Report: Gazidis is leaning towards accepting Milan’s offer to become the club’s CEO, Gandini expected to return

Ivan Gazidis before QPR-Arsenal at Loftus Road on May 4, 2013. (GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)
Ivan Gazidis before QPR-Arsenal at Loftus Road on May 4, 2013. (GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

Ivan Gazidis is Milan’s #1 choice for the CEO position and it seems he’s heading towards the ‘yes’ to Elliott’s offer.

The transfer market has been closed for almost two weeks and the league has started, but Elliott is working on signing more people, albeit for the management.

Yesterday the club had a Board of Director and Chairman & Milan President Paolo Scaroni said afterwards that “the BoD meeting went well, I have no worries for Milan. We talked about UEFA but also about other things, which are just as important.”

According to, the ‘other things’ include the position of the CEO. Arsenal’s Ivan Gazidis is the number one candidate for the role. La Repubblica reported earlier this week that Elliott is offering Gazidis €4m per year to take this role, and Pietro Mazzara writes he’s leaning towards a ‘yes’.

Gazidis has been at Arsenal for nearly a decade and as a result, claims, he is now looking for ways to gracefully leave the Gunners. The final response, one way or another, has not yet arrived, but it is expected to arrive in September. While some claim that Umberto Gandini is the alternative to Gazidis, claims that the current Roma CEO is set to leave the Giallorossi and return to Milan, who he left in 2016 after 23 years of working under the Berlusconi management.

During the BoD meeting, it is said that Kaka was also discussed. The Brazilian will be at San Siro on Friday to watch Milan-Roma, and he could take an initial role as a scout in Brazil for the club.

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Ivan Gazidis has been made arsenal a financial powerhouse
I hope this goes through so milan at least have a direction towards achieving their long term goals


I have a strong feeling he will accept the offer


We’ve offered him a €1m a year rise! He’d be crazy to turn it down


You could say we’re giving him an offer he can’t refuse?