Team news: Napoli were without Alex Meret, Faouzi Ghoulam, Fabián Ruiz, Amin Younes. Milan had to do without the suspended Hakan Calhanoglu, as well as without Alessandro Plizzari, Andrea Conti, Ivan Strinić, Cristian Zapata and Riccardo Montolivo. Kickoff time was 20:30 CEST.

Goals: Bonaventura (14′), Calabria (49′), Zieliński (53′, 67′), Mertens (80′)

S.S.C Napoli (4-3-3) – Carlo Ancelotti
David Ospina; Elseid Hysaj, Raúl Albiol, Kalidou Koulibaly, Mário Rui (73′ Sebastiano Luperto); Allan, Marek Hamšík (63′ Dries Mertens), Piotr Zieliński (72′ Amadou Diawara); José Callejón, Arkadiusz Milik, Lorenzo Insigne.
Unused: Marfella, Karnezis, Malcuit, Verdi, Ounas, Maksimovic, Chiriches, Rog.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Mateo Musacchio, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia (58′ Tiémoué Bakayoko), Giacomo Bonaventura (81′ Patrick Cutrone); Suso, Gonzalo Higuain, Fabio Borini (70′ Diego Laxalt).
Unused: Reina, A. Donnarumma, Mauri, Castillejo, Bertolacci, Abate, Caldara, Simić, Halilović.

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

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wkwkwkwkwk…. just like i said, old style and old player we will lose… the main problem is our midfielder… gattuso youndont have players like you and ambrosini…. you just have lionel kessie and jack… you just get lucky only conceded 3 goals…

if milan still like this, i bet conte will coming in sept-december…

Bundesliga Chat

Someone new should come in now, the job is too big for Gattuso


I read many comments and most people pointing fingers on Biglia, Bakayoka and Calabria. After watching this match twice i saw their mistakes and i can only blame Gattuso for the loss.. Cuz watching this match for 90mins twice i did not see anything Suso add to the team, No passes, no crosses, no shot on target from him after Napoli put one back .. He should have been sub for Castellejo and Borini should have been sub for Cutrone instead of Laxalt and switch formation to 2 man striker and load up the midfield..Change tactics to play on the… Read more »


Watched the game twice?dude,get a hobby

El pharaoh

When Seedorf said half the squad should be sold. This still applies and gattuso when will you ever learn this is why coaches get fired no tactical awareness no ability to make good substitutions


Its 2018. People dont want to hear the truth, they cant take criticsm. They are comfortable with not accepting the truth, its easier for them. Im just like seedorf, i speak my mind and I know Im right in the end. Seedorf got sacked and I get the thumbs down. I couldnt care less.

Im original, hate me or love me.

Milan today is a result of years of sabotage, biggest sabotage comes from the fans and useless curva sud. Our midfield has been broken for years


agree with you sheva… i told many times too many players want score and they dont want to defense… calabria scored thats not make me praise him cause it makes napoli look our weakness… winger move until penalty box??


I see most fans have something negative to say about Gattuso. I have a simple question, if you were to compare our squad to the rest of Serie A where would you rank us in terms of strength?
In other words if we had say Conte as coach, what position would you realistically expect us to finish this season?


six… juve napoli roma lazio fiorentina… if conte coming maybe we got 3-4 position… 3-5-2 or 4-5-1 (conte style) more realistic than 4-3-3…

Baresis Dream

I think we are at par with Rome, and behind Napoli, Juve, Inter.


you must look lazio… way better than milan… and they lose from juve and napoli… and againts juve, juve so lucky win…


This squad is actually pretty good. Definitely not top two but should easily get in top 5.


As an aside it was reported before the match that Zieliński is due to sign a new contract with a Eur100m release clause. I also saw that some pundits compared him to De Bruyne before the WC so perhaps we should not be surprised by his performance. Napoli have an amazing ability to polish rough diamonds.


The “rookie” coach showed the issue. Gattuso was failing to read the game. Wrong substitution and tactically inept. Surely he learned a lot from this match.


Yes..u get it


What a nightmare
That playing the ball out
And giving away possession was pathetic ,
Teams will press us high and take the piss out of us all season … mid table here we come , yes we need a playmaker badly
And another decent ball playing midfielder


We already have a playmaker in Calhanoglu he just needs to be used correctly.


Now Rino had really stressed…he blame Musacchio on interviewed with Sky Sports and he shouldn’t do that…I smell Conte will coming in september,,,,Forza Milan!

Adebayo Adewale

Stating the fact and the obvious realistically, we knew we won’t win before the match. A young coach with an inexperienced squad against a well drilled and oiled Napoli with a great coach and away from home. The odds are there to see but we were just optimistic. So why the bitter disappointment. PS: This same Conte you are shouting for was fired by Chelsea for not doing well. By the way he had a whole lot of resources and could have gotten more if he wanted, yet he was fired. Gattuso is doing well with his limited squad. Most… Read more »


good coach will never make same mistake… wkwkwkwk…

Martin Bernhard

well the coach we lost against today “made” us throw away a 3-0 lead in 05 but guess ancelotti really hadnt developed into a great coach back then.


then you must look where is our midfielder when we got attack… then you look when milan lose 5-0 from roma last season… and when we lose from lazio… its same story…
hahahaha…. how could this coach still make same mistake…

Martin Bernhard

To be fair that happened before gattuso joined us as i remember us beating roma 2-1 and drawing lazio as well


We all support club and wish him best to return to glory. Problem rises when you have to decide: a) do you want think emotionaly or b) do you want think using logic. If you want using a), then you will be like Gattuso. Rellying on emotions,grinta,etc…. and less of doing changes that might fix errors. If you using b), then you think like Ancelotti. If something doesnt work, its logicaly to make changes and fix problems, change tactic that doesnt work after 3 seasons. Everyone here know Hakan best performance in Bayer was when he was trequartista or central… Read more »


Are you serious he has caldara,higuain,Don naruma,Bakayoko this guys put together calculate their worth and minus it from napoli hit men mertens 50,insigne maybe 40 callejon 20 gattuso just has to go conte cannot be leading from 2 0 and lose 3 2


Gatusso please change your idea of defensive pattern of play…your patyern of play as a player is what you based on and it is not working here…you have useless kessie and biglia in midfield none of them can distribute perfect passes then you sub biglia for another useless bakayoko and our midfield collapsed totally….you better learn to play games as it comes and win or you loose your job soon

Baresis Dream

So conclusions by Milan fans so far- 1. Andry Silva is the new Sheva since he scored a hatrick. 2. Gatusso is the worst coach in the world since he lost to Napoli away. 3. We shouldn’t play from the back even though that’s exactly the type of CBs we have. 4. Bakayoko is the worst ever. BTW, Borini is currently our leading assist provider- maybe we should promote him to first team status? I do hope our squad has better mentality than some of our fans. We lost in a terrible fashion, yes. But calm the f**k down. No… Read more »


Agree with all you said. The way we lost was awful yes, and yes Gattuso has told the players to play out the ball calmly from the back, but I doubt Gattuso specifically told Musa to pass Biglia in that awful position, that was his mistake. As well as Donnarumma and Bakayoko failing to communicate, while Donna still stands there and doesnt try to get back into position. I guess these are Gattuso’s fault too. His substitutions were off yes, but our downfall began with the players squandering the good work they had put in before.

Baresis Dream

I agree Milanista121. Musa was the main culprit in the first goal. And other players were off as well (Calabria was the weakest in defense, following him was Musa).

But my main point was – let’s not fire anyone after the first match.

soheil balini

Our defence? maybe! our midfield? ! we can’t play from back a team pressing us. it costs us the game! if you can’t see this then you are blind !

Baresis Dream

“maybe! our midfield?” Hard to understand what you mean with all those exclamation and question marks (not teasing) But if I understood correctly, it’s the first match of these 3 together!!! (proper use of exclamation point) – If you don’t understand the difference between a midfield whose playing together for a few seasons and a midfield consisting of a new midfielder to seria a – then you are not very clever my friend. I seem to remember us withstanding high pressure from top teams last season. If we can’t do this than 4th place would be even more harder. Patience,… Read more »

soheil balini

you are making fun of my English while you probably cant even speak another language. lets see how much Persian, Turkish, Armenian & Russian you know.

it’s really easy to understand. if you don’t have creative midfielders (like us) then you can’t play build up play from back. If you can’t understand a simple fact like this, then you are probably dumber than I thought. + you are not my friend.

(Please answer my comment in Persian. lets for a change you speak in my language. it should be fun how stupid you sound in Persian)

Baresis Dream

Sohil- I was not making fun of your English, read carefully. It was genuinely hard to parse what you meant.

Baresis Dream

Moderation is a b**tch; just for the record I added some of my thoughts on your Persian language. Didn’t mean my comment to sound so friendly, nor apologetic (grab a dictionary).

And BTW genius,exclamation marks, periods, commas, etc … have nothing to do with language.

And BTW 2, creative midfielders are usually used mostly in the final third. But I do get now what you meant – friend.

soheil balini

exclamation marks, periods, commas, etc are different in every language. I’m an editor in very famous Persian News website. it’s probably hard for you to search in Persian but you can easily search «سهیل بالینی». (look how I used a mark in Persian that you don’t use in english?)

Defender? yes! Midfielders? No.
that’s what I wanted to write in the first place. I made a mistake. but you turned it to a classroom instead of answering the main point of my comments.

about your comment: no they don’t. Pirlo, Jorgingo, Fernandinho, Kroos, Thiago &…


even 1 match but if coach and player never learn it will happen again… hahahaha…

thats why we as milanisti wants change for next game…


Gatusso must you use kessie and biglia all the time? As if that is not enough u still use bakayoko a thrown-away player from chelsea…why didnt you pack your shaking midfield when you are 2-0 up…it means you are just standing by the pitch and not reading games as it goes…please do something before roma match


We fought with Chelsea to get a 40million caldara and yet he still used musachio ,if you watch the former against napoli last season his stats against napoli were wonderful he is fast,read their games he is physical and he scores ,thank goodness we didn’t signed zieliski he would have murdered a promising career like he intends doing to caldara


There are a lot of changes that needs to be made ASAP. The 4-3-3 formation has to go. It doesn’t suit the players we have. The game felt like I was watching a Montella team all over again. That tells me Gattuso lacks ideas. Let’s be honest, he was never the smartest at Milan if you know what I mean. So Milan needs to play either a 4-2-3-1 or 3-4-3 or 4-4-2. I would also suggest dropping Donnarumma for Pepe Reina in goal. Donnarumma is not good with the ball at his feet. Reina is and he is more effective… Read more »

Hindi rogers

The coach do not know how to read the game I do not understand why the team keep playing ball at the back when the players do not have confidence in themselves they always loss the bar and cause problems besides we do not have creative midfielder I thought the team was going to make it their priority instead they bought Chelsea flop I think Alan halinovic can fit in that position he is a creative player he is better then your biglia no need to use biglia he does not do any defensive work the team I lazy they… Read more »


please try 4231 with Kessie-Baka and Bona/Laxalt – Calha – Suso/Samu upfront. Use Calabria/Conti at RB when facing weaker team and Musa when facing stronger team


Maybe it’s just my dissapointment talking but:

– Higuain has no service which brings me to
– No playmakers!
– Biglia is in decline, Locatelli left
– Midfield of headless muscles won’t do
– No playmakers!
– Hakan dependant team
– Away with 433!

*mic drop*


To be fair, Milik had one shot on target, he was pretty much invisible the entire game, Higuain was more involved, especially in the second half. It’s not easy to play as a lone striker. Agree with your points though.

Baresis Dream

Mind you, Higuain had a very good chance off of Laxalt’s pass in the closing minutes that he squandered.

Most of your points seem correct- but only for this match. Let’s not write off Biglia just yet.

M.s. masoud

I saw something that my Milan use to do it. They played very good game. And at the other hand they lose because they didn’t believe. But certainly they improved a lot compare to the last season. This season we have our say. U see . Frozzza miiillan froza gatosso


bench kessie, jack and calabria… put bakayoko and biglia to cover defense and hakan behind 3 our strikers (higuain, samu and suso)…. put borini as RB… i bet gattuso will win..


We got Caldara who did well for Atalanta last season and has been getting picked for the azzuri, why the fuck is Musacchio starting instead of Caldara ,
Musacchio was last choice after Zapata last season and now he’s a starter ahead of Caldara … start Caldara ffsake


I didn’t watch the game and I was trying to find it on the internet.