Kaka: “I’m very happy every time I come here, Leonardo and I haven’t yet discussed the role I’ll have at Milan”

Kaka on the red carpet at the 2015 FIFA Ballon d'Or award ceremony at the Kongresshaus in Zurich on January 11, 2016. (MICHAEL BUHOLZER/AFP/Getty Images)
Kaka on the red carpet at the 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or award ceremony at the Kongresshaus in Zurich on January 11, 2016. (MICHAEL BUHOLZER/AFP/Getty Images)

Ricky Kaka has landed in Italy today as he’s ready to watch Milan-Roma and perhaps start working for the club.

Kaka has already made it clear that he would like to work for Milan alongside Leonardo and Paolo Maldini in the not-so-distant future, and today the 2007 Ballon d’Or winner arrived in Italy.

Ricky has been retired for less than a year and is looking to get back at working in football, but the 36-year-old claims his role in the new Milan hasn’t been defined.

“I’m very happy every time I come here,” Kaka told reporters after landing in the Linate airport. “I saw the match against Napoli and I hope this will be a very good season for Milan. I talk to Leonardo a lot because we’re friends, but we haven’t yet discussed the role I’ll have at Milan. Right now my priority is my children, who live in Brazil. I have to be with them. With Leo and Paolo [Maldini] though I get even closer to Milan. I want to understand what I like to do in football now.

“Gattuso? I’m very happy that Gattuso is coach of Milan, Rino always had a lot of determination and lot of desire as well as a great mentality in terms of work. Now we hope there are results, we hope the results come from his character. Why I didn’t come with the previous ownership? Because when I had stopped playing football, I wanted to be closer to my children.

“It will be great to come back to San Siro. Returning for Milan-Rome will be great and I expect a Milan victory.” The match against the Giallorossi is on Friday evening at 20:30 CEST.

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Adeb Jogzie

I am very concerned about Milan’s performance this season. I don’t care which legends are in management or not in management; top 4 is a priority. Gattuso or Conte or whoever. We have missed enough years of champions league action.

With the way we are going we will soon be forgotten.

Too many excuses after almost every game year in year out. Will this season be like last season ???? I’m tired..


LOL! Milan will never be forgotten, they wrote the history of football.

Milanista 4rm Nigeria

Fine we all want Milan to play at ucl but which top champions league team can this present Milan team with our current style of play under gattuso can we confidently beat our chests of defeating in ucl, remember how a struggling arsenal disgraced us last season. To me nothing has really changed since montella era, except for the discipline and motivation gattuso has brought in but tactically it’s still the same montella style of play where we make the goal keeper our player maker and also stuck with the 433 formation montella used. The way forward is to get… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Never say never Joe. I share your fears Adeb. For now, we have to stick with Gatusso and the squad, and carry through this hard opening of a season.


Let’s give our best support for the team… there’s improvement against napoli.. unluckily they turnaround the game… anyway its an away game as napoli beats lazio as well..

Lets see this week against Roma.. crossfinger for the win…

Urban wilson

That’s what I am scared of .. “Milan being forgotten “


Kaka will be scouting South American talents for us which is good news. After forcing Bakayoko’s transfer and ignoring Locatelli to the point he demanded a transfer, hopefully it’ll be someone in midfield with a bit of creativity…


We are here clamouring for the head of Gattuso. Even if you bring Conte, nothing significant will change. If he was the messiah, Chelsea wouldn’t have sacked him. Even Mourinho is on the verge of being sacked.To build a winning team takes time. Especially when you don’t have enough fund to buy champions Let’s support this team. We will win if we have quality players. Let’s stop all this unnecessary complaints about Gattuso please. Allow him to work ! Even the supposedly better coaches too make mistakes !

Milan Wins

Are you really comparing Gattuso to both Conte and Mourinho???? Two proven champions that have won virtually everything???? Oh, so you think because Conte had a mediocre last season at Chelsea or Mou is currently going through his “MoMode”, you can compare them with who… Grinta?! Haha! Gattuso can’t lace the trainers that they wear, talk less of being on the same page when coaches are being discussed. Lol! What has Gattuso won in his stint as a coach? No better still, how long has he lasted as a coach in his previous post that you now have the effrontery… Read more »


As we all see future in some young players,didn’t we see the same future in gattuso??or we are just being sentimental in what we say here. Mourinho was beaten by a relegation team in an opening match,and Tottenham Hotspur again with the caliber of players he possessed? Ancelloti himself was sack in Chelsea,bayern and other clubs,conte was sack too at Chelsea. Gattuso holds the future of Milan,please let him work


Milan has quality to go in top 4 and play next year in CL. With the right mentality and a good gameplan even Atalanta can finish in top 4 this season. We have better squad than Lazio, Fiorentina, Atalanta and we are not much worse than Napoli, Roma and Inter. Tbh we have to be thankfull that Seria A is still bad and take advantage of that. Hearing some reports that Gattuso is deploying 4-4-1-1 in training sessions is making me all jolly and aroused. Cahanoglu plays behind Higuain and Suso and Bonaventura are wingers. Crossing my fingers that this… Read more »

Milan Wins

Oh! I see the tide turning now ain’t it? You now realize how tactically inept and incompetent he is. Haha! You guys haven’t seen anything yet! I predict a 2-2 draw or we lose 2-1 tomorrow, I am not trying to be a pessimist, just a realist, with the “grin…sorry, Gattuso” still at the helm do not expect anything less. Frankly, I will welcome a defeat, anything to get rid of this guy is a welcome development…



@Milan wins…..There is no world class coach without having world class players at your disposal. Sidane had no considerable experience before he took over at Real Madrid . Look at him now. He has done what nobody has done for Madrid. Why is it that your supposedly world class coaches are not willing to come to Milan ???? It is because we don’t have enough fund for us to buy players they can work it. Ancelloti , our own legend dumped us and went to Napoli. Do you think he is stupid ? Allegri was with Milan, he was nobody.… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

@Milan wins, whats your problem with Gattuso really? Do you want to compare the cost of assembling Man Utd’s squad with ours? do you want to compare Mou’s salary with Gattuso’s salary? At least in pre season, Milan were unlucky to lose to spurs as we lost many chances in a neutral ground, Mou’s Man Utd lost to Spurs 0-3 at old trafford and you’re there comparing Mou’s past with Gattuso’s present. There is no basis for comparisons at all. Gattuso didnt start coaching when Mou or Conte started, they all have different paths. Give Gattuso some good number of… Read more »