Team news: Milan were without Alessandro Plizzari, Andrea Conti, Ivan Strinić, Cristian Zapata and Riccardo Montolivo. Roma had to do without Antonio Mirante, Alessandro Florenzi and Diego Perotti. Kickoff time for Matchday 3 of Serie A was 20:30 CEST at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Kessié (40′), Fazio (59′), Cutrone (95′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez (76′ Diego Laxalt); Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura (83′ Patrick Cutrone); Suso, Gonzalo Higuain, Hakan Çalhanoğlu (80′ Samu Castillejo).
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Simić, Abate, Caldara, Borini, Mauri, Bertolacci, Bakayoko, Borini, Halilović.

A.S. Roma (3-4-1-2) – Eusebio Di Francesco
Robin Olsen; Kostas Manolas, Federico Fazio, Iván Marcano (46′ Stephan El Shaarawy); Rick Karsdorp (77′ Davide Santon), Daniele De Rossi, Steven Nzonzi, Aleksandar Kolarov; Javier Pastore (67′ Bryan Cristante); Patrik Schick, Edin Džeko.
Unused: Fuzato, Greco, Luca Pellegrini, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Ćorić, Zaniolo, Kluivert, Ünder.

Referee: Marco Guida.


  1. Cutzaghi and Higuchenko won it.
    Well deserved win.
    We are finishing top 4.
    Told you we would win this one. I have great intuitions!
    Forza Milan!

    • Lets hope gattuso finally accept that 2 strikers can win any game
      Please rino forget about 4 3 3
      Suso and hakan are no wingers!!!!!!!
      4 4 2 much better suits to our beloved milan

  2. Honestly amazing game from the boys. Amazing game from gattuso. Absolutely love the subs, showed he was really gunning for it. I think this was the best performance in years even if we drew.

    All the lads who had a questionable game last match, Biglia, Calabria and Musacchio has great showings, especially Biglia he was actually amazing.

    Also loved how Higuain actually had a lot more support this match, huge adjustment from gattuso, a lot more players were pushed forward AND played closer to Higuain.

    I’m ecstatic.

    • A lot more thru passes also that created chances and got us out of bad situations at the back, obviously Gatuzo take some notes from the previous games and accepted the critics, great performance over all as you say one of the best performance in the past years.

  3. Mr Gatusso is out there shutting up some bitchy fans. He is still far from a world class coach but those fans are just waiting for the first negative signal to jump at slaughtering him.

  4. The never die attitude! It was so well deserved! Higuain and cutrone the heroes!! FORZA MILAN!! Gattuso made great changes to go for that win and it paid off. BRAVO TO THE TEAM! laxalt cutrone castillejo all cam on with heart and grit and I loved each ones performance! Well done gattuso

  5. Yes!Yes!Yes!!!

    What a match … Great showing by the boys. RicRod Hakan and Higuain are the heros today, great match by the three, and also by Biglia. Big props to Gatusso for the Cutrone gamble, which paid out dividends in the end. Great match by Romag and Donna as well, and Kessie for his first goal this season.

    We need to be stronger in defense, and have more breath in the last minutes. Plus, more shots by Jack-Hakan-Suso. But all in all, terrific performance by the boys.

    • Higuain is very experienced and true world class striker, he will understands no matter with who he play…
      if we can keep this performance.. we are serious contender for serie A title

      FORZA MILAN…!!!

  6. Congrats for the team.

    Ps: tell suso, even high class striker (that must making shoots) like Pipita know that he dont need to shoots all the time

  7. I am so happy for the points because a draw would’ve been hurt. A nice end to it. Wonderful game. Milan my babe!

  8. When Milan had the ball it was a pleasure to watch , very attacking , good match by Milan , for me is always Milan when they play vs big teams like napoli roma or juventus. We are rivals, but i dont feel hate at all for ac milan, and i never felt. Serie A miss years when Inter and AC dominated serie a, roma is done , they will not achieve Cl spot this year 100%

  9. Higuain man. What can I say. Brilliant striker. Unselfish play to get us the win. Scored a nice goal but unfortunately ruled offside.

  10. Well deserved victory, weldone boys! Weldone gatusso for your sub! Forza milan!!

    Galiani like praying that we lose 🙂

  11. Mama Mia…
    What a game of football.

    I almost fainted.
    Good result for the team and fans.

    The new guyz did well in my openion

  12. Ah, let us enjoy this moment! Not only do we get the three points, it was also a well played game by Milan. Sure, some improvements can be made, but all together it was very positive. Suso the only disappointment, Donna and Calabria both screwed up when Roma scored. Two poor clearances.

  13. Seeing Kaka Maldini Leonardo and even galliani screaming of happiness is a win on its own. That DNA is back! It was a great match everyone played well. Honourable mentions Rodriguez bonaventura calhanoglu higuain. All three subs were pure class and it shows we have depth now! My MAN OF THE MATCH? WITHOUT DOUBT. BIGLIA!! that guy gets scolded but today he gets praise from me. He didn’t put a foot wrong all day made such clever passes and held that midfield together in the tiring stages of the game. BRAVO to all FORZA MILAN!

  14. BRAVO GRINTA!! Did you guys enjoy this GRINTA win, especially the critics…?:)
    What a game. Absolutely deserved it, Calabria was at fault for their equaliser with his poor clearance but made up for it by snatching the ball for our winner. And man, what a difference Higuain makes in the final third, he was amazing overall, involved in the build up play. Such quality. Everyone had a great game today, barring Suso im afraid. But nevermind that. Laxalt and Samu had positive impacts for players who were already having great games – Hakan and RR. Rino really went for the win, and it paid off. Biglia was also instrumental today, shows how important he is and can be for our play, hope he will redeem himself this year. And how I loved that it was OUR BOY PATRICK CUTRO who did it!!! What a wonderful game. Well done boys and well done Rino, the hard work from during the week really paid off. Bravi ragazzi, FORZA MILAN!

      • The thing I noticed and loved more about Biglia today was he always went forward.

        He did some twists and turns to break pressure and was always looking for the forward pass.

        I think gattuso must have instructed that because I’ve never really seen it from him at milan. Locatelli was really our only regista who I noticed would be a bit more direct and drive forward a bit to start a move.

        Very class performance from Biglia, shows awesome mental strength recovering from a horrid match against Napoli.

  15. We won and it’s a precious one but the fact remains that we almost threw away the three points against a terrible Roma. As soon as EDF fixed his team and formation with SES’s substitution, they were back in the game and it was even. Roma had problems when it came to creating scoring opportunities and they scored a lucky goal on a half-assed Calabria clearance, but they had much more possession now and we weren’t attacking with many players. Gattuso’s sub scored the match winner but his change of system to 4-4-2 with Cutrone’s introduction actually made things worse as usual. It gave Roma control of the match when we needed to keep possession and pile the pressure for the winner. We just countered Roma randomly after that. Have to thank Nzonzi for his error and Pipita’s awareness on our winner.

    Gattuso’s football has a lot of good elements in it but also needs much refining to be perfect. That’s acceptable but his ability to change things for better when needed throughout a match is lacking at the moment imo.

    • I respectfully disagree. Di Francesco’s gamble with a three man backline backfired for sure, we had plenty of space to attack. The second half with his subs, Roma looked better, granted, they had more possession, and scored from a mistake. But what else did they do? How many saves did Donna make? They had one dangerous chance with Dzeko which he thankfully wasted. Even when it was even-steven possessionwise we still created more clear chances than them. Dont agree they got more control of the match,when we played 4-4-2, the game looked the same, except that we got more energy with Samu and Laxalt and were even more dangerous on the break. The one difference I would make was to sub Suso out instead of Hakan.

      • Basically I said the same things. First half we had something like 63% of possession. At the end of the second half it was almost 50-50 which shows they had control of the ball in the second half. This is considering they scored in 59′ minute and we had over 30 minutes at home to keep the ball and pile the pressure for the win. Other than that I agree Roma had nothing over us, since they were terrible and I said it. Stats show it too as we had 10 shots in target to their 2.

        It’s a good win but against a Roma side that has changed so much over the summer, has been unconvincing if not terrible in it’s first three games, and gifted us the entire first half with their wrong approach. Most of all I’m worried by our usual problems and the ability to give the match to our opponents when on a narrow lead and eventually throwing away the points when we can win it easily, and it very nearly happened tonight. Other than that I know we were the better team tonight and deserved the win no doubt.

        • The way I see it is we’re still lacking mentally, not so much the approach. We need that killer instinct to kill off games. Instead our youth is showing and we get nervous as soon as the opponents start to pressure us somewhat, but once again, I dont think this has to do with approach, or tactics, it’s that the players dont have this ruthlessness about them – yet. That comes with experience and by winning. Because despite all, we still create chances and it’s been a while since I saw us like we were today, once again, if we add the ruthlessness in both defence and attack, this team can do great things, and that comes to the mental aspect – and that’s where I dont agree with you based on your comment, you think the approach is wrong, and some of it is on Rino, and while that may be true, I still think it’s about mentality, and that’s what is still missing before we can take that extra leap in terms of quality and results.
          Hopefully a win like this against a top side will pay dividends in this mentality aspect:)

          Just my opinion ofc.

          • I guess it could be that way. The mental problem is there for sure and it’s the main culprit, but I doubt it’s all down to that.

            Gattuso’s initial approach to games are most of the times ok imo, it’s his inability to change things up when needed (both when we lead and when we trail) that is creating problems.

            I hope it gets sorted out whatever it is and that we have the best season possible anyway.

  16. Oh my, Draw against rRjeka? no Patrick Cutrone, Draw against shinter? NO! Cutrone!!! Draw against Roma? HEEEEEELLL NO!!!!!! CU TRO NE!!!! Those are the balls I’m talking about high pressing led to a 2 passes goal.

    Bonaventura is everywhere, I swallow my words when I said he couldn’t defend. And Higuain, so far he shows he is the best in the field. Bravo.

  17. Congrats to milan and milanisti for the win. Not a night to remember quality wise but a win is a win.
    – milan always play much better with 2 st (check)
    – hakan is not dinho hence he has no business playing as lw (hell, even post 2006 dinho wasnt dinho after he lost his speed and agility, two essential things for a winger) (check)
    – milan need fast winger on left flank to complement SLOW suso on the right, and the moment castilejo and laxalt, both reasonably fast, played together milan got much better. (check)
    – milan have very poor creativity in last 3rd, and the moment milan player could send nice defense splitting through ball, milan scored (though it was disallowed) thus playmaker is still needed. (Check)
    – biglia is essential for milan mf because so far he’s the only mf who can pass and dictate the play. (Check).
    The players played with much better intention and sense of urgency compared to last season but they still didnt have that much needed creativity and ‘kill the game’ factor. Higuain’s deadly but without mf that can feed him the ball, its gonna be a long journey for milan. Oh well, better times ahead

  18. Confused team my ass, in your face Di Francesco. Gattuso will led us to serie B….Gattuso is only grinta…. Please we need Conte!!!
    We are being built from the management to the primavera with men who wore and love red and black.
    Things are starting to look good. Now I have to get a bag of doritos and a cold beer.

  19. A good win it was. Even if I had ended with a draw, at least one thing would have still be confirmed: the new faces really boost the team quality. Let’s just hope that Biglia is always fit. We currently do not have a substitute for him.

  20. Painful that i didn’t watch the match. Great win for us guys, great work Cutrone. Gattuso’s subs came late from the update i was reading, i thought he was scared about his subs after the Napoli game. Really happy for this win as i actually expected it, i just didnt expect it in this dominant fashion. 19 shots on goal in total according to as against only 6 from Roma. From the stats i saw, we dominated in everything.
    @Milan wins, If this is what grinta is all about, we need more of it from Gattuso, not from Conte okay. @ the real Sheva, you must have seen what our season will be like 12 years ago, please come and tell us about it since you’re the seer on this blog lol. I’m sure everyone will sleep well tonight

  21. Great game. I nearly got heart attack. Some nitpicks: Calabria lacks vision and is rushing things many times, he needs to calm down when he is on the ball. Left side needs more cover, with RicRod,Hakan and Bona rushing up front,we are very vulnerable on counter attacks. Also I think Reina should be given a chance to play, just to show Dona that there is a competition, he has to be more decisive.

    • Donnarumma had a great game tbh. He took risky chances that paid off. You right about Calabria, I like him in attack but when defending he looses his mark or tucks in to close in Musacchios zone

  22. The same way I was critical last week…had to log in to pay compliments to the team. Impressive performance. Calabria put in a shift, his hustle to win the ball to get it to Higuain on the last goal was just…well…pure grinta. Happy with the 3 points, but think I am a little happier with the overall team performance. Particularly after last week’s disappointment.

    Bravo Gattuso! Bravo Milan!

  23. Hakan’s playmaking skill have made me a happy man
    And i like the energy that laxalt and castijllo brought into the game and i believe that they should be used as second half subs for torturing tired opponents (can happen after we get a playmaking midfielder and an explosive left winger in january)

  24. That 4-4-2 swich was amazing. Laxalt and Castillejo did really well and I like the aggresion on spanish kid. We deserved this one and played really well.
    I would point out that Bonaventura is amazing lately and his chemistry with Higuain seems so good. Looking forward to our next game

  25. What a rollercoaster of a game! Absolutely ecstatic with the result and overall performance of the team, baring maybe Donna who still makes me feel anxious at times! What a champ of a signing Higuain is looking to be, just pure class. I am so glad for Biglia’s great performance especially after a lot of ‘unfair’ criticism he always receives. Bravo to Gattuso for going in with the kitchen sink at the end to bring the 3 points home! Samu and Lax are very nice additions to the squad, they bring much needed pace and quality to our attacking play. Il end by saying… I luv u Hakan (no homo) u numero uno always! Forza Milan!

  26. 2 striker partnership, hmmm.
    Something that always made Milan great and known for it.
    Shame 442 isnt our standard tactic.
    Still, great performance and play from Rossoneri.
    Castillejo and Laxalt really could create partnership on that left flank.
    Not sure, while rest of team is stepping up, Suso is kinda going downhill with his performance.

    • how is Suso going down ? a pretty flower stands out in of ugly flowers but it doesn’t standout next to pretty ones. Granted he has slow games, still Suso is the most consistent player at Milan past few seasons. He had a slow game since attack was focused on the left.

      • Milan2012 Few seasons ago, system was build around Suso and everyone was rellying on him scoring goals. Thats how Montella wanted ( pass to Suso and let he finish it ). When Gattuso switched mentality, he started to go downhill. Check Suso during Montella era and Gattuso era. You will notice difference. With Castillejo now in team, who is faster, can play both wings and if he continues performance from 1st impression he showed yesterday, Suso will be replaced overtime. We are playing more on left flank now due to Hakan continuing his form from last season and adittion of Laxalt and Castillejo. Then Montolivo and Abate should be starters as well, due to past seasons when they were still decent, if we went your way. One person who always surprise us and shows consistency is Bonaventura. He does that for several seasons. Always happens to show at right time and moment.

  27. Wowwww what a game!!! Milan played a good match. Especially Kessie, Higuain and RR were really good. Thumbs up!!!

    Up to next game

  28. This win resembles the rebirth of milan. I feel like after years and years of mediocre performances we are now finally starting to look like a complete squad. With the addition of higuain, laxalt and castellijo we now have a mixture of experience, youth, flair and GRIT. It feels like the missing ingredients have finally arrived and we have more depth now. I haven’t been this excited in a long time!

    Very happy about higuain in particular. He’s not only a great finisher but he has great vision. That pass he made to cutrone was world class, something that was definitely missing before he came. Show’s you what proven players like him can bringt to the table. This is what we needed all this time, a world class striker who’s not selfish and is a proven winner and can also be a talisman the team can get behind of.

    Kessie is an absolute beast! Mind you that he’s only 21 years old! Great pass by rodriquez. It kinda seemed that he just blindly passed the ball hoping for it to get in an interesting area, luckily kessie was there to blast it home. Also biglia and bonaventura were solid today. Bona is just all over the place his energy is incredible and i see him as a very complete player.

    Gattuso made some great subs today and im impressed by the new guys laxalt and castelliijo they injected some much needed energy and dynamism into the final minutes of the game. I couldn’t be happier about our youngster cutrone securing the 3 points in the final seconds of the game. Almost too good to be true!

    Definitely feel like we can finish top 4 this season. Forza milan!

  29. Brilliant… I don’t think Higuain goal was offside , in line benefit of the doubt to the attacker from where I was sitting .
    Romagnoli rock solid at the back , RIc Rod of his best games for Milan, biglia had a blinder and laxalt & Castillejo showed real quality of the bench. Awesome assist from Higuain and cool finish cutrone, good subs
    Great night for Milan
    Forza Milan

    • Exactly. That is what it states in FIFA rule book but for some odd reason the benefit of the doubt usually favors the defense and I can’t understand why.

      When it’s that close and blatantly offside the goal should stand. The VAR referees should have never waived that goal off. It is killing the game but no one seems to protest that according to the FIFA guidelines.

  30. So Twitter change only in 1 match… Never doubt gattuso always hv confident in him… Never like Conte either.. 4-3-3 is what suited us the team characteristics is suitable for that.. but we need biglia the most and I know he will step up he’s please for all the coach on this blog let that guy work in peace and keep support the team.. it’s normal to hv mistake

  31. Good win by boys!

    Was that a right foot assist by RicRod to Kessie? And then a shot on goal also with his right foot? What happened suddenly?

    Saw some good through balls, which is something that I missed for years now and that is why I stress every now and then, that Milan lack playmakers. More of these through balls please!

    Having Biglia the only player with a regista profile makes me uncomfortable, hope he can stay fit but Milan need to get him an understudy in January

    All in all hope the boys can build from this win, keep it up!

    Forza Milan!

  32. the first 15 minut second half after elsha enter we were play really bad, no tactical change until we almost lost 2-1, i see that gattuso really poor on tacical awarness
    left side were very good, on the other when suso and calabria on attack kessie do not give support to push and drag pastore or cristante so there more open spase suso to create

  33. Great win for us last night forza Milan. but I refused to be carried away because of one excellent performance in a season, I have suffered so many heart brakes from this team in the past few years so I cant celebrate the team yet not until I see our performance to mid season or maybe at end of the season.

    Milan fans should always remember that we’re in the category of Madrid, Barça, Bayern Munich and Juventus we should be celebrating trophies not one good game performance.

    So for now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and watch from afar and patiently waiting for how far we’ll go this season.

  34. I read many positive comments on Gattuso after a narrow, it was a good game and Musa and Roma manage to seize Dzenko and Kessie gave Nzonzi a good fight in the midfield ..But another mistake from Gattuso i am very sure you all praising him will eat him up alive.. Lol
    At least we have some less difficult matches now after the international break.. i hope no injuries for the players that will be representing their countries ..



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