit more time to get back to peak fitness,” Conti’s agent, Mario Giuffredi, told on Tuesday. “Unfortunately he’s coming back from two very bad injuries, so he needs a few more weeks. We don’t want to force him back early, but I believe that by mid-October or towards the end of the month he’ll be fully available again.

“The exclusion from the Europa League squad? Andrea’s a very intelligent lad, he’s taken it with his usual professionalism. I had imagined that Milan would make this decision because the dates of his return would coincide with the last two group games. Why exclude a player who can perhaps give more at this time? I believe the decision was correct and it was shared by us too.

Andrea Conti during training at Milanello. (

“The scenes of Conti celebrating with the team at San Siro tell a lot of his importance inside the locker room? It’s normal that it’s like this. Andrea suffers and rejoices with the Milan team to which he owes so much. It doesn’t take much to love and accept someone with his characteristics. His only desire now is to repay all the affection he has received from fans, teammates and from the club in recent months. He wants to prove that he’s a player ‘da Milan’.

“The national team? He already played for the Azzurri and he can fight for a place in this group. I believe that he has all the qualities to come back. Mancini has shown particular attention to this type of players [there are currently 4 Milan players in the squad of Italy for this week’s games].

Andrea Conti during Milan-SPAL at Stadio San Siro on September 20, 2017. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Andrea Conti during Milan-SPAL at Stadio San Siro on September 20, 2017. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

“If I had the chance to talk with the new Milan management of Maldini and Leonardo? We talked as part of the operation for Gabriel [whose contract was rescinded and he then joined Perugia]. Also on the telephone I spoke several times with Leonardo. I also had the pleasure of meeting a great person like Maldini. What impression did they make? That of two people of great depth, with important skills that can be fundamental to bring Milan back to where it belongs to be.

“It was a real pleasure for me and I hope to build a good relationship with them for the future.”


  1. Really love to see him celebrating with the players, you don’t really see that in many other clubs, injured players being so close to the team. Milan is a family afterall and that family feeling is coming back, hopefully the succesful years will come with it as well!

  2. Comment:This guy is a model of a professional, I love his conduct. I hope he recovers completely and take his rightful place in our squad and the azzuris. Do we have chances of including other players after the group stage? If not how about after January window?

    • Yes can add more players after the group stage and that’s in January. You are allowed to make like 3 changes.

  3. I don’t have too much love for the man, neither I saw much of him, yes is exciting how tall and quick he is, but he is definitely a Milan player and I support him and on the human level I feel so bad about his ACL, but the scrutiny should be hard by the second half of the season.

    I’m no doctor, but he shouldn’t be rushed before january, he is still young, Calabria is doing better than anyone expected. And for me I rather see a healthy Calabria than a healthy Conti,

    What I mean is Calabria and Conti are young, and benching Calabria might injury Conti again or stagger Calabria’s growth.

  4. I’m making a BOLD prediction.
    If Milan finishes in the top 4, Neymar will come in next season.
    All the signs are there.

      • I admit it’s a wild prediction but think about it…
        Neymar wants to leave PSG, but he will only go to a club playing the UCL.
        Leonardo has an amazing relationship with PSG who will be eager to cash in on Neymar.

        Milan still has prestige, and if we are in the UCL, we’ll do a lot better than Roma and/or Napoli.

        Also Neymar will be very open to it.

  5. conti wish you speedy recovery have never really watch you play in Milan Jersey mayb once in Atlanta but I wish you all the best I know the come back is not going to be easy but we got your back.



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