Team news: Napoli were without Alex Meret, Faouzi Ghoulam, Fabián Ruiz, Amin Younes. Milan had to do without the suspended Hakan Calhanoglu, as well as without Alessandro Plizzari, Andrea Conti, Ivan Strinić, Cristian Zapata and Riccardo Montolivo. Kickoff time was 20:30 CEST.

Goals: Bonaventura (14′), Calabria (49′), Zieliński (53′, 67′), Mertens (80′)

S.S.C Napoli (4-3-3) – Carlo Ancelotti
David Ospina; Elseid Hysaj, Raúl Albiol, Kalidou Koulibaly, Mário Rui (73′ Sebastiano Luperto); Allan, Marek Hamšík (63′ Dries Mertens), Piotr Zieliński (72′ Amadou Diawara); José Callejón, Arkadiusz Milik, Lorenzo Insigne.
Unused: Marfella, Karnezis, Malcuit, Verdi, Ounas, Maksimovic, Chiriches, Rog.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia (58′ Tiémoué Bakayoko), Giacomo Bonaventura (81′ Patrick Cutrone); Suso, Gonzalo Higuain, Fabio Borini (70′ Diego Laxalt).
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Mauri, Castillejo, Bertolacci, Abate, Caldara, Simić, Halilović.

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

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Congrats to Ancelotti. Gattuso is way out of his depth. This job is way too big for him.

Biglia and Calabria are horrible. Never been a fan of either to be honest.

Thanks to that moron Mirabelli for confirming Gattuso before last season ended. Dumb move as now we will have to wait until Jan to get a better coach.


If milan manage to win with the first 2 goals.. You wouldn’t have said this ..

Emmy Apache

Nick is right. If milan had won with this sluggish display REAL FAN would have condemned our display
We all had a greater expectation and was happy when we led but the true fiction of our Lazy display showed up again
What’s the difference between Biglia and Montolivo? I swear Montolivo is far better just that Gattuso hate him for no reason


I’d stopped commenting on this blog a long time ago but only came back to say this: this all Gatusso’s work. Both the lead and the loss. You make team play good and score two well worked goals in San Paolo but then this is what you get when you insist on playing it from the back under massive pressure from the likes of Napoli’s nasty attackers. It is good to be consistent with your ways but rigidity is in no way a virtue.


Remember last time acmilan get on the field again real Madrid, took to long


It’s a fact that when you’re 2-0 up and then lose the match 3-2 in under 40 minutes, then your coach has failed. Gattuso set his team up with the right approach imo, – although he had some questionable picks in his starting line-up – but he can’t influence the game during matches. He had the same problem last season as well. Look at Ancelotti on the other hand, changing and winning the game with his daring substitutions. Gattuso’s subs just felt wrong. The team always goes from bad to worse after he tries to change things.

Milan Wins


Need I say more?


Man am i the most depressed person in the world right now
I dont underatand the type of football we are trying to play
We dont have pace
We dont have the technique in midfield
We cant keep the ball in their half if our lives depended on it
I dont get what the coach is trying to do here
And playing from the back once we are 2 up against on of the most dangerous sides offensively


He is trying to use counter-attacking football but with slow wingers at start of match.
Playing Catenaccio while leading 2-0 on San Paoli. 🙂

Emmy Apache

If truly milan has to go back to where it belongs to then gattuso has to go
Its insult to lose a match where we are 2-0 up
Its very annoying


Oh that joy being a Milan fan. Even when you lead 2:0 and you know that you are not going to win it, still hurts when you watch all collapsing in front of you.
Gattuso or 4-3-3 something has to change, we play with regista but our regista is trash. We have so many wings and muscles but we still don’t use them right. If this Milan is not going to play beatiful football we have to use what we have to crush the oponent 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 3-4-2-1 but please stop with the struggling 4-3-3 that makes even Higuain useless.


I guess with the players we have at our disposal the use of a 4-4-2 system is a no brainer if want to win matches at the expense of playing like trash A central midfield of bakayoko and kessie along with suso and calhangolu on the wings Wont be anything flashy but im sure we will keep our leads I have to say that im optimistic by what i saw from bakayoko today He is very strong on the ball ,can handle pressure and ia not affraid to dribble But gattuso needs to realize that he is simply isolating his… Read more »


4-2-3-1 should be the formation that will aloud Gatuzo to play his tactic of building from the back, playing with two box to box mids in the back, will give the players more options to pass closer to them so they won’t be easily put in tight spot wen we are pressed. This is a bit more defensive formation with the wings more like side mids, but except Suso who wants to play close to the 16box, i think this formation will benifit every one else, mostly Gatuzo who prefers more defensive/closed aproach to the game any way.

Marc Cirinna

Biglia was terrible, and calabria had his moments that were awful. Slow midfield and too many back passes to the keeper. We need the turk back in the lineup, we need creativity. Today we missed that, hopefully next week.


0-2 to 3-2. This is absolutely a madness


and what’s all this passing at the back…who does this in modern football?? it brings nothing but pressure on ourselves which leads to mistakes and then we look like amateurs…


Well you have to pass at the back under pressure when you lack the passing skills to do a proper long pass or thru pass, instead on working on the passing skills which are crucial for taking the ball forward from the back when you are under pressure, Gatuzo prefer to focus on other areas like grit and physicality. Good luck taking the ball forward when the opponent is pressing high with just running and pushing, not every one will just seat deep and defend waiting for us to come forward.


When you have a 2 goal lead, just choke the midfield Mr Gattuso. Both goals came from the middle. We need a real number 4. Biglia is terrible. I won’t even talk about Bakayoko. It amazes me that Gattuso was crying that he wanted this guy. This match hurts like Liverpool vs Milan 05.


It was bad and painful especially fpr the fact that we threw away 2 goal lead. We made Higuain look really bad to be honest and the only best chance he got came up when Laxalt came on.

Let’s hope things are better fixed and our next game improves.

Bajan Milanatic

I am pretty much satisfied with what we did today but I believe that this loss must be put squarely on the shoulders of Gattuso.



Rikimaru Tenchu

Removing Biglia is ALWAYS a mistake, at least for our current squad. I cannot count how many times last season this substitution cost us.

The man may not be creative, but he anchors that midfield perfectly. Bakayoko (whom I like) should have come in as a Mezz’ala.

Anyway I am not too sad. A point would have been good.

We can improve and if we take full points against weaker opponents, losing to Napoli, Juve and co, MAY not matter.

Also, Calabria needs to be more alert. He sleeps off so frequently.

Gattuso lost the game imo.


On the contrary, biglia needs to be on the pitch exactly because he’s the only milan mf with good vision and passing range. Loca could be biglia’s replacement as he has the skillset to be good cm but milan being milan they had to let him go

kwabena Adu

This is very depressing.Very painful defeat


Wow what a game played like amatuer and lost like learners ,99percent of our ball was played in our yard box this has nothing to do with creative midfielder but a coach problem why getting players and stocking them on bench .GATTUSO should be SACKED thats all i can say .Even if you all like dislike my comment you know it is true.

Baresis Dream

Chins up people, it’s an annoying, depressing, and frustrating defeat, but it’s just the first match of the season. Napoli away were points we were anyways not counting on.


speechless. wtf was that? scored two beautifully crafted goals, threw it all away when Musa played that incredibly stupid ball to Biglia – i dont blame him for losing possession there it could’ve been avoided. both Zielinskis goals were mistakes on our half. Biglia was poor but Baka was even worse in that position, he should play as a mezz’ala not in that position. incredible to throw away that 0-2 lead, they had nothing going for them until we gifted them that first goal and the rest is history. stupid stupid stupid. how we are going to make it through… Read more »

soheil balini

We lost a game that we didn’t deserve to win. On paper we are weaker than napoli and they have Carleto, so the loss is predictable. About the game: playing from back against a team like napoli that press the opponent is wrong. Playing from back for this ac milan is wrong in general. We have no one to control the game. Biglia is horrible. For 90 minutes we passed the ball in our yard. 4-3-3 is a veey good formation when you have the suitable players. Just by looking at our squad you can undeestand that 4-2-3-1 is the… Read more »


First of all, fvck ance and his constant rejection. He could be perfect for milan rebuilding project but he always says no to team which literally made his name as player AND coach. Second of all, milan players, especially the mf, cant even control their own wet dreams, let alone the flow of the game. Pipita had better vision and passing ability than all 3 of milan mf, vergogna. Kessie held the ball far too long like he’s black zidane or maradona. Not even xavi held the ball that long when he’s sorrounded by that many players. For god’s sake… Read more »


I said some times before and I say again today. Gattuso is just an average coach and, perhaps, he never will be a great coach. I hate the way our Milan playing the ball from the back. Our goalkeeper Donnarumma put our team under fatal pressure when he’s screwing the ball from the back. The first Napoli’s goal was a consequence of our playing the ball from the back. Gattuso will continue to play Frank Kessie but he is just another average player. Kessie may look like a star in an average team but he’s not that goood. Look at… Read more »


This is not about the team. We need an experienced caoch, ancelloti was the deference, gattiso is just a backing dog who expects his team to fight for every ball without plan of what to use the ball for when possessed….this team is a good team bit we should stop all these legend bullshit and get an experienced coach, if it was was conte or ancellpti with 2-0 lead at 50th minutes, Milan already has the 3 points, but the coach we have shouts mpre than analyse the game, is this how we will get the top 4…….leodini has to… Read more »

Calm down

Despite scoring 2 we were finding it difficult moving the ball forward and getting it to the main striker. It became obvious after they leveled the scores. We needed to get a playmaker to play the ball forward but they are trying to rely on Biglia Kessie Bakayoko for that. Tight job for them. It’s okay to lose away to Napoli but the way this happened is just bad. Smh. I however like to believe that Gattuso will come good with the mentality he’s installing into the team trying to keep possession under pressure. Need to adjust his tactics though.… Read more »


good comment mate


agree qith you… higuain will never score without good ball… we talk about team, but in milan, some players want become messi… they dont care about team… if gattuso want a change, he must put them in bench…


Should have signed Fabinho and one of Fekir/Oscar/Arthur.

Den Pachul

I wonder what Mr. Leo and Maldini think after this game, maybe this lost will make them to buy a creative midfielder in january, and maybe Mr. Gattuso will eventually change the formation to most suitable with the available players. There is still plenty of time until then. Who knows, maybe this is blessing in disguise. Just be positive guys, afterall this is our first game. Let’s just hope the coach get the lessons in this game, besides maybe Mr. Ancelotti will give some advice to our coach. You can see it in his eyes that he felt not too… Read more »

Martin Bernhard

Before the game started i would have more than gladly settled for a 2-2 result and i wouldnt have been too surprised by a 3-2 or bigger loss either as we gotta accept that we are not there yet. When that is said losing 3-2 after a 2-0 lead is a nightmare result but it also shows us that we still have a lot of work to do and that napoli is somewhat ahead of us in having a gelled team. Remember Napoli has been dominating the læeague with juve and roma for several years and still we was able… Read more »


Yea yea yea! New season same results. Gattuso needs to go to a smaller club. This is another 6th place finish in the making. Conte will come in very soon cuz Gattuso Is not a good tactician at all! I just hope he’s sacked before the season is lost again.


No link between midfield & Higuain Higuain totally isolated , makes it easy to defend against him . To much playing out from the back , All opposition teams need to do is press high and we are eventually going to cough it up and we are fuct. Shit midfield ,no playmaker Left& right backs that can’t defend and Reina in goal would provide more experience. Absolutely heartbreaking stuff to lead 2-0 in the second half and to get beat 3-2 . Get conte to coach and get a playmaker and another creative midfielder Or mid table here we come… Read more »


Same sh!t, different season. The coach has never done anything to particularly suggest he will be a good manager, let alone be at a club like AC Milan. Fun times ahead.

Den Pachul

I wonder what Mr. Leo and Maldini think after this game, maybe this lost will make them to buy creative midfielder in january, and maybe Mr. Gattuso will eventually change the formation to most suitable with the available players. There is still plenty of time until then. Who knows, maybe this is blessing in disguise. Just be positive guys, afterall this is our first game. Let’s just hope the coach get the lessons in this game, besides I’m sure Mr. Ancelotti will give some advice to our coach. You can see it in his eyes that he felt not too… Read more »


Ah, Gattuso, the tactical genius strikes again… Don’t forget guys he was the one who pushed for Bakayoko – rather than for a creative midfielder. So was this result really surprising? Or will it be a surprise when we get stuffed by Roma next week? He’s great at going all Tony Robbins on the players and getting them pumped up but that’s about it. Zero tactical awareness or ability to adapt and change a game and his subs are consistently awful. It’s like he’s just throwing players on and hoping for the best. For me, all enthusiasm for this season… Read more »

Rikimaru Tenchu

Well I disagree that he pushed for Bakayoko RATHER than a creative midfielder. LOL he just pushed for Bakayoko. We missed out on many players because of time and money. Not many clubs wanted to do loans with options and we were very luck to even get Higuain.

Lol Gattuso sold Locatelli without buy back? Haha


Heartbreaking shit


F… Calabria man… Gatuso should smack him in the head… two HUGE defending mistakes!!!!.. un f believable man!.. god sake!.. brain of a pigeon


@ 2-0 I thought to myself worst case scenario it ends in a 2 all draw, fast forward to full 90minutes, smh, it’s obvious playing out from the back cost us this game, but on the bright side I probably won’t b disappointed again for the reminder of the season


Heartbreaking shit right there


Fuck me wot a Heartbreaker
2-0 up to 3-2 down in half an hour


Welcome to heartbreak
Dagger through the heart
Equaliser& winner from naps
2-0 up to 3-2 down in half an hour
Fuck me


That fukin sucked
Top of the world
To a pile of shit
In half an hour


Who’s closing down zeilinski
He hAd 4 chances to get shots off with all the time in the world


Bitter loss to swallow
From 2 up
Ouch that friggin hurts


hmmm d road seems very rough for us. Tbh bakayoko is far worse than Biglia


Been saying since last season, Gattuso is not good enough to bring Milan back to the top. After bringing in many players we need an experience coach immediately to steady the ship and that wont be Gattuso. Conte is perfect to coach a squad like ours with no real creativity.
We will struggle to break top 4.


Biglia was awful in possession but he provided decent coverage and when bakayoko came you really noticed the difference defensively… Sigh… roller coaster of emotions for the rest of the season…


Milan couldn’t win the ball at midfield at all, Napoli really good at passing -good skill for all of their midfielder- I am curious to see Milan to have a good passer midfield, giving trough pass and can keep the ball neatly, if we play like tonight, forget the CL and playing from the back WITHOUT a good quality midfield with excellent pass and creativity that can be the bridge of our defense, midfield and attacker will surely a NIGHTMARE, Ringhio should change the tactic asap otherwise we just end up as a mediocre team this season, at least other… Read more »


Give reina the no1 keeper spot please
He’s more experienced and a better keeper,
If reina was in goal they wouldn’t have got that equaliser and we would have won

Aussie Milanista

Fuck fuck fuck that sucked


We only have biglia and no backup, bakayoko is not regista even with him and kessie at field tactic was same slow build up play.. we only missed muntari there for 3 mid creative madness and play barca like football!!!! I like gattuso but his lack of knowledge to adapt to situation is big problem